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"XBLSH INTERNATIONAL) THAI MATCH. ) TLUST V* WEST. { (3VMUI> MBf OBrT ST 14 DAilT rC-sT TLSUXyBONS,] J Thi* ss^aflbd trial suatsh was plaved »t i Hewport aa Ssktaardsy ia beautiful wsMie- Team* | Wrti-e— £ aek, 3. T>aviea (N<sBfch>; thtrseqriarters, Cliff (Lfcsaeiiy), Badger ,'UanelIy;, H. vMorristoa), aad Evan i»k>yd .:Liamdiyi; u*ives, la XHvits aad Dai iiorgaa (.Llaieily;; f<v- wsrcfs, A. M, Jtmkizi- Jackson, and K, Thunas (Svtm- aea), Ji. G eorge) Faotrpriddj, W. J Tbvwas and. HV. Morri? (LtuuUy), 3. S^jftotniKeaih), and D. Fisher (M:>rri.¥tcn,. BAST,—Back* Aiun JCerssan (Cardiffs khree<<uarter Srcss, N..8iftJ ami Pearson. 'Cardiff), A. J. <umi SkMseberySewfieFt); twit-backs, Seiwrrr Bigg?: ana 5. E 3weet-iUeott (Cardiff); forwards, T. O. Grahaui, K. ^eker.W.Groves, and T.Pook (Newport), d EL- ey O. Ltjwis; and Marshall (Carrtitf>, and J. Matthews CFeaarth?. Beteree; Mr. A. J. Davids. loach Iiae judgM: SIffsws. Waiter Seas Mtd TrvMt. Tie Westerners started at three o'clock, Pearx >a returning into icueh fro as the kH" Of W. J. Thossas. No grcuad was gained by i sither skie, aad a *niute later Ben Davie" tree givea free, the WI going into the hands of Pearson, who '~vi collared befora be euaid return, A icrum formed! iii the centre, from whiek Sw«et-Eaeott initiated a. ieauiifuIround cf passing anlengsi' the Eastern packs, £ he u»t> te recsive was j Noraian Bigg, but Ise was promptly collared j if Badger before could cover a yard I grouoa. Pearson mew mad"! a mark "Witl a kick by Ben L'avie* Th. Cardiff mac kicked opto Harry Rets wha, in I attempting te make a mark, iost the ball, with the result that kàe Eastaraors lad a faov siege i to the Western citadel. From iite scrum, ■wttaiu fiv yards of the goal tiDe, Arthur 1 Oouh¡ wan Slyea the bail, hot instead ef pass- j tagha attempted to drep ai goal, wbicfi failed eome off, aad a miner resulted. yoDowiag the kiek out PearD put his àde ea the by a loag kick iDto teseb at ?»ear the goel line. The Western «erwar>i«, by saperier all-reund play, r »hed tieir fSQ^aiMaie baek to ike 26, where Archur Gookl ptrfc his comrades into mousu, tta result iteing that Pearson got .11 splciididlj and scered. 'soficai; ewwrX. On the re-start Boueher returafiu over centre line in reply to a kiek by W. J TbewM, From a scrana Ben D%tiamwm» ziran the iai). H iransfmred teETaA Ltofd, who fwled to fcoid. Pearson rushed into the lap" intercepted ihe pass that was iatelHMd fer Evan Lieyd. He made for the See m splendid stvie.. itut. tackled before he coald wsfte aDY terisl lieadway. The wesv«;rn«rs again attempted ifie pasfi'Dg game, as trey tx^aiuBK So shew off a httle, ELoel got a paaa aad forsjed bis way through a hunch 9f spporeciS ctrsr ,1M line, adoring the •eeoad try 1M the East. Shortly after the ressArt & scrum wu forced in th's eentre, a.nd DaiM.w-¡áo. getting the bail on fcfee right side of the sernin. passed to Ben jDaries. Tie iatte.r aitided his opponents preikij, aad wbilst. rnnniog down tbe toueh line at top scsed threw to Biran iJoyd, was only collared by Alnn Morgan on the is line at the right memen X. seram W3.11 n-rw formed, and the £ aetero«rs carr-ed ihrn baii at their feet to the centre whwe farther parogress was cheeked Harry Reet falUsg on the leather. "Weaiena fOl"w&rd8 DOW played with gr&sd dAItà and rigour, aud from tno eentre hue wet down the groend at a roilleking p-ae"1 earrying ail beiors them, like a traspo of wiid elephaats. The outcome of tn;, realiy brilliant- piece of piay the scoring of < try bv George, the Pontypridd forward. Badger CODvrted sieeiy. It»n>ediate»y after the re-start the Faaien)«»-s, by spies did combmatior, in froat and btfhmd, reached the Western line, bat the West forwards, who continued to play with e!ce114!11t energy and our, swept them bk to the 35, where they %v& awarded a free k¡.J!c. AD attempt was aiade at zoal, but it ^'&s far froai beiag successful, and JBadfer down Ben 3>evi«e kicked eat and Artkar Gaaid reeeiviog tha ball, kicked to £ vaa Itloyd, the latter returiing promptly. The Newport veteran rec^eiTed the ball. His attempt fc» psBo te Vormae Biggs a hitge flasce. atfid the b»ti relied iuto to-ieh when no ^sue was sear it. Flowing the boe out the hfiU got ioese aaten^ the eaeka, eveataailv bdlmg into the bands of Evao LloYG, who P«trio" ele-reriy in a brilliant run along ihetoach line. With excellent „udg- he passed to Harry Been, who returned &he aompigment near the36 2ag. Efan i!8W bad aciear coaat asfore him, and he roamed OTPT sae Ussjijcii; the appiauae of 3.DC-Q :ipeetator8. Badget- f a'fedto eoDyert. Arthur Goulu started &tr the East, attd the bail at nee> ith the haada of Dai Mprgaa. who: together .¡t,n Hon U%r:en, Cliff Bowen. and Badj~-i»t arc- oper&tioaa into the hc«se25. Tne.Eastern farwards dnbbltd on tbv nntre, aiid A. M. Jenkias, tee Swan sea •*«je*cspt»tB, in respondiug to the attack, die- i hiin*f»{f by a really deEr r ace of feofe?¥iiriE»- A -1e oat saw formed j-.2õ. From he scrum whiek enaue4 P»4i-»on reseiTed tram Gould, out inetead ef rtaiaa orrer the line be fooiisblv kicked and ■Harry Reea tortoked down i" seif-defaiiee. Western forwards, k- up fey Dai Morgan, Ben Davies, and Cliff Bowen, ran the opposing fiftaeu fairlj offtitiir pins, and in tbmr wild careei carried tb. 1:I8U mW cleee proximity to the Eastern }i& 1! Ai¡m Morgan ClDe to the rescue a^laodidiy awl eon plugged tbe bniljant diejilay of < inmate before v kiekio^ ink/ js >wa 25 Sag. HAX.F-TIMX jSaefc—2 3 Miners. West—1 goal 1 trv kicked off for Easterners, and Cadger rettaraed the ball It was soon baec at the Western end, Low- ayort Vat .Badger kicked inte ioucfa oc the hrnifrmf h»Je, waerw frem a serum the Weateta tarfrarts, led by George an4 Jack- eou, dtibbteA saiartly awar. When on the JSasriera 2.& 8)' *»ere penalised. Ben Daries returned with a aiM iUek, and Gould a-ain Klut-oed ewer the esntre iiae, wh-re "Dai Morgaa get *way cleverly frem the 9CI".lm. From tke eastern side of the centre line the tuli rapidiy ».rayellad to near the eastern line, and ia attempting to field the leag kick l-Iormau Bigg* maOetl, and was ooilared ay ^-estefrs forwarilit. The western paek jacw a wroug rush towards the line, and Cliff Bowes picked up <j*fisrtlr. Ha w«ta a!i | .rø tr%ctter wheo, "y a m suc lerstand- 2ng on- the part ef the referee, the whittle bl&w. Ik'jonmsh wart saved by Cliff Tiowen, v aDd a KMaavt later Dai Morjra-- chopped »Bet.%er ugly rui a by the Eastdi-n pack. The now in the oeum. but Jeakias came ..way elererly with the bad a his toe *r- i dribNed to fee 25 iiae- At this point of the the Eaeternera tegac to muck >«9» soffihtaaUoB thao they had n 1 farmer jxwt oi gaate. The or^at^n of their baok diriatas to 110 complete!? dsraoraiixed. Taking adraotago of tnia, the frea erticra into the fray with the ^reatesk energy, and on several occasions had !u rd lines in net seo iig. The Eastern "lI4k9 aade an attempt to recover them- •eiT*?. first attempt ctilmiuated in a rush bf To: ■ Pearson, Badgar kicking tmo twacft well over the half-way line. tiae the Eastern defence con- tinued en several occasions t taaf had to kick iDtauch from care necessity. At lat-gib, hoiraver, they ,&IiØd to pall themselves together a bit. ioaJi, Suaelwr and Pearson handled a weee»a>on, the latter running finely. When 'O'f"e: Use Western 25 lite, however, he mt& the hail through foolishly trying te kick r^rward. The fell nto the hands of Clilf Bowen, who. by a clever pnnt, relieved the treasure, the ball finding t in neotrai territor y At this point a !l *3» occasioned by a slight iujurv te but the spriihtly 1 ittle Scarlet soon hard at it again. After re- itart-njj, the Snt item of interest was 3 lo<i{» punt hy Pearson *<:e.xa »Toe 2>im< oisde a mark, and returned to t ie centre, where the Eastein th¡; put in a bent of passin z, -.vfaicis nstik-tl ia Bigg* beog collared inside the Western 25. To this effort tho Wa**e*Ber* renpunded Ie a strong imrsu, ii1 which Badger, Ben Davies, Cfiff were conspicuous. Li tile d was gained however, and the oval was stiK ia fttre whtn Tain Paarson, r8. »eivir.g a pass from C »dd, made oS at top speed, it# 1iawe-cr, grandly brought bj thi" mae stone Evas Lloyd. A later the Waiters right wing broke jsr*?, an* CHS Bonrea kicked to being •»ta*ji*d int and AJna Morgan had his •*yrkas*«e* U> d*m~ kic. Itae, whifh he did hj teCtrmavz to the e. The v«^-bc.. afain tode up the nunmf, Da'»ies aac Dat Mocgas ^nttin^ i-i-,y;to:c¡?* 1B a tricky eamhiaed ran. Alun ] Macmba howanw, relied hack the tide with a j lofty patj hat the Weatern paek, led this j ban 1IJ Beb Tliein ss, again reiarsed to the aitaek. Play now beeatne very l'aat, several sine hits of individual play beiag shown by the Westerners the Llanellv halves and Jaek- set-, the white, iQ ;'ery eonspieuoue. Th2 ^Issteraerb now made a final effort, aad, dasiitug up the field, J :e Danes had to k>ucb> dowu. At;n ih* ,v«stf>rners fonght their waj btflk t--> i-ii« ••.». £ « hut the EwerÐen were not 1 Lve resut; of t. series oi riishw tJu: Waet were <ir feudir.g br^- ely inside l>- ;r o«vn Z5 line. The piay wan ifl position, when Boucher gettingths^AJi. ioubted two men; a*; i dropped & splendid F CM the kick eif the East again returned to thaatja .k, bat the >Yestern defence was stufeWor, an;i tgajA ani aain the power of the Kasternars was rendered void by the aplendiu plu"K and tion of the western back division. At length Norma a Biggs got away on the right, and the result jf some eombiaed play bet-ween himself and Badger was that the ileet Cardiff left- winger crossed the line and landed the ball right ■.ehir>4 the posts. The try was easily converted by Biggs. The ball bad hardly been restarted when tiwe was calied. FINAL SCORE. EÀ?T-4 goals (one Iroppeu) W--es,E-1 goal 1 try





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