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THE POST BAG• «ptrrf


THE POST BAG- • «ptrrf Davies and Janes are even at the 1> Conference at Morriston. They adherents each, while the Evanses unlucky number of 13. He told me that she killed her hosW^ twice," said a Swansea witness on e<YfjL day. As the husband referred to is still it is probable that, like a cat, he hat more chances. ejj A Swansea schoolmaster one day received the following note:—"Dear Sorry 1 could not send Johnny this wee consequence of having had a baby, w inLend sending next week certain." Witnesses at the Police-court 80Die^ condemn themselves out of their own One of them at Swansea said the other day he was seated by the lire with another Did he mean that he was a bit of an 0 woman himself ? t Some of the Trades Council delegates [I11J1 have their dreams disturbed by the Post Ted Humby and Brother Darmody, f°r stance, cannot utter a dozen words wi making allusion, each in his different i*9#' this column. The quickest shave that has ever been formed by any male or female barber that referred to in the Swansea Police-colitt on Wednesday, when a witness said w man threw a stone at her and shaved Ii head, Miss Marie Kendall, who last delighted Empire audiences with bet singing and feting, in the artiste whose p*1 graphs the Music Hall and Theatre has chosen to decorate the front their issue of August 31st. Miss Kendal at Newport this week. Is it the Waggon Makers versus ^eel° £ Lee versus the Waggon Mafcers ?'' asked Humby at Wednesday night s meeting of Swansea Trades Co'ircil. His uncertainty the point seemed to be shared by several 0 the delegates, all the reporters, and Mr. LO himself. • ød The story of the Rhonddaite who s*W mutton in a window, and went in 8 naked for sheep's jam, has been ec»P ky that of the person of the other se^ « went into a local ironmonger's shop and allt for a saucepan lined with emanuel. ——— in tbo A prize to the reader who, not being know, can elucidate this advertisement W appears in the Mail to-day :— Kare.—Correspondent, Friday. Vowchurch. dw jg gddl jg ojvvt kddiyuiu sjie games fiab.—Paris. Mr. Bowen Rowlands, Q.C., bad ubiquity to his numerous We were told yesterday by a society j°urI1^ that he is staying at Broadhaven. And the Cardiff papers assert that he was iikewoo sojourning in the Brewster Sessions eout struggling with Sconces. A town couneillor who is remarkable for the portentious solemnity of his demea." was asked by a Post man recently to diltdgs some important information re yachting. j replied something after the following:- cogitate only on the profounder in ties of esoteric cogi-bundity," Goodness, gracious! — oat* Why do they admit reporters to the me' I> ing of the Swansea Trades Council ? LoO at them taking all this down!" sang ont President Harrv Williams, referring to matter which the pressmen did noS dream of a secret nature. Yes," added the dent, the reporters always give us 01 than we want." 91 Ted Humby is a master of phrases, Ii witness the following With the set* fell purpose of doing such and such a thi°fr That is not a collateral hypothesis." pressmen are 5 like meteors flashing the literarv sky; others are like 99 stars, invisible through the celestial miltS and so on ad infinitum. Mr. Llewelyn Williams, B.A., be the favourite with the majority of BaP parsons at Morriston on Wednesday; speaker, possessed of greater prophetic P pensities than the others, predicted applause that the time would comp wheot would see the old Post editor champi00"^ the cause of "Cymru Fydd in An eight-year-old youngster at the uatitlf on Wednesday evening was impressed by sight of Miss Maude Aldridge as she lay her b'^e rostume contrasted against green surface of the water. Don't she like a angei?"' was his artless r#rnJ'e<j Doubtless he has had his imagination stir. by a view of the celebrated picture of tbO Martyr. Harry Williams had to sit throughout Trades Council meeting with an empty g in front of him. During intervals of fulness he reached for the glass, ble^ imaginary foam from off it, and placed R his lips. The look of disgust that afterwat overspread his features tpstified amply to feelings agitating his cerebellum. He 1°° like a second-hand Tantalius. A guardian of the peace who is often seeo on duty in High-street is the happy possessor of a body of immense proportion? "w'niC^ j,a likened unto Lipton's advertisement of farmer and his quadruped. It is humdia 1 at. all times to be sat upon but it has remarked that if he sat on any on9 the 8It" would have little room for humility or other virtue. ø The general knowledge acquired by øo;¡, of the pupil teachers who come from the cultural districts for their first ye8^„ Llanellv is of a curious character. were being examined this week on light » heat, and when the examiner asked tl what would become of a candle if an c% j guishcr were placcd upon it, the best rep^ tiiey could prod -co among them waa an *sS^c tion that the extinguisher would be bu away, sir." v- Dead heads.—When Charles Co assumed tho management of the Bj-a' j9'' Adlmmbra he found a list of dead 11 that would havo fill'-d the ball every 'i,h a One evening Semite, with a boun greed fct-free passe?, was walking Pas rjjs- pav-bo* without taking a ticket. U' sion was courteously pointed out to « g Manager Colletle. "V0t,vot? noth'.nk to come in ere'' exelanne # dead head." Charne urbanely P°int;'iaCe<? ■lotico he had recently caused to be P over the pay-box. "Oh 'aug_the froo cried tho son of I=rael. ,lJust £ • j Collette, I have suspended .?- J1 the Curions mimes are sometimes found charge-sheet at Swansea Police-court. g[ otiier day a woman with the ironieai Ialr Jaue Sileuee appeared in the witness-D ait. tho following was the embarrasing Scene: At the Swansea Police-court;. Magistrate (to witness) — What is J name ? Witness.- Silence! mv M. What do you mean0 Arswo quest ion. What is your name ? W,-bJcnc-C! 12 I M.—(Angrily.) How dare you, ?t Do you want to be committed for content of court? w.—Silence, sir! (Laughter and son*- in court.) Constable;.—Silence! .hj- it M.- (G hiring at the P.C.) Ready ,urii> £ outrageous, — General coufusjon which the position is explained.