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ASIATIC SEDAN. Huge Japanese Army Closing In, Russian Confession of their Hopeless Plight. (Central News War Special.) Rome, Wednesday Evening.—A despatch from Tokio to the "Gi^jyiale d.Italia" states that the Japanese cruiser Kasuga has been blown up with terrible loss of 'lfe. (Note.-The Kasuga is one of the war- ships purchased from the Argentine Re- public.) JAPANESE PRODDING THE ENEMY ALL ALONG TH LINE. (Press Association War Special.) Paris, Thursday.-The "Journal" has re- ceived the following ^legram from Liao- yang: —. The Japs seem to have decided to act in a manner which contrasts with their cus- tomary system of delay. Engagements are constantly in progress all along the front of the Russian Army, and if this attitude of offence is maintained, the period of great battles will certainly have been reached. The turning movement effected by the enemy at Haicheng, may have the gravest results. LIAO-YANG IN IMMINENT DANGER. Tokio, Wednesday.—The two battles fought simultaneously by General Kuroki, resulted in the Russian screen being forced back to positions only 14 miles from Liao- yang.—"Times," per Press Association. MORE DESPERATE FIGHTING. St. Petersburg, Wednesday.—A telegram from Mukden, cbited yesterday, states that there are persistent rumours of a third day's fighting along the whole line of the Russian positions. Admiral Alexeieff left Harbin to-day to return to Mukden.—Press Association. 30,000 JAPS FROM YINGKOW. (Press Association War Special). St. Petersburg, Thursday.—The "Petit Journal" publishes the tolowing telegram from St. Petersburg :— I "It is reported that the Japanese have landed 20,000 troops at Yinghow. They have left a small garrison at Newchwang, and advancing rapidly on Liao-yang." JAPANESE CAPTURES BEFORE PORT I ,R. ARTHUR. Kobe, Wednesday.—The Russians at Port Arthur are making a desperate resistance, but outlying defences have been captured, and over a thousand Russians have already fallen prisoners into the hands of the Japa- Daily Express." SENSATIONAL REPORT FROM YINGKOW. Rome, Wednesday.—The "Italia Militare" has received the following sensational tele- gram from its special correspondent at Ying- kow :— "In the battles of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday the Russian casualties ritntibered from 9,000 to 10,000 men, but their losses of war material were even more serious. "The Japanese captured forty guns, 200 wagons, two flags, and 20,000 rifles. The Russians, before leaving Haicheng, de- stroypd the guns and munitions there. (Reuter.) REMARKABLE ADMISSIONS BY A RUSSIAN WRITER. St. Petersburg, Wednesday.—M. Nemiro- vitch Danchenko, of the "Russkoye Siovo," makes some remarkable admissions in one of his articles. "How difficult," he remarks, "is it for our soldiers and officers to tight under existing conditions! Every step which they take provet; the enemy to be better prepared than ourselves, and their arms to J be more perfect. "I have already spoken of their artilierv. Each battery is connectcd bv telegraph with others a.nd with the generaf command. The direction of the battle is changed in a moment and there is no disorder or confusion. "We have very little mountain artillery; theirs is brought forward in every battle in large quantities, and they conceal it so well that we cannot find out wb-ere the fire comes from. "What particularly enhances the Japanese soldiers enthusiasm is the close connection of each one with everybody else, while their responsibility is the same. Each man is an- swerable to everybody and everybody to each.—Central News. EIGHT RUSSIAN WARSHIPS TO GO OUT. (Press Association War Special). Paris, Thursday --The "Journal" in a tele- gram from St. Petersburg, says our "Four cruisers and four torpedo-boats left Kronstadt for the Far East yesterday morn- iiig. J I HUGE MASSES CLOSING ON THE RUSSIANS. (Press Association War Special.) Newchwang, Wednesday.—It has now been ascertained that the rumour current here yesterday of the capture of Haicheng by the Japanese was premature, as the Russians had then only been driven back on to the inner entrenchments of their position, and were still holding them with seventy-five thousand men. Two thousand Japanese troops, with large supply trains, are leaving here for Haicheng, somewhere immediately to the north of which place the greatest battle of the war is expected, possibly beginning to-morrow, I as General Kuroki, with a hundred thous- and men, is behind the retreating Russians, while General Oku, with ffty Thousand men, is in front of them, and General Nodzu, with fifty thousand more, is on their left flank. If General Kuropatkin is defeated, he mast either move westwards, or surrender. Foreign military attaches, with the Second Japanese Army, are on their way to the front, to witness the battle. Some Japanese troopships are expected here to-morrow. The Russian troops at Port Arthur have been driven back to their last line of de- fences. The Japanese have 350 guns in action. JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF HAI- CHENG. m reS, ^fciation War Special.) Tokio, Thursday (Noon).-The victors at Haichengn§ ™ advanced and occupied NO RESISTANCE ENCOUNTERED (Press Association War Special.) Tokio, Thursday—The Russians began abandoning Haicheng on the 2nd inst., and the JaDane-e entered the place at noon on the following day without encountering any resistance. The Japanese occupied Newchwang yester- day. SIXTEEN TORPEDO BOATS LEAVE PORT ARTHUR. (Press Association War Special.) Tokio, Thursday (10 a.m.)—Twelve de- stroyers, four torpedo boats, and some gt<n- boats emerged from Pert Arthur on Monday night, but were beaten back.



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