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:THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1896,I

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CYCLING. England is gradually being outdone by other countries with regard to the interest which the various Governments take in matters cycling. If instead of fighting and squabbling over amateur cum professiona! questions the N.C.U. were to set itself to do some serious work for the benefit of the wheeling community, we might have something to thank it for. In other countries the great sporting authori- ties go in for something else besides party bickerings. For instance, a great victory has been scored by American cyclists in the State of New York through the splendid organisa- tiou of the League "of American Wheelmen, By means of a united effort they succeeded in getting a Bill passed through the State Legis- lature compelling all railroad companies to carry bicycles free as baggage. The story of the struggle is a long one, and will make a lot of American cycling history. The Bill is known as the Armstrong Baggage Bill, and Congress- man Armstrong is to be banquetted by the grateful wheelers as a recognition of his eflorts in favour of the Bill. After this concession on the part of the Yankee Government we may anticipate the smashing of all the world's road records. It will be quite convenient in future for at j cyclist to take train at New York for Chicago and place his machine in the guarn's v,■ When he gets out at Chicago he will swear by all the gods that he has ridden the dis- tance in a given time. and of course the wonderful performance will be cabled across the Atlantic. The other day 1 was travelling from Swansea to Llanelly, and I found myself in the company of a cyclist who had the appearance of being weary, wom, and sad. We exchanged cards and became! quite ftiendly. A few days afterwards r: dropped across a friend of mine from Car- marthen. who told me that he had met tlrs re(loubtable man of the wheel, who had be n boasting all over the town rhat lie had ridden all the way from Newpoit in marvellous time. When 1 informed my Carmarthen friend that I had met the cyclist in the train there was slow music.