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SWANSEA POLICE COURT. MONDAY. Before Mtssr.s. J. C. Fowler, H. Watkins, W. Watkins, J. Hall, and H. Goldberg. THE BLUE BELL. STRAND. The appeal for the renewal of the license of the Blue Beil Inn, Strand, Swansea., 's. I against the decision of the Swansea licensing magistrates, who, at the recently held P.r,;w- stcr iSemom, declined to renew, will be heard at the Borough Quarter Sessions this week, j -i-he sureties were bound over to aieoear. •" STONf-MtiRGWlNu. I Frederick Nelson, Ciutrles Jones, Joim Jones, John Williams, Dav'ul Arnold. Dcvi-i I)-i.vies, and David Rosser, aged from 1 o 16, and residing in the neighbourhood of Watk^n-street, '.vere charged with 'hrowmg stones to the dang-r of the publie. Ncbou ami lioaser, who baa been before the Court bdore. were fined 5s 6d. each, and the oth-vs 2s. 6d. A SERIOUS ASi-iAULT. James Davief, labourer, Jiunes'-ooutl. was charged with brutally assaulting Margaret Argent, and breaking bei- leg. Mr. Laurence Richards prosecuted and informed tiie Bendi that tlie prosecutrix was too ill to appear.— 'The plaintiff's daughter was called, and site stated that the prisoner knocked her mother down whell she was carrying a baby at the time, and violently kicked her. Witness's motiter screamed aflki called out, "Take the baby he has bruken my leg."—Prisoner cross- examined the witness witii the view of proving that her mother assaulted him, and aecident- allyy icll down.-OthPr evidence liavin-g txien called, prisoner was remanded fer a week. Bail was allowed in two sureties and one personal surety of .£ 11) each. ri L Lr tiX x. BOYS. I Two respectably dr^-d boys, Thoimts Simoiids, 43. Sea View-terrace, and WSbiam Danish:, 46, St-a View-teri'ice, admitted hav- ing been guilty otf btoae-throwing at ciibba:r- iiili-road. Tlie fathers were presettt. I'he lads were fined 2i?. 6d. each.—A lot of other b'oya were charged with offences of a similai- character, and snsail fines were imposed. It J appears thru, all these cases are the outcome of the new rule of placing constables attired in private cioc-hcs m neighbourhoods where i there have been wholesale complaints. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. Qiarles Williams, haulier, 4, Waticin-sireet, Avas chargcd wiiai cmelty to a horse on t!1 8th ioiit., and William Lewie:, coal meroiiant 85, Brvnymor-road, was summonetj for havm-' permitted the aiiimal to be worked in an unlit condition. P.C..Porter's (84) evidence was to tiie effect that the horse was in a bad stat ?. iiie owtKjr, Le»vi.s, tcld wttnei's that im knew tno condition of the hor«. but that he had sold it that morning to a horse dealer. Lewis I also said he thad tirld the other d^'endant not j to take the horse out that day. "inspeoto*! Parker suited that the Lor we was in a • RTeteiiiedly weak condition. Wiiuains told I iutn that it was in the knowledge uf the owner that the horse was worked! Lewi* i elected to give evidence, aad denied this." He I said he had purchased the (horse from a col- liery, and that he had not had it for mere than a few weeks.-The Bench believed .he employer Lewis knew or t-lw horse bei-i- worked, and fined him £ 0. The d^VPr fuel 10i-. 'v,w- -•dlULTERATED WKISRV C 11Ve I'~abu°*»s ^uunoned before the owansea mogistrates on Monday for selling illiterate^lusky. 11m namts of the defen- ■■•ait- .je proot of the spirit, and the tines weie as .oLov.s —Thomas Ev^ns, Woolpack inu, \v awa-ioo-strev- %ddwl wtitai- JS.. de-Tjes iirKter prooi, 2()s. and costs; Morgan WiliS.m.s, HcdAhaeiu hotel, 33 degrees under proirf, finot £ 2 end co^ Mr. Lawrence Richards f!rosecu,cd, and the cases Were proved iy Air liimbert. Four other summonses werc'wdh- drawn. V/IFE DESERTION I J nomas Jacobs, labourer, Landou- was '^argoa with deserting his wife and children The pJamtiff's evidence, was painful and -e vealed de^jraceiul neglect of a wife and seven cnildreii. She s%id she had sent her son to him for food, In. he had said that he would not give ttiem a qj- bit. But for a few shil- lings from a daughter, who was in service th-v woula not have bad a bit of food this week and last. Witnes-s tearfully said she had b<yQ a good wife to him.—It appc;u-ed that the de- fendant who is employed at thn Morfa Wor ks onlyeaC115 16s. a week.The wife said she was bodily afi-aid of l-.er hu^xt-d. No one know wbat the children and herself had had to put up with.—Defendant ccwnpWd that his wife did not bring the children up properly.- -The Benxh granted a separation order, and'allowed the wife 6,>. a week. HEBREW AND BONIFACE Thomas Jorts Wi!k-<, "Rising Sun" Inn, Pentrechvvyth, was sit men-, ued by Hymai'i Rosser for a brea/di oc the peace. The f«rti(M had been before the court- before.—Mr Hionm- scc defended.— The piaintitf said that the 12- fendant threatened him at the Mid'and tion.—iOf^B-examined Wit.^ss said he did not say to defendant that he had made rum pay once, and wo aid mssk& him pay a.ga.in. Mr. Fowler (to plaintiff): Are oa a Welsh- man ?--I)la,ntifI: N 0., Yiddish. (J.au;;htc!) Continuing to reply to Mr. tbx piainfciit'd- r.ied aunoying Mr Widis frequent-V. —The defen«iant said the plaintiff had called him a'bad name, ;,nd ra centinnaliy threaten- ing him, as were his compatriots .Mrs Bevan, Llansamiet, said the defendant -lid not say a word when the p.:dntig insulted, him Bench dismissed the base.—Witness's costs were allowed. ROBBERY PROM A TUG BOAT. David Rot-bins. 17, Brook-street, was charged on remand with breaking and enter- ing the steam tug Britannia at the East Dock, and stealing therefrom a waistcoat, accordion binocular glasses, pair of hoots) and .several other articles, belonging to the mate. Mr. Lawrence Richards prosecuted.—Peter }->j- v/ards, the mate of the Britannia, said he went ashore on the 8th, leaving everything secure I in liis cabin, and witness h:.ù the key of the cabin in his pocket. On returning he found I that a burglary had been committed, and that the articles, which were of the value of £ 3 10s.. 01.. had* bean stolen. Entry- had been made through the .skylight. Prisoner some weeks previously had been employed for about .t a week on the boat. At that time the witness i gave him a. pair of boots. The prisoner after having entered the cabin had evidently changed his boots, as be lef the old pair be- hind. (Laughter.)—Isaac I vor, pawnbroker, Fabian-street, St. Thomas, ayid the prisoner came to his slop to pledge a pair .)f -daese.?. Witness refused to accept them for pied?c Ho remembered that the bottom put were dented in three places. — The ptejuiff had stated tha.t the glasses were damaged in that L way.—Prisoner said he only stole the hoots; ha had not seen anything else.— Detective- sergeant Lewis proved the arrest of the prisoner, who when charged, said lie aid not know any thing ¡,'bon" it. Prisoner eMided "When waa it?" On being informed of the date, he said. "I wasn't cut of the house on Saturday evening." "I don't know anything' about it," and on being placed in the ceii he said, "T on] v had the boots." Considerable force must have been used in obtaining access through the skylight.—Prisoner, who did net have a. cleat: record, eventirdiy pleaded gui'-y and elected to bo dealt with y Bench said it was an impudent, bold f?ionv. and sentenced tne prisoner to three uiontaV j biu-dta-bour. STRAfANG WOOD. Noruh .Dairies..a yomig married woman, who carried a. fcafcy m her anus, and Peter Murphy, a boy, vvrere chained with stealing eight rafters frtmi an empty dwelling hwnse at Pemre E.4yli, the property of the Cwmfelm Tinplate Co.. Mr. B. D. Thamas (from tiie office of Mr. T. I W. James) prosecuted.—P.C. Umblcby said he saw the. defendant reanoving the wiod from I the roof with a. large piece of ed Jordan, in the employ of the Own del in Co., said the wood belonged to the company.— I Cioss-LicLiiniied, witness said the hcHi.Ne-s had not been pulled down during the last four months.—Mrs. Samueis. for the defence, anid t-tiat solus boys gave the woman a couple of pieces o-f wood. The roofs of the old 'houses noil fallen in.—The defendants were dealt with, under the First Offenders' Act, and discharged on being bound over to keep the peace.






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