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;^SECOND EDITION rcOHXINUiD FBOM PAGB 2J tr CernIllOCI, too, Lord Swansea was looked y*toin many branches of commercial life, 7? *dyiee efien sought, and. bis opinion asked. ti»ie -when most men retired from active haadt were filled with work, and he died in harness. They, as Churchmen, S«t not be able to appre«*te his Church- ^&a8^ip, nor, perhaps, adraire him as a peli- but the" could all pav a high tribute to commercial abilities and L's many sterling ^J'Hies, and. setting aside ail narrow v*'0U8ieg, remember the great good he had At the close of the service the con- gtood in reverential silence whilst organlst played the Dead March.' p CHRIST CHURCH. .reaching last evening at Christ Church j1* lie v. i., 7, the Rev. Clarke said that Christ was ever comiug to visit the knJ a meB- visited ua by the pow by Pre*enee of the Holy Spirit, by affliction, *evere disappointments in the dsily ^Pliae of oar lives, he came to us, he 6 for us, by the irresistible power to the king of terrors, Death, first fi .6ne and then far another. Now Of infant just entered on thiE vale without any dissatisfaction, borne *h*i'^Q ^reai^e the air of par ad ise. Now it is bugy father who is the bread-winner of a L ltng family, er the anxious mother who is the home. Now one ofthemosl useful, it ,tIe workers of the Church, whese place it 11118t impossible to fill. Death, like the knocks at every door. No man is from that death. "'The king of continued tha preacher, has 9ne 0f our mansions within last fow days, and has called JJy. after a few minutes' riotsce, S* of the brightest stars of our man who was greatly beloved fcr JPQt6 life, his godly and Christian example, his philanthropy. We may not have ed with him in some points of politiC8- w.. as much right to his own opinions as < to ours—but I have nothing to. do Politics, my eulogy is of his good and life, my respect and that of all the n of Swansea was deep, profound, sincere. The late Lord Swansea ^y~?. many offices, aud in them wisdom and foresight which 4jj truly remarkable. We have g thouffht ^hat though he is absent ^SJT* -Ws resting in the peace of At ^Se Saviour whom he loved.— gj ? close of the service, the "Dead *n ^aul was played on the organ, congregation reverent!}' standing. rp, ST. JOHN'S, HAFOD. (STile Rev. John G. Matthias preaching last uad&) eveniug from Philippians i" 21 ,( To Hf j° live is Christ, and to die is gaIn, made whom they all in the Uja felt that loss. For my own part, ifev* gentleman continued, u I, should not a be doing justice to nay feelings were I bearing this public testimony to that j^jfirity as a man, which obtained for the Ruch universal respect; the exem- •ylrr^ Manner in which he discharged the fee Us personal and ether duties of life the j** kindness which people invariably eived at his hands the activc interest he Cr,t°ok in the affairs of our Church in .Parish, and especially so when it was j ^nd his anxiety for the welfare of all V living in this mere immediate district. >OrtLCl-en' ""ho served under him at the ^tuafced in our parish have lost a good an^ 9- dear friend. He is now at rest, V*T with many faithful activities. Ana ti0 his recollected and conversa- ^ay well serve as an example to us all MtV Sa^ennes8 of his departure supplies us ufn impressive practical; Memento that Look n°w nofc "hat a day may brine; forth. we anxiously and canstantly, thou, dear to the state of our souls Let us Hf#er forget that, whilst here, we but on a pilgrimage io another Let us be specially careful to the accepted time, "—to work ere ej ^a7 of salvation shall have reached its ?4f*» Then, as in the case ef liim whom I, may our "absence from the body" *i^JOstly regarded as evidence of our \yj"*4erice with the Lord."—Appropriate were sung; and the "Dead March" .tio,, **6^ 98 the orgs»n, the large congrega- ffemaioing standing. j, ST. MARK'S. to d Jhveriag his sermon in con- *n- the Dedication Festival ^^nday evening the Rev. Watkyn ^•rd!r<^S to the demise of ,iyth Swansea. He said the less felt was irreparable, In that neigh- i where most et his employes lived, t.l1, lboOd, where most et his employes lived, 085 of a dear friend and provider—one -„1v&,Vas thoroughly inicr6ste« in their needs S%0 8 keenly felt. Personally, he could not ft»>d forget the cloud of sorrow forget the cloud of sorrow "telaneholy that, without aav notice, 1i"1 oped that neighbourhood on Thurs- tow 55°rni°g when the news of Swansea's death became known. A \IP- OIUD had fallen; one who was looked fatberof that neighbourhood, whose ^*0 Cou'^ «ot he filled. He was a Church- bg,t, broad, liberal sympathies and the ^0t"k eKtimon-v weognition of his good ^^r'fitlans was the number of 0rial stenes which bore his name in the u* places of worship. ft xSrT- THOMAS CHURCH. Sgf' • W. EvaDS, vicar, daring bis morning ?ll^0 °a (which was based on the text Be ya said, one whose life has been thi8 ^ed with the commercial progress of )\bó Wn, one of the greatest employers of *»hQx*' a man of great wealth, and rank, place can rot easily be filled, has removeil in the midst of a busy -11 r~~kusy to tue last moment. While we y^pathise deeply with the family so I P^ungcd in grief, we must bear in jQ death of Ijord Swansea speaks to e Nearest, loudest tones of the advent 109 "Beyealsorea.dy." Xh» ^-DAVID'S, MORRISTON. .• ev" 1* Wateyn Morgan (vicar of to0 ^yielach; in St. PaYid's Church. Slorris- liis! ijf said of the late nobioman :— to0 ffelach) in St. Dnid's Church. Slorris- liis! ijf said of the late nobioman :— ^Vvei0 ^S, cns 0*" activity and a dihgeut and successful labour. "I ot l\' Work," he reDlied to the r<ynonstianees Iin: friends, and work he did with a ^length of mind and body, and with tiQIlanteou8 hand for the material, cduea- UQJJ aD(i moral welfare of several gocera- ^ool. hil reliow men. The works, the ^elpe,8! and the churches which he built, or build, have shed around us the of a benevolent life, whick will not ameHorate the conditions of human after he is gone. Nothing that Mis welfare of his native town and iltl °i?ress or his country was indifferent to ():¡t" nd Borre of the most beniicial improve- ^be town of Swansea and the county *Udrj>li,0fi'a? OVTe mucb bis practical m'nd "SinesscaPa-ity. In its diversity thoro«fibn^8 of action ti.11d lofti- ..Ql Idcal, his life was a worthy pattern for ^"gsr public ;uon Lo copy. At oi 3KKTTY CHURCH. 'ttv ^Jrchj b;.i!i, fey tha Vivian .S«V', congregations were reminded on i ^ooi k"? E;¡J loss they had snstii'nr j, bQ *b there was no mention made during 1 b* <*vices of his lordship's death. The 'betjj 8tained g as? windows were each or Ul0r"Orial to departed members of the Sfteh 1ac":i Rn engraved brass-piate beneath or- tho rtc.^rd, T'le congreg: chil £ le8a'w belore theru to '.he right of the U»<v tho little chapel iMmediately over tljft divided from the rest ol: 'eh by an c -Jsen screen. The arl)'e monuments and fiporaa within tjL^ble through the perforated carving U^lJ-3r portion of tiie snveon. Every- ,^<13 thus nn eloquent reminder oi ^ead benefactors, and the viear, the ^^icr* Bolney, was content ai:ad these Jbo Q? 164, fie emphasise:! them bv omitting £ he ».Ual sermon from the servio altsgetfuT. to tho peUtiou ID the Litany for ^'itilnaiies frouj BuddeD doiitlj was made t*U0h °re than usual tervonr. The cor.gre- «lusiohrof Silently and departed o:i the con- t'16 serv^ce or the First Sunday in itANi?'1MLET PARIgH CHURCH. (* Wliiams, viear of Llaasamlet. stLhL*y) said ;A paiafui illu«t:a &.Q1:;1J nce-t of our solemn advent w&rn- Cbar.ili—of the night being far !7} of '■ba (hy being at baud, camc t) us If TJJ* 11th ftiv days by the ncwtlj •utiusu doftih cerhaps the best- kaowtt of publ: men. T. realise others' sorrow and loss is a Christian duty, and a sign of truest sympathy. But here we are I reminded how that we should thank God for the blessings of gifted men, great in power for good, large-hearted in their dealings with their fellow beings, and strong in the I! example which tbey set of earnestness, recti- tude, and piety. For tkem there remaineth a rest prepare wf Cod. The great public benefactor, whose life's history was closed in the past week—called home, we believe, from earthly honours to heavenly joys, has passed over our Advent 0; 1894 on earth, and the day that was at hand has dawned. His night of toil, anxietv, and responsibility is all. spent, and the day of fuller knowledge, greater light, purer understanding, more lasting honour, and of well-earned red has begun. I Faith in this greater light and grander life is Crod'ii own appointed mainstav in this night of uncertainty, mouriang, and sorrow. Let us put on, then, the armour of light to fight openly, manfully, and bravely,




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