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r FOOTBALL GOSSIP. I The Swansea "soeker" nsen are-at Carmar- then to-day. Here is a conundrum. When is an official net an official ? When he's a bscended I Someone said last week that tho wither was cold enough to make whiskers grow on a football! Thomas, tbe well known Hafod Rover haif- br.ak, received his transfer this week to the I Swansea Seconds. I Mr. W. H. Gwynn, the popular secretary I of the Weigh Rugby Union, is refereeing at I Stradev Park to-day. I Mr. D. H. Bo wen, liianelly's old three- quarter, is refereeing in the Meath v. Abcr- avoa match to-day. Dick Ambrose won't turn out against Newport to-day. He has injured his knee. The ice again, I suppose Badger and Evan L'ioyd are two of the smartest skaters in Lianeiiy, Nobody knew it unliJ th.) frost came on. Jack Meredith is making quite a name tor himself. He stood up to address the Swan- sea County Council on Wednesday Mr. Howell Jones, of Neath, has also lost his moustache. Tho other evening he was token for Billy Hoolighan, of Caraiif. The LJa.neBy Club are doing well for next yoar's fixtures, A date has just, been arranged 1 for a iBalcii with the London Scottish. The St. Helen's and Morriston Excelsiors are geiuz to play a auaxeh on neutral ground for the Junior Obiimpionship or bwausea, AfiI I anticipated a week or two sgo a county fixture has been arranged for March between Glamorgan and Lanca.shire at Cardiff. ,I The statement that Mr. Lemue] Jones will play at full back for Aberavon to-day incorrect. I understand that bo is out ci; training. People are saving tha.t the Swansea officials 'I were a bit stingy in not lending the St. Helen's Ground unless £20 was guaranteed to the relief fund. There is some talk of a collapse of the I Llansamlet Club. I sincerely hope that such willuot be the case, for there are plenty of good men in that dietrict, I 1 don't think Tom White will be seen on a. field ajjam this year. He's recently been I putting married. Aitsra time I suppose hell come on again like Tom Deacon. I For the sake of Glamorganshire cricket, ¡ says Welsh Athlete," it is te be hoped that ¡ Bancroft will not, like Eldridge. bo lost through the apathy on the part of the local I management. The Welsh Rugby Union Committee will have plenty to do at their meeting at Cardiflkm Saturday next, for in addition to selecting the team to meet Ireland, the Cardiff-Llanelly dispute is ou the agenda. Ben Davies, the popular skipper of the Llanelly team, has complied with the pressing request of the committee not to resign the ¡ captaincy this season, This long spell of frost does make a player feel rusty. I The Daily Chronicle said a day or so ago that it wag a curious fact, that while Bancroft played full back for Wales be occupied a pofci- tioa at threequarter in the Swansea team. 1 suppose we go on learning all our lives. Jackson told me a day or so ago that he didn't expect to turn out with the All Whites to-day against Newport. It appears that he haan't quite got over the injury to his shoulder sustained in the last Llanelly match. Once Neath men huge whisl{(r8 grfw. I But. where, en wh(-rc arc tv noo ? Chi dil at Newton and Co. hanging in II. rem. Cliff Bowen is not only one of the best-all round athletes in Llanelly but can stand up in a wrestling match with a Samson or Goliath, It is said that the mighty C. B. Nichol could not throw the youngster over. An excellent photograph of the Llanelly team is on view in the show-window of Messrs. A. & G. TavJor, in Castle Bailey-street. Jack Evans, who stands on the left-hand corner, towers above all the others like a mountain o\er 14 mole-hills, Jones, the powerful full back of the Swan- sea "socket." team, makes his last appear- ance for Swansea to-day. I'm sorry to say that he returns to Birmingham next week. He is the finest back in South Wales, and we can ili afford to loae him. I, Dai Morgan, the Llanelly half back, intends going in for cycling thiJI, season and has I already been consulting Williams the maker at the famous "DeÍiI!ÐCe" bicycle, who pre- dicts a bright future for the scarlet runner as a long distance rider. The recent financial Wttber experienced by the members of the Swansea District League should have a very salutary effect. It will, doubtless, teaeh them the importance of only putting their trust in men in a respon- sible position, Harry Rees, the Uanelly-eum-Morriston player, say. that he's going to be married I shortly. At leiist so the possips say. All I c £ »n say is 1 have my doubts, because when a man ready is going to get spliced be I never will admit it. IVlostof the Llanelly players have joined the Wheelers Cycling and Athletic Club, and big things are expected of them on tho cycling and running path during the coining season. Cliff Bowen is an old cyclist, but he has not vet gone in for scorching. "Who was the greatest man that ever lived?" said a Swansea school teacher the other day I to his floek. There was a pauhc but suddenly a bright little feliow held his two hands aioftand aaid" Bancroft." Now, who saye that this isn't an age of hero worship I A week or two ago Mr. Ted Harris wrote, on behalf of the Morristou Club, to Mr. Bryant, offering to play a charity match with the All Whites for the benelit of the unemployed. Mr. Bryant replied saying that such a I fixture had been already made with Mr. Bowon's team. From what I hear, the letter recently I received by the LianePy Ciub from Cardiff was a rather sarcastic production. Llanelly have done right in signifying their' intention to bring the matter before the Welsh Rugby Union. "I really shall be very sorry to leave Swansea," said Jones, the stalwart socker full-back to me a day or so ago- Iv", got quite attached 10 same of the fellows, and, I I' ten you what, tke Association game has a future before it down here. It only wants time and it will become popular. I've every faith in it. It is said that the Cardiff Association Club are naturally enough much annoyed at the imputations of professionalism made by a neighbouring organization. Well really now I What about their overtures to a well-known Swansea full back.' i happen to know all the facts. And faitk i ll print 'em." At last! Neath meat Aberavon to-day on the ground of the latter. Mr. Walter Rees I and Mr. Charles Steer, captain of the Neath Ciub visited the around last (Friday) evening and after inspection declared it fit for plav. Jack Frost, has played old harry with roothali. The last match played by Neath was on the 12th of January, The team has, therefore, been idle for a manth. The Aberavon Club aro pleased fit the recent courteous actiou of the Neath Club, to ¡ which i have before made reference, that to-day at the conclusion of tho match they will entertain the visiting team and officials at the Walnut Tree Hotel. I am pic.v-ted to rol. the return of; the ood feeling so otssniau w truo s„u»fc. f The An White bØ P j of an experiment, Someone says fliafc be hop** will keep his hair on to-day. Pritohara. the old Swan sea Re*1 1 is stili ia tho Swansea Hospital. ■ M Sam Rice epeediiy made » na,njggfl as ai, socker forward didn't he ? JfjB JJIIIII Gowertoii were to have bees Llansacalet to-day, but the fixture Jack Prescott's absence to-day sprained haed, the result of • f* v tJ1. ,,II" 1 hear tbat Cardiff made W sea full back, an offer, but he w* an*! Four out of the five big ag are engaged to-day in siaug other! m Glad to find that Harry Bro*o^ become reconciled to the S*48 tion club. fff It is not generally known that th' prohibited by decree in Eogland 10 of Jaiscs I. It is stated that a mateh has between Swansea and Llano*1? Monday morning. QgO^ Bert Gould inspected the 9 yesterday as a sort of deputati brother Arthur, k People were expeeting the Ah JJO* division to be a bit dickey to-da_• I never feno-.v your iuek, tS' i ref«r"S M r. A, J. DA vies is to aet »s f Devonshire v; \<*rksaire at Plymouth on March 6th. Ernest George is going to next season. We will new IllIg hew it's done, don't you," hf1 The Morriston v. Neath oS° should have been piayed a. for een fixed for April—Mabon'sf m The Glamorgan County iog Royal Hotel, Swansea, this close of the Swansea-Newport By lha way the Swansea the look-out for a smart P* pi Can't tho League officials a few! at' — The Newport ground is unp1 J ^'6 so Dick Oldham and bis SRa,11 there to take en the homesters Ii to-dav. rule Tim Blackmore, the tricky half, has just given up if be one of the biggest ehiwB«y « team, too! woe **V{! What has bean Llanelly Neath's gaia, for tbe Cardiff from the Scarlet* have he«n » Neath brigade! r The Gowerton team are a\^ to-day in a benefit match, the P fpr^ to help to defray the eipeotee of $)a Loughor rioters. ,s Ihe Melyn Roven and S Neath to-dav te try conclusion Cut> round of the Local Chan. petition. Melyn ahould win, rice, P"' I regret to say tbat Mr. D. J* tary of the Neath Ciub, is c0 tft- house through indisposition Rees has very readily uisch*1"? in his absence. .ke»»drfH Attempts were made to g«*»^,° Tharogood to turn out agaiuf d ay. Neither of them has tor about six weeks though. it*0* declares thz),t he's absolutely 0 Dear '"Little Ireland" and 'lire this tney're drawn up Captained by Steer, Neat!. ^11^ And l'roin Aberavon the victory V gjtcfj ,n' In connection with the ^ea.^ge«l G.W.R. have recently atire^ty,er three special trains. Cn 0 4^ was the match piayed. But t, if" proved iueky. for the" specla patronised. e1' The Gowerton team have |a'e^o fPr magnificent pair of half-haC'i9nijje did duty for Pontardulais. they played tor Cower to 't tb Llanelly "A" and report hath J fairly bottled up the Scarlet balves, Af eSIl" t!J1 Bert Gould has got into Only a few days ago he re & West Indies, where that P *0 forwards, Bob Gould, cudfi c\tf and here we have him ijfcf" t Swansea to see that the field Ben Davies resigned the Ben Davies resigned the cø.prfIJ.,(),ø Llanelly team because he ha JiB couli mind toleave football, and felt withouti'burt to the team, available to take bis place. aet^g^Lw beeu persuaded to pl*y ror cause Ben Thomas is to P!a,irfore, .in the cup ties, and is, there- for the First. tJcJ The story of tbe busted *>*(> 0f Evan Lloyd figured as a. Si wood Dick, was the ? t-pd r t Evan did fire a revolver at1 e#as« Nr„t$-A shrivel up, but it was not I got within smelling distance 'åø long way. The hall had ft bed bíØ jack Jones, vvho knew or 1 through it and thereby est» tation of Evaa as a dead s .0g All Dick Oldham, the hard 1 forward, let fail some word» he was chatting with me t efCetg, upl' 4 don't believe in smoking w pS » ? j As for myself I smoke 1 cigars and a pipe on Saturdft^ repeat the dose on Sund*y«_ generally have a °if.r the don't smoke again till at ^jpo 1 Saturday. The result is in good condition," j<» £ n —T n0e of The vicar of St. Pauls~- brilliant clergvmen connec JJ** tf' rf"' Church—"not been long p* tf r> he has already caught ti»'/tjj0 ft f' wliieh burns like a fever in of pi j( 1'his is how he writes in \rSot* *f, Thi8 is how he writes in \rSot* *f, tP'" of his adoption: "The 8 A' pÐ life, the place full of *°ef "keen 'm athletics—th redoubtable Newport tin eeo'8 ?0) 1# Volunteers produced the last year—yes, ftU that t0 all that is musical 4 He might have »^ded ^oef^J list, for is not he hmnself » are not "Elfed," the o^e^s pe^P veteran deurwg r- sunoni Someone has written »>9 *euihe^uf football match between » f Swansea Countv Counci ^ed, for the relief of the V a big draw He inerease if Messrs. Goke cti &8}f (iwilym Williams consent to o l:1 JI, and the chairman ot. woald as referee! It certain.-J te^9 idea if only it could be the teame would be s^mT|ionja»; (.op.roBATioif.—Back, his Worship tha Miyoi' ^.ca^aive».rff'1' J. atjB, and It. 8. Lindley. jj_ SP' yi- W*' Hiohard Marxin forwards-J* Vine., Lecder, Navsmitb,,U*v Fred llocke, and W piee,; A. UAKLO'JR I'BUST.—-Back,.v* -n). »■ vU> Sir Johu Joues Hon. A. Vivian, aud Mi Too 4ni MurK: XuUon; forw OV fj (» Harris. C. L. bath, A. ot^r' Xhouias, Oiasbro 'k. and A. »• ajdb« K qWW Now, if only these n(j 0o a V field wc conld safely dep° e^' It would be a stiff niat^nUtes that at tor the first two rm" & f would net be very hot. re8uiu{>&e way would be plenty, 0« )}d that old scores eoujd sr^ Vo;1* f'\ and great time ami '<r*^ tho members ot I'*]- y 'Jr harbour trust a.beve once evcryt:ung -vo n 0* we rihoulti have a 2rit "'J'^ i j each pubhom&J is