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^ttSWELL hill murder,I








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LOCAL SIFTflvGS. George Lewis Watkinf, the nicc-weekc-eld child of Mrs Esther Watkins, ef Trewyddfa- road, PlasmarJ, was found dead in bed by its parents this (Tuesday) morning, An auction sale oi works cf art, electro- plate, and cutlery wiii bo held tlired times da.iiy during the present week at 3. Oxford- strect. The goods will be ama without reserve and are well wortu attention. Airs Thomas Fret-maa (1Ut: MLs Kate Jenkins) is tdavidy recovering from her recent attack or typhoid ievov and there is a gruat improvement in the tone of the repori to-day as to her condition compared with that of j'riàay last. Mr TT. IJ, P. Jenkins carriage, in which tho Squire of Bagiau was travelling, losil night came into collision with a couple of runaway tram horses. Air Jenkins'horse, a valuable one. was overluniod and injured, and theearriagc was damaged, but the squire happily escaped with a shaking. A little gir! named Ring Jiving in Recent- st) eet, Briton Ferry, narrowly escaped being burnt to death on Aionday. The child was playing near a lire-devil when her cloihes ignited. JLut-kity Mr E. L. Moorman, of the iueiiu Western Iiaiiwav, who was at his house near at hand, heard hoi' screams and rushed at once to the rescue. He quickly enveloped the child in afoteriug but though her cloihes were nearly burnt off, only her hands were seriously injured. The quarterly meetinc of the Tmgiisin Congregational Union of Clamorgansbire ani Carmarthenshire was held at Libanus | Congregational Chapel. Aforriston, on Monday afterneon, the Rev JJ. J. Thomas (president of the Union), occupying the chair. ■ The Rev Mr Jenkins, registrar ot Cardiif! Cniveisitv College, asked fer aid towards! the collection of £20,(,Üí) Leforo July nert (thH Merchant Taylors' Coaapany of London having promised a donation of £ 10,000 if £ 20,000 could ho raised by subscription by that da.e). A paper on "Tho chnru of the I Native Churches Oil the Churehe3 ef the Mother1 Gauntry" was read by the Rev Burford Hooke(Co!ont!)i *!is&ieu&rv Society), one on Pastoral Visitation," bv tic Rev T. Sinclair Evans, being unavoidably postponed. After the conference the dele- gates sat down te tea, provided by Air Yrm. Williams, J.P., in Lie schoolroom, On Monday evening, under tho auspices oi! j the Ahitual Improvement Cluss, a social tea j was he!d at the Rhvddings-hall, the occasion being a larcweil meeting to the pastor (the Rev VV. Davies), who is leaving to take charge oi a church at Abeiavon. An excel- lent spread was revided L-v the ladies entrusted with the arrangements, who were materially assisted by Air Owen Williams. Among those who did all in their power Among those who did all in their power to make the gathering a success were Miss Margretta Rebirts (The Avsnye), the Misses Morgan (1 rvoniac Mr* Davies (Bryn nor-road) lurs Owen Wiiiiaas, Airs Evans, Mrs Paton. Atter partaking of the good things prepared, an excellent programme was gone through, Mr J. Edwatdes Aior^an acting as chairman. Organ solos were well rendered by ilir W. Geo. Davies, the ever-f.-iUiftil organist of the church, who undoubtedly deserves 1 recognition for his valuable services.! Recitations were given by Miss Gertie Bevau and Air Fred Morgan, and songs ware suug by Miss 8. J. Morgan and Mr T. E. Powell, Spce.-lios txpri-ssing deep regret at the departure of nir Dttvies, iziid wishing him nnd Mrs Davies Gou-speed in their future career, were delivered by Mr Paton, Air Bevan. Air D. Roberts, Air Owen Williams, the Hev Morris J]organ, and the chairman. The latter, in the course of an excellent speech, referred to the fact that Mr Davies loft the church in a better condition than when he found it, and all the speakers emphasised the fact that t he Young People's Mutual Improve- ment Class iast its best friend by the departure of Mr Davies, whe was (he president. Mr Davies feelingly and most I suitably responded, tendering words of advice ] to tho younger members or the Clitirc-li. We J t understand that a presentation is to be made to Air Ih'^os as a, token ot the high esteem ¡ in wuidh So is held. J The popular curate of SL Paul s, Llanellv (tk. Rev W. ii. James, M.A.), has been offered ana aece; ted the living of Trcloch ar Let "ws in Carmarthenshire. The patron of tiie living is the Bishop of St. David's. This parish must. cot ba confornded with Bettws, near Ammanford, H1 the stme county. On Monday a tramp named J ames Holland visited Aberavon J.'olice-station and com- plained cf being ill. The medical officer's scrvtCSti were requisitioned, and the result of his diagnosis proved that the- man was sntlcr- mg from a malignant attack of small-pox. The pa'ient was at once removed to the hospital. It appears he) came lo Aberavou from Pontypridd. The mortal remains of Air A. Hedlev, late manager of the Manncsmunn Tube Works, Piajr.iarl, who died suddenly at his residence, Greenhill, on Thursday last, were interred af the Swansea Cemetery this (Tuesday) afternoon. The funeral was very largely attended by workmen, and the baud of the works played the "Dea.d March in Saul on the route to the ccmetery, reudering the sceue very impressive. On Monday afternoon the jeortai reaaains of the late Mr John Jones Hewson, late master of tho Swansea Workhouse, were laid to rest in the Oystermeuth Bunai Uround, where the Vicar of Mumbles (the Hev Secretan Jones) conducted an impressive service. The coffin, which was of polished oak, bore the following inscription: ',John j Jones liewson born, 2Gth February, 1830: died, 14th February, 1896; aged 67 years. The funeral, which was of a private charac- ter, was attended by Air John Jones Mewson (son), Mr Sidney Hawkins (son-in-law), Mr Thomas Robinson (brother-in-law), Mr Brinley Jones (nephew), Ult. Edmund Itichards (brother in-Iav.), Dr Lloyd Jenes (Eothersiaae). Mr W. Lloytl (Swansea), Mr Griffith Hall (Swansea), and Air W. Roberts (Swansea). The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr D. C. Jones, of Castle- square.






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