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FARMERS BACON. MILD AND LEAN, PER 7 d. LB. PICNIC HAMS, PER 6d. LB. DAVID JONES & Co., 100 & ] 01- OXFORD-STREET, S W AN'SE A. :011 GREAT SHOW OF SEASONABLE GOODS. INCLUDING EVERY NOVELTY 1 DRAPERY & MILLINERY a;' RHYS TtIOMAS. DRAPERY WAREHOUSES, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. i' R I) A v I I: s. I' UNDERTAKER. JT AXD COMi LfcU f (:MKKA1. t bKNISHEB. A f) U LT S F UNEEALS, 1st t!a;c, ,v-rf: Bos: Glass-ide Hearse. Two Best Ccichn and Pairs to \Iateb-, Stout tint Shell, full lined, a»d S.ttin-1 rimmed Kobe, > reach Polished outside Oak CaOin. with Be-t, Br iss Furniture, Elaborate Breast Fiate (CSgravedy, Hearers. and Self- tt";¡¡,JaIlce, £11 11 0 Ditto, asali. vt-, it bout Sheii a»ii B'irers S ? 0 Ditto Poiisi.edElm Coffin and Brass Furniture. Full-linedandKobe, G!a»4-.side E. ShBlliblsr, and t iy 5 0 0 H< Ditto iliro Polished Coffin, with Klectro- K braii Furniture. Shellibier, ar.d Fly 4 G 0 K 2zi<! Class Do. Do. 3 5 C K No J *'Charge for I se .jf Palls. Jtc. Jf Only Practical Workmen Empl'-yed. p 8, PRINCE OF WALES-ROAD, /rfPOSiTE L.MPIKE). aW/USijiA. [289a eOTO W, OXPORD-SIU vo% ORKAV *OL >^0^/ wnr piiraaw r»* H». PS* P W<» Aim (Md LoU P- COLE MAX'S 0& IIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT AND MALT WINE OYTSB TWO THOUSAND TESTIMONIALS Have ■TI received from M-di -UL Men. 6IX CH)L U MfcDALS AN1> ONE Sli-V-Klt MEDA have been iI,w,u,1e,L Sold in Bottles, 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d., everywhere. Sole Manufacturer* A 2i 9d. Eottitr scot Post Free on receipt of 33 Stamps. 2635 ocal Agents—D. L. Evans, chemist, Walter iMtl, .Swansea Taytor oc Co., Limited Isaac Gale, IS, High Street; H, R. Low- tber. Mu tobies. TEETH. TEETH. THE LONDON & SOUTH WALES ARTIFICIAL TOOTH CO. PRINCIPAL M*, CLAGDE BUNDY. N. B.- No connection with any other firm oi i-'wansea. SINGLE TEETH, 2, SETS, 20s EXTRACTIONS, Is Payments can be made Weekly. stoppings CAREFULLY INSERTED PAINLESS EXTRACTION BY GAS, 5s. Note Lecat Addre88- VL1IX.AM)RA 110AD, SWANSEA. Kigb-street Arcade. Two minutes walk from High-street Railway Station. PRINTING JOBS! OP EVERY DESCRIPTION, CONOMICALLV, PROMPTLY. AJf» TASTEFULLY. EXECUTED AT THIt Oi*lCES OF THE DAILY POST/ TO-DAYS PARIS & LONDON FASHIONS, MAY, 1895. Gvans & @o., LIMITED. BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY ARE NOW MAKING AN UNPRECEDENTED SHOW OF FASHIONS, NOVELTIES, AND NEW GOODS, BEING the OUTCOME of a SPECIAL VISIT to the PARISIAN and LONDON MARKETS. Every care and attention have been bestowed upon the purchase of the very best goods, which, in every instance are the most recent productions in Costumes Millinery, Mantles, Laces, Dress Fabrics, Silks, Washing Dress Materials, See- It is certain that such a selection as will be exhibited will meet with universal approbation, and that the means adopted to so prom-Otly introduce into South Wales the latest Novelties of the Season, will be generally appreciated. A VISIT IS THEREFORE RESPECTFULLY AND CORDIALLY INVITED. SWANSEA, MAY, 1895. THE "REX" DRAPERY CO. I For the NEWEST FASHIONS, The LOWEST PRICES, IMMENSE VARIETY in DRESSES, including CREPONS, TWEEDS, and all SHADES in PLAIN FABRICS. MILLINERY, Ficwers, Feathers, Straws, &c. T GRAND COLLECTION. Some STARTLING LINES in VELVET & CLOTH CAPES, 5s. ud. to 45s.! Washing Dresses, Sateens, Crepons, Piques, &c. LOVELY DESIGNS. Ribbons, Laces, Hosiery, Corsets, Sunshades. Astonishing Value. e. CARPETS. FLOORCLOTHS, CURTAINS. 1895 PATTERNS. THE NEW SHOP, 1 COLLEGE-STREET. SWANSEA. sois THE BRADFORD AVAREHOUSE COMPY. 22. WATERLOO-STREET. SWANSEA. A FEW SPECIAL LINES IN DRESS MATERIALS TO BF CLEARED to make room for more Goods. A SPECIAL LINE OF ALL-WOOL DOLBLE WIDTH FRKNCH FOULE CLOTH. In 20 different Shades. These will be sold at 8-jjrd per yard until cleared out, the usual price being Is 3id per yard. Also a splendid line in French Merinos, 44in. wide, Is 2id per yard, usual price Is glid per vard. ————— r3035 ALL OTHER GOODS SOLD AT WHOLESALE PRICE AND CUT TO ANY LENGTH. I JOHN S. BROWN Commenced Selling Bicycles and Tricycles in Swansea in 1879 And having secured ALL the Best Cycle Agencies in the country, he is enabled to offer the very Best Value in 1895 I If you wish to enjoy cycling and to ride in perfect safety, you should buy a Machine with a reputation. I BE WISE, and purchase your mount from JOHN S. BROWN, I OXFORD-STREET. SWANSEA. I J. H. T3 A 7VK MATTER. HOSIER, AND GENTS' OUTFITTER, Is now showing a choice selection of WHITE AND FANCY 1 j. In all the Newest Cloths, CRICKETING SHIRTS -J in %,zes up to IE inch*& CO LLARS ■ New shapes up to 18 inches. STRAW HATS All the newest designs for the Season. J.H. P.'s Special Value, QiQ | ALL FUR II AT ve8' Shapes and Colours. ONLY ADDRESS, 17 HIGH-STREET. NEAR ROYAL HOTEL 1.966 TENNIS AND CRICKET SEASON, 1895. THE LARGEST STOCK OF I TENNIS AND CRICKET GOODS IN TOWN SEE WINDOWS. SEE WINDOWS. SPECIAL TERMS FOR CLUBS AT C. MANSCHESTER, WATERPROOF GABMKNT MANUFACTURER, 13 & CASIX&S^RKCT & TEMPLESTEEET,i766 SUMMER OUTINGS. The fallowing TRADESMEN of SWAN- SEA and DISTRICT, including Iron, Timber, and Brick Merchants, Ironmongers, Plum- bers, and Ship Chandlers have agreed te DISCONTINUE GIVING CONRIBU- TiONS Towards tne above, 3040 A WIDOWS SACRIFICE. REMARKABLE STORY FBOM LLANKLLY. A pathetic story has gone the rounds of this dis tiict, writes a Lianelly reporter, in which a poor widow, at the advanced age of 78, of the name of Marginet TUonuts, living ata cottage known as Bryn- mawr, near St. David's Colliery, Llanelly, who lor 20 year-, has teen a roirtyr to great weakness and dropsy depriving b<jr of lite 11i-c- oi her geueial strength. She eventually btcanie a per/ect cripple, and failed to irave her ruoms. ]he neighiJour" assitited her in every way th^.y eoulu. In this state she determined to apply lor parish relief, aad the generous Guardiantt allowed bet 2s. 6ri. a week, v, h!ch had to pay rent and food for seven day, Her doctor had utterly filled to give her any lelief in way of medicine. She had spent pounds on one tl¡jlJ;{ and another, and at last broke down, ^cthfn^ to do her good this aide of the grave. OTe rnaming a. cloi,d passed over witha sm i silver lining in a frjend telling her to try and get a 2s, Sd. bottle of Morel's Sovran. How could she get it. and only 2s. Pd. a week. At last, after a. great sacrifice, --be bought one, and then found a true Iricnd—her trouole* left her, her pains gone, her crutch put away. She can now walk and have a look round, and go to her eaapei, which she has not been able do for many year3. Anyone who doubta this story. go or write W WIDOW THOMAS, Bryiunawr. near Bryn, Llanelly. Sold by ail Chemists, 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. per bottle, or from MOREL S DEPOT, LLANELLY


-.-------THE "POST" DIARY.


THURSDAY, MAY 16: 1895.


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I -.-.----." A UNIVERSAL NEED.


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