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Swansea Police Court.

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Rhyl National Entries. i

King and Llanwrtyd Industries.

IKrug'er's Last Words.

Over-crowding- at the Cray.


Jowett in the Field.

British Expedition in Tibet,





"Sunday" at the Grand.




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•> Swansea Lifeboat Fund Gifts.

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

• > Swansea Lifeboat Fund Gifts. Swansea Lifeboat Fund Committjc^ through the Secretary, Councillor H. G. Soloman, acknowledge the following gifts in money and kind for the fund —Sir Griffith Thomas, 21s. Messrs. E. T. Aguis, 10s. txL; Mr. T. H. Jones, 10s. 6d. Mr. J- D. Lcd- wig, 10s. 6d. Mr. J. Lewis, Strand, 10s. 6d. Mr. J. Pendry, 10s. 6d. Rev. Talbot Rice, 10s. 6d. Mr. R. Lewis, 10s. 6d. Miss M. E. Brock, 10s. 6d. Dr. Humphreys, P,2 2s.; Mr. Geo. E. Cook, 10s. 6d.; Mr. A. F. Edt8u, 21s. Admiral Lyons, 10s. 6d.; Mr. J.wr. Davies, 10s. 6d. Col. Wright, 10s. 6d. Earl Jersey, 20s. Mr. Carl Lan- ger, 21s. Lewis G. Lewis, 10s. 6d. Mrs. Mrs. Picton Turbcrvill, E2 2s. Capt. Wales, 21s.; Mr. Herbert Lloyd, 21s. Sir J. J. Jenkins, 10s. 6d. Mr. Wilson Paton, 10s. 6d. Duke of Beaufort, 21s. ) Iessrs. Evans Bros., 10s. 6d.; Messrs. Chas. Calder and Co., 21s. Coun. J. H. Lee, 10s. 6d.; Miss Talbot, JB2; Mr. Geo. Rowe, 19s. 6d.; Sir Geo. Newnes, C2 2s. Mr. F. Edwards, J.P., 10s. 6d. Mr. W. Lewis, J.P., 10s. 6d. Swansea Cricket Club, per Mr. Farr, £ 10; Mrs. Evan Jenkins, 10s. 6d. Hancock's Brewery employes, 9s.—(the above per Sir Griffith Thomas). Donations to flower stall: Sir Geo. Newnes, 10s. 6d. Sir J. J. Jenkins 19s. Mrs. Turbcrvill, 10s. Mr. J. Dyer, J.P., 10s. Messrs. Mills, English and Co., 10s. 6d. Mrs. Dr. Griffiths, Miss Dillwyn, 5s. Mr. Tregoning, 5s. Mr. Joseph Hall, J.P., 5s. Mr. Ivor Williams, 5s. Mr. Lewis, 5s. Mrs. Twoeney, 5s. sums in der 5s., 33s. 6d. (per Mrs. Sandry). Gift cf flowers Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn. Lady Lyons, Col. Morgan, Aid. Spring, Mrs. Titid Thomas, Mrs. Barron, Mrs. G. Dixon (Liverpool), Mrs. J. H. Rosser, Mrs. Tntton, Mrs. D. A. Davies, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Mardy (Swin- don), Mr. T. Couch, Mr. Harry Nott, Mr. Artbur Williams, Mr. Tom Harrison, Mrs. 10 Boulanger, Mr. Watson, Mr. Kitlev, Mr. H. Parson, Mr. Puddicombe, Mr. Batenp, Mr. Kirk, Mr. Brinley Bowen, Mr. W. A. Jenkins, 10s. 6d. Mr. Margrave, ICs. Councillor B. Thomas, 5s. Owen Harris (Harris Bros.), 21s. Mr. Geo. Mayou (Wor- thington and Co.), 21s.: Mr. D. Treharne, 5s. sums under 5s., 25s. 6d. (per Mrs. Jacob Jenkins). Gift of cake, etc. D. Jones, Dickinson and Co., R. E. Jones, Ltd., Mr. S. Palmer, Mr. Howell (Grosvenor), MessrS. Taylor and Co., Mr. James Rees, Mrs. J. Phillips, Miss Nott, Mrs. Ahsolum, Mr. S. B. Sketch, Mr. Emanuel Thomas, lemonade, etc. Mrs. Picton Tnrbervill, ham and cakes; Mr. D. Roberts, tea; Mrs. M. Webborn, meat; Mr. Meredith, pastry; Mrs. Evan Jenkins, pastry Messrs. Weaver and Co., loan of six horses; Messrs. C'crker and Bevan, loan of horse and cart; Mr. Courtney and Police Band, for rervices; Swansea Tramway Co. (per Mr. D. James), for the use of Pier. Per Mrs. H. D. Wil- liams, Morriston: Mrs. R. G. Edwards, 10s. 6d. sums under 5s., £ 1 12s. Messrs. R. E. Jones, Ltd., pastry; Mr. T. James, but- ter Mr. C. H. Quant, bread; Mrs. Chap- pell, bread per Mrs. W. C. Jenkins, cash sums under 5s., 19s. lid. Mrs. Price, but- ter; Miss Irene Rees, bread; Mrs. Evans, bread; Mrs. D. Evans, bread; Mrs. Col- lett, butter; Mr. R. Robinson, butter; Mrs. Morton, bread.

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