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DOWN & SON FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE. IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM j IIIGH-STKEET AND MOKEIS-LANE, SWANSEA. 181? 181? BATHS. WITH HOT AND COLD WA ? R PLUMBING, GAS-FITTING AND EL&CIRKJ BELLS. J OHjST LEGG, NELSON. S'TREET. SWANSEA, I SOLE AGENT Bon THE INCAKnESCENT GAS BUiiDlhil. £ 1 Is 0D HAMPERS OF WINES AND SPIRITS | (Asserted according to directions). ACKNOWLEDGED TO EE THE BEST VALUE IN THE MARKET. mRGEAVE 11 I) 0 S t "I LLANELLY, "V SOLE PROPRIETORS:— EXCELSIOR WHISKY. Recommended for the Sick and Convalescent by the Highest Medical Authorities and Journals in the Kingdom, 1643 J^/ £ AYPOLE J^ALRY 0OMPANY MAYPOLE BUTTER Is. ID. PER LB. MAYPOLE BUTTER Is. ID. PER LB. JdAYPOLE BUTTER Is. ID. PER LB. DELICIOUS, FKESH, AKD PL" Kli. CHOICEST BUTTER IN TP E WORLD MARGARINE ,.4ti!. per lb, MAHùAHINE. ,5d. tar lb, Superior to that. iiel a elsewhere at 6ù. and 3d, per lb. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., I 2071. HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA. I The Original Remedy for III-'ART DISEASE and all its weaknesses. The only Remedy which treats successfully "CHANGE OF LIFE." M0REL,S~S0YRAN HAS THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY MEDICINE. It dissolves the food, thereby compelii ng I digestion. It promotes circulation of the biood. It soothes and strengthens irrigated nerves. It gives stamina to man, promotes inuacie. It cleanses the Kidneys and the Liver of all impurities. AGENTS FOR SWAN'S FA Mr JOHN DAV1ES, High-street, Mr EVAN THOMAS, Castle-street. Air J. M YRDDIN DA VIES, Oxfard-sfcreet. 2110 CA N A A N CONG HEG ATIONAL CHL'i'CJl. FOXHOLE. C:>iDEI- MOST 1'A'1](O"1GI);. v I'll 1.> GRAND BAZAAR IN, ill be h.eld ü: Canaan Schoolroom uii THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, February 20th and 21st, 1396. TO BE OPENED OS TMCHSDAY AT 3.0 P.M. BY MUS. li. HALL HBDLEY, (Pontartliiwel. AM) ON i i<IDAY BY 1). TiJNNANT THuAIAS, ISq., Llaniiyry House, Psmbrey. Admission—Thursday, 3.0 to6.0p.m, 6d.; after 6.0. 3d. Friday, All Day, 3u. A CONCEKT ivill bo held each Evening in the Cinpei at 3.0 o'clock. Excellent Programmes, Vocal and Instrumental Music has bean arranged. Ariiuission to Concert, 6d, [708g2-20 PRACTICE TRUE ECONOMY II BY DEALING DIRECT WITH THE MANUFACTURERS, SCOTCH WOOL I AND HOSIERY STOEESj (Fleming, Reid, and Co. Greenock, N.B.,) j 7, OXFOiiD-ST li E E T | SWANSEA, Over 70 Branches throughout Scotland and England. KNITTING WOOLS i. KNITTED HOSIERY AND SKAYv'SWATER DRESS FABRICS, DIRECT FROM THE GUEEVOCK MILLS. Price List and Cr.chet Instruction Book Free on application to above address, or FLEMING, liEID, & CO., I THE WOK ST ED MILLS, GREENOCK. N.B. ] C+5 KH3HECI: pER BffT- I effl PoST"FRf r extra I BARGAINS is BEDSTEADS.| Ben Evans & Co., Ltd. Having purchased the Entire Stock of a Manufacturer of BRASS and IRON BEDSTEADS, COTS, &c., are oilering the same for Sale DAILY THROUGHOUT THE MONTH, AT EXTRAORDINARILY LOW PRICES. Thus extending to their customers the full advantages of the Bargains thev have secured. & THE FOLLOWING YERY SPECIAL LINES ARE "WELL! WORTH ATTENTION -very strong Combination Bedstead, with double wire-woven Mattress, 3ft. x Cit. oin. price 10s. b-d. complete. 2ry strong Black and Brass Bedstead, 4ft. Gin. x Oft. Oin. price, 14s. Gel. Y Cloy strong Black and Brass Bedsteau. with extended foot rails and brass mounts complete; 1+in. pillars; price, 54s. od. Yerv strong Black and Brass Bedstead -in. diameter polished pillars, with brass rails, and fully mounted 4ft, Gin. x Oft. uin. price, 4^s. Yery strong Child's Co-, 2 ft. x 4ft. pnee, lis. 9d. B.E. & Co. always have in stock one of the largest and choicest selections in the trade of Single and Double Brass and Iron Bedsteads, suitable for every class oi residence, and at prices ranging from 10s. Gd. to 15 guineas. "JI' TEMPLE STREET. SWANSEA. MORGAN EE VAX AN!) SONS ARE NOW SHOWING L A M: F S I IN ENDLESS VARIETY OF QUALITY, STYLE, AND PRICE. ALL MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. 24» CASTLE-STREET, SW ANSEA. S3 £ 3 I CMS. JENKINS & SON, | ABI:i;THA\y IBLTJE LIAS LIME WORKS, _I; R. I D G E_N D. REMOVAL OF BUSINESS. GENUINE SALE. #3- SWEEPING REDUCTIONS IN MEN'S YOUTHS' 8c BOYS I OVERCOATS & SUITS, GENTS' MERCERY, &c. I). JONES & COMPANY Have decided to CLEAR ALL THEIR PRESEXT STOCK before removing to larger and more convenient Premises, and to effect this, ALL GOODS have been RE-MARKED at phenomenally LOW PRICES. WATERPROOF COATS, HATS & CAPS, TO BE CLEARED AT A SACRIFICE. D. J. 4- Co. refrain from givinsr any prices, but would ask the Public to come and see for themselves the BARGAINS OFFERED. SALE TO CONTINUE UNTIL STOCK IS ENTIRELY CLEARED. NOTE THE ADDRESS- D. JONES & CO., OUTFITTERS, <Slc„ COLLEGE STREET (NEXT TO BORO' STORES), SWANSEA. j J QJ.IEAT WESTERN RAILWAY. On SATL KDAT, February 15. a CHEAP EXCUK- j SIuS to POUT lA.LBOT\í<'ootÍJ;¡ll ilatcb.SAVA.NSEA v. ABBHA VOS) will leave SWANSEA at ;2,lJ and I.ando:-e at 2.20 p.m,. returning at 5.40 p.m. same day. Third Class lieturn Faie, Is. 3d. IIY. LAMBERT, 4371 General Man-.iger. NPO PUHCHA3ER8 OF EOOK DEBTS -3- AND C TIIEHS. RE THE WKSl AVAI.KS NKWSPAPEIt COMFAiSY (LiMITED), IN' LIQUIDATION. For SALE bv PRIVATE TENDER the ontstnnuing POOK DEBTS belonging to the "oove-ilamed C.i.i pany. A of theBook DèIA- may be inspected and lull particular* respecting the i-aiue obtained at. Uii- Liquidator?' Offices. No. 7. Fiaher-strcet, Swaiisea, [daily up to Fill DAY, the 21st inst, at 12 o'clock, \%h*n the 'lenders will be opened and tlw purchaser declared. Tenders to be addressed reo the Liquidators aud marked;'Tenderfor Book Debts." The Liquidator do not bind themselves to accept t)i': highest or any tender. In case ot any dispute the decision of the under-i signfd to 1,1' conclusive. Dated this 12th day of i ebi uar\, 13? •. WILLIAM JAM!-S „ DAVID K. KNOYLE 7, Fisher-street. Swansea. 4270 QGHOUL BOARD OF THE PARISH OF L ".Ll.. O cocKFTT. WANTED, by t,ha above Bo.rd, a CHIi.EKI-Jis o OFFICER, ô:tbry, £50 for ÜlC first year, £55 for the s-eoouci year, alld £ 60 for tlie third and toilowiug vcars. Thai person appoiiit-ed jaubt bo iible to speak Welsh ana Eiiaiisij, must be not less tlsan 25 yearn ov snd not more than ,45, and musi devote tUe wiiola ot liia time io the work. Fuii particulars of the duties. •ie.> may be obtained from the Cierk »t tiio address men!ior,ea boiow, Ttieengage- sienr will ke toi*tuiiiah!& by one months I' notice OiJ either side. Applications in the! candidate 8 own iiaudwriting. and aceoui- pauied by COPIe" of Liiree recent testimonials, must. reach the Cierk on or be!ore the 7Lit day of JMat'cii next. ISAAC, Clerl;. 7, Eut'ind-strce};. S'/ansea, 12th i'eb, 1596. 4359 1- T LANCi YFELACII LCJIiAL DIS'iTiXCT AJ oOUNwilj, To Contractors and Others. TENDEKS are invited fer CONTKACT- j ING irom the 1st April, 18r6, to the 31st Iviarch, 13S7 (but subject to Ot;e m on tit's .iotiee to tormiuata tiie contract;, lor the KEMOVALOF KEFUSE/Jie&using ct Earth Closets*, supplying Dry Earth theretor, Cleansing ifrifies, Pails, Asupttit, Cesspits, and Cesspool, sfce. A de^eription ef the Districts, and the specification of the v. orii, and Forms of lender iuay be obtained from the tinder- signed, or from Mr. JOJI>' THOMAS, Surveyor, 32i, Fisher-street, Swansea, where the Diana, showing the boundaries of each District, may be seen. *:i fcoaleJ Tenders endorsed "Tender for R mc'va.tofRetuNt* to )je delivered to the 1 undersigned on or before L;Al the 2Jth February instant, G. B. HAYNES, Cierk. 3, Fisher-street, Swansea, 11th February, 18 90. 4372 ;CEYLON TEA! 13 THE FINEST IN THE WORLD. Wo make a point oi Securing the Sin all Leaf Sifting^ of the Finest Ceylon Tea, which we Sell J'or Cash. PER J i'1 POUND. The Best Value of any Tea Sold. TAYLOR & Co, LIMITED, SWANSEA & MUMBLES.1 I




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