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'ABBIFF EXHIEITIOM,: iJao. J'atix.i-Hi-li! MAii'.biV fllK QUEEN. Op-u 'J: VIVIII :t. to 10 JO p.m. llAGNinm.VT 1 'I iLi.Ll TlOi' OK I'ICIX'IIES, A.NU PHOTOGRAPHS. FIK* SHOW OK INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITS. WORKING- COAL AUNL. MODIoL GOLD MIME PROMENADE CONCERTS IN GARDENS DAILY. I OiiASli WA liiii SPECTACLE AND OPEN AIR OPERA (150 oiHirers ana aaiv-urs) on 3t:ig.i and Lake, with ttoiiibaiiina ill oi Town nightly. BRILLIANT ILLUMINATION OF GROIN OS. VARIETY OK Oi.rSlDB ATTRACTIONS. CHEAP Rl.TUUN RAILWAY TICKETS (including admission to the Exhibition; are issued from s!a.jions i«» this district; also excursion parlies arranged for on special I tfct-ajs. 43/6 I ] L A N D I L 0. BANK TTOLIHAV. ATHLETIC SPORTS AND BRASS I BAND CONTEST. u HAM) PROGRAMME. £ Tu IX PlUZES. APPLY—HOPKINS AND THOMAS, LI.ANDILO. bk22 I LONDON AND NORTH-WESTERN RAII WAY. I CUBA? EXCURSIONS TO liiE WELLS. EVERY FRIDAY, SATUUDAY, and MONDAY, up to OCTOBER 26tii. CHEAP FUiSl and THIRD CLASS EXCURSION TICKKTS U> Llanvntyd. Liur.uamiuaix-h, LUndrindud aud But it h Wittfe. and Kb.avnder, wi:l be Nsued froiu lht» s.t*»i(«is named below :-aww>i» tA'ietc: ia:, Bay. Mumb!e>- 1-1 SPECIAL TRAIN ARRANGEMENTS. SATURDAYS ONLY. JCLY 11th toSEPTEMBER 12ib, inclusive, Special Train, 12.20 nOUlI, Swansea to Llantirinili>d Weiis MONDAYS ONLY. JULY 13 li to SKPTEMi2KK 14i h. inclusive, Specul Train, S.4U .t.m., Llaadi iudud Wells to Swansea. These Trains wil! only e..H at a few of the pi ii.cipa! stations. Km' ;.ai tiu'.w.c s -ee J 111 v iinie iabes. HALF-DAY EXCURSION'S to LLAN dU), LLAN- DOVERY, LLANWl:TYD WbLLS. LL.VNGA.M- MARCil WELLS and J.LAN Dl.'IN DOO WELLS, Also to UCILTH ROAD r HL ILTH WELLS. On THURSDAYS. Ji i.v 16ih, 23 id ami oUtli. Cheap Exculsfons Tickets will BE I-^ LK d. anil a l'asl Excuroiun Train "ill run as under Swansea '.Victoria) d' 1-50 Swansea Bay 1.53 Mumbles Road i-0. The Return Train will LmVo lliiiku itoad 8.50 5 .m., H.tudi-indodg.33,<cij9.uu.m..L).tuwi!y<i 9.10p.m., Liaudovsrv y.55 !>.rri.,and LlaiuUloy.SS (■.in. 1 or 3 DAY TRIP t., l.iVKRPOOL ur Bill.l E-Yl K GARDENS, MANCHESTER: also SATURDAY to MON DAY at the ISLE OF MAN. On FKIDAYNIGHT. Jaly 17th. 1S36, an EXPRESS EXCURSION will be run ;o LIVlS: POOL and MAX CHESTER (Longsi^'bt) via the shortest and nic.-c direct route, from th" Stations named heluw, at Lbe times stated :— p.m. Swansea (Vic. Station) 10 0 Swansea Bay ■ lv 4 For tares and further particulars see bills. All information 1 eyaiuiug Excursion Trains cn the London and :'iürtb-Weste, n Itailway ":&n be obtained of Mr. f. amfth, Jjj trict Traffic Superintendent, FRED. HA 11! I SON. General Manager. Euston Staticn, July, lo9o. 5'Jl9. POCKETT'S BRISTOL CHANNEL STEAM PACKEr CO., LIMITED. PLEASURE MAGNIFICENT SAILINGS PASSENGER OF THE '^■SSbSBBBB^STEAM SHIP BRIGHTON (Classed Al at Lloyd's) from Pockett's Wharf, South Duck. Swansea. THt-MHAY. July 16th, 8,15 a.m.—ILFRACOMBE andLiNMoUTH.. TKUBSDAY, July ICtli, 8 p.m.—GRAND E\ kNING CRUISE. Fire, is. „nT, FRIDAY, Julv 17th, 3.1a—ILFRACOMBE, CLOYELLY, and LUNDY ISLAND. SATTRPAT, Julv 18th, 9.15 a.m. — ILFKACOMBE ftad LY X M O L T H. Cbeao Excursions to Barnstaple, Bldeford, Exeter. Plymouth, ie.. every Saturdav and Mondav. QWANSEA BAY ROYAL REGATTA, O SATURDAY, -July ¿5lh, 1896, Weather and M.her .ircunisUne- piruiitting, the h inusoiuei.v titted Saloon and fast Passenger St.e^niei JOHN STIRLING iCummsnler, Cap- Win, Tnomas, late of s.s. Alfonso) Wili leave the West Pier on the above date at 9 ociock a.m. stiarp, and folios the principal Yacht liaces, re- turning to West Pie^ at O.30 p.m. FAKE, 0 6. Season Tickets, 10 6; inoiuding Regatta Ticket, 16 obtainable from Mr. H. Llewellyn, Old Ivy Bush Hotel, High-street, or at 13, Brynymor-road, Swansea. Regatt 1 Tickets taken beiore July 22nd can be had at 7 6. SUNDAY TRIP TO NEWPORT (Mon.) JVLY 26tli, 1896, Leaving the West Pier at 6.0 a.m., returning from ..Newport at 5.30 p.m. FARE, 5s, Refreshments to be had on board at moderate charges. Trips have also been arranged (which will be adver- tised) to Ilfracombe, Cloveily, Lynmouth, Tenby. Weston-super-Mare, Bideford, Burnham, Minehead, Jtc.. during the season. The above boat has heen theroughly upholstered and fitted throughout with electric light. 5050 SWANSEA BAY ROYAL YACHT KACE, SATURDAY, JULY 25tm. the magnificent Saloon sea-going Sleamer WESTWARD HO! OR C A. M B R I A., The largest, fastest, and most palatial steamer, I WILL SAiL FROM SWANSEA, At 9.30, te FOLLOW the RACING. Fare for the Sail—4s. 1 Ftf further particulars see Bii:=. I 5054 BURROWS SCHOOL, ST. HELEN'S- JL) HOAD. rOMMEKCIAL. MATHEMATICAL, AND CLASSICAL. M II STEVENS Begs to ann unce tu.t SCHOOL DUTIES will be REoUMLID on > T;ii-SDAY, J nly 28lh. ladivldital At t°otion uiven to Bnckw:trd Pupils to Insure their SuCCt«>, [?042 Prlva.te A,!clf/.s.50, ST. GEORGE'S-TEREACE. DEAL DIRECT AVlTH THE M ANV FACTUREUS- KNITTING ^7"OOL8, J^NlTTKD 110SIElty, AND IJNDERWEAR FOR ALL SEASONS AT j^j^AKERS' pRICES. SCOTCH WOOL & HOSIERY STOHES (FLEMING, llEli) aid CO., GREENOCK), II OXFORD- S T K E E T. QUALITY, c< nibined with Moderate Prices, is out first consideration. "The Cheapest G..eo" ue .or always the most economical THAT >AlTSKACTTi'N is given Ity our G"od3 is ihowuby the -oanv unsolicited testimonials received from 81.;1' letter urder trades, lid the increasing popularity A 11111' :\Ianuh<t.llre,. PROFIT is inade tu ollr Customers by purchasing loneat. Govls t'.jicot, from our JJil's turougti eur Sraaches, a" several intermediate Prolits are thereby javed. Price List ami Knitting Instructiull Book Free oa ipplication tv above Address, t-r FLEMING, REID AND CO., *ME WOUSTED MILLS, GKEUOCK- BEN EVANS & Co., Ltd. THE GREAT CLEARANCE SALE, UNMISTAKABLE BARGAINS IX EVERY DEPARTMENT. IMPORT A "NTT. Since the commencement of the GREAT SALE, B, E. & Co. have made several most IMPORTANT PURCHASES OF MANUFACTURERS' CLEARING LINES at about Half their Value, but owing to the extraordinary ö run of business, it has been utterly impossible to get the Goods ready for Disposal. TO-DAX. THURSDAY, OMM—— n~—'—■1 — ~11' "™ liowpver, ilic a love Puiv!, consisiinjt of BLACK and MOUhNlKG D nESS GOODS, LINENS, CARPKTS, SHOW-ROOM and FANCY GOODS, etc, toother with The Ordiiurv SURPLUS STOCK, will be ciferedatSUCH REDUCHOXS from REGULAR PRICES as must secure the appreciation of the Public. BEX EYANS AND CO., LIMITED, SWANSEA. Swansea ;y 'ÿ V (s! y Kimows To-day that (j/j + CASH Suppiy th? ?cst /IS).A Drugs at the most CHEMISllS, Economical Rates. FIURE DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES, TOILET REQUISITES, I I CHOllCE PERFUMES, &Co9 &Co9 At an immense reduction from ordinary Chemists prices. Owing to the immense quantity of drugs they buy, lucy can buy so I cheaply as to be able to sell the very best qualities at prices usually charged for inferior kinds. No Old Stock S! Fresh Supplies IFMPly III DHVCir! i\IC' DDECrDIDTf AMQ accurately prepared with tine r li I Oivliiii J i i\LuVi\ir 1 iviiu best qualities of drugs by a Chemist fully qualifsed by Pharraiaceotical Society's Examsr!-a«1odi at about one: half the usual charges. (J/j Cash Chemists, t 2 Oxford St., Swansea. Also at BRISTOL, BATH, CHELTENHAM &c09 &c. .,oot s Pure Drug Co., Limited, Proprietors, JESSE BOOT, Head Offices, Nottingham. Managing Director PACTS NOT FTCTIOX. A WARNING TO THE PUBLIC: DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS BUT CALL AT DOWN AND SON STEAM CABINET WORKS, HIGH-ST. & MORRIS-LANE, SWANSEA, AND PERSONALLY ASCERTAIN THAT THEY ARE THE LARGEST CABINET MAKEftS BY MACHINERY IN WALES ALSO THAT THEY HAVE THE -L y LARGEST STOCK IN THE PRINCIPALITY TO SELECT FKOM AT PRICES TO SUIT ALL BUYERS. ALL GOODS GUARANTEED TO BE AS REPRESENTED. A Visit resp«ctfullv invited, which would be pleasing to anyone interested in the Coustructien of Furniture, 1817 TELEPHONE 142. INCANDESCENTBURNERS AT LATEST REDUCED PRICES. J H N O T T, ? T. HELEN S-ROAD AND QUAY-PARADE. SWANSEA. 46 I M c AVE R A'S I I GREA'l1 I SUMMER OI A T TTS oil-Liiio HAS COMMEiSJ CED ,i.\ _.J..L 11, CASTLE-ST. JULY STH, 189U 5C13 :) I TUESDAY, JULY 21st, i« the Last Day for Tickets. NEW GAU.EKY ART UNION. Ono Siullitie pei- share. i'h" Drawing -.viil take place on SATUIJDAY, A U(.i UST 1, 18SJ6, in Iht- New trallery, 121, ?tu-et, W., .it- 6.30 ".m., when the fulluwing l'rizes Nj!i I, Mr-t value £250. Second I'rizf.Uaitil irij; value ±'200. Third i'l ize. t'ainl in<i valui* £ 150. An<i otlii'i o from ,*100 rt .wn In £ 10 •Mich. I TICKKTS,—ONli SIlll.l.INu KACII,— e;u<hTicket emillii:;r the holder to «nc cliance in tha Drawing, may be had hum nil t h" |«- ilwi¡,al l'rinisellers. Music I "ud Rl'(,1,selle.s in the Kingdom—orwill te iurwarded direct hy the 1IlaJlager. on receipt, of cnvHioj.e (suiini)cd und directed; together with l'ostal i inter lor tlie number of Tickets required. JAMBIS LAW, Manager, 9945] 121, i.'egenl,-street, London, W. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO. 1 STILL MOVE FIRST. 4 MAY POLE BUTTER- REDUCED TO 11 D. PER LB I 51). M A K G A E I N E \7 E REDUCED To 4D. PER LB. JIll Y]>O L_E DAIRY CO., A Y 1)0 1-E J-) t Largest Retailers in LLie W orlJ, 109. HIGH-STItKET. SWANSEA "p ERFECTION SOAP AND LIFE ASSURANCE. All users of "pEUf'KCTIoii SOAP are offered a POLICY OF LIFE ASSURANCE, with immediate Uenefit, for <)>"K YKAK, M the British Workman's and Uuneral Assurance Company. Arrangenaents will be made to CODtlDUG the Policy year by year. The Policies may be taken out for all ages to 65, and vary fraua iE2 Zs to £11 10s, according to age. Polieiss Will be issued as soon as 112 (outside) Wrappers are sated and sent in. Last day. J lllle 30lli, next year, For full particulars see bills. h Perfection &oa]» is manufactured FULL POUND WEIGHT. t IF YOU WANT A pEKFECT DISINFECTANT, TJDOWBKFUL, NOX-i'UlSoNOUS CHEAP— j I^LKCTKOZONE rj JgLKCTlIOZOXB >-ATURE'S j^LECTUOZONE owN ..l'"j J^LECTKOZONE SPECIFIC. supplies your need. GEHM3 or all kinds instantly destroyed. due to the presence of germs immediately arrested. I^LECTROZONE ABSOLUTKI.V I^LKCTKOZONE J Noa- J^i.ECTHOZ'.lNIi -J POISONOUS.. LliCTROZuNE is a universal Disinfectast and is adapted for use Anywhere and livery where. Heals Cuts, Wounds, Bums. Aliuys Iniiammatiou, Sweetens S ilks, Drains, Cesspools, i.c. In- valuable iu the Bath as a wash and a Iotii.n. ELECmuZOAE SIMPLE I^LECTROZONFI -J A.N» E^LKCTUOZOISE J SAKE. J^LECTKOZONB Note the Trade Mark, "EO" (Electricity and Ozone). Of all Chemists and Stores. Quart Bottles, 1 Directions en eve, y bottle. Quantities in bulk or cask on special tcims, MKD1TKINA (MEDICINAL BLTX'TROZONE) MEDITUINA (MIDICINAL KLLCTROZONK) MEDITUINA (MEDICINAL ELECTRON ONE) A marvellous curative ageui. Cures Hay 1 ever. Cold in the Head, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, &c, lis .Bottles, 2 6 of ail leading Chemists and Sfores. Circulars ana Pamphlets post free irom THE BRITISH ELECTKOZONE CORPORATION, LIMITED, FLOUR M A R K E T S I CONTINUE TO DROOP. Wo are therefore enabled t. quot.. Per Score. Per Sack. FINES ltf. 6d 20s. LEATHER Tib Is. 8d. 22s, 6d. EXTRAS Is. lOd ZiJíJ. TAYLOR & COMPY. !LIMITED), 6, CASTLE SQUAKfl, SWANSEA. 99, OXFORD STREET. SWANSEA. 33, WALTER ROAD, SWANSEA. 100, BKYN-Y-MOtt HOAU, ST HELENS, SWANSEA. 2683


:THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1896,I

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