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FACTS NOT FICTIOX. A WARNING TO TI-IE PUBLIC. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS BUT CALL AT DOWN AND BON STEAM CABINET WORKS, HIGH-ST. & MORRIS-LANE, SWANSEA, I AND PERSONALLY ASCERTAIN THAT THEY ARE THE LARGEST CABINET MAKKIIS BY MACHINERY IN WALKS. ALSO THAT THEY HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE PRINCIPALITY TO SELECT F KOM AT PRICES TO SUIT ALL BUYERS. ALL GOODS GUARANTEED TO BE AS REPRESENTED. A Visit respectfully invited, which would lie pics:sing to ainone interested in the Construction of Fuiniiua'. 1817 S CA ECITY OF TV A. T E R 1.] S,1; I ABYSSINIAN TUBE WELLS 1 SOLE AGENT:— JOHN LEGG, SWANSEA. PRINTED PRICE LISTS FREE ON APPLICATION. 50 9 I X" OH DEAR, DOCTOR, What 'nil! you reeomnieml for rp.yJBr iight Cheat thiai-'earfui Weatliet?" OH, THEU'K IS AOTHIXG I.lKli TUDOR WILLiAAIS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY/ THEltB IS NO MOliE TKYING SEASON FOE THE II( MAN CONSTITCTIoX THAX THE PiiEaEN'i' WEAIIIEII. BE vrare of the sunshine in the day and timcoM winds & night. Should y. o-treh acoii, nip it in the buii by taking the certain itmeuy. ONE OF THE MOST HEMARKAELE REMEDIES Ok* TUDR ^yiLLIAZvlS pATENT JgALSAM OF IIONEY. No Mother shoe id ue^iecJ to keep I his Infallible lien edy in the house ready lor auy merg ency. Kemeruber -hat it is ro check a iliglit Cough at the e. !\iriiene^men! 1 h,lll to allow it to develop into a lingering cvmplaint Ask distinctly for Tudor Williams' hal^am of Uutiey. and see that you get the right, article. Persons suffering from jCifficulty 01 Breathing should give it a trial. LARGEST ALE OF ANY COUGH JJEDICTNE IN THE WOULD. BRONCHITIS. „ 5b^«r«are thousands of children who die annual from iironciiitis, v. hooping cuujjli, mid croup. A 'an.1 dbct)vry has been made u'' tb. cure oi such ¡ eoOflpUiats, dàu!e1y, Tudor Williams's liilsam of Honey, \\nw1l comams Welsh honey and an essence I' extracted from a selection of the purest and most efficacious herbs. A Swansea lady declares I Lint this ftuuoiis BHIMITI acts like magic nu nei ciiiUhen when II ever they are alHicled ",ittl *in-; ot th?b« kiuured complaints. I Sold by all Chemist? an! Stores in is. Ijd., 2s. 9j.. anil 4*. txl. butiies. Sample bottles sent ;:po:;t paid) for li. d" is., and 5a. lrom the inventor I D. TUDOR IVILLIA-NIS, MEDICAL HALL. ABEKDAEE. f315C I J. BR.A-DER & SOi 'S i NINTH ANNUAL SALE I Ot Finest and Best Selection of PIANOS, OUGANS, I HARMONIUMS, AUTO HARPS, SHEET MüSIC, AND BOOKS lias Commenced. in Goods Greatly Eed need for Cash, and Special I Advantages au Three Year.' System. OLY ADDRESS T ■g'RADER AND gONS 3 A ad 9, WIND-STREET. SWANSEA. 3129 jte< TfoURCHEWsr I "K&LYDIKE" I POST-FREE^ ft* IXTHa 8 gT°^ a MEYSES JONES.T t 12 H TREET. SAIANSE-A. I CARDIFF RXHIBITION, 1S96 STAND 110. 14 EXCELSIOR' (OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY). Recommended by the Medical faculty for its absolute purity and (lioelit properties. Perfcetien of Blended Free from all irritating co n at ituents, and it altogether A wkiskv of yen high quality— "British Medical Journal." A safe and palatable stiimulant for the tick nd convalescent—Praetiliouor," SOLZ PKOP*I*TOR^, MAEGEAVE BROTHERS, LLANELLY AND GLASGOW. 4972 T. TURNER THOMAS, 198. HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA (Near G.W.R. Station), SPECIAL LINES I IN I BLOUSE S, Of which there is a large Variety in Stock. SAILORS' HATS la NEWEST SHAPES, from 8id. Ttimmed. SEE THE WINDOW DISPLAY. Which will testify far itself that for Value and Artistic Taste these Gaods cannot he beaten in SWASBIA. 4977 I THE OLD FIRM j i—EST? 1864- s H.FREEDMAN&S0H j I IFURFEITF-0 PLEDGES fOR SALE I • l WWCHES. CHA1NS, RINGS, i] WATERLOO ^COLLEGES? 'CORNER jOPFO-SITE NEW TEMPERANCE HALLI BEN EVANS & CO., LTD. THE GREAT CLEARANCE SALE. -= I -=-=-=====-====-=-=-=-==-==- =-: :=-=-=:=-======-=-=-==-==- UNMISTAKABLE BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. ¡ -n_ BEN EVANS & CO., LIMITED, SWANSEA. l y' 1'1 T l 1 1 t 0 f 11.l t 1;1: I .1 ■ II I .III «■' '■ 'I < VWLFFL ■■ ■■ "I MILL ~■ r_' I JOHN S. BROWN I FOli LADIES' & GENTS' I CYCLES. LARGEST AND BEST SELECTED blOCK IN WALES. I J c CYCLE RIDING SCHOOL: DRILL HALL, b IN G LK TO N ST. I CYCLES REPAIRED BY SKILLED r WOKKMEN- LARGE STOCK OF ACCESSORIES AND NOVELTIES. Particalara and Price Lists Free. JOHN S. BROWN, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. A NOT II E R G It E A T Y T C T 0 It Y. 'W*Tt A 0J6 '4 P. FKEEDMAN & CO., COMPLET g HOUSE FURNISHERS, 34, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA, ARE MAKING TME GRANDEST DISPLAY OF BEDEOOM SUITES' DINING & DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, ¡ BRASS & IRON BEDSTEADS, I' FEATHER & WOOL BEDS, AND EVEliY REQUISITE NECESSARY FOR THE KITCHEN AT RIDICULOUSLY LOW PlUCKS FOR CASH. Such 880rifiee Nym neTur bafore attempted, and they intend breafctn* the monopoly maintained by house furnishcis, and are eiD to supply customers direet from their Factory at Wholesale Prices, instead of with Illig profits. They will also, by simply asking, give away Furniture for Credit en their well- known little-by-little Sytitem, wherebv a heuse or a single article oc Furniture can be obtained. Illustrated Catalogues Gratis. Free Delivery. ONLY ADDRESS AT SWANSEA— 34, HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. jf B. Customers' fares over £2 rofunded within 25 miles of Swansea. 5023 HOPKINSON'S JAMS ARE THE BEST. I HOPlvINSONS JAMS AND MARMALADE ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST- 4009 TELEPHONE 142. I INCANDESCENT BURNERSI AT LATEST REDUCED PRICES. I J. H. NOTT, I tT. .A1\D rA Y -l-'AHADE, SWAIN;SKA. [16 ARCHIBALD GOLDIE Is the ONLY PHOTOGRAPHER IN WALES whoae PHOTOGIiAPiJS have bee" KCCEP'I ED at the rahis L'lEt:.lItA'lIO);AL PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPOSI TION Mav and June, 1896, and the eniv 6NVANSEA PHOTOGRAPHER ACCEPTED at CAiiDIFF EXHIBITION. Prize at International Competition (London), 1333. Medal and Diplom* at Anaslet da-n Exhibition, 1890.. Diploma at Huoi-lem Exhibition. May. 1895. I' Only Address—95. MaNSKL-STUEET. 94 1 [SWANSEA nOYAL I ") 1, T1 1_ J T A. II UEADT FOR DEUVERY, IN PERFLCT I' CONDITION, 1, o o o SUGAR-CURF.D m;c .J1f1 '¡¿0. 1i/< "J-" 6d. rtu LB. j They are Ligbt isi Weight. Loan and Plump, Every lialm lirantled. FINEST CANADIAN CHEESE. y\ 1 PEK LB. DRINK THE BO R 0 TEA. 1a -rf D. PER S. J-?D. J.8. 4 LB. The Celebrated Blend of the FINEST ( INDIAN, CHINA, AND CEYLON TEAS r Sugar Reduced. Flour Reduced. I DAILY DELIVERIES TO ALL PARTS I' I)AVIES & CO.. THE CASH GROCERS, THE BOI-O' STOIEZES., i IN COLLEGE-STREET. ) SWAJSrSE^. 5057 I I MAYPOLE DAIRY CO. STILL MOVE FIRST. MAYPOLE BCTTER. REDLXED TO JID, PER LB 5D. MARGARINE I REDUCED TO 4D- rEl LB. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., Largest Retailers in t.ho World, 109, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA Jl 0 U S R COAL W HOLES ALE AND RETAIL. ill OS. R ROBINSON. 15. EXCHANGE BLTLDI^S. I)EST FFALDAL, Lar^e, 16s per ton ) delivered; wei«ht and quality ^uaruii- eed. Why pay more. 0003 1 THE WISE ARE WILLING TO LEARN. Money judiciously spent a contented mind. oney spent on poop Furniture a feome look, miserable, y advice to you all is this— y advice to you all is this- ake for M. JACOBS & CO. agnifleent Value for .Money tljere. JMAKE A NOTE OF the FACT. ACOBS & COj THE SOUTH iVALES FURNISHERS, ORTLAND B LDGJS., HEATHFIELD S T S j8L S IS JMLJML Branches-32. Market Street. LLANELLY; 5, Queen St.. NEATH. I DKAL liTKECT WITH Tli E 31 AN E FACTCltERS- —— I^NITTING ^^GOLS, I £ XITTKD HOSIBliT, AND IJNIJEIIWEAH roil ALL SEASONS AT '^AK'ERS' •p RICES. SCOTCH WOOL & HOSIERY >i("KKS u { }.l-' i:];ir» mi.i cu., Gi;iajNoci<\ 7, O XFO KD- S T R E E T. 'UAI.ITY, ccniiMiied v.nli ilodemle Price?, is out f'tbt CfiiAiflfixtii.ii. •• 'ili<! Clicui-e»t GuoOii aie nor it 1 v\iiy« the 1:ln:-t economical L:I\\ IIllY 11it: nullY lill:llic¡b.d tctinl(¡llia!, rccived u,.in uur ittu-i rr-lfi- tnHh:" uvl the incieiisiiij; H'l.utai iiy ol our J.\1¡¡¡¡"faet IIn: lJldJFlif is rnade tu our Cut0I1l<?r5 bv pl1!Th;I..)l1 !IP:" I, ui,( I j (iii, i-i, from (Iur. Mili-s tÚIOll:.{h oni i!i ;iucli<-s, a:, u-\JtrMi ill' cic l'i '.>lit,s u'-e u'.ftl. l'i Ife Lift and (vti;Ui»t; Instruction Bowk l're<3 on i'jlj llj :dlu"' Aildtess, of FLEMING, REID AND CILI., Tli K WO, y K!) MILLS. Gl.-liiiNOCi;. l r; -.¡ ¡;Jj (/>00:" ay,JI OJ S if -<:l\. t, IV. "1 ,\O¡:, Jr!J .V .;¡ AT GREATLY i L LjuLL U U 1 i i U i REDUCED PRICE. .SA G A A A IS. ITIG-I-I-ST.. 9 -'L 1 'Jí .A.L t-Å- SWAKSEA. 1. 17 [4310 It PERfECTIUN SOAP AD LIFE ASSURANCE. All tieers of "PKKFKdtON" SOAP ara ofieied a. POLlCY oy LIFlt ASSI KA-NCE, wiili nmiodiate benefit, for OSf YEAR, in the British WorUinan'ts and General Assurance Company. Atranueiiieiits will bo iiia-'Je to continuu the Polic/ year bv year. The Policies may be taken out for all ages to 65, and vary from £ 2 Zs to Ell !Os. according lo age. Policies will be i:?s«ed as soon as 112 vOutsidey Wrappers are saved and sent ILJ. Last day. Juue 30th, next year, For lull particulars see bills. H S'erS'eoJiosE f'.oijgj is muiiufactured FULL POUND WEIGHT FLOUR M A R K E T S CONTINUE TO DROOP. We are thenororo enabled to quote Per Score. Per Sack. FINES Is, 6d 206. LEATHER TIlI Is, Sd. 22*. 6d. EXTRAS Is. 10d. 25s. TAYLOR & COMPY. (LIMITED), 6, CASTLE SQUARE, SWANSEA, yO, OXFOKD STREET, SWANSEA. :3, WALTER ROAD, SWANSEA. 100, BRYN Y MOR ROAD, ST HELEN S, SWANSEA 2683 2683


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