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A CURE FOR ASTHMA. A NOTED PHYSICIAN WILL PROVE THIS TO ALL SUFFERERS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. It is but natural that the majority of Sufferers from Asthma, after trying doctors and numberless remedies without avail, have come to the conclusion that there is no cure for this most distressing disease. These same persons may still have doubt when they learn through the columns of the preea that Dr. Rudolph Schiffmann, the recognised authority who has treated more cases of Asthma than any living doc- tor, has at last achieved success. He has perfected a remedy which not only gives immediate relief in the worst cases, but has positively cured thousands of sufferers who were considered incurable. These persons had previously been just as sceptical as some of our readers now are. Dr. Schiff- m ami's remedy doubtless possesses the merit which is claimed for it, or he would not extend an invitation to every sufferer to make a free personal test of it. He authorizes this paper to announce that he is not only willing to give free to any person suffering from Asthma or Bronchitis in the United Kingdom, one free liberal "trial package" of his Cure, but urgently requests all sufferers to send him their name, to whom a sample will be posted absolutely free of charge. He fears that in making the claim he does for his Cure, a strong doubt may arise in the minds of many, and knows that a personal test, as he offers to all, will be more convincing, and prove its merits, than thousands of Testimonials which he could publish from perzom ho have been permanently cured by the use of his remedy. "Dr. Schiffmann's Asthma Cure," as it is called, has been sold by most chemists for several years, although many persons may never have heard of it, and it is with a view to reaching these that he makes this offer. This is certainly the most generous and fair offer, and all who are suffering from any of the above complaints should send to Dr. R. Schiffmann, British Depot, 32, Snow Hill, I London, E.G. He requests that you send him simply your name and address plainly on a postcard, nothing else. INTERESTING WEDDING: LEES- THOMAS. On Saturday morning last, the pretty little chapel built in High-street in memory of the great hymnologist, Williams, of Pantycelyn, was the venue for the solem- niza,tion of the marriage between Mr Wm. Edward Lees, of Snailton Dale, Pembroke- shire. and Miss Elsie Margretta Thomas, the second daughter of Alderman D. Saunders Thomas, of Belmont, Llandovery, the well- known and highly esteemed headmaster of the Llandovery British Council School and =lerk to the County Girls' School. Not- withstanding the fact that the event was supposed to be of a quiet and private char- acter, a large number of friends congre- gated at the sacred ed fice, to witnes.s the interesting proceedings, which proved even happier to those interested perhaps through being graced with a little ray of sunshine. The chapel had been prettily de- corated for the occasion with the choicest of white flowers. The bride, who was given away by her father (Aid. Thomas), was charmingly at- tired in a costume of soft cream Venetian cloth. The gown was a short-waisted semi- fitting bolero, with gored shaped skirt and scalloped folds, trimmed with Irish point embroidery. She looked most graceful and handsome, the perfect fit and style adding much e'egan:e to the slim figure. She also wore a chic French-shaped hat to match, trimmed with cream Valennciences lace and tulle, while a long ostrich feather and white heather adorned the side, giving a most charming bridal effect. The Misses Muriel Prothero Thomas and L. Irene (Dolly) Thomas (sisters of the bride) made very pretty bridesmaids. They were dressed in cream silk colienne, trimmed with lace and ru:hin. The full skirts were gathered into the waists, and were trimmed a third of the way up with a band of gaug- ing. The bodice material was draped over a pointed lace yoke back and front; whilst below the yoke was a short bolero trim- ming formed of fo'ds of yellow silk and edged with a frill of lace. The yoke was edged with a deep frill of lace put on under a row of white silk ruchin. The full short sleeves were gathered to form a double puff. and finished at the elbow with a frill of lace. They also wore cream Tuscan straw lop hats prettily trimmed with cream silk .ibbon, tulle, and daffodils. Mr. Thomas Alger, of Newport, acted as >ost man. The ceremony was performed by Dr. T. 0: Thomas, of Bailyglas, the esteemed pas- tor of the chapel. The service was fully rhoral, the choir singing, amongst other renditions, the beautiful hymn, "The Voice that breathed o'er Eden." Miss Jones, Post Office, ably presided at the organ, and it the close of the ceremony played bril- liantly Mendelssohn's Wedding March. On amerging from the chapel, the newly united couple "n wedlock, were greeted with show- ers of rice, confetti, and old slippers. A reception was subsequently held at the bride's residence, and amongst those pre- sent were —Mr. and Mr. Edmund Lees, Dalp Aid. and Mrs. 1) Saunders Thomas, Belmont; Miss Helen Lees, Dale Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Swinburne, Pembroke Dock; Mr. Tom Alger, Newport; Mr. and Mrs. D. Rice Thomas, London Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Harris, Norfolk Miss H .Evelyn Thomas, London; the Misses Muriel Prothero and Irene Thomas, Belmont; and Dr. T. E. Thomas, Bailyglas. Sveral speeches were made expressive of every happiness and pro- sperity to the bride and bridegroom. The honeymoon wiU be spent in London, the happy pair leaving the town by the 2 o'clock train. A number of friends assem- bled on the platform and gave them a hearty send-off. The bride's travelling dress was a pale green tweed costume, trimmed with green velvet and gold buttons, and a tweed pale- tot, trimmed with oppossum fur. The hat was made of two shades of rose-coloured vel- vet and chiffon, with a flowing ostrich feather. The presents received by both the bride a.nd bridegroom were numerous and of a costly description, and a full list thereof will appear in our next week's issue. LLANDOVERY* TOWN COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Town Coun- cil was held at the Town Hall, on Satur- day, under the presidency of the Mayor Mr. C. V, Pryse-Rice, of Llwyn-y-BTain. There were ilso present, Aldermen T. Wat-. kins, Y-l>erltan; C. P. Lewis, Llandingat; and J. R. James, Albert Ho-usc; Councillors D. T. M. Jones, Nantyrhogfan T. Phillips, Picton Court; T. Hoberts, Crown Stores; D. Perrott, Waterloo House; S. H. Price, Trafalgar House; J. Nicholas, Central Drug Stores; and John Evans, Castle-street; to- gether with the Town Cle-rk (Mr. H. Alfred Thomas), and the Surveyor (Mr. W. Lloyd). MEAT MARKET REPAIRS. In consequence of a letter ha,ving been re- ceived from the Local Government Board, declining to sanction the borrowing of the sum of J6104 towards the proposed repairs to the meat market, building, it wa.s resolved after some discussion, to reopen the ques- tion at the next meeting. MONEY RETURN. In repy to Aid. Lewis, the Clerk stated that be had received no reply to his appli- cation for the return of 8s. 6d., the amount ohargied by the engineer for repairing a water pilpe alleged to have been damaged by the County steam roller. NOTICE OF MOTION. Coun. T. Phillips g'ave notice that he would move at the next meeting that a book be purchased for entering th?. records of all committee meetings of the Council. ROAD COMPLAINT. Coun. D. Perrott brought forward. a cam- plaint that heaps of mud were allowed to remain on the roads for a period of nine days at a time without being cleared. Tile Surveyor replied that he had reported the nuisance to the District Inspector many times. The Mayor suggested that a letter be written to the County Surveyor drawing his attention to tihe matter. This suggestion was unanimously adop- ted. FIRE APPLIANCES. A report from Mr. D. Edgar Williams, the captain of the Town Fire Brigade, upon the condition of the fire appliances, was read, and considered most satisfactory. SANATORIUM. It was decided to defer for a month the appeal of the promoters of the West Wales Sanatorium to petition the County Council let ccjoitribute thereto. BYE-LAWS. The bve-laws relative to dairies, cow- sheds and iiilkshops were presented. Aid. Watkins queried whether it was suggested to carry out all the clauses in the book. Personally, he did not think they were all applicable to the district. Aid Lewis remarked that he had been through them rather hurriedly that morn- ing, and although stringent, he moved that they be adopted en bice. Aid. Watkins seconded, and the resolu- tion was carried. OH THOSE STONES. Aid. Lewis complained tha.t the stones placed on the Dolanhiriori-road was too big, some of tihern being as big as his fist. He thought that t.he stones were suppcsied to go through a proper gauge. Aid. Lewis here produced a, sample of the stones which he had picked up. J. Th? Surveyor replied that he did not think Aid. Lewis would find many of that size on the road. He had tried, but failed to pro- cure smaller ones. Coun. Evans also substantiated the com- plaint. On the proposition of Aid. Watkins, sec- onded by Aid. Lewis, the Surveyor was in- structed to see that the stones placed on the road aid mat exceed a 1| inch gauge.