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Family Notices



I TOO LATE FOR ULA.SSUTUA.TIO X I "rA.\X1.J), Aj pi-entiee to the Paiuting.—Apply, j v? 9 a-iu., Bennett Bros., Mount Pleasant, I Swansea. I^Oii Sale, a bargain. Harmonium (by Alexandres); full tone, six stops and swell.—26, Langdi*. place, Swansea. 813g^-25 Il^OL Sale, Pun". Brown Legliorns (Hunterand Very's strain;.—Apply, lor particulars, to W. Kapsey, "Wern-roatl, I.andore, 79'Tg7-2o NOTICE.-Ca::pen1crn and Joiners are requested 1* to Keep Away irom Abererave Saw Mills; dispute p<IH.tiug, ?01g2-25 "(f^XlUlSD in Swansea Market on Saturday last, a JL Purse containing money.—Apply Mr. Warming- ton, lbe Mrfrket. 804^2-21 best, value in Swansea in Boots and I XI Shoes. Ladies' or Gents', during the £ jale_at Boyd's, 44, High-streer, Swansea. 810g2-25 HAU-N'ESS-JlAiCEii. — Wanted, Situation as General Hand: nsed to town and count y work.—Antjiy Voizey, 8, Felix-place, Yeovil. 802^2-25 GliOCEKY.—Assistant (23) Iiequires Situation; we111:p in provisions, 7>j years' experience, good reierences.—Morris, 52, Church-street. Aberystw itb, 8I6g2-21 A l*AKTMEi«TS,—To Let, comfortable Sitting-room j f\ and Bedroom; respectable locality, no children, terms mcdeiate.—Apply 44, Brunswick-street, Swan- sea, 793gg-^> Y\T*«"'t»".l (about £ 2,000), to Work a ft Profitable Business none but Principals need a'iulv.—Address J. S. W., Daily Post Office, Swan- sea. 8U3g2-25 SAFES, Weighing Machines, Anviis, Vices. Tanks, l'umps, fch.»ve''s, Pulleys, Grindstones, new and sec< n lb;in I, tor Safe; bargains.—Birt, 47a, Strand. Swans. rpCTbe Let, House and Shop, 6, Wacerloo-streel JL in,mediate possession; good position neir Mar- ket.— Applv W. J. ltees, Tbe Laurels, Grove-place, =■ SwamaJ 808g2-Za r*- ,1 I —lica Horseskin Boots for Gentlemen; the /II most stylish boot in Swansea; call and se» theui.—Bovd's Great Biot Sale. 44, High-street Svi ansea. 811g2-2b rpo Let. a Deucbcd Cottage, near Langland Bay. I 0 iswell Avale: -J jrtirden. stable att^cne'l, r y '.endive views. — Ap>/ty W. Williams, The, Ulift, I.ingland. 6o7g2-25 A fAUTAlENTS. — iurnished Apaitrneuts to let; -ii.. front sitting-rooiu aud one or two bedrooms, wilti bslh-room,—Apply 17, Buckingham-terrace, G ors(;-laue, S« :insea. 815g2-2& li PAULl'V, Distensinjj and Photographic i-w Chemisr, Caltock street, Swansea, has a Vecancy fur a Snia. t Youth, about 17, as an Appren- tice; no f lemiurn. 80og2-2i? I-et, Four Unfurnished .£-:1. Uo-mis, with Us<- of Kitchen; terms moderate. — Appiy V, Gladstone Buildings, Alexandra-road ioppo- site Arcade*, Swansea. r<94g2-24 LIMELlGHj.Appar.Ttns supplied for bal's, parties, L also Limelight, Entertainments given on lowest terms by 11. H. l'arlby, photographic chemist, 9, Cradock-street, Swansea. 809g3-18 once, 2 or 3 sitting-rooms, 5 V V or 4 bedrooms, usual officcs, hot and cold bath; w il -neaiyaccess of docks by tram or otherwise,- Address X.l'.Z., "Daily Post." Swansea, 708g2-21 AXXED immediately, experienced Cooks, Plain II Cooks, Parlourmaids, House Parlourmaids, (%[jcrienced Nurses, and Ilcncrals. Apply Mrs. 1 en High-class Itegistry.9, Castle-street, Swansea, 80t>gi.-26 couxty Boiiornn of Swansea. FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PKOPKKTIES. MR. \\r. J. REES will oiior for SALE by AUCTION at the HOYAI HOTEL, SWANSEA, on VVEDJVBSDAy, 26th February, 18%, at three o'clock in the alternoou, the undermentioned FREEHOLD GROUND RENTH AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. Particulars Amcr.nt of Ground Lot. Description. ltent. £ s. d. FREEHOLD GROUND KENTS SECURBD UPON THE FOLLOWING PROPEUTTEa, VIZ !No. IVool land zi-te i r.ce 6 0 0 2.—No. 1.3, WoooIuvniB terraee 6 0 0 3.—No. 14, Woodlands-terrace E 0 Hi 4.—No, IS, Woodlands-terrace 5 0 C 5.—No. lea, Wi cm!lands-terrace 5 0 0 6.—No. 19, Woodlands-termee 4 18 f 7. No. 20, Woodlands-terrace 4 18 a 8.—No. 21, Woodlands-terrace 4 18 i 9.—No. 22, Wooolands-terrace 4 13 S 10.—No. 23, Woodlands-terrace 4 18 6 1l.-Bml(\illg' plot wil u a frontage of æ foet Sim-ht-stt) Wood land-terrace, aud in depth back to Brookluud's-t ernteo 123 feet. 12.—Arnold College, Woodlands-terrace 18 0 0 LEASEHOLD PitOPEKTIES. Lot 13. Arnold College, Woodlands-terrace, Held for a 1 eric of 99 v.jaro from 29th September, 1887, at ground rent oi 1118 annum. Lot 14. Ko. 6, lioseland-terrace, Prospect-place# fiketty. Held foi a term of 90 years (less three days), h-ui 25th December, 1885, at a ground rent of XI 6s. 7iu. per annum. < Lot lb. American Cottage," Eaten Town, Drya« hylryd Held for a term of 99 years (lew two days) front Isdth March, 18G-I, at aground lent of 18s. per a1In,n, l.ot 1G. Nos. 44, 45 and 46, George-street, Brvn- hviryd. Held for a term of 89 years from 29th Sept ember, 1841 (less three oays; at a ground rent of £ lillfs. per annum. Lot 17, Jfos. 3: and 33, Carmarthen-road. Cs-nt- l-wrla. lit-hi for a term oi 70 years (les- one- day) from ihe Wih September, 1357, at, au apportioned grouud i t ilt ot £2. per annum. I 18. Nos. 26 to 30, Gorse-road, Cwmbwrla. Held for a term of 70 years (less one day) from tiie 29th Sep', ember, 1357, pt all apportioned ground rent of a per annum. Loi i-. No.2. Korth Prospect, Greenhill, Swansea. Held for a term of 76 years irotn 2"lth September, 1841, at a ground rent oi ] Is. per annum. Pat"ticulan1, plans and conditions of saie, may be obtained oil application 10 i). Williams ltees, Esq., Solicitor. Ll<t!)LJiy; 01', Mr. W. J. Koes, Auctioneer aud Valuer. Swansea. 4378 HEALTH,"STRENGTH,"ENERGY. Pepper's Quinine and Iron Tonic is bracing, purifying, sustaining, dispels depression, cures indigestion, neuralgia »aod all aches and pains. Pepper's is the oulv real tonic. Shilling Bottle. 3010

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