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TH? "DMtf POST PIRECTOKi ¡:m lUW-=' USEFUl/lN FORMATION ■ RTTCT!TES3E3 AND PROFES3ION3 CLA.SSIFI .^DES, ^^HABETiCAiLY ABRAKGED. A GUIDEI TO THEj PUBLia h AUCTIONEERS. HOUSE JXIOS AND J AMIS,^ Gower-street, sa^-6"^10 gaecesaion. BAKERS pm0 Biead Piauro, the ^J,8^ q«tu>s». M, »° qp.. Parties 'C Cases i«». xrJgqualled quality. ■*W*Ss £ &2r sl- f direct from our 0V?D .ambers f BILL POSTERS. d iSD DMTHia Ei'g. Boets *nd 3^^a°rS»UyL'PlLited, Bniosjiek Rhoes »* SawmiiiS) Builders, 1 Slate Merchants. d84 3CHOMAS, T MAKERS. Timber ^^Sanufacturing Cabinet Maker, > Complete House Furnisher, *9, 4 eciality :—Kitchen Dressers. dSO F. C. AB PROPRIETORS, •. UBiuN, Heathfield Mews. Fuiwral Car- 1 Brakes, &c. Cabs always ready, Telo- 4, *Bullin/ Telephone, 65. d3-S CAFE. jTORtA CAFE, Gower-street. dinners, Luu- cheens, and Temperance Refreshments, IJst articles at moderate charges, f CLOTHIERS. & Co, the Swansea Clethiers, 18 an v, rn Castle-street, Swansea. COAL MERCHANTS. JUxi & Co., 2, Mount-street. Best La:rgei F a X Oriental, Rhondda House Coal, Nut a } Sthr^te lor Stoves and Greenhouses d61 D & Co., Coal and Brick Merchants, an t Haulage Contractors. Cheapest depot in $fSllfuse Coals, Oystermoutb-road and^T, 211, Kensington-terr^J. For I belt Ffaldau and all other House Coal ielivered at the lowest prices. Trial solicited Coai BIBBS, OUTERBRI»GE, and C<O., Hnffi an(j k Merchants. Depot: South Dock Offiie Residence: 13, Carlton-terrace. ^47 I descriptions. Telephone No. 152. f CORK AND BOTTLE MERCHANTS. Or** B»g* Bo^S /„ •* aU descriptions for Fubiicans, « « & Chemists, &c. Best and Cheapest, B > f/ Alexandra-read. r DAIRYMEN. XX Hmiws, Windsor Dairy, 7, Diliwyn-s ree^, k Pure Milk, Fresh Butter E^s ^nd Crea^ direct from my own farm at Coekett. You can always get good Fresh B^ter, Devon- "i atiim Cream, double thick Raw Cream, § S3.^ Woom^w DAm. %|t HeUi°Vro,uJ' DRAPERS. J. REXS Evajts. Special purchase o11'000^^ v White and Cream ^HiXrtreet, 6 from Is. to 30s. per pair. 218, High-street. DRESSMAKERS AND MH^INERS. CIT* Co., are this week ^ery Special Sale for Whitsuntide in Millinery D 2L St. Helen'a-road. High-class iJ^Sngand Millinery by Experienced hands, Latest novelties. Charges moderate.^ aA EDUCATIONAL. Mmovrsxsniy Arithn^c, Book-keeping, f^the Natation Bcbjol, 9, Mansel-atreet^by Mr. DAVID Mauris, F.Sh.S. FURNISHERS. JD. HARNETT Oxford-street, the cheapest place on -SfSTouSngthereadycash. Weeklypay- menta taken. Immense Stock of Household steads, Beds, and Bedding, at GH.ES CoeK a^d SONS, Waterloo Furnishing Stores, 22 aSSIrSSa, Cabinet Matet, Upholrte^, ^tnd Furniture Broker, Plymouth-street. Second- ly fcand Furniture bought, sold, and exchanged. GROCERS. „ TT. ReuTH Walt.s PROVISION COMPANT, 8, Hig L street. Cheapest House for all Provisions, and *E^Thomas*1 85^°H^h^street and Swan -street, » Family Grecer and Provision Merchant. Sole e| ngent for the Sleper Tea. a/D f HAM AND BEEF STORES. W LONDON STORES, 37, St- Helen's road, for Cooked meats, Corned Beef, York Hams, Ox Tongues, Pork Pies, &c., always ready, dlB 4 HAY AND CORN DEALERS. GBHTITHS, Hay & Corn Merchant, High St. Best Irish and English Hay always in stock. k 2>elirffl7 free in town and neighbourhood, HAY AND CORN MERCHANT. W T. ATTfiHARNE. New Orchard-street, English and Welsh Hay. Prime quality. Lowest market b scices. Prompt attention to orders. ? HOTELS. WUCOHE, ^Oxford," and "LIFEBOAT," supply fl1" (cod of best quality at moderate charges. 4 ffgpic and schools catered for. Enqmr^of f ^ISlAKUBBFR MERCHANTS. BROS. & DAVTES, 17, Wind-street. India- rubber, Leather, and Asbestos Goods for all mechanical purposes, Steam Pumps, Boiler I Fittings. IRONMONGERS. d67 J J. EVANS, 90, High-street, General and Furnish- iNg Irgumonger, Trunks, Brass Stands, &c. Wuifruna Bicvcles—latest improvements. d89 Mjxt; PAINTS, in tins, 3d. per lb. cash; 34colours to choose from.—C, D. RicfiSrds, 40, St, Helen's I Botdl LIVERY STABLES. JBTTTLAKD MIws, W. PIKE, Proprietor. Posting in all its branches. Funeral Carriages complete. 1 Telephone 15a a69 OUTFITTERS. X PHUXIPS an.1 Co., 88, High-street, for Reliable Cloth for Men and Boys, Most Wear for Least MdMY D. Jones & Co., 26, College-etreet, Clothiers, ^Hatters, and Juvenile Outfitters. Immense at competitive prices. dl7 PAWNBROKERS. Jfemralent on Plate, Watches, Jewellery, &c.,at the rate of 4d. in the al per month. No other ebarges.-H. BARNETT, 6, Heathfield-street. d36 1 PIANOFORTE DEALERS. JChombsON & BHACKELL, Limited, 32, Castle- i street. Pianoforte Merchants and Organ 5 Builders. Our easy payment system. d27 PICTURE FRAMERS. JS. SHATZ, 51a, High-street, for all kinds of Mould- ings, Pictures, Mounts. Come with your Christ- mas Pictures and get them neatly and beauti- fully framed. d33 QUININE BITTERS MAKERS. jDuHTlNE BITTBRS, Second to None, of all Groeersi 24 doses la., or id. instead of 2d. Post free Js. Id. j Six, 5s. 6d.—GAMJEE, Swansea. d§Z f SADDLERS. Jf, BzyJAMnr, Saddler, Portland-street.—The only shop in Swansea where you can get good Home-made Harness at Reasonable Prices, A trial solicited. i SHOEMAKERS f & ABBOTT, 27,Oxford-street, Hand-sewn bespoke bootmaker, over 26 years' practical experience. Tender feet specially treated. dll jiiMMnN's Shops are the best in the town for all repairs. 2, Wassail-street; Victoria Buildings St. Helen's Avenue, 90, Terrace-road, Mount f Pleasant, d TAILORS. »iMWER, Dillwyn-st., Practical Tailor. All gar- ments cut ana fitted under personal supervision, Troasera from 10s. 6d.; suits from 42s. d58 f i, O. DA vlas. 28, Oxford-street, Swansea, Ladies' and Gcnuemen'a Practical Tailor, Clerical, lliiitarr, and Livery Maker. Your patronage Iw TEWLr PeraDC2 Cradoek- „ Commercial Rooms, Billiard C. L0CKlJEY, £ re Parties catered for on ROOM Large Dining Room to seat moder TOBACCONISTS. 80 RAVIES, Wholesale and retail Tobacce- nd Cigar Merchant, 2, College-street, and ATJigh-street. Noted for 2d. and 3d. Cigars. UNDERTAKERS. ATRE, Undertaker and Complete Funeral Furnisher, 26, St. Fabian's-street, St. Thomas. Careful and prompt attention, moderate charges. T d57 Mr. J. FKAJTCIS DAVIES, 10, Prince of Wales- read, late of Carmarthen-road, wishes to inform the public generally that he has removed to the above address.-Price List, &c., on application. d40 J. LLOYD, 3, Neath-road, Hafod, Undertaker and Complete Funeral Furnisher. Careful and prompt attention to orders. Moderate charges. d50 FUNERALS. WM. PHILLIPS, Undertaker and Complete Funeral Furnisher, 33, Wellington-street, 34, Singleton- terrace, and also at 258, Carmarthen-road. Telephone, 173. 80 WATERPROOFS. FITT BROS. & DAVIES, 17, Wind-street. Water- proof Garments, latest patterns, always in stock; Leggings, Driving Rugs, Oilskins, &c. d66 Boy our Waterproofs of the actual maker, C. MANCHESTER, 6, Castle-street, and Temple- street. No value like it. SPIRITS. Try ILEa, The Star Tea Mart, High-street, for Brandy, Is. lid.; Gin, Is. 6d.; Whisky, Is. 8d.; Rum, Is. 8d.; Port, Is.; Sherry, Is,; Claret, 28. WELSH FLANNEL DEPOT. JOHN JONES, Cardigan House, College street. The old-established Welsh Flannel Warehouse (Established 1835.) Noted for hand-knitted Stockings, Shirts, Singlets, and Drawers, made on the premises from beat Welsh Flannel. Cycling Hosiery in every quality a speciality, Yarns in great variety. WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS. BROUGHTON'S noted Wedding Ring Shop, 31, High-street. A choice selection of Jewellery, Electro-plate, &c., at most reasonable prices. DAILY POST" PRINTING WORKS. <211, ILcU fei'REET, N- S L,A. L., ~m DD TXT HPT AT1 VISITING CARDS. xrxiliM 1 Xl\ Lr WEDDING CARDS. ;? :'f!¡:<' PRINTING PRINTING } C1RCULAKS. "P'RTlVrTT'Mr1 1 CLUB RULES. x XvXl\ J. irM VJT BALANCE SHEETS ——— PRINTING } CATALOGUES, :i: NNIXTMR^ ] AUCTIONEERS' PRINTING POSTERS. J DRAPERS' POSTERS ;I' PRINTING \lZoJZiZli £ LES- ¡ PRINTING }F0 aSD'SSSLS. IF PRINTING DESCRIPTION, printingI DESCRIPTION, | J AT FAIR PRICES. .4, PRICES ON APPTJCATTON „ BRUNSWICK PLACE 8T. HELEN'S NO. ROAD. •0 BE LET, with immediate possession, this X desirable House, with private Drive in front, contains on Ground F180r.-Entranee Hall, Dining-reem, Morning-room, Kitchen, and Scullery. First Floor. — Drawing-room, Back-bedroom, with large room extending over kitchen and scullery. Seeend Floor.—4 Bedrooms, Attic.—3 Bedrooms. There are good cellars, and large garden behind, with back entrance. Apply to— W. J. REES, 8WANBKA. HONDDA AND SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY. The Directors of this Company are prepared to receive TENDERS for MACHINE & CARRIAGE SHEDS at SWANSEA. Plans and Specification can be seen and form of Tender and Bills of Quantities obtained, at the Company Offices, 8, Fisher-street, Swansea. Tender, addressed to the undersigned, to be re- ceived on or before Saturday, the 9th day of June. The Directors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. H. 8. LUDLOW, Secretary. Swansea, May 23rd, 1894, SUMMER SEASON 1894, T L. AND T. JgULLEN, HEATHFIELD AND FFYNONE MEWS SWANSEA. First-class Brakes, Coaches, etc., always ready Reasonable rates for Picnic Parties. Orders now booked for coming season. Contractors to Her Majesty's Government. QJBBS, QUTERBRIDGE AND CO., SOUTH DOCK COAL DEPOT, Are now delivering the very BEST FFALDAU AND GARTH 4 feet large screened HOUS E COALS, 18s. 6d. Per Ton for Cash. 19s. Per Ton One Month's Credit, SECOND QUALITIES KITCHEN COALS, 14s. Per Ton for Cash. 16s. 6d. Per Ton Highly Recommended. STEAM AND ANTHRACITE COALS of all descriptions in Stock. Prompt deliveries. Orders received at 13, CARLTON TERRACE. Telephone No. 152. J) JJARNETT, 6, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA, COMPLETE FURNISHERS ON EASY TERMS. £5 worth. 2s. Od. week £10 » 3s. 6d. „ £15 „ 5s. Od, n £20 » 6s.0d. „ £25 „ 0s, 6d. „ £50 „ 10s. Od. a j ( DAVID RICHARDS 33, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA REFRESHMENT CONTRACTOR. LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, v: SUPPERS* BALLS. WRITE FOR ESTIMATES. Room to Dine 120 Persons. .Y 61, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA, SPRING AND SUMMER SHOW. T) H Y S THOMAS .k: i" Is now showing a choice and carefully-selected Stock of NEW NOVELTIES in all kinds of Fancy Goods. Grand Exhibition of FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY. The Latest Fashions now on view. r -J'c": Note Correct Address:—■ RHYS THOMAS, 51, Oxford-street, Swansea 'I: SAFETIES; SAFETIES 8AFETXSS tj Write for mosi complete List in the Post Free, containing over 5J0 New and Second" hand Machines, all the latest, patterns. Machines from 25s, Cheapest and best in the World. Trade supplied. 50per cent, cheaper than other makers Large List Post Free. W. R. Warrilow, Regent Cycle Works, Weston-super-mare. FREEDMAN and Son.—Ariston Organ, 35s. with six of the latest tunes.—7, Castle-street. I FREEDMAN and Son.—Concertina, 3s. Sd., usual -t- price 6s. 9d, good tone.—7, Castle-street. FREEDMAN and Son,—Table Knives, handles -t- warranted not to come off, 580 9d. half-dozen. FREEDMAN and Son.—Tea Spoons, Is. 6d. half- JL dozen, and warranted to retain their colour. FREEDMAN and Son.—Table Spoons, warranted JL to keep their colour, 4s. 9d. half-dozen, FREEDMAN and Son.—Dessert Spoons, warranted JL. to keep their colour, 3s. 9d. half-dozen. FREEDMAN and Son.—Dessert Knives fast JL' handles warranted, 3s. 9d. half-dozen. FREEDMAN and Son,-Table Forks, warranted to JD keep their colour, 4-8. 9d. half-dozen. FREEDMAN and^on.-Deasert Forks, warranted JD to keep their co ur, 3s. 9d. half-dozen. FREEDMAN and on.—Musical Box, £2; ncml JT price, JE4 10s. 3 airs,—7, Castle-street.' TMERICAN ORGAN; ten toP8; really g i\ instrument; owner removing.—H C rLv" Post Office. 6 nauy QHORTHAND LESSONS, by a pupil of Mr 0 Isaac Pitaman; 100 words per minute after six months tuition; schools attended. Address Certified Teacher, 43, Malvera-terrace, Swansea. 1 PARTMENTS for YOUNG GENTLEMEN A moderate terms; close to Brynnaill sands and station; trams every half-hour; splendid view of the Bay and Mumbles, write or call.—43, Malvern- terrace, Swansea. L" EWIS LEWIS AND Co., Drapers, Swansea 1 i have vacancies for Out-deer Apprentices to the Millinery. 790a QAFETY RUDGE PNEUMATIC, 1894 D detachable, Dunlop's, unsoiled, £ 810s., worth £ 24.—Write, Pneumatic. Daily Post. NATIONAL UNION OF SHOP ASSISTANTS, WAREHOUSEMEN AND CLERKS. A MEETING to form a Branch at Swansea will be held on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20TH, In the Trinity Schoolroom at 8 p.m. The Best Books for Mining Students. GUIDE TO MINING EXAMINATIONS WITH ANSWERS TO EXAMINATION QUESTIONS. Part I. Mathematical questions with full solutions. Part IL Questions on Sinking, Prospecting, &c., with Answers, PRICE, Is. 6d. EACH. To be had of HENRY DAVIES, County Mining Lecturer, Treharris, R.S.O. JAMES AND JAMES, Auctioneers, Valuers, House, Estate, and Insurance Agents, GOWER-STREET, SWANSEA, and at 11, BOND-COURT, LONDON LEWIS. 184, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA GROCER, PASTRYCOOK, AND CONFECTIONER. Best qualties in all kinds of Pastry, Cakes, and Confectionery. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR TEA PARTIES LUNCHEONS, ETC. NEW GOODS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. -.ÙI I B. EVANS & COMPANY ARE DAILY EXHIBITING IN THEIR VARIOUS SHOPS AND SHOWROOMS THE NEWEST PRODUCTIONS w MANTLES, JACKETS, CAPES, MILLINERY, COSTUIE LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S OUTFITTING, &c. They also hold a beautiful collection of LACES and MADE-UP LACE GOODS, RIBBONS, TRIMMINGS, GLOVES, SUNSHADES, &c. GRAND RANGES of SILKS, VELVETS, BLACK and COLORED DRESS FABRICS, COTTON DRESS MATERIALS, &c. The DRAPERY, HOUSEHOLD LINEN and FURNISHING DEPARTMENTS contain IMMENSE STOCKS of the MOST RELIABLE GOODS. ALL PURCHASES are made DIRECT from the BEST MANUFACTURERS on CASH TERMS, and sold at LOWEST RATE of PROFIT for READY MONEY. '?, The BEST VALUE, therefore, can always be Relied Upon. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. FOR FURNITURE On Easy Terms of Payment by Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Instalments to suit purchasers' convenience, and for every advantage of PRICE, QUALITY, and TERMS, Go to EDDERSHAWS Furniture Warehouse, 19, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. -r- Champion Firelighter of the Universe. At a certain period of History there was an epidemic in France, it ravaged all the towns but the city of Lyons. This puzzled all was doctors and scientific men, and excited the deepest interest. A m°st searching inves lg J fOWn thus discovered that the Cork Cutters in Lyons burnt their Cuttings, and this; had P^ified and (hsmfected the air and saved the to rendering the article of the UTMOST VALUE to the World. IT ANSWERS THREE MOST IMPORTANT PURPOSES. Lights the Fire quickly, Disinfects the room, gives forth a most agreeable odour, and does away with the DANGER and DAMAGE of FLYING SPARKS invariably present when wood is used. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. To be had of all Grocers in the town in 8d. Packets of 48 Blocks. ONE BLOCK WILL LIGHT A FIRE IN FIVE MINUTES. Wholesale- by JACOB JENKINS. COAL MERCHANT. 10, ALEXANDRA ROAD, SWANSEA. I Telephone 157, Telegrams "Cwmgloyn." —v I TRAVELLING TRuNKS At Reduced Prices. JENKINS AND CO., IRONMONGERS. 89, OXFORD. STREET, 9 & 10, PARK STREET, SWANSEA SPECIAL ATTRACTION FOR WHITSUNTIDE. P. JENKINS, CASTLE SQUARE, Is showing a new and bright Assortment of c FLOWERS, FEATHERS, RIBBONS, LACES, BELTS. SHIRTS BLOUSES, SKIRTS, CORSETS, UMBRELLAS. Dresses, Prints, Zephyrs, and Delainettes. A VISIT OF INSPECTION WILL BE ESTEEMED. OXFORD ART QALLERY. HOARE BROS. PORTRAIT AND LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHERS, 66, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. %&_ SPECIALITY. -In BROMIDE ENLARGEMENTS FROM PHOTO- GRAPHS OF DECEASED FRIENDS. OIL PAINTINGS, SUITABLE FOR PRESENTATION. PORTRAITS FOR ALBUMS, CARTES DE VISITES. CABINET PORTRAITS, o MFNADE PORTRAITS. PANEL PORTRAITS. FAMILY GROUPS (Taken at your own Residences). PHOTOGRAPHS Oi:" FOOTBALL AND CRICKET TEAMS. PHOTOGRAPHS OF BUILDINGS. PHOTOGRAPHS OF ENGINES. PHOTOGRAPHS OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. fJpEETH DENTISTRYl rpEETH Prize Medal, London, 1862. Gold Medal, Paris, 1887. MR. KEALL, SURGEON DENTIST (38 Years' experience; 28 Years in Swansea") 199 HIGH-STREET SWANSEA (Just below Great Western Railway Station) Bes to intimate that he can produce a perfect fitting Set of Teeth in one clear day. The very best workmanship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas, also by tha anjesthetics Cocaine and Ether Spray. Partial Sets from 5s. per Tooth, Upper or Lower Sets from Two Guineas. KEALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE. Sure and "peedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Dolo- renx, Rheut Toothache, and all Nervous Pains. Is. lid, 4 2s. 9d. per botUe* Xbrough any Chemist. A:51 0 0 0 TO BE GIVEN AWAY BY THE JJAYPOLE D A I R Y QO. ID. PER lb. GIVEN BACK To all Customers who purchase MARGARINE. This reduces our noted Sixpenny Margarine to 5d. per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER REDUCED TO 11D. PER LB AYPOLE JJAIRY Co. 207a, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. DAVID RICHARDS 33, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. :;FRESHMENT CONTRACTOR. LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, SUPPER-j, I BALLS. WRITE FOR ESTIMATES. Room to Dine 120 Persons. APARTMENTS.—Two well-furnished Rooms to Let; suitable for a married couple; splendid view of the sea and Mumbles lighthouse.—Matron, Daily Post Office, Swansea. n FIRST-CLASS Dress and Mantle matiilg.-Miss Lloyd, Stockwell House, Mount Pleasant, Swansea- TREMENDOUS DOWNFAL] J AT LIPTON'S IN THE PRICE iOF BACON. CHOICEST QUALITY. My own killing and curing, :;c from 4d. per lb. The BEST QUALITY ever Offered to the Public in SIDES, ROLLS, and CUTS t EXTRAORDINARILY LOW PRI(ES. HAMS! HAMS!! SPECIALLY SELECTED. A PERFECT TR]AT' THE FINEST IN THE WORLD. NOW REDUCED TO per 7d. lb. NO HIGHER PRICE, OTHER CHOICE QUALITIES 6d. and 6d. per lb. 2 L I P T O N, THE LARGEST TEA, COFFlE AND PROVISION DEALER IN THE WORLD. Local Branches Swansea: ARCADE BUILDINGS, High-street, Cardiff: ST. MART STREET (next door to Theatre Royal), and 7, HIGH STREET. Llunelly 9, STEPNEY STREET. Bristol: 22, WINE STREET. BRANCHES & AGENCIES EVERYW^# W. R U N D L E. PRACTICAL TAILOR, Has Removed from 65 to 60, ST. HEL EN'S R o A. D (Next to Brunswick Chapel). All the new SPRING materials now in stock to t Suitings, Trouserings, &c., at moderate prices, aw- Style and Fit Cuaranteed, SWANSEA TOTAL ABSTINENCE SOCIE^y THE USUAL WEEKLY TEMPERANCE At EL, TINC- Will be held at the RAGGED SCHOOL, TO-MORROW (SATURDAY) EVEH. Chairman:- MR. DAVID MATTfIEWS. SpeakerREV. D. M. BENJAMIN- Recitations by Miss Davies. Selections on the Viol; n by Mr. S. Mainwaring, To commence at 8 o'clock. Adiniijsion free, HOUSE and SHOP to Let, 60, Car01arth" I jjL road Swansea.—Apply 19, Woodlan^s"te^