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THURSDAY, David Owen (24). collier, was charged with wounding W m. Morgan on October 21st at Lianguicke, Swansea Valley. Mr. Ivor Bowen prosecuted, and Mr. L.*M.. Richards and Mr. J. Piews defended. It appeared that the prosecutor and his uncle were at Ystalyfern, and on their way homeward, near the Vice public-house, met three men. one of whom knocked prosecutor down and severely kicked him, resulting in the par- tial loss of the use of one of his arms. Prosecutor failed to identify the prisoner as the man who assaulted him, but said he saw him near the spot at the time.—In cross-examination prosecutor admitted he himself was not exactly sober. Other witnesses corroborated the story I that prosecutor was assaulted by prisoner. Prisoner totally denied the story for the prosecution and said prosecutor rushed at him and fell over some stairs receiving the injuries complained of. >n Judge commented severely on the state of affairs at Ystalyfera, and said that the people who created these disturbances should be taught differently. These prac- [ tices must be stopped. He sentenced pris- oner to six months' hard labour. COMES OF A GOOD FAMILY. GOO. Gordon Ptwdl (20), was charged with breaking and entering the premises of Mns. Llewellyn, grocer, a former employer, at Port Talbot, and stealing £67. Prisoner pleaded guilty. Mr. Ivor Bowen, for the prosecution, said prisoner was employed as a haulier by the prosecution. The house was broken into and the money taken from a safe. Prisoner went into Brecortshire where he was ar- rested with £34 of the money on him. Mrs. Llewellyn did not desire to press the case. Prisoner had fallen from a very respectable position, and belonged to a very respectable family in Breconshire. Mr. St. John Williams, for the defence, said the difference of the money had been paid Mrs. Llewellyn. His relatives were anxious to make arrangements for him to go out of the country. Prisoner wanted to go to America. On April 21st next prisoner would come into two farms in Breconshire. • Hie Lordship bound prisoner over in £100 to come up for judgment when called upon. I FRF.I-, CuMANrS VISIT TO SWANSEA- -daurk-e Rimbaud, a young Frenchman, was indicted with stealing Jf bicycle, value ten guineas, belonging to John Gale Owen, accountant, Swansea, on August 11th.—MT. L. M. Richards prosecuted. Prosecutor said he left the bicycle in the Passage, and it was aiterwards found to have been stolen. Mary Nicholas, wife of George Nicholas, St. Mary-street, Swansea, said prisoner had been lodging with her and owed her money. On August 11th prisoner brought a bicycle to the house. Detective Roberts said on August 25th he arrested prisoner in London. He said he had bought two bicycles, one from a man at the docks. Prisoner, through an interpreter, said he came to Swansea on holidays and had £ 8 when he arrived. At the end of a few -.Lays he spent his money buying the bicycles. He said he came from a good family who had money. Sentence of three months' hard labour was passed. LOUGHOR GROCERY BURGLARi. Win. John Hughes l20), labourer, was charged with breaking and entering the lock-up shop of Charles Harris, grocer, Loughor, and stealing two pairs of boots and a. watch on November 5th. Several witnesses deposed to seeing pris- oner with one pair of boots and also a watch. Police gave him a bad character and sen- tence of six months' hard labour was nassed. TASTE FOR TINNED TONGUE. Thomas King (18), labourer, charged with breaking and entering a warehouse of John Taster, who is in. partnership with the Swansea Express Delivery Co., and stealing turned tongues and bread, value at 9s., the property of Mr. Tasker and others on Nov- ember 18th at Swansea, and Richard Prees- ley (16), a labourer, jointly charged, received three months each without hard labour. SKIPPER'S ADVENTURE ON THE STRAND. Selina Rll/Slhbrook (25), Lily Argent (19), and Catherine Driscoll (25), all of no occu- pation, were charged with stealing from. Captain Oscar Rustad a purse and £ 5 10s. on the 17th November at Swansea. Mr. Llewelyn Williams prosecuted. Prosecutor said he was returning to his ship when he met the prisoners on the Strand, and after he had spoken to them he missed his purse and money. P.C. Hayes spoke to arresting RushJorook and Argent at their lodgings, and finding various sums of money there. Prisoners pleaded not guilty, and the jury I finding there was insufficient evidence, the prisoners were thereupon discharged.

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