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THE SUDDEN DEATH OF LORD SWANSEA. v .J L, .1. L,.r:L.1. THE SCENE IN THE DEATH CHAMBER. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE FUNERAL. The people whose avoeat ons cause them to move about when the grey tints of morning force their way up from the eastern horizon yesterday (Thurs- dav) morning heard with eonsfc9rnation, and then regarded the rumour with in- credulity, that Lord Swansea had djed in his bed during the night at "Singleton. It is with tbe profoundest feelings of regret, and with the conviction thar a sad day 1 as dawned upon the town of Swansea, that v. e confirm the ruuioor. His lc-nhhip explred At midnight, before Dr. T. D. Griffiths, who had been suciracned to Singteton in haates could reach his lordship's bedside. ■■■^1.. ■■■■!■■ SUCCINCT ACCOUNT FROM AN AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE. A representative of the Daily Post, as a result of inquiries of the most intimate authorities, was able to ascertain on Thursday f nil particulars of the deceased peer s state of health for some time, and the circumstaiu cs tvhich iedup to his sudden demise oil Vfednesaay night. As our readeric are aware. Lord Swansea arrived in England from Canada a few weeks ago. and. after a shert stay in Durham, returned to Single- ton iast week. The nobie lord attended the openiDg of Messrs. n. Evans and Com- pany's premises ON Saturday, accouipanteid by 'I several members of his family, when he was apparently in ILi-j very beet of health and spirits. On' Sunday morn- ing as he was proceeding to bketty Church with Lady Swansea he was taken a liltlo unwell, and together with her ladyship at once returned to tiie abbey with- out having entered the church. Dr. Griffiths, 'I oi Swansea, received a note shortiy afterwards from his iordship, asking him. to call.but staling it was of no immediate importance, and Llwt any time in the dav j would dc. Dr. Grifiuhs, however, at once! proceeded to Singleton, whereupon his lovdslnp complained »/ weak- ness in tilo iunbf and "HEKBLIVCI, The doctor, however, found him very Much as usual, though a careful examination revealed the fact that his loriship bad suffered from sudden tits of trembling. However, he speedily recovered, but appeared anxious to know whether there was any- thing serious the matter with biia. Dr. Griffiths iuformed him ttiat he was ready suffering 1:0111 age and degeneration. His lordship exyrcsuad a desire to go to London on the following day to conduct som" business matters.The family, hov.'erer, and th<i medical adviser, as on warned him against continued hard work. He was advised to take things quietly, and here may be emphasised tho fact that his lordship's energy and desire for activity rather increased than diminished with ad- vancing years. He. however, always laughingly retorted: *t 'Tittet work," "Jusb enough to keep yourself happy," suggested Lis friends—but with iittie sncceas. H IIJ Lordship was a ma.n of strong determination; he aiwayi worked hard and worked well, and in iaet, IN He never failed to sleep at night; no matter what the trouble, cr how great tha anxiety — he always had com- mand or ids thoughts, and whuu he laid hi:, head on the pillow would go to sleep immediately. Tiii;. wa;. the great secret, of bia health,and but for n hewou.d have broken down years ago. For years past the de- ceased peer had suffered from trouble in the i:uileli—stricture and contraction of the guliet—ana this had been a source of great anxiety to him and his family, It was, in fact, a source of much trouble to him n bcu be went to the West Indies. As a result of this affection, he had not been abie to take food in the' ordinary way for a long time. No one knew what trouble he. had endured quietly, and yet he bore it without complaint and witn exemp'ary patience. The Vivian family were generally all the more AKXiU: .S ABOUT HIM owing to his characteristic re- servo about the question of bis oiyn beallii. In Kpiie of advicc to the con- trary. his lordship proceeded to Loudon on ,'denda.y and transacted a deal oi: business, ami he spoke at a meeting on Tuesday. The family were naturally anxious about him, but were greatly relieved on Wednesday morning to receive a teiegram iromhim conveying the information that he had that morning seen Sir Wiiiiam Broadbent, who is one ot the lioyai phjsicians, and that the result of the interview was satisfactory, After this medical consultation, he transacted further business in the metropolis and returned to Swansea by the express train, reaching here at halt-past eight o'clock in the evening, and dined with hiu family in the usual way atnine o'clock Afteran interval of pleataut conversa- tion uud social intercourse with his wife Riid daughters and a number of gentlemen who had arrived the same evening LO lorm It sbout- ing party,which v. as to have commenced their sport to-day, hi., lordship retlreCl to bed. Tur LAST SAD SCK.VA Oi <iil was short and painful. Jrlis lordship twas about to drop off to sleep, when it was noticed that no seemed to shiver aud tremble somewhat, and art, a short struggle he expired, at about lialf- p. t eleven. Dr, i'erkins, of Sxetty, and Dr. Car.i.liths, ol Swansea, ^ere immediately sent for, and both arrived witbin a lew minutes ot for, and both arrived witbin a lew minutes ot each other, shortly alter tueive o'clock. Their professional bervict s were of course ti.iiiccess. i}. \tiiiifi the membeis of La and otliers had i Lean hurriedly sent for, the Hou. Aubrev Vivian quickly arriving from L'ark-ic-iireos. I De .th v.'Ksdue to syncope, or KAILURE OF THE HSAliXS ACTION and a death certificate .o that effect has been made out, lie f;t'ier of L„dy Swansea and ti:c farmiy can better be Imagined than described. The me-mbrrs of the iamiiy residing away were imnic-dkttely communicated with by telegraph. The heir, the Hon.' Ernest telegraph. The heir, the Hon.' Ernest Vivian, arrived at Singleton fr("In I Leu-l on this afternoon. The t affection had nothing to do with the cause of I, t-ile gullot having, if anything, been a little easier lately. The shooi;n« party fca» oi course, been abruptly biokc.n up! If his lo.dh p bad not taken such a very fcoen and active part in his business and commercial affairs, he might Have lived sever:) 1 years longer. Kaii'orin" as ho aiJ, the journey from London was nnvjo exeriion tor him for one day. Ho.- ver, he was a strong man, was of magnificent physique, and p:u.scs^cd of ft. sturdy natuto. 4 worked hard, late and eariy, and in lii-i death Swan .). has her noblest citizen, &aid an invimate frieud to his Lordship even so recently as Sunday. "■ Von know, your Lordship, thrvo score years and ten is man's allotted time, and alter that he is only an annual tè:1Got." "1\1\ only tena.nt frorn ¡ day to day," replied Ins Lordship jocularly. Mow true! bow prophetic!






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