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LLANDOVERY. BOWDDWRETTES. (By liDyfri"). A competitive meeting is to be held at the Drill Hall on (rood Friday, at which I hear some capital prizes are to be of- fered. After being stationed here for just, over r., a year, P.C. Edwards has been removed to Ammanford. The Llandovery Terra Gotta, Brick and Tile Company has now been floated. At a meeting of the AgricuLkara. Society on Thursday last, it was decided to post- pone the appointment of secretary until March next. The balance in connection with the show wiH be about B15 in favour of the Society. Tho fair was a. very smalt ai-fair indeed. An imna-te of the Workhouse hearing the surname of Prentice, proved quite an adapt at hammer smashing. But hia astuteness cost, him a month's imprison- ment. WEDDING WATKINS—MORGAN, A very pretty wedding was solemnised at the Tabernacle Chapel, on Tuesday last, the contracting parties beckig Mr. Owen VV at kins, of Brynmaes, Tr-ecatttJe, and Miss Anne Morgan, the daughter of the late Mr. David Morgan, of Maesgwa«siod, LJan- dausaint. A large number of friends wit- nessed the interesting ceremony. The bride, who was becomingly latticed in a brown costume trimmed with while silk, with hat to match, was given, away by her brother, Mr. Tom Morgan. Miss Wat- kins (sister of the bridegroom), acted as bridesmaid, and Mir. D. Watkins (brother of bridegroom), as best ma.n. The Rev. Evan WiMiams. of Twynllanan, Elaodau- sairrt, was the officiating minister. On emerging from the sacred edifice, the young ¡ cotrple were greeted with showers of rica and confetti. The wedding breakfast was j pajt>aJcen of at the Wheat Sheaf Hoted, an excedJent spread being prepared by Hostess Roderick. Subsequently the bride and bridegroom proceeded to Niaes- gwastod, the bride's residence, where a large circle of friends had congregated to express their heartiest congratulations. Arches were also erectad near Aberllee- hach. and at the entrance gate to Maes- gwartod. At the invitation of the bride'a relatives, a number of friends were enter- ta.ined at the latter place to a sumptuous repafst. Amongst the company were Mr. Dd. Williams, Goedm&wr: Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Nanteinon; Mr. and Mrs. J. Darvdee?, Aberlleohach, and Mrs. WiEfiams, and Mr. Dd. Williams, Llwynmoch. Sevp- rai! speeches made .expressing every good wish for the future happiness and prosperity of the tride and bridegroom. Later in the everrine. the happy pair left for Brecon, where the honeymoon is being s>pent. The presents were numerous é..nd costly. rNITED GUILD MEETING. The weekly meetings held under the auspices of the United Guild continue to prove a source of great attraction. On Thursday evening last the Drill Hall was crowded with an enthusiastic audience who showed their appreciation of the res- pective contributions with applaudits. Mr. G. Morton, of Emkine Honse, presided, and an exce-tient programme was arranged for the evening, which proved most en- joyabie. Perhaps the most successful items were the dialogue, entitled "The Shy Young Man," and the oomllC song Ten- dered by Mr. T. H. Davies. These created considerable amusement for the assemblage. The programme was as follows:—• Gramophone selection, Mar. T. Jonesr; soio, Mr. George H. Daviess recitation, Mi £ £ XelHe Reee; solo, Mr. John Jones; comic song, 'My Wife won't 1ft me," Mr. T. H. Da vies; recitation, Mr. J) Thomas; soio, Mr. R• D. Williams; dialogne, "The Shy Man Agaiti, Mr. W. N. Thomas and party; pianoforte duet-, Misses Titiv Step- hems and G ladyB Morgan competition for the best yarn, divided between Mr. Uopd WSliams and Mr. D. Thomas; soJo, Miss Blodwen Williams; gramophone selection, Mr. T. Jones. DAMAGE AT THE WORKHOUSE. At the police court on Thursday last, before Mr. D..Jones Lewis anJ Mr. C. P. Lewis, a travelling labourer named Afbert Prentice was charged with doing wilful damage to a celJ door at the Workhouse on that morning. Dd. Evans,- the master, stated that the defendant was put to his task of brea-king 3 cwt. of stones, and was given a hammer to do -so. Defendant- placed the stones in a heap, and the first blow resulted in the hammer being broken. He was given another hammer, and once 3 gain the hammer instead of the stones got broken. Witness noticed defendant's scheme, and locked him in the oeM. De- fendant threatened to smash the door. and i»t u ~k to bis word, causing damage to the extern of between 7s. 6d. to 10s. Defendant admitted the offence, but stated that the hammers were faultv. The Bench committed him to one month's im- prisonment wjt.,h hard labour. JANLTARY FAIR. This monthly event was held on Thurs- day lost, but was sparsely attended by -to. Tuere was a fairly good demand for cattle, particularly cows with calves and fat cattle. Yearlings realised from P,6 to £8, cows with calves E14 to £ 16, baircners JB10 to £13, and fat cattle sixpence per lb. A small 1 number of colliers and cobs were exhibited, the former yielding JB28 to JB30, and the latter JB25 to 1;28 apiece. DEATH AND FUNERAL OF "A NON- AGENARIAN. The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary Price, of TyrbanaJ. took place on Tues- day last, and was largely attended. The deceased, who died on the preceding Sat- urday, had attained the advanced age of 98 yeaTs. She was a well-known and highly iesp»-cted inhab:tant. Amongst the mourners were:—Mr. iliiam Price. C:l- poste (son); Mr. John Price, Llaneny (ion), and Miss Price, Tybanal (daugh- ter). The Rev. l-f. ll'or -James (Llandov- ery), was the oftiriant at the hou«>, chape), and graves id?. LLANDOVERY BOARD OF GUAR- DIANS. The ^ortnightly meeting of the Board of Guardians was h-?H cw Friday last, nnder the presidency ot Aid. T. Watkins. Y- Berlian VOTE OF THANKS. A hearty vote d thanks was accorded Mr- Jeffreys Owen, of Ystrad, for her kindness in 'entertaining the inmates 01 the to a splendid dinner. school, STT" It was nnammousiy TCSC' ,d to adont the committee's report recomrrending tho Board to NeH the Union fiield—about 1 £ acres in extent—to the Carm-arthensiiire Education Authority, as a site for erecting an elementary school, for the sum of JB270. sufciect to the rewrvation of the Board's right to light and drainage for the Workhouse ^remises. MASTER'S REPORT. Mr. D. Evans, the master, reported as follows: — First week — Inm;ites 24 again-t 25; vagrants fI) aga,ii:st 60. ■Second week :—Tr mates 25 against 24; v,-) 7',a:its 69 again?t 52. VTSITIN'G BOOK. T!:e visiting book, signed by Mrs. Jef- frey* Owen o? Ystnd, contained the fol- lowing:— "On th^ 14th inst. I went over the houre after gi,in::( the annual dinner. I found all in £ -ood order, ard the inmat°-« eem-vl contented and haDDY. which spoke well for the master and officials under whose care they are. Everything was beauti- fully rlean. Another entrv therein gfigneil by Mr. W. Jones Davie«, Tj-cerrig Caio, read as fo'^ows — "I a hurried visit to the Workhouse to-day for the first time, and I have much p'e?.sure to state that the order, cleanli- ness, ?nd prmarent haDpmess of all wero evervtliiiq- thnt conld h-e desired. ACKNOWLF,DOMENT OF VOTE. The fol'owing letter was read from the Master to the lioard'r, vote of sympathy: — "I wi^li to exnress my deen gratitude to vou for your kind vote of sviiip-afhy and condolence with me in my sad bereave- ment. The loss of a dearly-beloved for. and a promlsine* young man wes a sad I "blow to me. Kis suoces^- U1 his sphere for the last five years had tided me with the highest hooes of a brilliant career for him as a Poor-law officer, but my erpecta- -tions have been shattered by his untimely death." DINNER TO THÊWORKHOrSE IN- MATES. On Tuesday la^t. Mrs. Jeffreys Owen. of Ystrad, in accordance with her annua! cite torn, very generously; lamed the inmates of th^ Workhoir-e to an excellent dinner, consisting of roast beef, with pud- ding, mince-pies, hop biAters, and lemon- ade. After dinner, the females were pre- sented with lib. r-ugair a.nd yl'u. of tea ea. h, and the males v."it-h 2oap. of tobacco. M iss Owen a'so f-ant a handsome toy to each of the children. At the close, ringing cheers were given to the kind donors. ) DEATH AND FUNERAL OF MP DD. EVANS. A wt-H known and respected figure has just pas-ed a\v;>y :;1 the person oi Mr. David Evans, of Garden-street. He had ) attained the age of 76 years, and for a great many years was a faithful employee ot the L'andovery Corporation. Although being in indifferent health for some time past. he practically died in harness. I. He was esteemed by all who came III con-tarn with him, and the greatest sym- pathy is extended to the widow and children in this their bereavement.. Deceased was a regular attendant at the Tabernacle Methcdi. t Chapel. The tune- t ral took place on Saturday last, and being of a- pnbKe chnracteT, was very largely at- ter.dei. Amongst tho*e present were:— Revs. Gruffydd Evans i(.h-'rats); T. E. Thomas. Bailyglas; H. Ifor JanK- 'Die Laurels; Aid. D. Saunders Thomas, Bel- mont; Aid. J. R. James, Albeit House; Councillor S. H. Price, Trafalgar House; Counciinor H. Havard. Northampton House ¡ Councillor P. Thomas, Mafeking Villa; Councillor DI. Morgan, Half Moon Coun- cilor J. Evans Ce?tle <ree} Councillor J. Nicholas, Centra1 Drug Stoi-e-s Mr. Morgan Griffiths. Penygawse Honse: Mr. j D. Evans. Ta-nvbrvn Mr. Joim Wiil'am-, Yietoria-fvfreet .Mr. B. Jac'kson, New- road Mr. W. Hoyd. Queen-street )1,. W. Price. Orchard-street: Mr. T Wil- liams. Vc'indra Mr. Geo. Williams, Whitehall Mr. John Williams, Victoria- crescent Mr. J. James, Maesvcoed Mr. W. J. Strange. Station Hotel Mr. W. Davits, Cil.ycwm Mr. D. Jo-n^s Alma House: Mr. W. Harries, Blue Rell. etc. The W("1" tb- ,i.rlr.w: \'r. n:n.jd John Evan? (soni Mr. Dajin,ie Evans ) (son) Mr. and Mrs. J -m-ds Enm." (son and daughter-in-lawi Mr. Evan F'-atic (son) Mr. N. Riehpfc?5 adn Mr. Evan P.icltards, Ciydaeh. brother-in-law and reT>hewN Po'-k Cc^tage. LJan- wrtvd fuiec^c At the hou#e. Dr. Tliom^s j offe.iated, wliiM at t-he clinch s-nd grave si te th-» 15">v. Gruffvd'.l Evans was the oflfi'■ i;111. Thp funeral arrangements were sati^factori-v carried o-t by Mr. George Anthony, or Stone-street. I.AN DOVERY DISTRICT COUNCIL. 'i"ae monthly rm eiting of this Council was held on Friday last. It TO resolved that the two Surveyors attend the Cottage Exhibition Conference to be held at Swansea, and that their railway fare be paid. On the motion of Mr. D. Davie.s. Rhy- blid. a committee of 9 was appointed to vmit Porthyrhyd Ford and report at the next meetin-g, as to whether a foci-bridgj or cart-bridge would be the most- serviceable to erect at the Kpot. sufh Committee to meet on Wednesday, Februaryi 12th. The reports presented by the two Sam- j tary Inspectors (Messrs. < Williams and Morgan) were considered, a.nd the several matters mentioned therein ordered to be attended to.



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