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BRISTOL CHANNEL YACHT CLUB Lord Jersey Opens New Head- 1 quarters. The handsome new premises of the Bris- tol Channel Yacht. Club, which are such a feature of the Bay at Southend, Mumbles, were formally opened on Thursday bv the F-arl of Osffsey, who was accompanied by Lord Villiers, in tho presence of a large and select company of members and invited guests. Invitations had been issued by the Commodore (the Earl of Dunraven), the flag officers and committee of the club, and, aid- ed by the fme weather, the "At Home" was a distinct social success. Those present in- eluded Ladv Swansea and the Misses Vivian, Hon. Odo Vivian, Mr. Graham Vivian, Mrs. Picton Tnrbervill, Miss Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. John White, Miss Dillwvn, CaptL W. M. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Richards, Mr. and Mrs. John Glasbrook, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Morris, Dr. and Mrs. Brook, Mr. and Mrs. Wyrill, Mr. Islay Young, and the Misses Young, Colonel and Mrs. Wright, Rev. and Mrs. Harold Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Rice Evans, f-ir John Jones Jenkins, and Miss Elaine Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thornton An- drews, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Glendenning Moxham, Mr. and Mrs. Trub- shaw, Father Gwvdr, Mr., Mrs. and Mis.s Aeron Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Schenk, Captain and Mrs. Colquhoun, Capt. Lindsay, Lieut.-Col. W. M. Jones, Mr. Percy and Mr. Martin Player, Dr., Mrs. and the Misses Arthur Davies, Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Griffiths, Mr. Frank Bovce, and about 200 others. THE OPENING CEREMONY. Lord Jersey motored from Swansea, ac- companied by Lord Villiers, and immediately on his arrival broke the club burgee, amidst applause, being pre&cnted with a paper weight, suitably inscribed, by Mr. Roger Beck. On the termination of this cere mony he formally opened the premises JP,th a gold key, and a club-house was thrown open to the large number of visitors. L' rd Jersey made some appropriate remarks in so doing, but owing to the crush his utter- anca?' were somewhat inaudible. During the afternoon the building was thoroughly in- spected by those present, a reception being heid by the flag-officers of the committee. It was a matter for regret that Lord Dunraven, the commodore, was unable to be present. NEW BUILDINGS DESCRIBED. The architect is Mr. Glendmning Mox- ham, Swansea, and the builders Messrs. Eennett Brothers. A good deal of blasting was necessary on the site, 4,000 tons of rock being removed without a single pane of glass being broken. Approached by a wide flight of steps, there is an entrance hal! or flight of steps, there is an entrance haP or lounge, with staircase and gallery, laid with pitcllpine parquet floor, walls papered rich re dto picture rail, the tops being half- timbered with white panels. Ceilings are panelled. The staircase is oi dull polished Spanish mahogany. The smoke-room is 34 feet by 13 feet, and contains a handsome oak fireplace. The dining-room has an (.c. tagonal bay forming a tower. The kit- chens are fitted with latest improvements, and on the first floor is a biiifard-reom, card room, and library. Five bedrooms are provided for the members, and servants' offices are also on this floor. There are spa- cious baths and lavatories. It may be ad- ded that the gold key used to perform the ceremony was supplied by Mr. W. Williams. Castle-street, and bears the inscription: "Presented to the Right FIon. the Earl of Jersey on the occasion of the opening of the new Club, Mumbles, by the architect, Mr. Glendinning Moxham, August 4th. 1504 SHORT HISTORY OF CLUB. The Bristol Channel Yacht Club was es- tablished on February 24th, 1875. The first Commodore was the late Lord Swansea. The present Commodore is the Right Hon. the Earl of Dunraven, whose name is so well known in yachting circles, and who en three occasions tried to win back the America Cup. The number of members in 1875 was 127, and the officers were the late Mr. C. R. M. Talbot, owner of the Lvnx; Sir J. A. Morris, Sir Bruce Chichester, Col. Stuart, Mr. W. Graham Vivian, and Mr. Henry Crawshay. To-day the total mem- bership amounts to 2.30. For a great number of yea-rs 'he members have been housed at Southend, in leasehold premises, but it was felt that the require- ments of the club had outgrown +hp some- what limited accorm oration and it was I rartiiily due to the effort? ofi^fho cst«c*r.t«d- hon. secretary (Mr. F. G. Andrews) that the funds refjuirs^ xcr th-r- rr op- tion and equipment of thj vrw .1 he ndsorne structure were collected The site is freehold, and the whole of the money, amounting to £ 4,500, has been sub- scribed by the members. Mr. Roger Beck, a trustee for many years, has been thG mainstay of the club and when it wis sug- gested that a new club house was required, he very generously came forward by sub- scribing a thousand guineas, and Messrs Isaac and David Glasbrook also donated 600 and 500 guineas respectively. During many years since 1875 the original idea of the gentlemen who started the°chib has been carefully carried out-that is to say, yacht racing and sailing. Regular re- gattas have been held, and in the year 1896 his Majesty's yacht Britannia, together v'rth the Emperor of Germany's yacht the Meteor, Seuled in Swansea Bay for a 10-3 guinea cup, which was won by that famous boat, the Ailsa. The club is essentially successful from a social point of view, and i^ includes amongst its members the Earl of Dunraven (Com- modore), the Earl of .Jersey (who opened ihe new Club-bouse on Thursday), Lord Villiers, Sir John Llewelyn, Dart., Sir Geo Newnes, Bart., M.P., Sir Robert Morris, Bart., Sir John Jones Jenkins, Sir Griffith Thomas, Mr. James Coats, the Hon. George Keppel, and many influential men in the county. We may also add -hat the late H.R.H. the Duke of Teck was also a. mem- ber, and he used the club frequently when in this neighbourhood.

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