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LIPTON'S TEAS ARE THE BEST AND HAVE THE LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. .LIPTON pays most Duty. L'PTON controls the Tea Markets. UPTON LIPTON £ 35,3()5 9s' 2* 1 week's clearance of Tea hOR DUTY. This represent* over onu-half of the average weekly payments for duty paid by the entire taa. trade on tho whole of the tea imported into Great Briian. LIPTON LIPTON is sole proprietor of several thousand acres of the best tea growing — land in Ceylon, on which many thousand natives are constantly employed. Lipton's tea estates stand at an elevation of from 2,000 to 6,500 feet above. tb« sea level, where only the finest teas are grown. LIPTON LIPTON'S TEAS Gl\'nd the Highest and only award in the British Section 8C the World's Fair, Chicago. LIPTONS TEAS powe d.reet from the Tea Gardens. TIPTON" JJA-L NOTE THE PRICES! RICH AND FRAGRANT. FINEST THE WORLD CAN PRODUCE- TTPTOM 1/" AND 14= PER Ls* JU1JL I \JL\ PER LB. NO HIGHER PRICE. Qver ONE MILLION Packets Sold Weekly in Great Britain alone. TTTvn/WT MUNCHES EVERYWIILRE. Agents thron liout the World. LLL 1UJN LIPTON, TEA PLANTER, CEYLON. Lipton's Ceylon Tea and Coffee Shipping Warehouses. Maddemma Mills, Cinnamon Gardens, ColomLo. t, Ceylon Offices: Upper Chatham-street, Colombo. LIPTON Lipton's Iudi-.n Tea Shipp^n^Warchouse j and Export Store Hare-street, ————————— Indian Office Dalhousie Square, Calcutta. Tea and Coffee Salerooms Mincing Lane, London, E,C. Wholesale Tea Blending and Duty Paid Stores: Bath Street and T TT)TA\T Clayton Street, London, E.C., JulX 1 UJ\ Bonded and Export Stores Peerless Street, London, E.C. 1 -H ■ toffee R Hsting, Blending Stores and Essence Manufactory, Ola Street, Loudon, E.C. General Offices: Bath Street, City-road, London, E.C. LOCAL BRANCHES. —— SUNDAY SERVICES. CAPEL GOMER. TO-MORROW, the Pastor, DR. GOMER LEWIS t Will officiate morning and evening, at 11.0 and 6.30. CASTLE STREET CONGREGATIONAL I CHURCIL TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20. RBv. T. S. EVANS (Pastor), Will preach at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. WALTER ROAD CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. "TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20. — Preacher: REV. EVAN JENKINS (Pastor), Services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p m. CARMARTHEN-ROAD CONGREGATIONAL c CHURCH. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY MAY 20. RBV. J. PHILLIPS (Pastor), Will preach at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Subjects Morning Spiritual growth." Evening: Can Secularism account for Christ." QT. JAMES BAPTIST CHAPEL, JAMES 0 STREET, SWANSEA. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20. REV. B. C. EVANS (Pastor), Will preach at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. (gT. ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20. REV. W. E. SHAW Will preach at 11.0 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Subjects What is that in thine hand ?" 9 u Consider one another." A hearty welcome to all. EMORIAL BAPTIST CHAPEL. 31 WALTIBR-ROAD, SWANSEA. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20. RBV. J. W. WILLIAMS, D.D. (Pastor), Will preach at 11 a.m. and 6 30 p.m. Subjects:— Morning Hidden and revealed things." Evening Belief and action in religious life," The choir will sing a chorus at the evening service s T. PAUL'S CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20, REv. H. T. ANDREWS, B.A. (Pastor). Will preach at 11 a.m, and 6.30 p.m. Evening Subject-Scrmou to Young People "Ambition." jjNIXARIAN QHURCH. SUNDAY, MAY 20. Rzv. T. R. ROBINSON Will preach at 11.0 a.m., and 6.30 p.m. All Seats Free. jgETHESDA BAPTIST CHAPEL. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20, REV. E. EDMUNDS (Pastor), Will preach at 11.0 a.m. and 6.30. Holy Communion after the evening service. All seats free. No collection. JgELLEVUE CHAPEL. TO-MORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 20. The Pastor (REV. JAS. CORY). Will preach at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Subjects:- "Abounding love," and" Paul and Felix." iYoung Men's Meeting at 3.0. Subject "Lam pa, but no ligùt," by Mr. J. Ffoulkes. rp ABERNACLE BAPTIST CHAPEL, X CARMARTHEN-ROAD. HALF-YEARLY MEETINGS TO-MORROW and MONDAY, MAY 20th & 21st When Sermons will be Preached as follows feUNDAY at 11 a.m., 3 p.m:, and 6.30 p.m., by The REVS. D. B. DAVIES (York Place); JAMES OWEN (Mount Pleasant); AND W. J. JOHN (Pastor). MONDAY, 7.30, REV. D. B. RICHARDS (English); DR. J. W. WILLIAMS (.Welsh). 'COLLECTIONS IW AID OF Tam BUILDISTO FUND. A consignment of the VERY FINEST NEW CON LIVER OiL just to hand at the Cambria Drug Company, Chemists, Portland-street, and is being retailed at lOd. and Is. 6d. per bottle, or in bulk by the pint. THE OLD RELIABLE FIR 31. L OO RE AND gO, (Late of Exeter), FLUSHING, HOLLAND. (Postage, 21d- Established 19 Years. Manchester Cup, Derby, etc. Double and Treble Events. Moore's Turf Chronicle. Published Daily. Forwarded Post Free. No Representatives. Note Change of Addrtsa: THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED TURF AGENCY. ALFRED CROOK, OSTENDE, CROOK S PRICE RECORD, published twice daily, containing market alterations on DERBY, ROYAL HUNT CUP, ASCOT SHAKES, &c. will be forwarded post free on receipt of address. "You will be quite safe in the hands of Mr. Crook. See Belts Lift, 1343. Address: ALFRED CROOK, OSTBNDE. Postage, 2 d ESTABLISHED 186). JAMES WEBSTER < M1DDELBURG, HOLLAND. (Late of Calais and Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Fruce.) BANKERS: ENGLAND—London and Westminster Bank, a London. "1: SCOTLAND—Bank of Scotland, Glasgow. IRELAND-Lank of Ireland, DabUn. THE 2,000 GUINEAS, MANCHESTER CUP DERBY, &c. DOUBLE AND TREBLE EVENTS. ) STARTING PRICES ON ALL RACES. I NO STARTING PRICE LIMIT ON THJB } PRINCIPAL RACES. ACCUMULATIVE COMMISSIONS. A\ "THE TURF CHRONICLE." Free on receipt of address. N.B.—Mr. Webster is not represented at anv Meeting. Persons using his name on the c'owrs% or elsewhere, do so without authority. .4 TO ARCHITECTS AND JBUILDJBfti The Largest Stock of STEEL AND IRON JOISTS, PLATS GIRDERS Ts. Ls., CHAIN, fco,, Out of London. DAWNAY'S SOLID FIREPROOF FLOORING In use 27 years, G.W.R. SIDINGS, ROATH WORK& I A IRCN ID A L 13 D. JJAWKA T 71, TUDOR-ROAD. CARDIFF. BICYCLE-S I BICYCLES!! BICYCLES P. 1:ROW Gas, Steam, aud Hot Water Engineer, JglCYCLE INI[AKER AND JJEPAIRIR J) SHOWROOMS: WASSAIL SQUARE WORKS: THOMAS STREET I lswan"o Bicycles made to order, repaired, and enamelled. Pneumatic Tyres a speciality. Fittings and all accessories always in Stoc' 1 Agent for the COVENTRY CKOSS, ALLAKD Co, I and all the leading makers. t Coventry Cross Roadster, diamond frame, pneumatic tyres, ball bearings, &c., £ 15 10s Allurd do. do., all modern improvements £16. Good Serviceable Bicycles from £ 5. • Second-hand Machines taken in exchange for New Ones. fi 0 H E SIS BLOOD pILLft THE GREAT BLOOD REMEDY. The only reliable remedy for Puri- fying tlie Blood from all Impuri- ties. They Destroy every Bvil — Germ tinit breeds disease. That is TVT n why ihey Cures so many from Skia ttvHii BLOOD Kas>h, lic ul iehe, Indigestion, Bil- iousness. Constipation,Torpid I, ver, iousness. Constipation,Torpid L ver, Rheumatism, Nervousness, Depres- sion. HUGHES S BLOOD PILLS. HKDUCED TO A SKELETON, Sir,—I have been a great sufferer from Indigestion, Torpid Liver, and U.nenU Debility, and have almost been teduced to a skeleton-had a SKIN arc At loathing tor food, Your STOMACH Hughes's Blood Pills have done r more good than any medicine I have ever taken. They are mild and fentle, yet sure in their action. recommend them to all sufferers.—• WM. BALWELI). 20, Ann-street, Bristol. HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS, WITH THE SHAPE OF A HEART ON EACH BOX- Without delay take these Pills. They will soon cure you, Thk* CUKK WHEN ALL ELSE FAIL. Suiv able for Men, Women, Boys, aud Girls.—Sold by CheuiisWat Is. Ha. NERVES 2s. 9d., 4s. 6a.t or se?, direct to KIDNEYS Maker, Jacob Hughes, Manutactur- ing Chemist, Perth, enclosing sttrrlps. Sea the I:x-ade Xtr., Shape of a Heart, which is on every Genuine Bo*- Ask for jjUGHES'S BLOOD pILLS nN-Mmnwmmm