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r) < '— IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. B. EVANS & (OilIPAN 'S PREMISES ARE NOW OPE N. Grand Stocks in Drapery, SHOW-ROOM, FANCY, AND FURNISHING GOODS. I THJ3 PUBLIC ARJE CORDIALLY IN.VITED TO TAKE A WALK THROUGH. J (. •, .• TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA I t 7- I THE LONDON & SOUTH WALES ARTIFICIAL TOOTH COMPY., WILL INTRODUCE THEIR S P E CIA LIT I E S IN S WA N SEA, n I BY SUPPLYING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, < SINGLE TEETH FJtOM 2s. UPPER oR LOWER SETS 208.. EXTRACTIONS AT Is. OUR LOCAL ADDRESS: 1, GLADSTONE BUILDINGS, ALEXANDR A ROAD, SWANSEA, < (OPPOSITE THE ARCADE.) ,( i ..) -.r_ PRETTY AND USEFUL H XlVIAS PRESENTS =3EN Fancy Occasional Chairs, J" 16s. 6d. F. C. Eddershaw, 19, HIGH STREET. ———-— M?HJ* LICENSES INSURANCE CORPORATION AND GUARANTEE FUND, LIMITED. ^S^OLDBRS, B&EWKBS, LEASEHOLDERS, MORTGAGEES, ud all OTHER? Haviag ma hwerable interest in Licensed Property, aaOULD INSURE AGAINST DEPRECIATION Cwmad by Less of Licaus" *w rrespeows and Pardoulm spoy to the LoeW AgenU: H. GOLDBERG AND COMPANY, ik OAMBRIAN-PLACE. SWANSEA. faunon N*. 186, THE SWANSEA PURE MELK CO.. U. D&IA-BECJLE-STREET, SWANSEA. ER P-JREST MILK I 1 11 y — DELIVERED TWICE DAILY m- RICHEST IN CREAM J ¡ '1 ro ALL PARTS Tb« Sirmnsea Pnee ITifk Company desire to impress upon their Customers that the i low pcopc W, T. Perkins and iÀi have now NO CONNECTION WHATEVER WU tho PL-twet FKAL All Milk stat ont by the S.P.M. Co. i8 of guaranteed ly gienic parity, and Í8 zmt 1 teUed t. eMur. both PURH Y Md QDALlTTbeforeleariagthepremiaee. If you have rover had a REALLY GOOD PHOTOGRAPH g to ARCHIBALD GOLD IE, 95, MANSEL STREET. SWANSEA. HE HAS NOT FAILED in a single instance since he cpened THE MANSE STUDIO to yive PERFECT SATISFACTION. a GUARANTEE, e will RETURN MONEY if not approved of. TUB ONLY ADDRESS— 95, MANS EL-STREET. SWANSEA. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. LARGE STOCK. CHARMING SELECTION. LOW PRICES. Crettv Gifts far Rich or Poor ia GOLD AND SILVER JEWELLERY and Novelties. SILVER and ELECTRO-PLATE. HEAVY STOCK OF CLOCKS OF GOOD QUALITY. NVEBBER & SO iN. 87. OXFORD STREET. SWANSEA. [2287 HOW TO LIGHT A SHOP PROPERLY EE JLKGCPS NEW OUTSIDE LAMP, it ABOUT ONB FABTHiJie PER HOuR FOB ftAa 17 & 18. NELSON-STREET. NJ" "II i ;• PERFFCT TEA." I I z. PER POUND, I I v A HiahC'-n Btead unequalled for 1 r Quality and Riehness of Infusion. I "PERFECT TEA." I ts. 8 PElt POUND. Rkb Colour. Pleasing Flavour, Weighty Liquor, Possessing in Surpassing Abundance and in Has, monioua Combination all the com- ponent parts of Perfect Tea. Tb. belt in all England at the Price. I I "PERFECT TEA." la. 8d. PER POUND. .7110, The enormous increase in the on I ot Tea during recent years makes it aU the more necessary that Con- fumera should sea they are quppLe4, J with a really Good Article. PERFECT TEA." Is. 8ds. PER POUND. I To be obtained of- I W. s. CLARK, 77, OXFORD-STP.EET, I And 4, BEACH-STREET, SWANSEA, 2285 I I EGGSi GGS!! EGGS I WEEKLY SHIPMENTS ARRIVING FOR WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRADE, I. DA VIES AND CO.. 'I WW ilQau. SWaxafi*. ,1 J Æ J. REES^ EVANS. IMPORTANT PURCHASE THIS WK4K FOR CASH, T 175 LADIES'BLACK AND COLOURED JACKETS. CAPES, AND MACKINTOSHES. I PRICES FROM 3s. HD. TO 308. EACH. « ALL NEW AND FASHIONABLE SHAPES. NO BETTER VALUE CAN BE OFFERED. 218, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. [2204 .tt i I CARBOTRON PORTABLE STOVES, For waioh neither CHIMNJn nor FIAJK i8 Begtiind. Fuel liana without SMOKE, SMELL, or FUMES. r-, May be Ma 2a as* at MORGAN BEVAN AND SONS, 24,CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. [1 THE T Y -MEL YN HOTEL; HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. This Old-Estabiiahed Home is new UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. OW$N MORGAN, fiwliu* Choitjo and Well-Selected Stock of Whaec, Spirits, Barton aad at6w Akfl. Cigars Fiaeet Brwada. _ø& WM. HANCOCK AND CO LTD., BREWERS, WINE AND SPIBIT IMPORTERS. CrGAR DEALERSP SWANS-EA. OFFICES: NO. 4, CAMBRIAN-PLACE. TELEPHONE No. sa. r 1883 ¡;¡ F°K A D I B 3* AMD QENI8 WATERPROOF BOOTS GO TO M-AVERA, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA, "D -AT'' M 0 RRIST O N. r 2321 SO COAL MERCHANTS, HAULIERS, AND HOUSBHOLDEB& FOR BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL HOUSE AND KITCHEN COALS. THE BLAENGAS^* tX>S,LBSfi¥ I i I RIEMOVY-D w. D. EVANS. REMOVKD STITAND. READY CLOSED UPPERS. A BESPOKE ORDERS EXECUTED IN THREE DAYS. CURRIER AND LEATHER SELLER. SERVICE HIDES AND PUMP LEATHER, GRI^DEllY -AND- SHOE MERCERY MERCHANT. 1-' RE PROSPECT,°SrRANDUTH TEMPERANCE-HALL BUILDINGS. I FLOWER_ TUBES. A GRAND ASSORTMENT IN TILE NEW COLOURS AND SHAPEg- ■ WELL ADAPTED FOR CHRYSANTHEMUMS AND OTHER FLOWERS. TAYLOR AND COMPANY. 6, CASTLE-SQUARE, SWANSEA. 105 WELSH FLÄNNELS I "rEIJSH FLANNELI! WELSH FLANNELS! SUPPORT YOUR HOME INDUSTRIES By we; ring REAL HOME-MADE FLANNELS. Fine-White and Undyed Flannels (so Hislilv"Kecoinmendcd by the eminent Dr. JAEUAB) foV underwear are now being Sold bv MESSRS. LEWIS &|JONES (of Carmarthen), \1 At Swansea Market on Saturdays only. Aiao Dress Materials, Cloths, and Shawls, of all sizes. PATTERS FREE FROM THEIR WOOLLEN MILLS, OARMRTHEN, f- A& A A 183ft. REAL TBa 1H^Bn V WELSH SBQP FLANNELS GENUINE SHAWLS WELSH | of AD^1LMAJ^I FLANNEL Erery Descriptioo Ilk B SHIRTS, always in fCARPlGAN HOUSU ST 0. C K. COLLEGE STREET, SWANSEA, OvcTers Received. JOHN JONES. Pit G USTALuteed- I A. W. ROGERS, BEGS TO CALL ATTENTION TO HIS CELEBRATED I, HEALTH WATERPROOF BOOTS t FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Also a Superior Stock of Winter Goods for Ladies, Gentle- men & Children. Including Ma ,nic Flexible," "Heathfield. If And otlker makes which arc v eq ualledforSt) Comfort, &W' Choice Selection of Ladies' and Gents' KveniDo Shoes.. i 18, Heathfielci-street, I SWANSEA, 22U J1 1. FUN ERA L OT TH« LATS RIGHT HONOURABLE LORD SWANSEA TO-DAY. AS A MARK OF RESPECT B. EVANS & COMPY. WILL CLOSE THEIR PREMISES FROM 12 t6 4 O'CLOCK, COKTAACTOBS TO HSR GoVBRMltBKT. GOOD LARGE HOUSE COALS v, PER 15S. TON. CASH ON DELIVERY. 2273 MILLINERY FOR THE MILLION. It is freely stated that the Millinery new on view at RHYS THOMAS' is the choicest cleanest, smartest, and most up-to-date in town. The leading fashionable Millinery Warehouse. Prices unequalled, and yet quality superior. We explain why we can and will sell at snch low charges. Come yourselves or send a representative, and make no purchase unless thoroughly satisfied, No slop work kept. RHYS THOMAS, 51 OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. GWILDI EVANS" QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. IS THE BEST POSSIBLE WINTER MEDICINE. Long experience has satisfactorily demonstrated that these Bitter* are admirably adapted for the pre- vention and cure of ALL WIKTEK ailments. QWILYM «VAN»' QUININE BITTERS i.f — .•» /u-. ELIABLE. .,i;E J A.I.. AFE. All s :.ion keepa thn :r k vn-. ■ ,«< "1. i*v • 'tect tnemlelv. from the injury to health nsoiuug uoia USTBHLY WINDS, COLD AND DAMP FEET, KXPOSCltB TO THB WEATHER. This can easily be done by taking a timely course of GWIL YM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, Uf THK BBST IUUUWY 9F TIIB AGE FO. WHAKNKaS, NEUVOUSNESS, LOW SPIKITS, MELANCHOLY, UtDtGESTION, .CHEST AEJPECTIONS, LOSS OF APPETITE, BLOOD DISOEBEHS. TESTIMONIAL. 16. Briatol-place, Edinburgh, Dec. 14th, 1S31. Gentlemen,-Kmdlv seud me another 4s. 6d. bottle f Gwil-YSt KVANS' SXITEE3. I have deyived much benefit from the two bottles I have already taken. I suffer-much from Indigestion, LewueB8 of Spirit, Nervousness, and Weakness. I should also like to try your DlGSSTivx PEAEis, if they can be taken along with the BITTERS. I intend giving the QUIKUTK BITTSBS a fair trial trial.—Yours faithfully, S. B. JAMKS. QWILYM EVANS, QUININE BITTERS. Sold in Bottles at Is. lid., 2s, 9d„ and 4e. 6d; each. Beware of imitations. See the nameoÎ "Qwilym Bvans" on Label, Stamp, and Bottle. Sole Proprietors- QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (LIMITED) LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. 2109 THE LLANELLY BREWERY, BUCKLEY BROS.. BREWERS, MALSTERS, WINE I ■ 4-' AND SPIRIT IMPORTERS, MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURERS 7', • ,I' BREWERS OF HOP BITTERS, PKtCE LIST ON APPLICATION. Agencies:— v fenby, Newcastle-Emlyn, Llandyssil, aiarthcD, St. Clears, Ammanford, and Maesteg Agents wanted where not already appointed.. ANUEL fjiHOMAS tAL WATER AND FRUIT •DIAL MANUFACTURER, ] Works, Alexandra road. 4 Oheapest Mineral Water ia Town. npPING SUPPLIED AT 2s. PER DOZEN—Bottlea Free. [1834 J KFFR E Y'S A RMS. FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Close lo llitt lUarltet. Oxfonl-street. Wilhin live minutes ofthoO.W.)!. and L. & N.W. Visitors to Swansea will iiud aH Home Comfort* at i ikoia<esl!U>lisijeU hoetciry. Ordinury daily, cue o'clœk. • T. O. SMALL, >i.Ij.C.V.S., Proprietor. NJ3 .-Canil\ges, ';1\ Wall< )uelold. aud Sa ddn Uotvts on l;ire at Loe shorltsl notice. Couv«yauc«s for the CrowetCoasU olfl



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