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¡FRfDAV, FEBRUARY 14, 1896.

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FOOTBALL NOTES. [EV '■ THE KELT."] My comments respecting the allegations of rociih play at Aberavon on Sat,urday last have hseu acceptable at neithei Llaoeilynor Aberavcn. I am tempted to leave the matter there, with the conviction that I have alighted on the truth somewhere between the two extreme and wholly irreconcilable opinions. Mr. Butler wholly misapprehends the position taken up by me. I was careful to say that I did not see the match, and my conclusions were based ou the conflicting statements made, which were interpreted in the light of a tolerably C7:tended experience of football. 1 have never belonged to the kid-gloved fraternity who dis- cover a deliberate routrhutss in e,, ery keen tackle. On the contrary, it has repeatedly fallen to mfl to discourage the crv of roughness which some pec.pie are ever-ready to raise. But, considering the spIrit in which the 'Bravou team entered upon the contest—the determina- ticu expressed and doubtlessly felt of winning it --one doe. not require more thau half an eye to see how the complaint of roughness arose. Mr. Butler applies to Aberavcn the general comment as to the inevitable effect oi pitting unequally weighted teams against each other in an excep- tionally keen struggle. He is not justified in do:ag io. f offered it not as a reproach, but as an un- doubted h::t, which is being demonstrated at some place or another every Saturday during the seasou. A striking example oi it was afforded ht the first match played bv Llanelly against Cardiff last seasou, wLen no fewer than three of the Scarlets were disabled in quick succession, while their opponents escaped scathiess. The advice given to 'iiravon to keep their enthusiasm under control was meant in good part, and in acting upon it they need not forego a tittle of their strength i.s a. team. It would be au almost irreparable misfortuue to them if the Sw;;n3ea players and spectators came back from Aberavon on Saturday nest swelling the chorus of roUi'b. play'' already in full voice at Llane.'Jy. A reputation for roughness is so easily acquired and so difficult to cast oh'. Misfortune docs the heels of the Swansea, team, and no mistake. Just as the third line was be-inniug to shape decently we have Richards dropping out. Hence auothtr change. t is all the more deplorable as the presence of the I Jameses in the team trebles the importance elf combination among the threequarters. By the way the Swansea forwards will iia\e the.r work cut out for them on Saturday. They will be severely tested, aud any want of condition will tell its taie, for the Aberavon forwards play every ounce of their weight, and they are of one mind as to what is to happen on Saturday. A Newport friend assures me that Cardiff wili be made to realise to-morrow the extent and reality of the Newport revival. It's going to be a double numbered win he says. Well, one never know.s. Big wins are not the rule when the two Eastern clubs meet, and I've seen ex- pectations disappointed in a disagreeably 'l:1¡Jhll.tJc way. On form Newport ought to waltz around their neighbours, but iorm in the contests of ciose neighbours has a. weakness for geini; contrary. With Cross stationed at Llanellv, and Joe Davies a probable resident, Lianeiiyites will watch the play of these two stars with mixed feelings on Saturday. The weekly meeting of the Swansea and Dis- trict Football League was held at the Central Restaurant Temperance-hall on Wednesday j evening, Mr, W. Rees, Hafod, in the chair. The oilier nv ml>ers present were Messrs. W. i'.ces ,a ami T. Day. Halod J. Evans. Clayton Thomas aad Davies, Troboeth and J. Newton Jones, Ammanford. Final arrangements were made fer the iater-league match on Saturday. The Treboeth Club asked permission to register Ivor Davies, the Morristsn threequarter, but it was refused on the grounds that Davies had assisted Morriston without the sanction of the- League. It was decided to play D. Austin (Clayton) at fuil-kick on Saturday for the Swansea League, J. Williams (Ammanford) being unable to put ia Rockclille want to till Easter Tuesday with a \Velsh fixture. St. Helen's have an open date for Saturday next (home), and would like to play a gocd junior teem. Apply E. Cope, 67, Rodney-street, Swansea. "Talking of h: b-cs," says "Welsh Athlete," the Brothers James seem to have made a terrilic difference to the Swansea team. At the beginning of the season the All Whites, no matter bow weale the team to which they were opposed could not put on a decent score at any price. East Saturday against Gloucester it was all the other way about. Judging by the result, they could not help scoring, and piled on goals and tries galore in the most brPiiant fa-hion, Per- sonally, 1 can oniy put it down to the brilliancy ot the Jameses, for I have a distinct recollection of the way the Swansea quartette got iu each other's way at Llanelly."


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