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SWANSEA'S EDUCATION COM- MITTEE. One-sided Meeting- makes its Choice. Thirty-six members of the Swansea Council met on Friday afternoon to appoint an Education Committee. Of the number thirty were prepared to act if selected. Councillor Tutton submitted for acceptance a complete list of his own choosing. It was frankly, unblushingly, a partisan one. Not a single Conservative or Roman Catholic was in- cluded. Subservient as the majority are to the party call, it cotilcl not swallow this. But the subsequent vote was nevertheless ;.n strictly party lines fitness for the im- portant work to be done had not the slight- est influence upon the voting. Two only of [he 23 members were Conservatives, and they owed success chiefly to the fact that each voter had to give 23 names, and tho thirty availabla by the time Labour members and personal opponents were eliminated would not go round in all cases. A curious and, in a sense, significant incident was that the member who undertook to select the whole committee for the Council in the re- sult only managed to scrape in with two votes to the good. As an indication of the spirit which dominated the election, it may he observed that members who had never disclosed the slightest interest in education, and whose fronds wouJd be hard put to explain their qualifications for the work, romped in easy winners. Mr. J. í-I. Lee moved that nomination be the order of the day, and Mr. G. Morgan seconded. Eventually every member of the Council, except the Mayor, Messrs. Spring, Wm. Davies, Alex. Sinclair, W. Evans. J. Grnnths. J. Aeron Thomas, Dd. Matthews, T. Merrells, Geo. Payne, and Hon. Odo Vivian (all of whom declined to act) were nominated, and the, Council voted by ballot. Before the vote was taken, Mr. Wm. Evans complained, humorously, that Mr. Morgan Hopkin was going round looking over member's papers. Mr. Hopkin: Oh, no, Mr. Chairman, I was only asking Mr. Lee for a vote. ("Oh!") The Chairman Order, order. Mr. Tutton: Did I understand Mr. Hop- kin to say he was going round canvassing for votes? If so, its indecent, and we ought all to have the same privileges. Mr. Hopkin It was like this I look upon Mr. Lee as a friend. ((Loud laughter). I don't think Mr. Evans was very serious in making his complaint. Anyway' (addressing Mr. Evans), you're the last man to say any- thing. I've been very considerate to you. The incident then closed. The elected were:—W. Jones (53), Howel Watkins (32), David Harris (52), D. Jones (52), Richard Martin (32), David Griffiths (30), David Jenkins (SS), William Watkins (29), R. Dommett (29). J. Moy Evans (29), J. A. Rawlings (29), Roger Thomas (28), J. W. Cadwalladr (27), J. H. lee (26), Gwilym Morgan (26), J. Devonald (25), Howell Lewis (24), Morgan Tutton (24), T. T. Corker (23). Six tied at 22, and on further y,.tes being taken William Williams H. G. Solomon, W. Tarr, and Ben Thomas were added. M. O'Sullivan (21), David Wil- hams (20), David Davies (18), Thos. Dryden (17), and Morgan Hopkin (12) were' not elected. Miss Brock (23) and Miss Dillwyn (23) were elected the lady members. Mrs. Freeman (14) was not elected. Mr. Davies, who entered after the voting, explained that he had been nominated under a misappre- hension, he having specifically told several members that be was t:"t a candidate, and wished them to make known the fact. In answer to Mr. Hopkin, the Town Clerk said the new committee would be on the same lines as other committees, and in answer to Hon. Odo Vivian, stated that there was noth- ing to prevent extra co-optation if thought advisable by the Council at any future period.

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