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PONTLLIW ANNUAL SHOW. SUCCESSFUL EVENT: AWARDS LIST. Pontlliw Agricultural Show was held on Saturday last, and proved equally success- ful as the events of former years.' The fol- lowing is a full list of awards: — HORSES. Carters, brood mare wi-h foal at foot.— 1, David JosepbT Foesfach, Llaneily 2, D. Jones, Wernfawr, Killay; 3, W. T. Wil- liams, Castelldu. Sucking colt or filly.—1, David Joseph, Li&r-elly; 2, G. Thomas, Medelfvw. Yearling colt of filly.I, W. Harris, Llwynadam 2, M. Harry, Perfodu 3, Dd. Jones, Wernfawr, Killav. Two-year-old gelding" or filly.—1, J. Thomas, Talyclyn; 2, W. Owen, LIandir- og; 3, David Joseph, Llaneily. Mare or gdding.-I, W. Thomas, Med?l- fyw; 2, T. Thomas, Talyclyn; 3, Messrs. Morgan Bros, Gwauncaegurwen. HACKNEYS. Brood mare.—1, W. R. C. Thomas, Dol goy, Llandib; 2, \V. G. Davies, Ynysfor- gan; 3, W. Thomas, Medelfvw. Suckling.-1, W. R. C. Thomas, Dolgoy, Llandilo; 2, W. G. Da vies, Ynysf organ; 3, M. Williams, Glanaminan. learhng.—1, R H. Simpson, Bryngwiii, j Pontardutais; 3, W. Thomas, Medelfvw. Two-ycar-old.-I, T. Thomas, Talyclyn 2, Dr. W. C. Griffiths, Pontardulais; 3, W. Thomas, Medelfvw. Mare or gelding.—1, H. T. Thomas, Ben- altt, Pontardulais; 2, J. J. Yound, Cross Hands; 3, J. Harries, Cadle. COBS. Brood Mare.—1, W. R. C. Thomas, Dol- goy; 2, G. J. Griffiths, Gorseinon; 3, J. A. Mathias, Dantwyn. Suckling.—1, W. R. C. Thomas, Dolgoy 2, J. Williams, Pontardulais; 3, D. Thomas, Llwyntew. Yearling.—1, W. Morgan, Mansel Arms 2, W. Thomas, Medelfyw; 3, W. Hopkins, Cefngorwydd. Two-yea.r-old.-1. W. R. C. Thomas. Dol- goy; 2, J. Thomas, Talyclyn; 3, Dr. W. C. Griffiths, Pontardulais. Mare or gending.—1, W. R. C. Thomas, Dolgoy; 2, W. Davies, Tyrlan; 3, Henry Jones, Pontardulais. PONIES. Brood mare not exceeding 13 hands.—1, R. H. Simpson, Pontardulais 2, Dr. W. C. Griffiths, Pontardulais; 3, Mrs. Williams, Dorghvydd. Suckling.—1, nr. W. C. Griffiths, Pon- tardulais 2, F H. Simpson, Pontardu- lais; 3, G. J. C r:ifiths, Gorseinon. Y earling.—1, Mrs. P. Davies, Loughor 2, Mrs. But ler, Loughor; 3, J. Hughes, Gorseinon. Two-year-old.—1, W. Morgan, Mansel Arms; 2. E. R. Evans, Pontardulais; 3, J. J. Yound, Cr.-k-.s Hands. More or gelding.—1, E. Jones, Tumble; 2, W. Morgan, Mansel Arms 3, W. Peth- rick, Veiindre, More or gelding suitable for colliery pur- poses.—1. B. Roberts. Talyfan; 2, T. Thomas, Llannon; 3, J. Davies, Llannon. Sucker, by "Macauley."—1, W. Harris, Hendrn Wen; 2, G. Bowen, Goitrewen. Sucker, by "Brilliant."—1, D. Joseph, Foesfach; 2, M. Harry, Penvfode. CATTLE. Bull, any breed or age.-l, Sir J. D. T. Llewelyn, Penilergaer; 2, J. Roberts, Cwr- tyearaw. Bull (Hereford), under 24 months.—1, D. J^eph, Foc-sfacfr: Bull (shorthorn).—1, D. Owen, Llannon 2, Mrs. Thomas, Dorghvydd. Hereford cow.-1, T. Williams, Castell- du 2, J. D. Williams. Gwenlais Fawr. Shorthorn cow.—1, R. Richards, Golly- wener; 2, D. Joseph, Foesfach. Two-year-old heifer, in calf.—1, R. Rich- ards, Gellywener: 2, T. Walters, Glanlliw. Yearling heife-r.-I. T. Walters, Glan- IJiw; 2, B. Roberts, Tallyfan. Heifer calf, under 12 months.—-1, D. White, Glyncaerau; 2, H. W. Thomas, Benallt. Cow (Channel Islands breed).—1, W. Francis, Clordir.. Pair of steers.l, J. H. Williams, Gwen- la's Fawr 2, no entry. Best bull calf.-l and 2, Mrs. Evans, Eis- teddfa. SHEEP. Ram.-l, Tom Williams, Castelldu. Ra.m lamb.—1, J. H. Will iams, Gwenlais II Fawr; 2, H. W. Thomas, Benallt. Pen of three ewes.—1, J. Williams, Taly- clyn 2, divided between Mrs. Rees, Penlr- gaer, and J. Williams. Three ewe lambs.—1, H. W. Thomas, 'I Penallt; 2, ditto. MOUNTAIN SHEEP. Ram.-I, J. Williams, Casteiidu; 2, L. Havard. Ram lamb.—1, J. Williams, Castelldu; 2, ditto. Pen of three ewes.-l, J. Williams, Casteiidu 2, W. Harris, Llwynadam. Three ewe lambs.—1, T. Williams, Cast1- du; 2, ditto. PIGS. Best boar.—1 and 2, J. Davies, Pontlliw. Sow.—1, J. Mathias, Dantwyn; 2, Ditto. Store Pig.-l, W. Williams, Bryntirion 2, G. Jones, Pontlliw. SHEEP DOGS. Collie Dog or Bitch.—1, Mrs. Mathias, Tvnyrheol 2, Mrs. Evans, Eisteddfa. Collie dog or bitch (with exemption from licensed.—Mr. Williams Castelldu; 2, Ditto. MISCELLANEOUS. Sheaf of wheat.-l, W. Clement, Bryn- bach 2, divided between J. Roberts and W. John, Tyllwyd. S-heaf of barley.—1, W. Phillips, Cefn, Veiindre 2, Ditto. Sheaf of oats. -1, divided between W. Phillips and W. Harries, Gwenlais Fach 2, divided between W. John, Tyilwyd, and Sir Mogford, G'ynilwchwr House; 3, H. Ste- phens, Clydach. Any crested variety.-l, T. Williams, Cas- teiidu 2, Ditto. Ducks.- 1. LL Griffiths, Gorseinon; 2, T. Lewis, Gorslas 3, T. Walters, Glanlliw. Homer pigeon.—1, T. Howell, Pontar- dulais; 2, W. Turner, Cadle. HONEY. Best extracted honey.—1, Mrs. Clement, Penllergaer. BORING COMPETITION. Two strikers.—1, T. Evans, Ammanford 2, R. Jones, Grovesend, Pontardulais; 3, W. Rees, Grovesend, Pontardulais. One striker.-l, J. James, Pontardulais 2. D. Evans, Penyrheol, Pontardulais; 3, T. Evans. Ammanford. ATHLETIC EVENTS. High jump.—1, George D. Morris, Council Schools, Pontardulais; 2, D. C. Mathias, Grovesend. Walking race (amateurs residing residing wit-hin five miles of Pontlliw).—1, Willie Cole, Pontardulais 2, D. Price, Grovesend 3, D. Jones, Clydach. Tradesman's turn-out.—1, T. Mathias, Pontardulais 2, J. J. Yound, Crosshands. Farmer's turn-out.-I, H. W. Thomas, Benallt; 2, W. R. C. Thomas, Dolgoy. Tandem.—1 and 2, Joseph Harris. Fforest- fach. JUMPING (OPEN). Best jumper.-l, D. James, Pontyberem 2, W. R. C. Thomas, Dolgoy. TROTTING (OPEN). One mile for cobs under 15 hands.-l, G. Lewis, Cwmtrubit; 2, E. R. Evans, Pontar dulais. One mile for ponies under 13 hands.—1, R. Lewis, Rhydyfro; 2, H. Morris, Mumbles. One mile galloping race.—No entry. POULTRY. Best cock or hen (Minorcos, leghorns or Andalusians).—1, W. A. Jones, Clydach. Cock or hen (Orpingtons, Plymouth, rocks, wyandottes).—1, Colwyn Morgan^ Llaneily 2, W. O. Jones, Clydach; 3, R. Clement, Teilo-row. Game.—1, D. Lewis, Fforestfach; 2, W. J. T. D. Lleweln. I Mangolds.—1, D. Jones, Wernfawr; 2, W. Phillips, Cefn, Velindre. Swedes.—1, W. Phillips, Cefn, Velindre; 2, Ditto. Turnips.—1, W. Phillips,( Cefn, Velindre; 2, Ditto. Vegetables.—1, Tom Rosser, Pontlliw; 2, R. Evans. Buck Inn, Pontlliw. Butter making.—1, Mrs. Williams, Panty- ffynon Farm; 2, Mrs. Harris, Llwynadaw; 3, Mrs. Walters, Glanlliw. Bread making.-l, Mrs. Evans, Pentwyn 2, Mrs. Rosser, Pontlliw; 3, Mrs. Jones, Pontlliw. TURN-OUTS (OPEN). Single harness, any height.-l, Tom Mathias, Pontardulais; 2, W. R. C. Thomas, Dolgoy. Not exceeding 14 hands.-l, J. J. Work- man, Porthyrhyd; 2, Henry Jonee, Pontar- dolais.


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