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i i 14'T IMPORTANT NOTICE. i:. #'| \fcLfa Aew-s of the World company of)! which Lascalles Carr, Esq., is the f' airman) are issuing, in conjunction with An American firm who hare made this Character of art production a speciality, i* A UNIQUE WORK, I ( Discwjnv, Or THB Earthly Footsteps f: OF ne Man of Galilee We *re pleased to be able to say that ¡ :,iO!be exclusive rights to supply this work i ia Swansea Town and District have been ? *wured for the Pott. It is a subject of f; regrafctjp na that we were too late in the field to be fcb4» to acquire the same rights JD respect of Naath and Lianeiiy districts. The beautiful production is presented L after months of preparation, the material f ? for which has involved THREE DISTINCT TOURS 1 of the Holy Land—two by Rev. John H. Vincout. D.D.. LL D., and one by James W. Lee, D.D., and Robert E. M. Bam, the celebrated scenic and landscape photographer. §The descriptive portions of the publication are written by Bishop f f Vincent and Dr. Lee, and photo- graphs are furnished by Mr. Bain. Vart I. contains a beautif inly-printed IIIP OF THE HOLY LAUD, colours, on which are traced the jcurneyings of our Saviour from Bethlehem to Caivarv and the Mount of Olives, and of his Apostles through Asia Minor to Greece Romo, and the Archipelagic Islands PART 1 ALSO CONTAINS Dr. Stephen J. Andrews' celebrated I "Harmony of the Gospels and Chronological Indes," which is printed by special permission of the Author, and cannot be obtained elsewhere save in a high-priced book. I The -til part is now obtainable at tee office of the Post, 211, High-street, I towansea, or of any one of our agents in Swansea and District. CONTENTS OF PART 6: 2. Site of House of Tabitha. 2. Panorama of Jail. 8. Road in Harbour, Jaffa, ,4.. House of St. Peter, Jaffa. „ &• Bazaar of Jaffa. e. Jaffa, from Hotei Window. Mount Carmel. 8. Mount Tabor. t. Jenin by Early Morning Light. 10, Beoooin Cawip, Jezreei. J 11, Nazareth from the East. 12, Street in Na^retb. 43. Colusnn of Virgin, Nazareth. Courtyard, English Orphan* jKk St Mary's Weil. ° II. Cact-eis Feeding, Nazaretb. i h te "H"3 meritorious f IP" Woi'k consist of 24 parts. Each part will contain I tj illustrations, ntld is offered on nominal terms to friem" til!8 PaPer &«d their 18 OBTAiN EACH PART it will be necessary to cut out the appended coupon, and forward it, j- together with thu uecossary cash or stamps. JL-. r — COUPON. KARTHLY FOOTSTEPS OP THE MAN OF GALILEE. For one of these Coupons, and 7td ii\ ^cash or postafee stamps, we will de.iver, post free, to any address in bwansea Town and District Part 4 of >. our Portfolio of Photographs. ||If delivered at our office, or pur- any newsagent, the price sixpence. v. forward Portfolio No to Kam* Address t i' JJST OF DATLY POST" AGENTS. J** M*.V 1» obtained at the head (Ace cr the South Walc$Daily Post 211 Biali-straet, Kwansea, or or any one of the ftcder-wntionaq agents in Swansea and 3Îå1'iet Ale*andr»-bin!d!oM. $gg, Mftrlu, Prtncn of Waiet-road, Sr.WUlUm*. Ui^'h-irtreefc. I 9% Phillips, (Jimle-nqusra, ttr..Pwre«, -street, Wr. Holbfrt. VV.nd«»treei. Jfr. Jenkiu*. Co!Wge-atpeo*w Ur. Paoiiett, U"'IIt.r80t. JfT, HowelK 2i, Oaivert-at.-ael, *». KcwlU. 23, Winrf-tbrMi, Wr. Oiweonr, Oxford street, WMsai^aqu&re, JtAhnaen, HjPTnyiBop-rovl. fe. £ e«r(s, najir Ii .apiU', 4(u Helen'a-roni, |pie Rpulovy, St Thonu, 2r,XolM^. Fogfr«fflae, Upland*, 2r,XolM^. Fogfr«fflae, Upland*, BAHjO, V1.G'I'fflltbl. 1fJ-, MitchaU, .'ojnoaa. Kl, Qcthine, Sjr. IVyCeB, OKtmht, Ac,,*d, Br. T, 1.ewf., near Ooopar»: Arm, pia», tgr. Toha Jone a, FHntar. fto, MOMRWOK. Mr. '2. nsor the Ctmr^u KeThoeM*, The Creae, «%• IIM Crtm. OW 'l'a.. 0I'0Il. (b. A.J,WtSMM. WoflflSwW-^treit, CWMXWXIU, Mm. Ori<lth«, i»e3tvfU>««. Owtftiwrto, HBM, tnmtn, 230, Q»ym*fti>ea»WKd |h.Bttswn, gAS4 2m Dom", y I. NO HOUSE EQUALS DOWN & SON FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE. WHY? Because they are the LARGEST MAKERS BY MACHINERY IN W AL2S, have the MOST EXTENSIVE STOCK TO SELECT FROM, and give the B-EST POSSIBLE V ALUE. A VISIT WILL AT ONCE CONVINCE ONE OF THE FACT. Furniture to Suit Cottage or Mansion. Carpets Made and Laid Free. ESTABLISHED NEARLY HALF A CENTURY. HIGH STREET AND MORRIS LAtfE, SWANSEA. ow JOHN S. BROWN Calls special attealion to the facilities he has fer executing NEW WOiiri or REPAIRS ef any description at LOWEST POSSIBLE ijaAKGSi. C* CLE ASD ENGLNE FITTERS. ELECTRIC LIGHT -^vrijjjg FITTERS, ELECTRIC & CRANK BELL-HANGERS. LOCK-SMITHS. MODEL MAKEiia PLLMKERS. SMiTUid. SiLKEi.' METAL WOiiKiiti^ &c,, «kc. LARGE «>nvenifnt WORKSHOPS. MODERN MACHINERY. HIGH-CLASS TOOLS Prompt attention to all Orders. Fully Detailed Estimates and Plans ef any description of WROU, (MT AND TAST-IRON WORK, ELECTRIC WORK, OR I LINING, FREE OF CHARGE. JOHN S. BROWN, JN OXFORD STREET. SWANSEA. 2630 f JACOB JENKINS MS I COAL MERCHANT, &C. ^■gjl io ALEXANDRA RD. ^Sl'li io ALEXANDRA RD. ^Sl'li £ ^3 \^A CLEARANCE SALE OF WATERPROOFS. MANSCHESTER, <3 & 6A. CASTLE-STREET. SWANSEA (Opposite Post Office). THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN TOWN OF INDIA RUBBER TOYS, DOLLS, ANIMALS, &c. 176 KITCHEN I A JL JEJ! I DRESSERS' From aOel. each. STRONG AND SERVICEABLE. EASY TERMS OF PURCHASE. F. C. Eddersliaw, -T 19, HIGH STREET. INTENDING PURCHASERS OF PRESENTS SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF c. MASON COLLINS'S GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY SILVER, AND ELECTRO-PLATED ARTICLES, OPTICAL GOODS, &c. &c. Reductions of from 4s. to 5e. in the £ except Solid Silver Goods, reduceti 3e. in the JL A Large Assortment of Silver Articles in Cases and Suitable for Presents at C. MASOJST COLLINS, GOLDSMITH'S HALL, STEPNEY STREET, LLANELLY AND BURRY PORT. 2162 HOW TO LIGHT A SHOP PROPERLY SEE LEGG'S NEW OUTSIDE LAMP. COSTS ABOUT ONE FARTHING PER HOUR FOR GAS. 17 & 18. NELSON-STREET. TO COAL MERCHANTS, HAULIERS, AND HOUSEHOLDERS. FOR BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL HOUSE AND KITCHEN COALS, APPLY DIMCT TO THE BLAENGARW COLLIERY CO., LIMITED, CAMBRIAN PLACE, SWANSEA. 1876 STT PERIOR" CHINA, GLASS, and EARTHENWARE. 2s. 6d. in the Pound, or 12i- per cent. Discount daring BIJNNEYS FEBRUARY SALE. 1 and 14, CASTLE SQUARE; 1, OXFORD-STREET. 2657 — — OUR SEEDS ARE WORTH GROWING. PARSON'S PRIZE VEGETABLE SEEDS. PARSON'S CHOICE FLOWER SEEDS. PARSON'S SELECTED FARM SEEDS. ALL OF tHE BEST QUALITY, AND AT LOWEST PRICES. A TRIAL SOLICITED. CATALOGUES FREE. OUT FLOWERS, BOUQUETS, WEEATH8, CROSSES, AND SPBATS, BEST WORK AT SHORTEST NOTICE. EDWARD PARSONS & Co., 5, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA, AND AT BRISTOL. 2655 I BEN EVANS & CO. (L I M IT E D) ARE OFFERING GRAND VALUE IN ALL CLASSES OF I GENERAL DRAPERY, I SHOW ROOM, FANCY, AND FURNISHING GOODS. INSPECTION INVITED. W JSL m S E3 JSL I = 7 SPECIAL NOTICE. THE CANTERBURY MEAT Co. 199, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. ARE RECEIVING THIS WEEK PRIME AMERICAN BEEF, AND WILL SELL AT REMARKABLY" LOW PRICES. PRIME JOINTS 6d. Per lb. SWIFT'S BEEF received HIGHEST AWARD at the CHICAGO WORLD'S EXHIBITION, and HAS NO EQUAL. I WE SHALL HAVE OUR USUAL SUPPLY OF PRIME WETHER MUTTON. LEGS 4!d. Per lb. THE REX" DRAPERY COMPANY. GRAND SPRING SHOW. SWISS, GUIPDEE, AND LACE CURTAINS, 21,500 PAIRS. NEWEST DESIGNS. LARGE DELIVERY OF FLOOR CLOTHS AND LINOLEUMS, ALL WIDTHS, FROM ZtD." CLIXKIXG LINE—2 Yards wide painted back FLOOR CLOTH, AT llfd. THE CHEAP SHOP IN COLLEGE STREET. 2661 i4, CAEBOTRON PORTABLE STOVES. For which neither CHIMNEY nor FLUE i« Required. Fuel burns without SMOKE, SMELL, er FUMES. May be seen in use at MORGAN BEVAN & SONS, 24, CASTLE STKEET, SWANSEA. J 24, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA. 193 GEORGE HELLIER, HAY AND CORN MERCHANT, THE CENTRAL STORES, RICHARDS' PLACE, SWANSEA. Branch-29a, ORCHARD-STREET. A Large Stock of Swedes and Carrots. Ail kinds of Spratt's Biecuits and Poultry Food. ENGLISH HAY AND IRISH HAY AND STRAW OF BEST QUALITY Daily Delivery in Town and Neighbourhood. ^^VEDDJNG RINGS. I WEDDING RINGS. I 00 TO f BROUGHTON'S. THE NOTED WEDDING RING SHOP ■ Y Siop Ilynod alii Podrwyau l>rioduo]. ft V31, .HIGH STREET, U SWANSEAjy (Opposite Down and Son.) /V TEETH TEETH MR. C. A. H0PS0«\ SURGEON DENTIST, X SURGEON DENTIST, X /2, DYNEVOR PLACE, SWANSEA. NEW HIGHER GKADK SCHOOLS) 25 Years' Exvedeooe-B as dentist witi Iveall, Swansea. PAINIjESS EXTRACTIONS WITH GAS. iiest Workmanship, Material, and Fit guaranteed. \Higb-eIass Work from 6B. per Toofcii At home daily from 10 aatil All Consultations TEETH\ /TEETH pETERS AND yO UNG, REGISTERED PLUMBERS, HOUSE DECORATORS, &c. Drainage Inspected, Tested, and Reported o by Qualified Sanitary Inspector. Water Supply and Plumbing in all its branches carried on. NOTE :—District Agents for the Incandescent Gas Light (50 per cent, saving in gas;; and the noted Warrington Gaa Fires and Stoves. & AND 7, QBESN-STNEET, NEATH —- LAVU v 81, Oxford Street, RHYS THOMAS' NEW MARKET PREMISES. MAYPOLE BUTTER AT SUMMER PRICES, ONE SHILLING PER POUND. 1/- Ih 1/- M ARC A RINE FIVE PENCE PER POUND. 5d. 5d. 5d. MAYPOLE DAiRY CO., 207A, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. THE BOILER INSURANCE AND STHAM POWER CO. (LIMITED). Hbad OFFICK—67, KING-STRBET. MANCHESTER B4.TADX.WHEi) 1859- AUTHORISED CAPITAL £ 250,000 IirvasTBD FUKDS, £ 38,000. BOILERS AND HXGINB8 INSURED AND INSPECTED. Employers Insured against Claims under the Employers' Liability Act. Joint Policies Issued. Individual Accident Insurance J. V. L. CKOSLAND. M.lnst.M. i. A,M.In5t.C.E. Chief Engineer. ljiIitfniitirfli-'irrBPW^It? Secretary T SUTTON'S N I Marble, Stone, Granite, and Slate Works, ST. HELEN'S-RO AD, SWANSEA. Manufacturers of MONUMENTS, HEADSTONES, TOMBS, &c. Designs and Prices on Application. 2663 QWILYM TD VANS'QUININE JITTERS QWILYM gV AN S' QU1N1N E JglTTEIlS IS A VALUABLE REMEDY FOR ALL WINTER AILMENTS. BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, COUGHS AND COLDS. SHORTNESS OF BREATH, NEURALGIA, GENERAL WEAKNESS, LOW SPIRITS, NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, INFLUENZA. QWILYM jgVANS'QUININE gITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC PRESCRIBED BY DOCTORS, RECOMMENDED BY ANALYSTS, APPROVED BY CHEMISTS, PRAISED BY EVERYBODY. QWILYM JJiVANSQUININE JITTERS m E4j B Beware of imitations. See the name of "G-wilyra Kvatis on Label, Stamp, and Bottle. Sold in Bcttles at b. l^d., Z8, M., and 4s. 6d. each. Sole Proprietors— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (LIMITED), LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. 2000 A WIDOW'S SACRIFICE. REMARKABLE "TORY FROM LLVNKLLY, A pathetic story has gone the rounds of this dit, trict, writes a Llanelly reporter, ia which a poor widow, at the advanced age of 78, of the name of Margaret Thomas, living at 8. cottage known as brya. mawr, inear St, Davkl's ColBery, Llanelly, who for 20 years has been a martyr to great weakness and dropsy, depriving her of the use of her general strength. She eventually became a perfect cripple, and failed to eave her rooms. The neighbours assisted her in every way they could. In this state she determined to apply for parish relief, and the generous Guardians allowed her 2s. 60. a week, w hieh had to pay rent and food for sevea days. Her doctor had utterly failed to give her any relief in way of medicine. She had spent pound: on one thing and another, and at lust broke down. Nothing to do her good this side of the grave. One morning a cloud passed over with a small silver liaiug in a friend telling her to try and get a i Ze, 9d. bottle of Morel's Sovran. How could she get it, and only 2s. Ed. a week. At last, after a great sacrifice, she bought one, and then fonrid a true friend—her troubles left her, he:- pains gone, her crutch put away. She can now walk and have a look round, and go to her chapel, which she has not been able to de for many years. Anyone who doubts this story, go or write to WIDOW THOMAS, Brynmawr. near Bryn, Llanelly. Sold by all Chemists, Zs. 9d. and 4s. 6d. per bottle, or from MOREL S DEPOT, LLANELLY Post-free. 2101 "GUINEA" HAMPERS. ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE THE BEST VALUE IN THE MARKET, Ne. 4 CONTAINS— 1 Bot. Celebrated "Excelsior Highland Whiskey. 1 „ "Pearl Irish Whiskey. 1 „ Royal Pale Sherry. No 5. I 1 „ Very Old Port.' No, 6 1 „ Finest Very Old Cognac. I' M. Bros 1 „ Champagne, Sparkling Moselle, or Hock. Other epteriiEents may be substituted. Will be forwarded, Carriage Pt id, to any Railway Station. MARGRAVE BROS., LLANELLY. l^EATH RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. Appeintnient of Water Rate Collector and Fitter for the District of Skawen aad Neath Abbey. I The above Council invite Applications for the Appointment of a qualified person to discharge the duties of the above office, which I are as foUows :— I 1. To make and collect water rates. 2. To have the general supervision of the Water Service, 1md to carry out work re- qmred to be done under the direction of the Engineer of the Council. 3. To repair leakages in main and private pipes and taps. c. 4. To lay on hraneh pipes and taps where required, 5. To look after the Stores, and to keep a diary of the work done. The peracn appoin- ted will be required to devote the whole of hii time to the duties of the eftice, and will be appointed subject to a month's notice. Saiary cOs. per week. Applications stating age, -qualification, and expeiionee, with cepies of not njore than three testimonials, to be seut to the under- signed on or before Monday, tbe 11th March, 1895. (By order of the Council), HOWJSL CUTHBKRTSON, Clerk. Offices, 58, Water-street, Neath, Fob. 20th 1895. 2659




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