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BEN. EVANS & Co,, 9s WINTER gg Jt TGT* IS NOW CLEARANCE £ !& JF^JLm* SCLk ON. and will be continued daily until Wednesday, January 25th. Book Of Bargains (showing wby it pays you to deal with us) Post Free I BSR. EVANS & Co., LTD. SWANSEA. nnrTr*r~™~——™—*—™T* I C. ROWLAND, CGNTItACTOR TO THE SWANSEA HAR3JOL' I tTTUJSTEKS fcffiWAY ITiULIKS, AND SHIPPING COi TRAOTOE TO THE JSH031DSA.A2 £ D SWANSEA RAY RAILWAY CO. and RAILWAY HAULIER TO THE MIDLANJ) AND LONDON A-ND NORTH WESTERS" RAILW AY COMPANIES, 9. FISHER STREET. First Manufactured in 1818 1:. in the reign of j King George HL ? STIFFS STARCH I i ) I j Only one quality N BH s 9 THE BEST, | 'I f '■* 4 i i STIFF & Co., LTD, 29, BEDCUFF STREET. BRISTOL < J L- —==;- ANNUAL BALL in Aid of the SWANSEA HOSPITAL, TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1905. HULLKY'S BAND. Dancing, 9.50 p.m. Ticl-ets oaat.'e^etts £ 1 Is. ad. Ladies: 10s. 6d. JUVENILE CALICO BALL WEDNESDAY, JAN. 18th, 1905. HULLI'Y'S BAND. Dancing, 7-12.50. Tickets: £ %Hurc.n under 12, 3s. 6d. Juveniles from 22-17, 5s.; Adults, 10s. 6d. (Adults who attended previous evening, 5s.); Balcony! Tickets (second evening 2s. 6d. 'iVfcots may be obtained trorn va JfoUow-, —Mr, V/. D. Hughes. Secretary of the liospisd; Mr. A. R Way, Wind-street; Messrs. T. Brader and Sons, Wind-street; Mr. k CI. Brader, Hcsthfield-street; and ]Mr J. T. Davies, Waiter-road. CO'lt,utions of Money or Food will be gTaU fvi >' received by any one oi the^Hon. Sees. x' rs. George Shaddick, Mrs. R. Nelson. Joivfs vlrs. Morgan Davies, Miss Webber; or may rre frit to the Minor Hall on the morning of Tuesday, January 17th. LLANDOVERY COUNTY GIRLS' JU SCBCC". Head Mistress:—MISS M. E. PRICE, B.A. ^London}. FEES iTl. 10s. Od. (including Stationery) per Term. Reduction for Sisters.- Boarders can be received at the School, ,or IfTrm apply to the Head Mist. Next term begins on WEDNESDAY, j JANUARY 18, 1905. D. SAUNDERS THOMAS, Clerk. 970 C' C'LSTON*S SCHOOLS STAPL^BSN^ BRISTOL. A L'ffcRDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS. H a; hy Situation, Spacious Grounds and {;ad"').>.l:U:, Chemical and Physical L*.horv borirti 'imminr Bath, Carpenter's Work- shop). S1 en Resident Assistant Masters.— Tuition Board, Books, Stationery, and fk* xZl per annum. Illustrated Pros- pect.! • >r application to the Head Master, FINN, M.A., LL.D. MISS^LANGDONS CLASSES FOR DEPORTMENT AND DANCING, « Will be RESUMED on JANUARY 14th, 1905. For lirng write- SEA VIEW ,AS, 'MS. Mo-nt Pleasa L Swansea. AUSTRALIA* 0BISNT-PACIFIO LIN J çnY AL MAIL STEAMERS >i !>; NDON, PLYMOUTH. R- o ~-ILLb^s .id NAPLES to EGYPT, CRY. ALcTRAI IA NEW ZEALAND, and TASMANIA. Fortnightly Sailings. Tons. London. Marseilles. Naples nftona, tw se- 7045 Dec. 3° Jan. 6 Jan. s Orizaba 6300 Jan. 13 Jan. 20 Tan. 22 Orontes, tw sc. qo23 Jan. Z7 )Feb. 3 Feb. 5 sc. 8282 Feb. 10 reb. 17.. Feb. in Managers: F. GREEN & Co., ANDERSON ANDERSON & Co., » Head Offices: FeuchITch Avenue. London. For apply to the latter firm at 5, Ifenchtrrch Avenue, "E.C.; or to West End preach Office, 28, Cocksnur Street, S, VV. 848 CUPISS. CONSTITUTION BALLS Are an xini.-dine remedy (write for F"aphlet). For HORSES, Grease, Swelled TESTIMONIAL. Legs, Cracked Russiey Park. Reels, Coughs, Colds, I I havo^ «.sed Cu- itaring Coat, piss' Constitution fnfluenza, giving Ba!1s for the last ten re and vio-onr, and «ears, and have mach k,invnS high fed pleasure in testify, y iQ Health, fnt, to the good, e!- &r. facts they have F^AT5^E and in improving as SHr- in cases of condition of Horses |*0V3 or hiown, in training. partipQ- ;onnd, Lo^ larly m the sPrmg A^+lt, Di^. »nd anturan vtATT n.\WSON. Pa s> .-oaring m MAX i Cal^ £ .ra 7T77\ to £ 500. "a^T, r!1 note of ±,1U hu r-i ^7- P^b" fey, or Option, wh^ tiver wotww \M « Q:me- \Na cale, fort. d.lo pr:vacy,It On. iwp4 o* repree€jV<3 will wait is90* yon \w' %ppotntaw»nt a{ivaaca aou rb» ukwx1. repayab^ j. cp-^J dr»«J.u ".(t voer own ton^^gncd. "etla¡. -&A- Laou>te\ J^EW STAR THEATRE, SWANSEA. MONDAY-, JANUARY 9th, 1905, And During the Week, at 7-30 p.m. LOST iiT PARIS. Next W eek THE GOLDEN LADDER. DEATH. LOWE.-On the 27th. ult., a.t the reeklence -f t his son, Providence-place, Skipton, Yorks.. Benjamin Lowe (late of Swansea), in his 86th year. 689v1-6 IX iIE3f02,IA2I. JOSES.-In ever loving rtteno<»ry of our dear mother, Clara J. Jomc.«, who passed away j at Oy-rHhv r, Glycjaoh, the 3rd of Jiamuary, R 1806.—TV. V WM "OF EOO»I-6 ■ ——— -L —— ———

FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1905, --------------------



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