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LLANDOVERY. BOWDDWRETTES. (By" Dyfri.") The examination of tihe candidates for the vacant survey ship in this Union was conducted by MT. Howard, the Brecon County surveyor, at the Town Hall on Wed- nesday last. I wonder how many survived the ordeal? The aippoin-tment takes place on the 15th prox. Notwithstanding an expenditure of JE198 add, the last Whit-Monday contests have Ye- sulted in JE44 surplus being addied to the coffers of the Improvement Committee. No wonder tlb..e committee were jubilant after hearing the treasurer's report. Thanks to the smartness of the staff at our post office, leters addressed "Road Severe" and "Road Several'' respectively were duly delivered to Mr. Evan Williams, surveyor. The attendance at the last Improvement Committee was very sparse indeed, just the few faithful ones as usual. The Hockey Club has now abandoned six successive matches. Ofo, dear! what can the matter be? The last game played was on December 13toh, and the Ibext figure is arranged for the 21st inst., unless, in the interim, the' Col- legians are met. Now, "Green and Whites," buck up, and don't let people say you are down-hearted Next Saturday, the 23rd inst., the famous Swansea team will pa.y us a. visit, and if regular practice is pursued, the homesters should just snatch a victory. The Licensing Sessions passed very quietly. All licenses were renewed, with four excep- tions, which were formally adjourned on ac- count of convictions during the past year. Mr. Morton, Erskine House, delivered the following lines at a banquet given one day Lasct week — Little drops of whisky, Little drops of gin, Lead from patihs of virtue To ruin and to sin. Little drops of AHsopp, Little drops of Bass, 'Steal away the senses, And make a man an ass. But little drops of water, Never äsagtree; Water, sparkling water, That's the drink for me. Alas too true The Rev. Morris Jones, a. North Wales minister, delivered a stirring lecture on "Temperance" at the Tabernacle Chapel on Thursday evening last. Readers will be pleased to h<ear that the vicar is making every satisfactory progress. The following notice appears in one of our boot establishments: "Prime Hay for Sale-Apply Within. Sounds strange in a leather shop? An "anonymous'' letter, sent to the secre- tary of the Improvement Committee, was read at the last meeting suggesting a change in the timbering adjudicators. WThat a pity the writer did not have the courage of his corrvictioni; the epistle was treated suit- ably. The Rev. Volander, Pentretygwyn, will again be the conductor at the Whit- Monday contests. H;,s store of original witticisms just suits him for the posiiton, too. PETTY SESSIONS. The usual fortnightly sessions were held at the Town Hall on Friday last, the magis- trates present being Mr. E. P. Lloyd, Glan- sevin; Col. Lloyd Harries, Llwyndewi; Mr. C. P. Lewis, Llandmgat; Mr. J. Wil- liams, Tirvpentre; Mr. Isaac Haley, Glan- brane Park; and Mr. John Davies, Abor- ltechach. SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST A POST- MAN. Thomas Evans, a rural postman in the employ of the Postmaster General, at Llan- dovery Post OfSce. was brought up on re- mand, charged with stealing a. registered letter containing tihe sum of £3 13s. 5d. in money, the property of the Postmaster Gen- eral, and handed to him on the 17th Dec- ember last Considerable interest was cen- tred in the case, both in the town and dis- trict, where the accused was well-known, and it created no surprise there to find the hall crowded during the hearing.—Mr. T. R. Ludtford, solicitor, LLanelly, prose- cuted, on behalf of tihe Postmaster General, and Mr. T. Phillips, solicitor, Llandovery, daclen<1led the prisoner, who was allowed to sit by his advocate. Mr. Ludfcrd, in opening, said that the charge was a serious one, and proceedings were taken under Section Z6 of the Post Office Offences Act, 1837, undeT which the magistrates had no option but to commit the prisoner to the Assizes if a prima facie caise was made out. Having detailed at some length the facts of the case, the follow- ing evidence was adduced. Winifred Jones, Rhandirmwyn, reposed that on the 17th Dec. last she had occasion to send a letter to Messrs. Robinson Brown, Royal Silk Warehouse, Macclcsifeld.—She addressed a Post Office Registered Envelope to the firm, and placed therein £3 in gold a half-sovereign in gold a quantity of sil- ver (Which she would be certain of) and twopence in coppers; making a total of ,£3 13s. 5d.—ThM money she tied up in a paper, and closed the envelope.—-She did not place any sealing wax on it.—She gave the letter to her brother to pest, who sub- sequently brought heir the receipt (pro- duced). Morgan Jones, a brother of the last wit- ness. said that he was at school at Teilo House, Llandilo. His home was at Ystrad- ffin, aitxl was there on the 17th December last-. He remembered thst on that day his .aster gave him a registered letter, ad<tressed to Robinson Brown. This letter was closed wiien he received it. He handed the letter to Mrs. Owen, the sub-postmistress, at | Rhandirmwyn, and he received the receipt produced. CrcFs-examiraed The Post Office was 3? miles distant from his home. He could teU there was money in the envelope, but he did not tell Mrs. Owen this. The Govern- me^t. stamp w?r on the envelope when he posted it, and Mrs. Owen placed the letter in a drawer. Elizabeth Owen, wife of David Owen, and Sub-Postmistress of Rhandirmwyn, said she remembered the 17th December last. On that day she received a registered letter from Morgan Jor ?s. of Ystradffin. and she gave him a receipt out of the Posting Book, which f he produced. The receipt produced was t.h.o orn she had gÍ-wn. She also en- tered tihe particulars on the counterfoil a.s well. She also made a record on the Iettor- bill (produced). She put on the letter-bill the "Head Postmaster." opposite numbeT one liri?, and "Pobinson Brown or Brown," opposite number two line. The postman (prisoner) called abont five minutes to two o'clock and ehe harded to him t\> regis- tered letters, one addressed to the Postmaster, Swansea." and the other to Robinson Brown." She told him that tbere were two registered tetters for him to sign for, and he signed for them. He signed fo1' the letter addressed to "Robinson Brown" on the small receipt produced. The pris- oner's signature, testifying to his having received the registered letter, appeared on the counterfoil produced. He then laced the two registered letters in his bag. She saw him do this. The letter-bill (produced) was the one she gave him on the 17th Dec. last. It was then perfectly clear, and op- poeite the second line was the entry "Robinson Brown," which had now b3en erased. Cross-examined: She had been ]::()¡-t- mistress for many years, and thoroughly understood her duties. There was no one hrt herself at the Post Office when Morgan Jones brought the letter in. She placed the letter in the desk and not in a drawer. She identified the signature on the letter- bill as that of the prisoner, but admitted she did not see him sign it. She was cer- tain the prisoner was handed the letter on that day. Daniel Williams, the sub-postmaster at Cilycwm, stated that when the prisoner handed him the letter-bill there was no- thing on line number two thereon. He, however, noticed dirt on the paper. James Jones, the suVpostmaster at Llan- dovery. deposed that the prisoner had been employed at the Llandovery office for about 15 years. His duties as rural postman ex- tended from Llandovery to Rhandirmwyn. He saw prisoner about 4.30 p.m. on the 17th December last, when two registered letters were handed witness, both addrassed to the, Postmaster at Swansea. Prisoner also handed him the letter-bill, which he now produced. Cross-examined: He had never received any complaint about the prisoner before now. Ernest Crossley Whitehead, a. confidential cleark with Robinson Browm, Macclesfield, stated that he did not receive any registered letter posted at Rhandirmwyn lay Mies Winifred Jones on the 17th December last. Cross-examined further: All letters were attended to by him. and the firm in the course of a year received thousands of let- ters. Charles William Whitehurst said he was attached to the General Post Office, Lon- don. On the 30th January last he ques- tioned the prisoner about a registered letter posted by Miss Winifred Jones on the 17th December last. which contained money. Prisoner replied that he had never noticed it, and always placed the letters together in the bag. He admitted to witness that his signature appeared on the counterfoil dated December 17th, 1906, which con- tained an entry of the letter described. Prisoner then said that he might have had it, but. was not quite sure. Witness then told him that Mrs. Owen said that she had entered on line No. 2 in the way-bill, the letter in question, and that this had been erased, and a registered letter subsequently entered on that line at Cilycwm. Prisoner replied "I can't say anything about this as I never noticed it." Prisoner denied any knowledge of the erasure on the way-bill. Witness then handed him to Polke-Sergt. Deans. P.S. Deans testified arresting the pris- oned, who in reply to the charge said, "I know nothing about it." This was the evidence adduced for the pro*ieeution, and Mr. Phillips submitted that he had no case to answer, and alluded to the fact that Mrs. Owen, in particular, had given her evidence in a most hesitat- ing manner. Up to this charge no com- plaint had ever been made against this young man, although he had been in the Post Office service for 15 years. As to character, he had abundant evidence in court if necessary, and submitted most re- spectfully that no jury would convict on the evidence. The magistrates, after a short delibera- tio.n, announced that they considered that a prima facie case had been made out, and committed the prisoner for trial to the Assizes. On the application of Mr. Phillips, bail was allowed, the accused himself in JB50, aad two sureties in £25 each, which were forthcoming. LICENSES. These were the sessions for granting re- newals of licenses. Supt. Evans stated that there were in the division 42 ale-house licenses, and two off-licenses. The majority of the houses hod been well conducted, only two licensees having been convicted during the past year. Seventeen persons were proceeded against for drunkenness, as compared with 11 in the preceding year. He asked their worships to ho'd over until the adjourneu sessions the renewals of the White Hart, Butchers' Arms, White Swan, and Golden Lion, but as to the others he had no ob- jection to their being renewed. Their worships acted accordingly. DRUNK IN CHARGE OF HORSE AND CART. Thomas Thomas, of Drover's Farm, Por- thyrhyd, was charged by P.C. Edwards with being drunk in charge of two horses and a ca.rt on the highway. Complainant stated that on the 12th Jan- uary Last he found the defendant in Cily- cwm-road, leaning against the shaft of his gamboe, in a drunken condition. He woko defendant up and gave him in the care of a friend, whilst he placed the horses ill the New White Lion. Defendant pleaded guilty and was fined 2s. 6d. and costs. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. L. P. Lewis and John Smith, his servant man, admitted being drunk and disorderly in the borugh on the 16th ult. The for- mer was fined 2s. 6d. and costs, whilst the latter was let off on payment of the costs only. „ „ „ ANOTHER "D. AND D. Emmanuel Bayley, the landlord of the Butchers' Arms, was charged by the same constable, with being drunk and disowferly in Broad-street at 1.30 a.m., on the 19th Ul<Mr. Phillips, solicitor, Llandovery, on behalf of the defendant, admitted the of- fence, and apologised for the non-attendanoe of hi client who had been unexTe<^dly called away to his branch business at Here- A fine of 2s. 6d. and costs wasinflictsd. VACCINATION EXEMPTION- P C Reynolds, Cilycwm, applied for an exemption" order from vaccination m re- spect of his three-months -old child, gating that he had a conscientious objection tnere- to. Ihe application was granted. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. On Friday last, at the Castle Hotel, Messrs. William and Walter James, auc- tioneers, Llandovery and Swansea, offered for sale, in one lot, the freehold villa resid- enoe and pasture land, known as "Bryn- heulog," and Penybont Sawdde," situate near Llangadock, in the County of Carmar- then, containing 22 acres, 3 roods, 2B perches by admeasurement, and of tine es- timated annual rental value of £ 70 7s. 6d. After a spirited bidding the -property was sold to Mr. W. Picton Davies, grocer. Aber- dare, for £2.270. Mr. T. Phillips, of Llan- dovery, acted as solicitor for the vendor. DEATH OF MISS ETHEL HANDLEY. The death of Miss Ethel Hamdley, tihe daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Handliey, of Rose Cottage, in this town, occurred m her 16tih year on Saturday morning last. The deceased had been undergoing treat- ment at the at Nort.hwood a.nd Hampstead for som months past, but re- turned to heT home a week ago apparently m a very weak state. She succumbed to that fell complaint, phthisis. The greatest sympathy is felt for the parents in their and affliction, as they have now lost three grown-up daughters within the last three years. The interment took place on Tues- day at Lla.ndin.gat, when a large number of relatives and friends attended the solemn rites. The funeral of Miss Eethel Ha,ndley, the Rose Cottage, took place on Tuesday last-, and was largely attended, amongst these forming the solemn cortege being: Mr. and Mrs. Hand-ley (parents) and fa.mily; Mrs. Daviies, Vale of Towy Factory, Llanwrda; Mr and Mrs. Joshua Jones, Barley mount; MT. ancd Mrs. T. Griffiths, North Western Hotofll; Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Lewie, Lletity- evnndde; \1T6. Jones. Brynteg; Messrs Tom and John Jones, Brynteg (mourners); the Revs. Gruffvdd Evans (curate); T. E. Thomas, Bailyglas; and H. Ifor James, Brecon Villa.; Alderman T. Watkins. Y Berllan; Aid. S. S'aundere Thomas, Bel- mont; Councillors T. Roberts, Crown Stores; J. Nicholas, High-street; R. Thomas, Ma,fe- king Villa; H. Havard, Northampton ) House; S. H. Price. Trafalgar House; J. J Evans, Castle-street: Mr. W. Jones, Alma j House; MT. G. Anthony. Stone-street: Mr. ) M. Griffiths. Penygawse: and Mr. D. I Clarke, Henllysfach. Dr. Thomas conducted ¡ a.n appropriate service at the house, whiJsb at the churdh and graveside the curate offi- ciated. The place of sepulchre was at Llandingat. Several beautiful wreaths were placed on the grave.