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CARDIFF TOWN COUNCIL. THE NEW TRAMWAY. TEE PURCHASE OF THE WATER. WORKS* A special meeting of the Cardiff Town Council was held in the Town-hall, Cardiff, on Monday. The Mayor (Mr. J. M'Jonnochie) presided, and there were also present Aldermen W. Alexander, T. Evens, D. Jones, J. Elliott, H. Bowen, J. Winstoue, W. Taylor, and D. Lewis Councillors hees Jcnes, J. W. Vachell, J. Eowlanda, J. Evans, G. A. Stone, A. Thomas, E. Bird, G. W. Aimstrong, T. V. Torath, W. Sanders, W. TretieCer, A. Fulton, T. W. Jacoba, R. Davies, D. Jçnea, T. Kees, Rees Enoch. T. Evans, D. L, Lcugher, J. G. Proger, W. E. Vaughan, W. J. Trounce, W. J. Newbery, and E. Beavan. THE CA.BDIFF DISTRICT AND PENARTH HARBOUR TBAMWAT. The CLERK read the following letter from Messrs. Morgan and Scott :— With reference to the requirements of the corpora- tion with relation to the eobstruotion and maintenance of the tramway, we write to say that we have oarefully gone through them, and are willing on behalf of the promoter to cgree thereto, subject to certain modifica- tions which we now set First, as to section 12, we cantot astcut to the promoter being liable to have his undei taking swept away without any reason being a8signtd..No ODe would venture money iu a tramway subject, to such terms, but we would not object to the clause if it contained words necessitating same good reason lor exercising the power given by it. We pro- pose, therefore, to insert-the words "consider the tram was to be a nuisance.or in case the promoter fail in carrying out this oraer or any part of it." Next, aa to clause 14, we wi- h, for the protection of the rails of the tramway, the following to be added, "the wheels of trucks used for the above purposes to be made suitable for use on the tramway. Lastly, as to section 20, we would poiat out that to expect the promoter to find 41,000 within one month after the passing ot the Confirmation Act will not give him sufficient time to form ana bring out his company; and we therefore suggest that three months be substituted for one mo&th, and £ t00 for 41,000. The following are the eeotions Section 12.—"If the corporation at any time after five years from the completion of the tramways respec- tively, or of such part thereof as shall be completed within the respective times limited by this order shall determire, tbat all cr any part or parts cf the tramways or any pa.rt or pares thereof respec- tively shall be discontinued and ought to be removed, the corporation may give notice to the promoter requir- ing him to remove Much tramways or tramway, or part or parts thereof respectively, as are or is peciflad in the no:ice, and the promoter, at his cost i 1 all things, shad, within three months after notice so given. remove as thereby required, and mike good the streets wi1 h woh mate; ial 8S the engineer shall require, and to bis satistactioa,1' &0. Section 14.—"The corporation may at such times, and in such mal,ner h8 they think fit, but subject t) the reasonable bye-laws for the time being in force with rcspect to the tramways, use the tramways for sanitary purposes, and for the conveyance of scavenging stutt, road metal, and any material required for any work or undertaking of the corporation, frae of all tolls and charges in respect of such use," Ac. Section 20.—"As security to the corporation for the due fulfiltrent by the promoter of the obligations to which, under the provisions of this order, he is liable, the promner shliU, in addition to complying," &0.. within three months after the pHssing of the ACG coKfirmiiig this older. invest, to the satisfaction of tbe town c eik of the Borough of Cardiii, in the joint nBlLel of the promoter and the Baid town-oierk, herein- after referred to as the trustees, the sum of £ 1,000," Ac. Councillor Jones said he would propose that no other conditioDs be imposed on thia company than are imposed on the other company.—Coun- cillor Stone seconded the motion.—The Mayor: It you will listen to the section beiog read yon will ecu that we do not ask any more than we asked from the other company.—The Town-clerk then read the section twelve and the corresponding Eection in the agreement of the Provincial Tram- ways Company.—Alderman Jones said they would not get any company to invest their money if they were subjected to so arbitrary a condition. The council ought not to seek to exercise such a power except on eome substantial reason, and he thought they should comply with the request made by Messrs. Morgan and Scott.-Coun. cillor Treaeder observed that it was to the interest of the corporation and of the people for whose accommodation the tramway was intended that they should be aa lenient as was possible, and he agreed with Alderman Jones that this was a rather vexatious and unresaonable requirement to make. They should give enoou ragement to persons who were prepared to lay out their money for the benefit of the whole commu- nity,—Councillor Jones said it would, perhapa, save further dieensaion if he withdrew the resolu- tion. He was not aware that the condition waa the same as was imposed on the other company. —Councillor Stone assented and the motion was then withdrawn.—Councillor Sanders asked what bad been done with clauses passed by them for insertion in the Tramway Sill ? — The Town. clerk replied that, on Tuesday last, he had an interview with Mr. Sullivan, the Parliamentary Agent for Messrs. Morgan and Scott. They agreed to the whole of the require- ments of the corporation, excepting the three mentioned in their letter.-Alderman Evans said he did not see why the two Acts of Parliament should not be the same. If they were the same, the new company could not complain of any hard- ship.—The Town Clerk said he ought also to atate that Mr. Sullivan told him that unlesa the corpo- ration made the oonceaaions for which they asked, the whole thing would be withdrawn.—Alderman Bowen: We have been told that very often. Councillor Stone: I dare say we should be able to start a company in Cardie-Councillor Fulton observed that the corporation cQnld not take any atep that would not be for the benefit of tho rate- payers of the toWn-Alderman Jones proposed that the alteration suggested by Messrs. ^o^n and Soott in clause 12 be adopted.—Councillor Arnr strong seconded the motion.—Alderman moved that the proposed alteration be not adopted. —The amendment was seconded by Alderman Evans, and, on the votes being taken, it was earned by 16 to 12.—The alterations suggested by MesBrs. Morgan and Scott in clauses 14 an 20 were agreed to. THE SLAUGHTER HOUSES. It was reBolved that the application of Mr- or the exclusive nse of the blood houses at and Boath be granted at an annual rental Onn„ -ii STREET IMPROVEMENTS. imiiro»firor Armstrong asked when the private School *n the locality of the Adamsdown said thuu .0 1)0 carried out f—Alderman Jonea the work wonM8 Bw0r\now being pIint?.d 80 Jones compfain commenced.—Councillor improvements the contractors for the their work, atlff ^ond road had neglected ceed with it at once. Th«» tbem" v. delayed by the f„i bad, to some extent, ? aXn lost,—Councillor T Joara^.e weather had been auDDlem««+ Reea objected to the passing of report of the public ^orks coatee. «^t waa only han(Jed P at the commencement of £ e meeting and they b,a. yBeev«tf "<rg..«o0rid*jk i' contained B6V ^ceution. For w hl3h he would take for th°0r ^stance, he would not v°t0 us ,^Provemants of it. He movea tn» rrrounce seoondad +v motion.— Councillor ^a a in ite present oon unfair to leave Edward ter* that the wnfv dittos. Alfcnua EUtortwMJ* £ ^2 in Edward terrace would cot 1 P therefore out of improvements elsewhere, there was no reason why it *boui tg of the Tbe motion was negatived, and w -a0V,ted.—1The public works committee were taen w* r Qoe of supplementary report involved the a f the the tenders of Messrs. Smith and » jm. sum of JE1.494 13s 3d for P«^te. the provements in Lower Grangetown » B tenders of Messrs. Williams and J at the Bum of MG 12s 4Jd for private ments in St. Peter's street, and the tender or Kobert Day for improving and re-forming 7 Btreet, Edward terrace, Davia street, and rel^i street, at 6d per yard, and 6d per load haulage beyond the firBt half mile.—It was resolved, on the motion of Alderman Evans, seconded t>7 Aldeman Jones, that the necessary plans, sections and estimates be prepared for private improve- ment street works in the following atreets. to take order after those already in hand, viz.: Gold Btreet, Metal street, Crof c street, Fox lane, Fort street, Booker Btreet, Tyler street, Fanny stieet, urd Letty Btreet. 1 he medical OFFICER'S KrPOET. The r< pert of Dr. Paine for tho month of De. cember was as follcwfe lie total de» tha registered iathe Urban Sanitary Bistr ct (i Can,ifi during the four weeks euding Dec, i,. 3^79, were )o&. Üf theFe 81 were males 63 femoieg, Ubc tctal tirtbs retisiered were Sit, nansaly, KM n a;e and ill females. The ex^e&s of births over Ofatl p tths 19 Tbe deatb-rr.tif, although it, h"8 oon- »->rinf. Vl.\ diiri'ig the last two month", is still cp1* w 15 < r u,-it areiag.-s of the £ < at a-raw r.iliasr town j oj-uiaiion, wbich is ettimavecl to be j lbs xich ha? obtained tb:' U :h'> i i Lf; .ie .f rH?- 1i MX- tint hi uue ill a sjvea, r:CÄTfe io ;li.;I11J8:it,iG u fT ;«ts, y producing !tT, 1110 !'f,.Ji',y r< •: oi e l:1i.(lmat(Jry d'"eIH!Üc; d th, i terual ,(, ,lly th-'SflOf thu rr "ratory .rsfau?. ilh L 1 to of tJ,, has bejn il p-jr 1,000 i-.h>.bi- ) t-, as (t. Ifiop t l/.fl the avere U d ran i.VrhiK tb,. same ;vri il of tho L'z tyj-ioil im !-I: t, wus enumerated by itie Ke^-iftrar- -,enetal, 8.) <xc- i fcive has she (leach-rate bee). in these towns, that 1ll Ie "e,k ,¡;.jJ,gA?(" nil" 13 the everasre death-rats leiorted by tho kejiii-trax-Generil rose to 31 p,r i)00. "be (jirih rate 1.,tI beur, 34'7 pe-- 1,000 inhabitants, lie dfcRth-n-te from ttio seveii chief zymotic dise.s.s v as 3 4 i or 1.ü(;O i-habitauts; tik,t of the iarge towns 3 D ter 1,0( 0. 1be report then stated that Mr. J. W. Thomas, tie borough analyst, had examined samples of water obtained from two welli in Conybeare rcud, Canton. Hie opinion was that both were Car gerouB for drinking, and that their hardness rendered tht)m unfit for any other domestic pur- posea. He recommended that the wells be peremp- torily closed.-The report was adopted. THE LIGHTING AND WATER COMMITTEE. Councillor Sanders moved that the minutes of the above committee be adopted, with the excep- tion of clause 308, which referred to the lighting of Newport road, and that the name of the com- mittee be altered to that of The Lighting Com- mittee."—Councillor Davies seconded the proposition, which was adopted nem. dis, THE PURCHASE OF THE WATERWORKS The minutes of the waterworks committee were next considered.—Councillor Armstrong asked what prinoiple would be adopted with regard to the water rate. In the past there had been a lack of system, and some persons had had a tangible cause of complaint as to the way in which they were charged. There ought to be a uniform rate charged throughout the whole of the town.- Councillor Sanders said that, as a member of the waterwoiks committee, and one who had had something to do with looking into the matter from the commencement, he hoped that Mr. Armstrong would not that day prgss the com- mittee to pledge itself to any definite arrange- ments. There was doubtless room for certain peopla to eay they were not charged fairly; but with a concern of such magnitude it was not possible to avoid the occurrence of a thing of that Bort, especially as the town had increased so rapidly in siza and importance. The committee would have plenty to do for eometime, without committing itself to any refer me, and he hoped they would not be hasty.— Aldeman Elliott agreed with Mr. Sanders, and thought the committee should consider the aivisa- bi!ity of giving e- ery householder the means of turning the w..oier off and on at his pleasure. CotEioerable loss would thus be avoided. Connail- lor Beavan said thai if he were right the charges were regulated by the Act of Parliament. He did rot see why they could not accept the Act, and charge everybody equally from the very first.- Airierm&n Jones said it would be well if member of the couvdi vro'ald ask for information befora they ventured to tiitcnss a question. A meeting was recently held at Roath, at which several councillors were present, and various state- ments v. -,ra made in reference to tha waterworks and the charges made for water. Mr. Beavan was in the chair, and he endorsed the remarks cf a Mr. Clemerson, and Mr. Trounce said he ODpoted the purchase of the waterworks, though he (Mr. Jones) did notrocollact his having done so. He was under the impression that Mr. Winfctone was the only person who opposed it; The discontent, which might have been smoothed over by Mr. Beavan and Mr. Trounce, was fanned by them. As Mr. Sanders had said there were discrepancies in the charges for water, and it was probable that this would always be the case. Pro- perty fluctuated in value, and it was worthy of note that at the present time Mr. Beavan paid 28s whereas he ought to pay 35s, and Mr. Trounce paid 30s, whereas he ought to pay 40s. (Laughter.) If they were to do justice to those who were overcharged, they mutt also do justico to themselves by looking after those who were under-charged. (Laughter.) They would be most happy to raise Mr. Beavan's rates at once if he likod, but he had better allow it to stand until they got a chance of revising the whole.- Councillor Beavan said he rose to vindi- cate his position. He was prepared to pay according to the Act of Parliament, and he believed he was just as well able to pay 35a as 28s. With regard to the meeting to which Mr., Jones referred, he did not attend it as a member of the council; he took his stand as a burgess and a ratepayer, and it appeared, from his interpretation of the Act, that certain persons in the town, irrespective of himself, were paying too much.— Councillor Trounce denied having stated at the meeting that he opposed the scheme of the purchase of the waterworks. His sincere hope was that it would be a success.—At a later stage of the meeting the following report of the Par- liamentary Committee was submitted to the council Your committee, in pursuance of the power vestMm them by the council authorising them to enter into negotiations for raising by way of loaps the money re- quired for the purchasing of the undertaking of the CaroiS Waterworks Company. report as follows 1. In the first instance several insurance and other public companies were asked to lend the money to the corporation for the purchase of the unnertaking of the Caiditf Waterworks Company,.and although vigorous ettorts were used to obtain the money through them, as well as thiough some of the great finanoial agents in London and elsewhere, none of them would agree to advRDce it at a less rate of interest than £ 41 to jgliper centum per annum plus commission not less than 1 per cent. 2. As the money could not be obtained through the sources last mentioned, in one or other larga amounts, your committee determined, on the 3rd day of November, X87S, to advertise in the local newspapers as well as in some of the London, Manchester. Liver- pool, and other daily papers, for sums not leis than t600 for periods of five, seven, or tea years or up. wards, Sus. S. As the applications did not come in quickly (on the 23rd of November, 1879, the sum of 959,000 only having been obtained, at interest at £4 per oent.), your com- mittee deter.nired to send the Mayor, Mr. Alderman Jones, Mr. Alderman Bowen, Mr. Councillor Sanders, and tha own. clerk, as a deputation to London to con- fer with several financial agents. All the agents said that the corporation would not be able to obtainthe money at the rate of interast your committee deter- miced to «ive. Whilst the deputation were ia London they agreed with cm gentlemau to borrow from him jMb.OCO at ;C I per coui. 4. After numerous prom'sea had been made to your coir mittee by the directors of the Cardiii Waterworks Ccmpsny to fursish a list of tha shareholders iu tli-j company, the list was not received until the 4th of December ,last, and on tha", day tha town-clerk sent a letter to Each shaieholuer, of which the following is an extract: I have pleasure in annexing particulars i.rid ferm of application respecting the loan required by the corporation of Cardiff for completing the purchase of the undertaking of the Caruili Waterworks Com- pany, ana in case yc u desire to lend the whole or a portion of the amount of the purchase money due 11 jonas a sbareholaer of the Waterworks Company, I shall be obliged if you will fill up the application and return it to me, if possible, in the course of a day or two, as the corporation intend to complete the pur- chase on the 24th instant. The directors of the Cardiff Waterworks Company have stated that they will be prepared to aooept a proper legal authority from indi- vidual shareholders for the deduction of such sums as each may agree to invest in the corporation loan, fr^m their respective shares in the division of the purchase money, as part payment of the total sum agreed to be laid for the transfer of the Waterworks under- taking. I may add that the c >rporation are prepared to issue coupons with the bends, and that in case you agree to lend the nhole or part of such money which may be payable to you the interest will accrue from thd 25th ii-stant upon the amount lent." To which 45 share- holders replied agreeing to advance to the corporation in the aggregate £ 143,020 16s 8d out of their respective ehares in the capital of the company. The directors subsequently stated that they should only distribute 200 per cont. of the capital whereby the jOL43,020 16J 8d was reduced to £ 119,908. 5. The purchase of the undertaking was completed at the offices of the company, on Wednesday, the 21th cf .1 ecembei, 1879, and the purchase money, namely, 1300.C00. was made un as follows — Cash £ 180093 0 0 Amount agreed to be lent by the shareholders in the company 119S08 0 0 £ 3000;0 0 0 In addition to which your committee paid Parliamentary expenses 3823 11 4 Interest on 9300.000 from the 29th of September, 1879, to eate of comple- tion (the corporation receiving all the water rates from the 29th of Septem- ber. 3879) £ 2855 14 7 Expenditure on account of capital 1627 2 9 Eevtnue expenses from the 9lh of September, 1879 1173 4 6 565a 1 10 CR. Receipts on account ef Bevev ue since 2Sth fcept., 1879. £ 2 £ 8 17 11 Interest on bonds to k9th Sept., 1879 171 2 1 2460 0 0 IC5196 1 10 £ 309019 13 2 At the date of the completion the cor- poration had in the Brecon Old Bank bud thefNationsl Provincial Bank of England A161337 9' 1 Amount advanced by shareholders in tbe. company. 1199C8 0 0 Deficit (ovtrdrawn from the Brecon Old Bank) 27774 4 1 The total amount paid to the company being RU9019 13 2 Of the above sum, namely, 9309,019 13s 2d, one quar- ter's groeS revenue, say about £ 4,300 li3 due to the corporation, which, with the expenditure on account of capital. £ ),627 2s 9d, will reduce the amount to about 4304 800. According to the terms of the agreement of purchase, the corporation take over the debenture debt of 'he company, amour-ting to £ 20,450. Towards the deficit voir committee had acoepted various I0--213 amounting to £ 29,278 Is, to be paid on or before the 7th of Jaruary, 1880, and at the present time tho sum of £ 25.778 Is has been paid in respect of that sum. 6 The first payment on account of the loan was made on tie 5th of November, 1879, and on the 17th of December. 1679, your committee cetermmed to close tbe list of aprlica ions, thus showing that in 42 days your committee negotiated the whole of the loan re- quired, viz., £ 310,523 jos Id, at interest after the r:1te cf £ 4 per centum per annum. Sincethelast-mentioned date a large number of further applications have been received by the town. clerk, amounting to m. re £ 200,CC0, which have not been aocepted. As to the question of commission your committee have negotiated the loan at the following rates: 960,000, at one per cent, commission; £ 93,510, at 10s. per cent. com- mission; £ 12,s:00, at 5s. ser cnt. commission; £ 144,823 10s Id. without any commission j total, *810,523 10s. Id.. ». In consequence of a portion of the abstract OI title not having been delivered to the town-clerk be- *OTe the 20th of December last, the conveyance oould not be prepared by the 24th of December, and aa your a^"mtee determined to settle the purchase on that under* arranged that the company should give an BssurnJi under their seal to execute a proper was done* w^en upon by the corporation, whioh the* having completed the purchase of their dnK«S 8 °* the Cardiff Waterworks feel that our chase TJ!fe nearly at an end, so far as regards the various costi ? £ wr committee will now ascertain the ir cr the Cardiff r.81868* and expenses incident to obtain- Itfmn dutv ori S^'ation Act, 1879; tha amountof /•nats commissions and mortgages, legal c°8tf"l ^nMses advertisements, and other ioci- deDtal expenses, whereby the corporation will be in a position *h° exact amount of the oost of ,CqUllijDg the Undertaking of the Cardiff Waterworks. vail cfrdifr Jones, Chairman# Town-toftll* Carain, January 5,1880. Alderman Lewismoved that a vote of thanks be accorded to the yAlderman Jonea, Coun- cillor Sanders, the Town.clerk for their services in negotiatirg thc purchasa of the water- works.—Councillor Yorath seconded the motion, which was carried with acclamation.-Alderman Jones responded, 8tBvin^„* ^.+new bad done ripht in purchasing the waterworks, and that in a couple cf years time Mr Wins tone would gee the result, and would be plad to admit that he mistaken. (App ause) —Mr. Wmstone afie B few remaps, charantan-ing tho lure into which t,i¡1 eorpj?at:oa had si-uifcu losing game." j OVfeRCKOVDlNG OF TJvAJlWA.* CAgS. Mr. A kit-r man liijlor proposed, in a.o nrdanc* v.itb notice ^iven That t&e tojm-ol<fk b » instructed to csli the attention of the officer i t-lse Cardiff Tramway Compauy to th* oveeoeo -v- ding of tbe tramcars. av6 ah.) tu p«4i>set?gers allowed to stand upor. too s-ops and ylaf.for<n of the care used wiihin ihe borough. Oj trMy t) the bye-laws ar;d regulations made by th? coap%ny iineer the powers conferred npOM them by the Tramway Act, 1870, and the Tramways Odo.r Confirmation Act, 1878 Mr. Tavlor called at- tention to bye-laws 15 17, 19, and 25, and said they had not been carried out by the tramway company. He hoped this would be sufficient; if not, they would have to apply to the Board of Trade to enforce them. -Councillor Jaaoba seconded the motion, which was carried. THE PROPOSED NEW FRSE LIBRARY. Alderman Bowen said, as the council were aware, they had applied for plans for a new free library. They had received 1C7, and he moved that the free library committee be allowed to use the chapel in Working street for the pur- pose of examining the isame.-Counciflor Stone seconded the motion, which was carried. This concluded the business.




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