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MONDAY'S EISTEDDFOD. Randegger Explains his Award. Interviewed in London regarding the scene at the conclusion of the award at Monday's male voice contest at Swansea, Signor Ran- degger said — "Some people were disappointed, but others were not; and while the one 'booed' tne other cheered. No doubt both thought that they were justified, and when one fills a public position, as I did, one cannot ex- pec, everybody to agree with him. I asked those who disagreed with me if thev were able to jucige of a performance in which they took part. Could those singing in the choir put their judgment against mine, when I was at a distance for the purpose of judging, and when I had 50 years of experience? I told them they could not do it. I judged from the artistic point of view, and the reason why they had a professional adjudicator there was that this should be done. "Welshmen ore very excitable and emo- tional." the professor went on. "And the choir that made the greatest effort some thought 1 were deserving of the prise. Now i give the prize to the most artistic party On Monday the performances were magnift cent, but that which some of the peopit thought should have the prize, however, cx- aggerated. The effect, I admit, was tre- mendous. It was a stb'ring performance. It stirred me. But it was not. artistic, and the effect was obtained by exaggerated means. Now I, as a musician/could not give the prize for such singing. It is not for the standard of effect upon the public that an adjudication goes, or should go. The adjudi cator, a musician, must have a different stan- dard to that, or else the committee might just give the prize to those who get the most applausp. Such a judgment would be wrong in 99 cases out of a hundred. "Then you think the performances on Monday were good?" "More than that, they were superb re- plied the profesior. "It was a very difficult thing to decide. It was absolutely impossible to do so in the general effect. The perform- ances could not only be judged by comparison, taking points here and points there; and therefore no one was able to judge, or would be able tg decide the question, hire a special- ist pay trig special attention to the matter. An individual singer in the choir could not judge." "lou hold the most artistic performance gained the prize?" "That is so," replied Professor Randegger. "Had I had time I intended to have read some remarks made by Sir Edward Elgar at Morecambe on the evils of exaggeration. I acted on the advice Sir Edward gave, and I am sure had he been the adjudicator he would have acted in the same way as I did. It people do not know what is artistic, and exaggerate, why they must learn. And if thev do not learn they will never be any- thing. But with it all I was delighted with my visit. I enjoyed myself enormously. In fact, it was to me like a Royal progress, and 1 am delighted," said the professor as the interview terminated. < A

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