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[E "DAILY POST" D-IPECTORY OF SWANSEA USEFUL INFORMATION A.DES, BUSINESSES, A.XD I'ltOFiSSSIOXS CLASSIFIED' AND ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED. A GUIDE TO THE PUBLIC. derthatthe Daily Post Directory of S-.vanse m.iv b-3 etvisnits.l with Lh9 fulls ?t cbnfi.lenea by «si3entsand is taken to incla !o ivi t is only t'io .il verbis jinents of busi aesscs vhich we Qave SDeeial reason to boiioveara oI i '>an fids an J irast worth/ n.itura A UCT IOlv E ERS. J SS AND JAMES, Auetione-" rs, Valuers. Uca$v tate, and Insurance Agents, Gower-street. I .ansea. and at 11, Bond-court, London- i e: .1al and prompt attention given to all ma.tter, trusted to them. d32 ROBERTS A SON, F.A.I., Auctioneers. Vatucr., tate Agents, & burvevors.—45, j. tablished 1866. Valuation for Picbate and do ccession. ETHERS. SBKARD, the Argyla Bakery. Pore .kes for Tea Parties nd Outings, 3d.. 4d„ and per lb- Unequalled quality. BASKET MANUFACTURERS. GRAVED Co., <;cn, ilfch-streat, for Bas-e-s, -adies, Wicker Ctiiirs^ Flower btands, «c., rect from our own Factory. BILL POSTERS. KSi* AND DISTRICT B i L.T. r c, s -r., AND iVERTisrKG COMPANY, Commercial Chambers, Goat-street. dï BOOT AND SHOE DEPOTS. s DAVIES, 131, High-street. Boots ANA oes at Greatly Reduced Prices this ODTH' BUILDERS. .MAS, WATS.IN, & Co.. Limited. Brunswies Lmber Yard and Steam Sawmiils, builders, ontractors, Timber a.nd Slate Merchant-. dc-, CABINET MAKERS. El.DEMHAW, MaeufncturingCahinct Maker, pholstorer, and Complete House Furnisher, ,9 lgh-st. Speciality Kitchen Dressers. udJ CAB PROPRIETORS, & T BtrLLiv, Heatbfield Mews. Funeral Car- ages', Brakes, fro. Cabs always rea-iy. Tcia- ,-ams. Bullia." Telephone, 65. J32 CAFE. ;TOntA CAFE, Gower-strect. Dinners. Lun- heons, and Temperance Refreshments. Best rticles at moderate charges. aH CLOTHIERS. STEBS & Co., the Swansea Clothiers.. lo and 9, Castle-street, Swansea, fitc> COAL MERCHANTS. LL & Co., 2. Mount-street. Best Largo I faldau. Oriental, Rhoudda Bouse Coal Nut and Pea, anthracite for Stoves and Greenhouses. ut.1 HINDS & Co., Coal and Brie* Merchant*, at.d lau'lage Contractors. Cheapest depot in town or House Coals- Oysterinoath-road and 7, )illwyn-street. r- SCOE asp CO., 211. Kensington-terrace: Loi ,est FfaJdau and all other Rouse Coal del»eied it the lowest prices. Trial solicited. BBS, OCTERBRIDGF, ANP CO House C viercbants. Depot: South Dock. ce Residence: 13, Carlton-terraee. Coals of all lescriptions. Telephone IN o. lo-« CORK AND BOTTLE MERCHANTS rks Banes, Shives, Bottles, Pipes, and La~ J"'all dlscript^ns for PubUcans Bottlers, Chemists, &c. Best and Cheapest, BAILED, klexan dra-road. DAIRYMEN. HINDS, Windsor Dairy, 7. Dillwyn-street, Pure Milk, Fresh Butter, Eggs, and Cream, direct from my own farm at Cockett. d35 )u can always get good Fresh Batter, Devon- shire Cream, double thick Raw Cream, and Fresh Eggs, at WOODLANDS DAIRY, V,6, JST. Helen's-road. d93 DRAPERS. REKS EVANS. Special purchase of 1,000 pairs of "White and Cream Lace Curtains. rrice3 from Is. to 30s. per pair. 218, High-street DRESSMAKERS AND MILLINERS. TV. MILLINERY Co., are this week bolding a very Special Sale for Whissuntido in iddlmery *1?OBE»TS?21, St. Helens-road. High-class Dressmaking and Millinery by Experienced hands, Latest novelties. Charges modera,te. 10 d49 EDUCATIONAL. fORTHAND. Arithmetic, Book-keeping, &c., taught at the Navigation School, 9, Mansel-street, by Mr. DAVID HARRIS, F.Sh.S. d92 FURNISHERS. BARNRTT, Oxford-street, the cheapest place on earth if you bring the ready cash. Weekly pay- ,i dlU ments taken. omense Stock of Household Furniture, Bed- steads, Beds, and Bedding, at Giles COOK ASD SONS, Waterloo Furnishing Stores, 22 & 23, Waterloo-street. aa4 ARRY W. SPRING, Cabinet Maket, Upholsterer, and Furnitux-e Broker, Plymouth-street. Second- band Furniture bought, sold, and exchanged.^ d23 GROCERS. AUTH WALES PROVISION COMPANY, 8, High- street. Cheapest House for all Provisions, and finest Flour and Teas. d40 1. THOMAS, 85, High street and Swan street, Family Grocer and Provision Merchant. Sote agent for the Sloper Tea. d 76 HAM AND BEEF STORES. HE LONDON STORES, 37, St. Helen's road, for Cooked Meats, Corned Beef, York Hams, Ox Tongues, Pork Pies, &c., always ready. dlb HAY AND CORN DEALERS. VAN GRIFFITHS, Hay & Corn Merchant, High St. Best Irish and English Hay always in stock. Delivery free in town and neighbourhood. HAY AND CORN MERCHANT. f. LAUGUARNE, New Orchard-street, English and Welsh Hay. Prime quality. Lowest market prices. Prompt attention to orders. HOTELS. •WELCOME,OXFORD," and "LIFEBOAT," supply feed of best quality at moderate charges. Picnic and schools catered for. Enquire of Managers. INDLARUBBFR MERCHANTb. 1TT BROS. & DAVIES, 17, Wind-street. India- rubber, Leather, and Asbestos Goods for all mechanical purposes, Steam Pumps, Boiler Fittings. d67 IRONMONGERS. f. J. EVANS, 90, High-street, Ganeral and Furnish- ing Ironmonger, Trunks, Brass Stands, &c. Wulfruna Bicycles—latest improvements. d89 IILX £ D PAINTS, in tins, 3d. per lb. cash 34 colours to choose fronL-C. D. Richards, 40, St. Helen's Road. LIVERY STABLES. JUTLAND MEWS, W. PIKE. Proprietor. Posting in all its branches. Funeral Carriages complete. Telephone 158. a^3 OUTFITTERS. r. PHILLIPS and Co., 33, Higi'-street, for Reliable I Cloth for Men and Boys, Most Wear for Least Money. D. JONES & Co., 26, College-street, Clothiers, Hatters, and Juvenile Outfitters. Immense Hatters, and Juvenile Outfitters. Immense variety at competitive prices. dl7 PAWN EKOKERS. MONEY lent on Plate, Watches. Jewellery, &c., at the rate of 4d. in the £ 1 per month. No other charges.-H. BARNETT, 6, Heathiield-street. d36 PIANOFORTE DEALERS. [THOMPSON & SHACKELL, Limited, 32, Castle- street. Pianoforte Merchants and Organ Builders. Our easy payment system. dZ7 PICTURE FRAMERS. S. SHATZ, 51a, High-street, for all kinds of Mould- ings, Pictures, Mounts. Come with your Christ- mas Pictures and get them neatly and beauti- fully framed. d33 QUININE BITTERS MAKERS. QXTININE BllTiRS, Second to None, of all Grocers 24 doses ls<, or £ d. instead of 2d. Post free, Is. Id. j Six, 5s. 6d.—GAMJEE, Swansea. d62 SADDLERS. 3, BENJAMIN, Saddler, Portland-street.—The only »hop in Swansea where you can get good Home-made Harness at Reasonable Prices, A trial solicited. SHOEMAKERS ABBOTT, 27, Oxford-street, Hand-sewn bespoke bootmaker, over k6 years' practical experience. Tender feet specially treated, dll GAMMON'S Shops are the best in the town for all repairs. 2, Wassail-street; Victoria Buildings, St. Helen's Avenue, 90, Terrace-road, Mount Pleasant. d TAILORS. BREWER, Dillwyn-st., Practical Tailor. All gar- ments cut and tit ted under personal supervision. Trousers irora 10s. 6d.; suits from 42s. d58 2L G. DAVIES, 28, Oxford-Street, Swansea, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Practical Tailor} Clerical, Military, and Livery Maker. Your patrOSZgc BMpectfullv solicited. 'i'LA A £ sD COFFEE .Xil'UtCHAM'S. i'iic LIVERPOOL CHINA AND INDIA I.,A CO.. LTD., Wholesale and Retaii Tea. and i.'oi'i'ae Merchants, 202, High-t. (opposite Koyai 01 'i'EVifiJllANCE HOIELS. C. I^OCKLEV, Albert Temperance Motel, Criidoek- street (central), Coimuerciiil Rooms, Billiard Room. P.easure I'art'ea catered lor on moderate terms. Lar„e 1) niug Room to seat j 80 p'jrscni-. TOKACCOXISTS. Ai. FRKD DAVIES, Whoieaule and retail Tobacco- i 11 'St and Cigar Merehaut, 2. Co.?lej{e-s«reet, and li;i, High-street. Noted for 2d. aud 3d, Cigars. UNDEUTAKEfiS. A. AVRE, Underialier and Complete Funeral fui-ii^sher. id6, St. Fabiau's-stve^ St. Thomas, Cai-fciul and pr.i:iptattfuciou, moderate charges, t d57 Mr. J. FRANCIS DAVIES, 10, Prineo o. S'va'ea-! road, late ol Carmarthen-road, wishes to inl'oriH the public genoraliy tliafc he has reiaoved to iho above audre.s.—Price List, &v., on apolicatiou. d4J J. Llo-i z-, Neath-'voad^ Ilafod, Undertaker and Complete Fulcra: 1< urnishor. Careful and) prompt afen'iou to orders. Modtrate charges. d50 FUNERALS. \V M. PHILLIPS, Undertaker and Complete Funeral Fitruisher. 33, Wclli«gton-8treei,34, Singleton- terrace, a:¡d also at 253. Carmarthen-road, Telephone. 17.3. 80 WATERPROOFS. FITT BUGS. IV DA VJE.S, 17, Wind-sirceu Water- proof Garments, latest p;tr.erns, Liways in stock Leggings, Driving Rugs, 0;ls ;ins, &c. «>. d66 Buy our Waterproofs of the actual maker, C. MANCHESTER, 6, Castle-street, and Temple- street. No value like a. SPIRITS. Try ILES, The Star Tea Mart, High-street, for Brandy, Is. lld.; Gin. Is. 6d.; Whisky, Is. 8d.; Rum, is, od.; Port, Is.; Sherry, Is,: Cla.rel. 2s. WELbH FLANNEL DEPOT. I JOHN JONES, Cardigan House, College street. The old-established Welsh Flannel Warehouse (Established 1S35.) Noted for hand-knitted Stjekings, Shirts, Singlets, and Drawers, made on the premises from best Welsh Flannel. Cycling Hosiery in every quality « speciality, Yarns in great variety. WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS. BiiOL-GHTO-N's noted Wedding iiiug Shop, 31, High-street. A choice selection of Jewellery, Elccti o-plate, &e.. at most reasonable prices. "DAILY POST" PRINTING WORKS. 211, II IGH STREET, Q WANSEA. PPTYTT V I VISITING CARDS, JT Jtil 1 IlNir W EDDING CARDS. T3T?\FUNERAL CARDS. JRlili\ AIAN IT BUSINESS CARDS. PRINTING } CIRCULARS. j PRINTING } BALANCE-SHEETS PRINTING } CATALOGUES. | AUCTIONERS' PRINTING POSTERS. I J DRAPERS' POSTERS. T>T?TTVTrTT'i\.T<n "1 PROPERTY SALES. A -KllM lliNljr j STOCK SALES. PRINTING }F0RASGLCRHTP,FLS. 1 IF EVEitY PRINTING DESCRIPTION, ) AT FAIR PHICES. PRICES ON APPLICATION. 0 WAN SEA GQSPiX TE3IPERANCB UNION". TO-NIGHT (MOJSDAY), in the A. L BElt T HALL, DEV. D. V. LUCAS, D.D. will lecture on the '-MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE RED INDIANS OF CANADA," THEIR. AMUSING POWERS OF ORATORY AND THEIR WIT. DR. LUCAS will give illustrations of, and sing in the Indian lar.gua c. CHAIRMAN DR. RAWLINGS. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Commence at 7.30. Admission, 6d. and 3d. A few reserved seats, Is. GOLCHI YN RHWYDD. y ITASHINO MADE BAST/ EXTRACTS ALL DIRT /^Y/ AND STAINS WITHOUT SASS XT) OES NOT 3D. PER SHRINK BOT, OR HURT BMbjmll yS^y/?TH £ S: GARMENT 1 Swansea Jr 9nt"T*' j/s&S J^OlB'BTBTSOB o^' & "S^3 T KEWBL, S-VFANSEA. MATRIMONY,—Farmer's Daughter; quite alone; accomplished; domesticated with freehold I property worth £ 14,COO, and £ 2,000 invested,— Ad'il'CSi G lenwood, Advertiser Office, Bristol. [ 'CALON WRTH I, DUW A PHOB GALON.' /|\ DAIONI.' QYMMRODORION ABERTAWY. Bydd DR. MORGAN (LLEURWG" LLANELLY, Yn Darlithio NOS FA WRTll NESAF, MAI 22AIX, 1S94, Yn y '— LL V F RGELL R Y D D UV '*Nid nour yw pob peth sy'n disgleirio. Cymerir y gadair am 3 er gloeh gau y Llywydd Mr. C. H. Glruietm'dne. Gw ::eir casgliad ar y diwedd i gyfarfod a'r treuliau THE ELECTORS OF SWANSEA KAR- I DOL'R PROPRIETARY TRUSTEES. I DOL'R PROPRIETARY TRUSTEES. GK:rTLx:uK.x,—hi consequence of the resijaa- tion of Mr. Edward Henry Path, I beg te offer myself to till the vacant seat as Proprietary Trustee. My connection wiih the Trade of the Port during the last 30 years will, I trust, satisfy you as to my practical knowledge of Harbour matters, and if favoured with your confidence it shall be my constant endeavour to further incrcuse our trading facilities, and develop lUe natural advan- tages we already possets.—I urn, gentlemen, your obedient servant, M. TUTTON, Swansea, 17th May. 1S34. Q Y S 'i E R M 0 U T O B U R1 A L nOARD. 0 BCILDcUS AND OTHERS. THE OYSTER!•;OUTH BURIAL BOARD inviie 'I'ENDEKS f»r executing tho neeossary rcpaii s to Lheir COTTAGE at Norton. Specification or h.? vo-k to be done, and the materials tc be used can bo seen at my office. Tenders to be raociv-ed not later than \VKDNES- AAY the 30th day of May instant. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. By order, JOHN 1SEYNON, Clerk to the Board. Hazelwood, Mumbles, May 15th, 1884. I I B. EVANS & COMPANY ARE NOW SHOWING IN EVERY DEPARTMENT IMMENSE DELIVERIES or THE I NEWEST & BEST PRODUCTIONS F 0 R PRESENT WEAR, And they unhesitatingly state that the MAKE and STYLE of their MATERIALS and GARMENTS cannot be surpassed nt any Estab- lishment in or out of London, whilst the Prices are the Lowest HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY DEPARTMENT. There is ivls.) an unusually LARGE DISPLAY of PLAIN and FANCY TABLE LINENS, SHEETINGS, SHEETS, QUILTS, CALICOES. BLANKETS, HUCKABACKS, TOWELE, TRAY and SIDEBOARD CL..IT-IS, PILLOW and BOLSTER CASES, GLASS and TEA CLOTJhS. TuiLET COVERS, LACE CURTAINS, CRETONNES, FANCY MUSLINS, &c., bought from the BEST MANUFACTURERS ONLY, for PROMPT CASH, thus securing for their CUSTOMERS RELIABLE GOODS at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED- TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. Champion Firelighter of the Universe. At a certain period of History there was an epidemic in Francs, it ravaged all the towns but the city of Lyons. This puzzled all the doctors and scientific men, and excited the deepest interest. A most searching investigation and enquiry was made, when it was discovered that the Cork Cutters in Lyons burnt their Cuttings, and this had purified and disinfected the air and saved the town, thus rendering the article of the UTMOST VALUE to the World IT ANSWERS THREE MOST IMPORTANT PURPOSES. Lights the Fire quickly, Disinfects the room, gives forth a most agreeable odour, and does away with the i:) DANGER and DAMAGE of FLYING SPARKS invariably present when wood is used. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. To be had of all Grocers in the town in 8d. Packets of 48 Block; ONE BLOCK WILL LIGHT A FIRE IN FIVE MINUT Wholesale by JACOB JENKINS. COAL MERCHANT. 10, ALEXANDRA ROAD, SWANSEA. Telephone 157, Telegrams Cwmgloyn." FOR FURNITURE ( On Easy Terms of Payment by Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly j Instalments to suit purchasers' convenience, and for every advantage of Pbice, QUALITY, and TERMs, Go to -E D D'E R S H A W'S Furniture Warehouse, -< • 19, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. i SPECIAL ATTRACTION FOR WHITSUNTIDE. P. JENKINS, CASTLE SQUARE, Is showing a new and bright Assortment of FLOWERS, FEATHERS, RIBBONS, LACES, BELTS. SHIRTS BLOUSES, SKIRTS, CORSETS, UMBRELLAS. Dresses, Prints, Zephyrs, and Delainettes.. » A VISIT OF INSPECTION WILL BE ESTEEMED. t_———————————————————-————-————————————————_— SfEING AND SUMMER FASHIONS. 1894 T* H O M A S YORATfl Ili., V c honour to announce his return from the London and other Markets with an excellent and varied assortment of LEADING NOVELTIES FOR THE SEASON. MANTLES AND JACKETS. Capes, Pelisses, and Coats in Plush, Moir6, Silk, and Cloth, handsomely trimmed in the Latest Fashion. Mackintoshes, Travelling Cloaks, &c. DRESS MATERIALS. Silks, Satins, Velvets, Foulcs, Amazons, Sateens, Crepons, Tweeds, Cheviots. PARISIAN AND ENGLISH MILLINERY. Of the Newest Shapes and most Exquisite Styles. Fancy Hats, Bonnets and Caps. Flowers, Feathers, Laces, Fichus, Ribbons, Ornaments, Trimmings, Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets, &c. DRESSMAKING Under competent management. btyle, Fit and Workmanship perfectly reliable at strictly moderate charges. An Early Visit is Respectfully Solicited. HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. April, 1894. CYCLISTS Looking out for BARGAINS will do V well to call in at our place and see the following First-Class Second-Hand MACHINES we have for sale: 1 Peregrine Light Roadster Pneumatic. I Allday's and Onions' Pneumatic. 1 Malvern Light Roadster Pneumatic. 1 Crypto Geared Ordinary Pneumatic. 1 Beeston Humber Cushion Tyre. (This machine is new. Not been ridden 40 miles.) 1 Ormona Cushion Tyre. 2 Cross Frame Cushion Tyref. 1 Ivel Semi-Racer, Solid Tyre. THESE MACHINES ARE PRACTICALLY AS GOOD AS NEW-MUST BE SOLD; ROOM WANTED FOR NEW MACHINES. CYCLE REPAIRS, PLATING, AND .ENAMELLING AT REASONABLE PRICES THE MALVERN CYCLE COMPANY. 17, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. MATRIMONY. — Manufacturer's widow (no family), tall, musical and domesticated, pos- sessing considerable private fortune in her own right, desires early marriage with an educated, refined pro- fessional or business gentleman. Strictest secrecy expected.—Address, Mrs. Durrant, 101, Davies-street Berkley-square, London, W. &756 j W. BUNDLE. PRACTICAL TAILOR, Has Removed from 65 to 60, ST. HELEN'S ROAD (Next to Brunswick Chapel). All the new SPRING materials now in stock for Suitings, Trouserings, &c., at moderate prices. KM' Style and Fit Guaranteed. AN" JgVENING 0ONCERT Win be givan at MOUNT PLEASANT SCHOOLROOM, SWANSEA* > (Einclly teat fcr the occasion}, ON MONDAY, MAY 28rar, 1894. F*r the Benefit of Mrs. REBECCA HABEIBS, who has been left a widow with five young children unprovided for. Doorc open at 7.30 o'clock; to commence at t8. Balcony Seats One Shilling. M AYPOLE D A 1 R Y CO: MAYPOLE BUTTER REDUCED TO ELEVENPENCE PER LB. ELEVENPENCE PEP. LB. ELEVENPENCE PER LB. ELEVENPENCE PER LB MAYPOLE DAIRY CO. MARGARINE AT 6p. PER LB. Superior to that Sold Elsewhere at 8d. and 10J. AYPOLE JJAIRY C 0. 207a, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA.

MONDAY, MAY 21, 1894. ;


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