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FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1905, --------------------




SWANSEA7S RECORD YEAR, Annual Returns of Harbour Trading1. Swansea Harbour Executive Committee meeting on Thursday was of more than us- ual importance, as the annual harbour re- turiis were presented Imports and exports for the twelve months ending December amount to 4,285,059 tons, which constitutes a record. The previous record was in 1902, when the total trade was 4,262,175 tons. In 1903 total imports and exports just fell short of this quantity, tho amount being 4,183,053 tons. The increase for 1004 over the latter is therefore 102.006 tons, and over the previous record 22,884 tons. Financially, the result is also satis- factory, there being a surplus of nearly £ 7,000 in revenue over 1903. The total imports, compared with 1902 and 1903 show a failing off. The figures are 84a,967 tons in 1902, 842,443 tons in 1903, and 841,255 tons last year. Exports, on the other hand, show an advance over both those yeans, the quantities being: 3,415.208 tons in 1902, 3,340,610 tons in 1903, and 3,443.804 tons last Year. The incidence of the coal tax naturally causes one to turn to the exports of coal and coke and patent fuil. The coal and coke returns sliow a falling off for last year com- pared with both 1902 and 1903. In the lat- ter case it will be sej p the decrease ie slight. The figures are 2,514,943 tons in 1902, 2,494,877 in 1903, and 2,452,125 tons last year. Patent fuel shipments, on the other hand, show gratifying increases. J^a-st year they amounted to 581,477 tons, as compared with 467,053 tons in 1903 and 509,248 tons in 11802. Taking coal, coke, a.nd patent fuel exports together, the returns show that the coal tax is haviug no adverse effect upon the shipments, the figures being 3,024.191 tons in 1902, 2,951,930 in 1 a.nd 3.033,602 tons last year. The shipments in 1904 there- fore actually increased over 1903 by no less than 81.672 tons. Tmplatv/. shipments re. equally satisfac- tory, the total exports being 285,775 tons, as compared with 256,275 tons in 1903, and 271.832 tons in 1902 The increase in this case over 1903 is 29,500 tons. Other in- creases are galvanised sheets, 5.126 tons, and flour, grain, potatoes, etc., 931 tons. The galvanised sheet exports arc particularly gratifying, for in 1902 the exports were 12,688 tons in 1903, 18,634 tons; and last year, 23,760 tons- There was a falling off of nearly 4,000 tons in shipments of iron, steel rails, castings, etc., though these ex- ports showed an increase in 1903 compared with the previous year of nearly 3,000 tons so tliat the comparison between last year and 1903 its not a fair one in this respect. Coming to the imports, increases over 1903 are recorded in tar and pitch, 5,401 tons; copper, silver, lead, tin, with their alloys, 9,791 tons; zinc ore and alloys, 9,236 tons; iron, steel, pig iron, and castings,, li.2ó3 tons (compared with 1902 there is here a falling off of 7,000 tons); deals, battens, and boards, 11.343 tons; bricks, slates, etc., 7,211 tons flour, pota- toes, etc., 2,214 tons: sugar, 742 tons; and fish, 1,296 tons. The shrinkages have chiefly been in grain, 8,437 tons; pitwood, 9,480 tons; and iron ore, 61,878 tons. Regarding the last named imports the total quantity of iron brought last year was 55,624 tons, as Against 11',502 tons in 1903 and 107,155 tons in 1902. The reason for this big fall- ing off was the stoppage of Baldwins Works at Landore. During last year 19,054 tons of American "bars and plates were imported. There were none in 1902 nor 1903.

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