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I EDDERSHAWS FURNISHiNG WAREHOUSE, 1.9, HIGH STREET. OUR NOTED HOME-MADE FURNITURE "*r CANNOT BE SURPASSED. Made from the very best of materials by tttperienaed Cabinet-makers (and not by Machinery), it will be found to maintain the ttputation for durability which it baa been Ike privh^jfl Of this house to enjoy for more than 5u YEARS. the splendid Showrooms contain one of the I finest selections of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND CABINET GOODS in South Wales. Yoor inspecLic D earnestly and respeatfuily j solicited. ^Jrei'y possible advantage of PRICE AND QUALITY. liberal Discount for CASH, or all kinds of Goods supplied on the HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. EASV TERMS £3 Worth 1/6 Weekly. £5 2/- „ r v JE10 » 3/6 „ £2A) „ 5/- „ t £50 „ 10/- „ STRICTLY PRIVATE. NO SECURITY. I ALL GOODS DELIVERED II FREE. I PRESSING TABTES AND WASH- I STAND3 from 17s. 6(3. the Pair. (Our Own Mtke ) I WARDROBES, I OUR OWN MAKE, I FROM 75*. KITCHEN DRESSERS,our own make, from 37s. 6d i i 1 KITCHEN TABLES, our tyia!:e, from f- 14s. Cd. BED-li)^ TaBI.ES, our axil m .k», from 4.. M. I THE "COTTAGE" PARLOUR SUITE, Complete £7. !it Special Value and Spcoial Terras, (it)*. Monthly.) H. > I BEDROOM SUITE, I Complete, £ 3 15s. TerlUS as. Mocthly. CALL AND SEE THE STOCK. ample CHOICE. IJ3DERSHAWS, t t 19, HIGH-STTIRIT. I HOW TO LIGHT A SHOP PROPERLY r SEE LEGG'S NEW OUTSIDE LAMP. COSTS AROUT ONE FARTHING. PER HOUK 'FOR GAS. 17 & 18, NELSON-STREET. G E 0 R G E HELLIEI HAY AND CORN MERCHANT, THE CENTRAL STORES, RICHARDS' PLACE, SWANSEA. Branch—2Sa, ORCHARD STREET. DOG BISCUITS and all kinds of POULTRY FOOD. ENGLISH and IRISH HAY and STRAW of BEST QUALITY. Daily Delivery in Town and Neighbourhood. THE SOUTH WALES HOP BITTER ALE, MADOC S T RE ET, SWANSEA. Non-Intoxicating Hop Bitters in Casks of all sizes, and in Bottles. TELEPHONE NO. 12 1. 1623 SWANSEA ÆRATED WATER COMPANY, ORANGE S T- R E E T txistmc .v,.«. SWANSEA. SWANSEA UNITED BREWERIES LIMITED 7 • j BREWERS, WINE AND STIRIT MERCHANTS, j ALE AND PORTER BOTTLERS SWANSEA. Telephone No. 85. CLEA R AN CE S A L Til OF SUMMER GOODS FOB JOJ 21 DAYS ONLY. r TROUSERS FROM 9/6.. SUITS M 37/0. Don't buy Ready-Made Clothes while this 5aie is OtJ. CALL EARLY and secure some GOOD BARGAINS. '-va JON ES, TAILO R, 223, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. ,.t¡, 1799 MO RGANBEVAX,^TSONS, GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERS, 21, CASTLE STREET, Beg to cali Public Atte.ttou to their LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF ✓ LAMPS, FROM Sin. To ,1;> us. EACH. ri79; SUPERIOR HALL LAMPS AT LOW PRICES. :• TO BUYERS OF WEDDING PRESENTS. r v- 0- t i. •. '» ♦ .■■■" W. G A t:'l) O N ■ SILVERSMITH, 237, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA, Owing to the REDUCTION in the Price of SILVER, will OFFER for ONE MONTH the WHOLE of his STOCK of SILVER AND ELECTROPLATE AT 3s. IN THE £ DISCOUNT FOR CASH. y NEWGUO^S B. EVANS | CO. ■r INVITE .PnriO.V At' EXTENSILE RANGED IN New Dre Materials, TAWJ: SERGEI :>/V..V. Ladies' 1(C Children's Golf 8c Holiday Capes. —— v ALSO A SPLENDID SKTKCI'IO^ OF NEWEST SHa.'I/ES II; • 't i f <- Ladies' & CJeiitljii^en's WaterprooiL PRICES LAD) 3$to 09/- GENTLEMEN'S, 21/ to;* 7J)/- < > 11 -ALL RELIABLE TEMPLE STREET, -SWANSEA* t, John S. Browa,: W ■ ..I HAS NOW IN STC K I I LAFJ6E8 /°' ■ AND AU.i BEST 811! crra'fHAMES STOCK /C% '/EVK!i 5EEiv IN WALES. KES?ECTguLtY SOLICiTED. /<>y/ i k JOHN SaMOWN, « CJSli'ORpr STTREET, r.' -1 A. 'V fi" T~79 FROM < E'fLOS WE IMPORT TH >r; SiiAt-L FROii TUB BEST" TEA ■ •SfP.Pt.R PRICE is. lot. per rdirMf». EVERYBODY SBOUuB T-SK TAYLOR & C. fi A I l*?1 "— "m **« Champion Firelighter of the Universe. FRESH CONSIGNMENT OF HE At a certain period oi History there .wasaa o?ld,e'nin in Fran?-?, it ri/a^el al! tli3 to vni but tha cit/ of Lyoar Ths puzzled all the doctors and scientific men, and excitel th? despe3t iatsr23t. A most searchins; investigation and enquiry was made, Mfhen it was discovered taai ine C rk Clllers oi Lyons burnt thsir Cuttinx3 and this had puri&ei and disinfected the air and saved ttie town, thus reajering the article oi the UTiVIOST VALUE to the World. IT ANSWERS THREE MOST IMPORTANT PURPOSES. R' Lights ti e Fire quickly, Disinfects the room, gives forth a most agreeable odour, and does away with the DANGER and DAMAGE of FLYING SPARKS invariably present when wood is used. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. To be had of ail Grocer3 m tne town in 8d. Packets of 48 Blocks. NE BLOCK, WILL LIGHT A FIRE IN FIVE MINUTES. f f!I Wholesale by 0 C'j JACOB JENKINS. COAL MERCHANT. 10, ALEXANDRA ROAD, SWANSEA Telephone 157. Te'egrams "ewmgloy V. "0' A'-WVED. JMPORTANT O TIC E GREAT SALE OF C L O T HIN G, MEHCERY, HAT3, CAPS, UMBRELLAS, WATERPROOF COAT; BUTCHERS' CLOTHING. J D. JONES AND CCU o UTFITTE.HS, I COLLEGE-STlll' EX, .SWANSEA I made lavge PmcUsses of i\ew Qocds lAe coining Autumn and Winter, in ordee x9 make r.otn for them, decided to etesjrtir.eir Stock on hand at extraordinary Low Prices. I For this Sale we offer WONDERFUL VALUE in our Bespoke Department. j SALE TO COMMENCE I SATURDAY. AUG. 25, | And Will Continue 28 Days. 'I' ALL GOODS MARKED PLAIN FIGURES. I ONE PRICE. TERMS-CASH. D. JONES AND CO., COLLEGE STREET (Next to Boro' Stores), AGENTS FOR BLiCKETT'S BUTCHERS CLOTHING. p x B Y's ARMS, rAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, -tu-e w tbe MwVet-. Oxfi.rd-street. V/Hhi" live ..liiiuteo of tb« uiui L. it X.W Visitors to Swansea wtit iiiui aU Home Cohorts i# uttt,c:>tal>liI.!ltd !¡Qstdry, Oidimry daily,« ns o'etoelr. i- T. C. SSIALL, >T.C.V.S .$»ropH^w. S.B.—Cnriis'Stcs, Cnhc, V, ncttc*, and S-iddiC iiurn:* on Uli<* at i Is,-bh.>i ti-si n.»tiw. r ■nniin j l nrir- *< ■ ■ LATESTNEWS. '] his v t_-ek, at R. n 1 S rjlHOMAS S, v SPECIAL EARLY SHOW OF BEAVrR, A^XHACHAN, AND SEAI. CAP. Also, a Choice Lot of XEW SHAPFS IN FELT HATS. Note Co rcct AddresH:— UHYS THOMAS, 51, Hvranaea j tOs Ntffeveaal Bc-bouis.; £5?OOO TO BE GIVEN AWAY B V TilE Ty-AYPOLK D A I 1U pO Ir. PrtIZ lb. GIVEN BACK T<- all Cust-onier-s who pu.-eha ^3 MARGARINE. ThiHredueen our i:oced Sixpenny Margarine to od. per lb. MAYPOLE BDTTEH REDUCED TO It. ONE SHILLING PER LB. TiiLEPHOiNE No. 151 IliA YPOI.E D1.1HY 00. 207a, HIGH ST3.JŒT SWANSEA ir M. ^benboh- ¡ t ALEXANDRA ARCADE BUILDINGS, J ls>W-AN&K. GENERAL COflSUiLSSION AGKNT. A gent for the NabotuU Telephoae Compaaj, Agent for the London-made L"td Lights, I Sta'aeJ Oittisfor Cathedral and Domestic Work. J tgent for Enoaustic Tiles, Mosaic Work &ud Vioi-ai Decoration, lira^sos, ifeo. iy*tuntUeiiFree. Saiup'-esou Vie* f,iceased Victufvilers* VaJaer. Stocks Taken. Uosiiin iijuUu^ed. | "Periectit.n of Blended Whls '—La.i | 5 t EXCELSIOR 4 SCOTCH WHISKY J "We K«sxamlned analytically tins '«•- p Scotrii Wfej ky, ami lind it t > lie ilauturtit; exoelknt tJsvuur, nini well matured, • <■ 4 With c-titilicilet.- »afe iiTut pauiUiMe stin 'aj.?.. the*iek i conv»'.e«cent.° —Pravtitivtw, 1'. LxuD*Bmusxo>, M.D.. LL.D., ic. • SOLK PJJOyRIKTOliS- MARGRAVE BROS., 1 LLANELLY. f i for CARDIFF and PENAilTIT— MESSRS. STHANAGHAN STEPHENS. j EXCELSIOR ] SCOTCH < WHISKY,] "Keccttirnetided with oonfidenc-e as a Stiuui:»i JafTJ. Sick ami C'ljivuiusc-pnt. nd; n PnirUsiw* ? i —~ — — TRY IT. TRY IT. I i I W I LL I A, M-L- SEED AND SULTANA CaW i 4D. PER LB. j 1 Nothing in Town to equal this CaVe st,-th. j price. Sold elsewhere at 6d. and 8u. pA? lc.; Buy a pound and try it,yourself. T: e | o( the cake n ? the eating* j J WILLIAMS, | COLLEGE STREF 1" -1 THE WEDDING CAJKJfi ST3IJI Nr>TICBS. S^rANSi' If! ,'B A' CV"d7 i AT j'-ASSiVAL .:i f Wfei h*4itdi *■&>-■* Bila> on it&t'i. srs :ZUMER Sis, 1894, r vfi^- ^:V i sctti!. Longi dt Difser •>. 11> r»r,d Pais -h\ zutfc-B of the A p ;;fi'n:\?'lW tAj-Ci. v np*oa of ]f*?A{>r t.l ttc ubove rtc. -jimibkglAtii iroes Dt-own* ilife L&$- i-5# or .¡ A si 'la. 8d.; c; • at ? y.L'^ 7.30 _;J ri* *r SiV* VI I KG MRN' S *LUB ^5 4 iHE- MI;if fjw>iEax¥. f,.A ElO K «,i'I filfe on the iStfc atid iStjlt ^sG-V J i-uriesA of the w u. s 1 \vi*i htH'tljf rfia 'v j [1901 TEJs or I «»' £ > ■ iv.'P '1 IlA L' > J i or C 2*. .v'"nu- hM'\ ~x> au? c°" 4.. Wlkf} a: \V A'. o A. Hit Ainu J U»a }),t.icl. £ 1735

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