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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. &) A V A I'- yr-AN I, R E 4-N 0 P E -NL 'tocks '-i*n rapery,i 0 s HOW-ROOM, FANCY, ?' 1? I?TTI??TCTJTT?? ?f??T?<Q ? ? i? i! ? iir? i.OiiJL? <jr ?'UUi?b. THE PULIC A-RE CORDIALLY iNYITED TO TAKE A WALK THROUGH. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA ft LONDON & SOb1H WALES ARTIFICIAL TOOTH COMPY., WILL INTRODUCE TILE ill SPECIALITIES IN SWANSEA, BY SUPPLYING UNTIL FUUTHSB NOTICE, SINGLE TEETH FEOlU 2s- UPPER oR LOWER SETS „ 20s. EXTRACTIONS ax Is. OUE LOCAL ADDRESS: GLADSTONE BUILDINGS. ALEXANDRA ROAD, SWANSEA. (OPPOSITE TILE ARCADE.) .4 Good News Good liews CI-IE-IPEST NAEAT IN IZWA-NSEA IS Ti-iL,, OD CLD 1,"Rll, A THE CANTERBURY MEAT Co. 'TLC ifiriii ftl,. t L"AD,'?' THTI," WAY, TRY ti) "Ol I "LT liAII4. 'tild I oiv week their PRIME CANTERBURY MUTTON, at the following low prices .u ..L4 \J- ,j, SHOULDERS. 3;d. LOINS, d. Neck and Breast almost Given Away. Prime Ox Beef Choice Cuts, Sirloins, 4M. -per lb j** 0 O tlie good Roasting- Joints fro jo 3d. to 4kl. rtle CANTERBURY MEAT Co., 199. HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. Next door to Mr. Keall, Dentist Come early to Secure Best Joints. 215j Is NSo E IMPORTANT PURCHASE THIS WEEK FOR CASH, I 175 LADIES BLACK AND COLOURED J t. ( K "1 '-¡n c t i CAPES, AND .MACKINTOSHES. < PRICES FROM 3s. 11D. TO 30s. EACH. t ALL NEW AND FASHIONABLE SHAPES. NO BETTER VALUE CAN BE OFFERED. 218, HIGH-STREET, SWANSEA. [2204 SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT. In consequence of tba.,exeel)tionaalv Mild Winter we have gapecieaeed as yet, the SALE OF WINTER CLOTHING Hm dragged eGn»iderab*y. D. JONES & CO., Outfitters and Clothiers,! COLLEGE STREET. HAVE MADE AN EXTRAORDINARY LARGE PURCHASE OP MEN'S, YOUTHS', AND BOYS' OVERCOATS, I' Direct from Use Manufacturers, at FABULOUS LOW PRICES, 1 lu fact. Half tiit 11 Original Coat Price." W.. Are now skewing the3e goods marked at prices that defies competition for Quality, Style, and Fit. NO OLD STOCK OR SOILED GOODS, Another consignmeat of ollr well-known BLACK SERGE JACKETS AND VESTS, Price from 99. 6d. beat value in town. I TWEED WATERPROOF COATS, 25s., sewn seams; usually sold at "& I 60 dozen COLOURED MUFPLZRB, 6id. I HATS, CAPS, TIES, COLLARS, UMBRELLAS, t At Usaal Low Prices. I CALL EARLY and take atfv&ntsge of this opportunity, to seen" emcb Bargains as ive M'e positive have not beec shown in Swannes before. I I D. JONES tot CO., COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA. If yea have never bad a REALLY GOOD PHOTOGRAPH g to ARCITIBALD GOLDIE, 95, MANSEL STREET, SWANSEA. HE HAS NOT FAILED in a single instance sineft he opened THE MANSE STUDIO to give PERFECT SATISFACTION. As a GUARANTEE, e will RETURN MONEY if not approved ot THE ONLY ADDRESS- :15, MANSEL-STREET, SWANSEA. i '? -.a ? — -a-??,??. ? i????T'C? N-?t1?7 Ai W <i. Y b JD U Y <? </ EDDERSHAW8 FURNITURE. ¡ _m__m__m_ f I 19, HIGH STREET. i FROM SUNNY CEYLON. i 1 10TC1WQ flCl SDIftllO TCJSO have reached a pinnacle of success never before attained by any other Teas in the world, and their increasing I Lit I yil 0 ULllUlUUd I LftlJ popularity IN EVERY HOME is the. surest test of their appreciation by the Public. If you wish to enjoy a Cup of Tea that Excels all others DRINK ONLY I p i THE MOST TOPULAR OF THE AGE. '-?w".kilRECT FROM THE TEA GAIIDENS LIPTON'G T'N "P RICH, PURE, AND FR.GRANT, S HIGHEST & ONLY AWA)L? !iy W fNG-RE3#v -4 C?NLY AAii" LTilptirtillele(-] Success. Is. ,citid 4d. per 11). IN T"G BRITISH Slir.TfON OF TO T'&'8 T%a axnw" WORLD'S FAIR, 1 WORLU'8 FAIR, C14irCA CHICAG-3 \-O -;NIIDDL-E, ?NIEN*S PROFITS TO PA-Y. CHICAGO Go. 'Tote tl?e Prices. THE F-,IN-r'ST TEA THE WOIILD CA,-N PRODUCE, iN-0 IIIG-TilER PRICE. ILI?. iNO HIG-HER PR?ICE. 9r' I T TEA ANID COFFE-E PLANTE'PT, CEYL(,)N. L 1. 0 THE LARGEST T-tA, COFFEE, AND PROVISION PLA,.LNTERS IN TIT-F; WORU. ,-?le Pi-Prictor c,-f e 'ollowin, celebr,,tted Tea and C(,,f,ee Estates in Ceylon; Da-,nbatenne, L,?).yinas'?uo'L,,te, Monera?-anae. illahadambatenrie, inlousakelle- ,b cover i'l-iousa,tds of'Accez, of th,?-. b?,-iit TE" -tnd COFi, -:E LA ND in Ceylon. Ceylon Tea and Coffee ?.?praas e, :4 an a;gall?,i, in G iotaiiella. ttidia.,i Tea Shipping Ware., -ai. I ii Office [:,pper Chatli.t-.ii Str(-t-t, Coloiiibo. )ping W-ar?uh,)usees -?laddema Mills Cinnap.-io,i Gardelie. Coloillbo. Cevlo S?.,jres; Hare Street. Strand, Czl.'tcutta,. Itidiiln Oi'hces: j)alh?,usie Sq,,tare, Ca'iciitt Te,-t and ('/o:ffee Salerooms: -Nliiicino, Lane, Tea Bleiid -es: -Ba-,Lh Street and Ca.),ton Sti-eet., I,ONDON, E.C. -DON, E.C. Wht)lesalt, int, and I)uty Paid Stoi Boiidect and Expuz, Stores: ylt?(.XICX4 Strt__t., iao-LON, E.C. Coffee Bleiidi5,a- S,ores, and Ess,,?nce M,,znuf,tctorv: Oild Street, LF)NDON, E.C. Wholesale and Export Wart:"aluuseh. Nelson P.'Lace, LONDON. KC.; FrLlit Preserve .Waetory; Spa P,,oacl. T3(.-rinondse3,, L(-)?-N-DON, S.t. GENERAL OFFICL,S: PATH $TREET, (-'ITY ROAD, LONDON, E.C. LOCKL BRAUNCEIES But.LalvGs, ifigh-sLrept-. CD6rdiff: St. NIAILYSTP.ZET (nextdOOl' io the and 7, HTGff F3TRZET; Llanelly 9. STigpxzlr E;Tvrj-,T; 2?2, Wi??,? STitLE3,. BitANCI-iES ACalLN(',IEi EVEr.YWL-11,.RF. LARGESJL TLU BRANCHES EVERYWI-IERE AND AGE^CUSS TliKQUOHOUI THE WQIU.;). I ;o;t.? -i. f'<;¡" ,J" 2 .e }..j' ;¡. 't! "4-> /'¡ > ') "ir- iiU. lLl U CHRISTMAS, 1894. a. ERE 'X7'E A' '1) -v !-i ( .t J'N1 "f J ..L\ _!J I- X ¡- AT THE TOP OF THE TREE FOR ??!) Ptn?s?tt *w? *w 'w'?.'v<<<?j! 'w?a?' ? '?a* 'w'=R*w?t STERLING VALUE IN om IN It I New Season's Fruit, GUARANTEED TO BE NEW AND IN PERFECT CONDITION. I Finest 'Yatras Cuppan s iner t dlb p GENERALLY SOLD AT DOUBLE THE PRICE New Valencia Raisins, 3d. per lb. Choicest Sultanas, 3Jd. per lb. Lemon and Orange Peel, 3d. & 4d. per lb. Citron, Spices, Mincemeats at equally such i astoundingly low prices. Pure Lfird, 5d. per lb. Eggs! Eggs!! Eggs! 14 for Is. zn 1,597 SUGAR CURED HAMS Per 6d lb. Especially Selected and Cured for the XMAS TRADE. EXTRA SPECIAL BLRNDED INDIAN, CHINA, AND CEYLON | TEA Per J/7 ik f-A REAL LUXURY. One Pound of this MARVELLOUS TEA would be a delightful Christmas Gift to your friend. Buy one for your Friend and for Yourself. You will never Regret it. Sugars at Market Price. I F L (TlJ R I Notwithstanding the Recent Advance, ia still Sold at the Same Rate. DAILY DELIVERIES TO ALL PARTS. I POST ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Bavies and Company, THE BORO' STORES, IN COLLEGE STREET. The CHEAPEST GROCERS & PROVISION DEALERS IN TOWN. Contractors TO HER MAJESTY'S GOVKRNikiXJiT. GOOD LARGE HOUSE COALS PER 15S. TO CASH ON DELIVERY. 2273 MILLINERY FOR THE MILLION, It is freely stated that the Millinery new on view at RHYS THOMAS' is the choicest cleanest, smartest, and most up-to-date in town. The leading t"hionable Millinerv Warebouse. Prices unequalled, and yet quality superior. Wo explain why we can ind will sell at such low charges. Come yourselves or send a representative, and make >o purchase unless thoroughly satisfied..No iiop work kept. ItHYS TfIOfAS, 51 OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. I -1 QWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. :S THE BEST POSSIBLE WINTER MEDICINE. Long experience h?»s satisfactorily demonstrated .hat these Bitters are admirably adapted for the pre- vention and cure of ALL wimss AILKESTS, QWILYM EVA-NW QUININE BITTERS ARE UNEQUALLED. ARE RELIABLE. ARE CERTAIN. ARE SAFB. Especially should all whose; occupation keeps their, indoors for a great part of the day protect themselves from the injurv to health resulting from EASTERLY WINDS, COLD AND DAMP FEET, EXPOSURE TO THE WEATHER. rhis can easily be taking a timely course of WILYM EVANW QUININE BITTEII.S, TnZ )BBST ItN?4]LDY OF !['MIZ AGE FOR G WEAKNESS, NERVOUSNESS. LOW SPIRITS, MELANCHOLY, INDIGESTION. CHEST AFFECTIONS, LOSS OF APPETITE, BLOOD DISORDERS. TESTIMONIAL. 16. Bristol JJlace, Edinburgh, Dec. 14th, 1891. Genik-men,-—Kind 'y send me another 4s. 6d. bottle of GWILYM HV.£.NS' BITTKRS. I have derived much (.tnefit from the two botties I have already taken. I suffer much from Indigestion, Lewness of Spirit, Nervousness, and Weakness. 1 should also like to try your DlCJESTrvx J?i £ ABr^, if they can be taken uionV L BITTERS a fair trial trial. Y ou rs faithfully, S. E. J AMES. !WILYM 1'A-NS, QUILNINE 131TTEltS. (-,T Sold in Bottles at Is. lid., 2s, 9<1.. and 4s. 6d. each. Beware of imitations. SOP, the-name of "Qnttynt Evana on Label, Stitmp, and Bottle. Sole Proprietors— .),U-lNli\'r- Bl- ERS ?,TA?NUFACTUItIN(i .,T COMPANY (LIMITED) LLANELLY, fcjOUTH WALES. 2109 ,¡£AYl'OLB nI;J.nm. .l.'U.. IlL PER LB, Ueducet1 to l\¡fAYPOLE BU'l'fh! J. 1 ) 1/1 PElt J,D, Red need to MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., 'E'f SIVA.LNSEA. 2071, fllgf' STR! .1 A:51000 TO BE GIVEN AWAY 1!) PER LB. GIVEN BACK CusoTIers who i-i ia rounces our noted Six- 1 ^D. per LB. penny Margarine to } O jyfAYPOl-a AIR IT r; o. 1'






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