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HOW TiJ Llt'xHT A SHOP PROPERLY fc> XL ill LEGG'S NEW OUTSIDE LAMP. COSTS A'i ):JI ONE FARTHING PER HOUR FOR GAS. i, 17 & 18, NELSON-STREET. GEORGE HELLIER. I HAY AND CORN MERCHANT, THE CENTRAL STORES, RICHARDS' PLACE, SWANSEA. Branch—2Sa, ORCilARD STREET. JOG BISCUITS and all kinds of POULTRY FOOD. ENGLISH and IRISH HAY and STRAW of BEST QUALITY. Daily DeliveryiaTown and Neighbourhood. V*: TIlE SOUTH WALES HOP BITTER ALE, MADOC STREET, SWANSEA. Non-Intoxicating Hop Bitters in Casks of aJJ sbtes, and in Bottles. L'- TELEPHONE Ne.121. j_ pt SWANSEA DERATED WATER COMPANY, ORANGE STREET, T £ J-Ef UO,\ £ Xo.-tf. S W A N S JE A SWANSEA UNITED BREWERIES LIMITED BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, ALE AND PORTER BOTTLERS .,) SWANSEA. Telephone No. 85. LEARANCE S ALT71 OF SUMMER GOODS FOR XLi 21 DAYS ONL\ TROUSERS FROM 9/6. SI ITS J? 37 6. Pont buy Ready-Made Clothes while this Sale is on. CALL EARLY and secure some NR GOOD BARGAINS. JONES, TAILOR, I 223, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. 1799 GROCERY .Aim PROVISIONS STREET. AT POPULAR I. PRICES. C. ROSS AND COMPANY, OPENING DAY 29, UNION FRIDAY NEXT. NO HOUSE EQUALS DOWN AND SON, FOR RELIABLE FURNITURE. WHY ? ( JJecjusc they arc Uie LARGEST MAKiifo BY MACHINERY IN WALES, Hate the MOST EXTENSIVE STOCK TO SELECT FKOM, and give the BEST POSSIBLE VALUE. |Y A VISIT WILL AT ONCE CONVINCE ONE OF THE FACT. 1ft FURNITURE TO SUIT COTTAGE OR MANSION. CARPETS MADE AND LAID FREE. ESTABLISHED NEARLY HALF A CENTURY. HIGH STREET AND MORRIS LANE, SWANSEA. MORGAN BEVAN.&SONS. GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERS, 24, CASTLE STREET, B*1 to call Public Attention to their LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF LAMPS, i, FROM oil', to .1;5 Gs. EACH. [170' SUPERIOR HALL LAMPS AT LOW PRICES. i HATS HATS HATS HATS HATS HATS TANK'S HATS HATS HATS VV HATS SPECIAL HATS H\TS HATS HATS HATS HATS H M HATS HATS I IS HATS ■ HATO VALUE HATS IIA1S HALB HATS HATS fy NT(^N STREET. HATS HATS HATS HATS 1 *1 HATS HATS NEW GOODS. B. EVANS A CO. ■' INVITE INSPECTION OF } EXTENSIVE RANGES IN New Dress Materials, I TAWE SERGES, '>,>, Ladies' & Children's drOlf & Holiday Capes. "ALSÓio A SPLENDID SELECTION OF THE NEWEST SHAPES IN Ladies' & Gentlemen's Waterproofs. t PRICES LADIES', 8/9 to 69/- GENTLEMEN'S, 21/- to 79/- ;a. ALL RELIABLE MAKES. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. 7 John S. Brown HAS NOW IN STOCK THE ■■■; AND /<^0 ALL BEST SEL'CTED S>/TRADES STOCK EVER SEEN IN WALES. F — V.\40 J INS:ECTION ;.■'■■.vW £ RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. — /JOHN S. BROWN, OXFORD STREET. .1 ■ SWANSEA. 1779 FROM CEYLON WE IMPORT Tlip SMALL SIFTED, TEA ..FROM THE BEST TEA GARDENS IN THE WOULD. PRICE Is. ID. PER POUND. EVERYBODY SHOULD USE THIS TEA. TAYLOR & COMPANY LIMITED. OXFORD STREET, 0 1« Close to National Schools S. — /^S STYLIS" MII.LINKEY AND AUU MX XOViiLTIKS /OTJK COliSETS, For S;>st Vaiuc 111 j/L^S AT 11 1 J- G EN K ItAL DR Al'Kli Y £ ? AJIT MUSLINS /A\ A-e Unrivalled. LACE CUKi'Al.NS /<V. AU Qualities m iSU AY i WATCH C2ETONNE8 SFKINGCOHSETS. L A* Our RED GLOVES at 1 (Unrivaled) /-> Are Best Value Ol talnable. /'V'/ TstY A PAIK- yr r < OXFORD STREET, yr. Oij Near National Schools. MOUTH WALES ViNEGAR, SAUCE. O AND PICKLE CO., Manufacturers of PURE MALT VINEGAR, PLYMOUTH ST., SWANSEA. SHIPPING SUPPLIED. from M.iIV and guarantee:1. free from Mineral Ac d. Prices and terms on application 1659 JEFFKKY'S ARMs. FAMILY ASB .COMMKIXIAL U.TSL, Close lo tLo -Mai itst. Oxfoi*I-stwf. Witljin live niiviutoi th^G.W.H. ^11^1 L. & Visitor* toSv.r.nsea-vi;i lin.l all IXjmc Comforts ut is olU-tstiOlisLciA hostelry. C) i-t, ii il:i ry t'aily, cne o'clock T. C. SMALL, M.R.C.V.S., Proprietor. ri.D,-CaniH>,e8. Cabs. WltJ1;c¡¡did, and SiUdle Ilor^ej uii bite at liie »hoi'tt-sl n"tico. r Couveynh'te* lor the Qower Coast. 0. J _:{ ,=:"t- 1:- MILLIONS DRINK IT DAILY. RICH AND FRAGRANT. != & I I: I-H4 PER LB. r. #r4"r.v, j n 110 3053 ol 1 00,P'. INEST 1'HE WOULD CAN PRODUCE. 17 PER LB NO HIGHER PRICE This is a 'FAC-SIMILE of the GREAT DUTY CHEQUE, £$5M5 9s. 2d., paid by! LIPION, FOR his week's clearance ofica, AND represents over orie-Lalf the average weekly NAJ'MEIIT^ for Duty paid by THE entire Tea-Trade on the whole of the Tea imported into 4 Great Britain. LARGEST TEA SALE IN THE; WORLD. LIPTON, Tea Planter, CEYLON. LOCAL BRANCHES Swansea:-AR-CAVE BcriL-uxaS, I-ligli-street: Cardiff ST. MarySFTRKST (nest door lothft'tbentre Itoyal); aekd 7, High Stbeet Llanellv 9, Siepxsy Stkbrt BrUtol f2, ffix* S*BT. BLANCHES & AGENCIES > £ V £ RY WHERE. GROCERY AND PROVISIONS AT POPULAR PRICES. (VILOSS & CO., 29, UNION-STREET, OPENING DAY FRIDAY NEXT. F» • '• Pei l'ect :cn cf BI -iKltd Wliis '-Lan EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. tx;vmii^d i.nalyti'-tiiiy this blend of Scotch Whi-ky, an.i find it to be unu-<u;il!y pure, o excellent flavour, muI well matured. Reconitnended wilb ci. ntideiRp asa PIlle and for t!if*ick H»ii couvaiesc«»nt. —1'ractitionei', i diicd y T. Lalui. BRUATON, M.D., LI..D., Ac. SOLE FUOFHIKTOUS— MARGRAVE BROS., LLANELLY. Agcnls for CARDIFF and PENABTH— MESSRS. STKANAGHAN AND STEPHENa EXCELSIOR SCOTCH WHISKY. "Recommended with confidence hs a Stimulant for Sick and Convalescent."—London Practitioner. i T. M. BEN8°K' I L ALEXANDRA ARCADE BCUAIMQS* SWANSEA. GENERAL COMMiaSlOy AOBMT. igentfor the National Tel«ph«M Cocap»J< igentfor the National ToloPhs" Cocap»J< I Agent fertile LondaiMP»fl> T«l4cht8> Sta,ined Glue for Cathedral M4 I, Doiue^tio Work, Vpent for EncMtstieTUew, Uosaio Work Md MaraiDecoration, iirMee^, I tbiimate#Vk«B. Sampletea View. Licensed Victtiail6rs' V'ain<Tr."Sti !«* "10; ii.t! ,1 f TRY IT. TRY IT. WILLIAMS' SEED AND SULTANA CAKE 4D. PER LB. Nothing in Town to equal this Cake at the price. Sold elsewhere at 6d. and 8d.per lb. E. A. EVANS, UNDERTAKER, FUNKKAL FURNISHER, &c., j 22, ALFRED STREET, NEATH. WEDDING AND FUNERAL COACHES, BliAKHS, HANSOM CABS, DOG-CARTS, WAGGONETTES, &C. kr Ten-Stall Stable and Lock-up Yard. Posting in all its Branches. Telegraphic Address: "Nvans.AMred-ttreet. [27 By. Royal Letters Patent. YENTANEASE VENTILATED WATERPROOFS. STICCIAL ADVANTAGNS. A perfect ventilation. Does not differ in appearance from an ordinary tailor-made garment. Is not .injurious to health. Suit- able for all climates. Applicable to all kinds of waterproof clothing. C. A. Pearson, Esc.. dilor uf Pearson's Weekly," Sc., writes: "Your 'Veutanese'patent: I think a most excellent one. The macintosh I have had froip you i» by far the most comfortable and pleasant trfear oionj; that' I bate ever worn." Ladies' Waterproofs from 7/6 Gents' it „ 21/- Patterns, designs, and price list, on application. C JJANSCHSSTEIl> WATERPROOF GARMENT MANU. FACTURER, 6, CASTLE STREET (Opposite General Post Office), Swansea. £5,000 TO BE GIVEN AWAY BYTHE MAYPOLE jQ AIRY CO ID. PER lb. GIVEN BACK To all Customers who purchase MARGARINE. Zliisreduces our noted Sixpenny Margarine to 5d. per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER REDUCED TO ONE SHILLING PER LB. TELEPHONE No. 151



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