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COMING-OF-AGE FESTIVI- TIES. MR. GLYN MORTON EVASS. OF LLANGENNECH PARK, ATTAINS HIS MAJORITY. I I MR. &LYN MORTON EYANS. On Tuesday Mr. Glyn Morton Evans, the son and^ heir of Mr. David Evans and Mrs. Evans, Liangennech Park, Llanelly, attained his twenty-nrst year. The event was signalled by much rejoiomgs on the estate and in the adjacent village of Llangenneeh, which is indeed, on tho estate. The old family mansion is about, four miles from the town of Llanelly and came. with the entire landed property' which is very considerable, into the possession of the present owner by purchase, some few years ago The palace is a building after the de"ig,l, wit',i a border of jNcaman design, with a border of 'an«llated turrets running along the line of the junction of the wall and the lower part of the roof. Thus from a distance, the entire building has thj appearance of a fortified place. Surrounding the old mansion is a fine park of a very fertile character, and on Tuesoay wore its most verdant hue. The situation is a, very fine one. It is stationed on a gentle eminence ^P'^jg downwards in every direction and from the house many miles of pleasant country are in view in every direction In tue immediate locality of the mansion are sequestered wooded glades, running b'' a ™r of,<Sew Which abundance of trout and other fish are caught. The ancient ,!ts surroundings are highly attirat-tive, and, beimgeasily accessible from thl thriving and enengetK' town of Llanelly" are ail that can be desired bv one who des re« to unute a life of enei^y with" the mcsi defST" f ITv 0,1 1Way the day %L beautifuhy hue, the sun shining brilliantfv. but a coohng 'breeze blowing from the sea a few TrY inhabitants of the large vil- lage of Llangenneeh. which is almost largo enough to -be designated a town, displayed bmting in many places m honour of the occa- s-ion. riiin ropes crowed the streets from the were Lv T^e w ere gaj, ,]a^ of every imaginable colour. On the ei ntro of one of the ropes an enthusiastic, warmsheartpd old Welsh dame, a tenant if the estate, had suspended her riewly-eomp^ted bed quilt of ooloured print patches. On its centre described a per- COOt. circle, and the entire design of the pattern did credit to the artistic i-kiil of th.e Man who had made it. In the green pak in front of t-lfe mansion stoo-i severa., tine pavilions for the accomimodation of the numerous visitors, who flocked in largt numbers, many in their carriages and multi- tud-As on foot, who c-aane to testify their regard for the voun-g son *hd heir and his jiarente anH hus sisters In the grounds were a.1\io attrac- tions for the young, such as merry-go-rounds, a shooting gallery, &e. The yteajn engine of the merry-go round blew tihe musma 1 pipes instead at tjMHa m«tiumt>iits awakening their inelodiiB by hiam'aii brecntiii. Tliig seems to have been regained as an agreeable chaise i.[tert!li3 recent mu^ioa.1 deluge at the greait B^teddfod m the neighbouring town. A splendid luncheon came otf in the. largest pavilion in the groujitLj. and th<j following as complete a list of guests as was procurable: — Pr Jones Mrs. Jones, and Miss Jones, I.lanallv • Mr. and Mrs. Evans, 'fyncoed, Llandovery Mr Jennings. Mr. and MB., Dnlaui ii-ion Mr. Kees lianieii, Rolgoerl, Pontudu1as; Mr. and Itia-i James, Lteyufatti, Mr. and Mre. Walteig, Lkuidoven'; Mr. arid Mrs. Griffiths, Kidwelly; Mr. Richard Thomaa KtOath; It. James, Lhimlove^v; Mr. David KandeU, Mr. aad Mise C, wilym Evajis Mr and Mrs. Dan Wilivaiii^, Mr. and )1"B. Edward Mor jr,,zl, Mr and Mrs. T. R. Ludford, Mr. and V rs. (jwj'une Thomas, Mrs. Thomae, Plasissa; gessm. John and Tom Thomas, MI-, and Mro. Thomas, Corn- ii\- rii!d Mr. Seymour, Pr-inbrey; Mr. Seymour, ICRtvberem; Messrs. Martin and Llewellyn John At,. Thomas, Penlan; Mr R. Roberts, Mr. Marsden, Oaptain Jones, Dr. Jones, Kidwelly; Mr Fred Steptena, Kidwelly; editors of "Guardian," -Me'r- eury." and "South Wales Press," Mr. Oassweli, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Llewellyn Thomas, Mr. W, N. Jonee Mr and Mrs. Thonu'.s Jones and Mias Jones, Dr. and Mrn Sami.ei, Miss Winifred Samuel, Mr. Arthur and Lady Samuel, Mr. Iticlwrds, Captain Harris, wv. All^stua T*wtg. Mr. J>avies, Llwvncoed, Sir ,^r" Mre • an,:1 Miss Pa ton, Mr. Be-an phill,P!w, Mr. and Mrs Howell. New l.'xWe^u- Mr' and iI;e' Wiilianw, Pontar S8'ufa llianuj, Mr. Evan and Harry Wil w nt' r'«and Mrs' w'Uam Harry, Mr. and Mra Williams, Mewte. Toiii, AVillie, and John Evana, Mr. Jenkins and MIPS Jenkins, the Tic-v. PhiliDns Th™ ^v-nPvt'V" —' Jone8' L'anSennech the Rev' Mortf ""f' vir- ?fivan' Mr Ernest I-lovd ajotris, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, Messrs. Luther -l'nd Jofioi'h' Mr. and Owen TIK^" Major Bvtheway, Mr. Ruck land. Dr. and Mr«. John, Mr. Mrs., and Miss Marsh, the Rev. E. and Mrs. Davies Osvmamman; Mr. Ree«, (Jelly; Mr. H. R. Thoti-M' ?! i 'If'" £ viula' Ahemant; Mr. and Mra. Blake. Mr' u Mr^ Samf'eoi., Mr. an! Mre. Pollard Uwis Mr T -r '"v' Mr" ;T; A' Wi,liams- Mr- ^a-sid John! Th^, v orans. Mr' H -R ITiomafl, tJie Missw Thomas, 2seat.h; Miss Etta Ree», the Messrs Fred l ^erc>1{ee8' Mr- Mrs.J C. Howi! !)r Mra ( £ uJhaVitr' Grow;: f°" '• MlS3 Thomas, Peniari m™ v *b- -"V Ludf"r<l, Mrs. and Miss Herbert DtniiJto^D,^ T Eva^!?' wl; Mi«9 ™ lif w! 1'1U1 ^vans, Mr. Edcar Watkins, Mr nlZ V^Uri?aV;M' Mr- rJvl Mrs- CoweU Mru i t Sl«iT.->rd Houne; Mr. and l$%d0tT' Mri »?d X™ Joue,, New-road «• Mavnanl, Londrn: Mr. H. J. Mav- Baaa w'iL U^1Wi Miss B'ackpoc!; Mrs. Mr. Stron"1' u? \r' Mies IUcharr»«, Wolverton; David WiZ'm. u Jan^' Mr" a,tfl Mrs- Mre Fr l T(' ^r.V \f,"rKai1' Ne^-town: Mr. and -Nr .Tamtu Rnft'i Mormton; V"EV% K>: s W, Hf', :\li5« Jkcs, Di.hmeí' Mr. an,1 'ltK Wilkins, Mrs, 'l"l"ornad, C'.lo!'018l"then; 1fT. and I'rancie, Mr Satiinel wn- David A xrnlP'S^Ul Wa,6S ^\r'Tl'rnn F. Nevill, T), RNieri,k Mr. Quiiis. Nft,. R. A' »h ?Jr. Jerpm,:ah Wiiiianw' M.-H Mi I Mr., Mrs.. :uid Mtn Var-lai-in pjill Rogers, >. f.. Etanu. «,*sar-ssr 5rs Mar- iS; m;p"B.«,Js.J"sk™- «p.; 8US& g 'S: &L2S m. -i,, <»• wmjss; the Ilev. — JOUPB Dafp,n ■ M O Janw8' Swansea: son Mr. Watkev* M e" ^art, Mr. Thoaip- Mr. leaiati Beran, Mr "rn O^tlancU;; •lames Jones, Swan^I w. MnV |iuthw Ow3, Mr. sea; Mr -T1 ,Mre'$**»• •IliomM JOIIP« I sri' l 1' e"denit I'hiMips, Mr. George > **■ sea; Mr. awl Mrs p.„ H, W'Taii?, .Swan- Aedfyar; Mr. Tit-r01);n„' "J a.Jld Heynoids, Mr. Hawkins, Livedo" y Iiow'«'. and After the hmchton Wli over Mr n. i Evan, prc,sidink% W1U llavincr i i)a\,d right and Mi-, pf Ml on bw usual loval t.t" i hls,jeit' .proposed the to.—Then Vr 'i' 'TW<^rr,°^rtlly resPO"ded in Wioitou, St Glvn Morton Fvan- !fri -T,ro,lx'r't>' ot Mr. "Vrl Dav Id Itaitdell, cr-tcd Ly nieutary terms—Mr Be.- "ViCOTnPli- st.:¡t8d that it. afforded' nluch ph",1.u:, to S'ounj frio,,d wS, 1,™°^ the r«t of the family. (ApplaiHeT IF •"deed, glad to unite with the re't .f t> ,S' l^vny pr^,t in h^,tllv wwlm; lorton KviuW a hfelo,^ ]M>m^ >ity in lus fnt-UTC eaieea. (•, would hnt H al to bis uwn lifelong friendship R ac viewe<:l bv him (HIP W»-Hker) with much pi, a,ure. (Ch^r, ) l\l md arrived at the conclusion that Morton v-w a chip of the okl block'•Oauphter ^d\» Elr r»;syri jT^^r"vouri foitt 1' V,- "St0rT of Mr- G M- intlica- of his Kocd nature. It was an incident pmxHijr tlnit Mr>rt'>n w,,1? endowed wii'- -v ir f." h!r,ST7 t'rn, wh;oh dist;n,>uid.^ 'ri > t !,V y+taith and biush: d i5,>e speaker said that hi^ c ne\<n oj*-ned the strings of lk»r n- ■■« leadili' tliau sko dui, ta couUibute liee k!iiL mite towards purchasing the birthday present (Cheere f°Ung 5-011 Uf Llain8^u'-)ecli Park, Mr. Thomas Jenkins, ex-mavor of Canna-r then next Drowsed the toast of "Th* Ho;* am TV ^T' T,h? duIy observed., and Mi David Iwams./tbe host) duly responded. Ti,. bards now ch.rped from all mrtsof the pavilion and on« urpod Morton ta ''Edrvdhed wn iddo roi llaxn lod idxlo irael cydinar atr hen iaitb ei fam." Amon the baJ1-d was "Talman," Llanelly Mr Tliomas I homas, Grwaclodymaes. mtroduced, in a, oa-pltail speech, on behalf of th. tenanits of the estote, siffn^d bv them all a.t thii-minated address in a massive oak fraim. RP"3S. -\OBOFFD >Y MR. R. H. Sara SOT (Pontardulaw), likewise on behalf of tin tenants, presenting a silver loving- cup (three handled). The Vicar ol Llangenneeh and Mr. Honrv John :t!nnmn, presented another illuminated addies- on hehalf of other tenants. On the addresses w^ the motto- "Dcdwyddwcb, a Diwrdd Da." Amonigi the present? were ,,1[!n8 of the e^.te on veiium by MeR?r?. -T, Thvin and L:^e11^- -AmcMVff the swakcrs were Si! (oSITi Thomas Thoma* 1- 3^1 ,R^:ver- Carmarthen). Mr. Tlhomac Tmdford (solicitor. Llanellv). Mr. Tliomas Jone. (Uountv (ounciillor, Lla.nellv) and Mr \ldc (Uountv (ounciillor, Lla.nellv) and Mr AIrier, man Joseph Joseph (Llansrennech). 'Amono tii> frierid, who amended to the arra.n^men t" WM Mr. Grwdyni Evam, .fY, J.lanc-ilv brother of the host and uncle of the vou'n* heir punm? till*? cfternoon Mrs. Dd. Evans the hostess, entwined aflame company of ladties a. tea in one the marquee on the ianvn. K-v.ervtliM.jT off cawtallv, and all -ran t^t^l the heat-t.i, troodwll for the youns-Morton e-tn he seemed to be familia^T and afff-ononate'y known—future ha,poinese and prosperity. I must not forsret that his ,åst,.r8, the Misses Evans, were throughout the day di'l:«ewt in rwmotmsr the comfori and enjoy- men, of the numerous a«u«gt«. A splendid and varied jussortmcnt of presents was given, to the young heir.