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¡FRfDAV, FEBRUARY 14, 1896.

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OUlt i OOTBALL COMPETi- TIOJN. FIVE GUINEAS FOR A TIP. On Saturday, February 15:h, the follow- itur mutches are to be piuved: — J Aberavon Swansea LlanoUy v. Neath Morriaiou v. Penarih Newport v. Cardiff Swansta it v. Aberavon II. u'layed oil iln- £ t\- im.l vf L1L: fortner, Three things will be required oi the success.ul tipsier, First, he will have to find Uie winning teanr-i; then, seuondh, be will have to place the winui-rs in the order of merit that is to say, the lean.' that wins \iUl most in hand will have to un put at the top of the list, and the other according to the margin of points, orediU d to them. Draws, of course, will Le at the bottom o' tht: list, Finally the st-orefi of each teaui will nave to be given in points, and the total number for n.IJ the winning teams placed at the looi. Four matches must be played. The following coupon should bf filled up and must tpacii us not later than two o'ciock on Saturday next, in an envelope plainly marred in the left-hand corner Co'tiipciitio/i. COUPON 21. 1 :o..L..n- f! j i M 4 \Vh>mn Pis. j Pis | n q | Team. for | agstJ Pts. £ 1 1 | IF- I It O J I I j J I ;|" Total. i j | jy Name I II f Auurcss 1 I fi L Ji A



THiil "POST" DiAftY. j


T--' iTHE POST BAG. !--'.------+--------