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Government as Shareholder,

Milford's Rivalry with Swansea

Swansea Five-Year-Old Child…

Mr. Alfred David's Rejoinder.

Craig-y-Nos Cook's Action.



Mr. Brynmor Jones* Chawffeur…

Beauties of Swansea China.

IBoy Cadets off to Camp.

Bridgend Sensation: Foul Play…



BRACELET FATALITY. — Young" Brynamman Collier Drowned. Swansea Lady's Bravery at Lang- larid. j •UOOUJO-IJ'R AKpuui^ uo 'AP).J f..t¡".H,JH p: SSp-RJ -ilIa,) siq to }qJ5is .II.{ + ui p^UMOjp SKAV 'urmuun -u.O<-{ jo p.nireu UBM SUTIOA v. '^isia Xypijoq e uu B0su'3A\g °t auioa peif oipw uatu Suno.v -iqSxa lfioqu jo Xa-iud « to °4) He, with a number of young fellows, had en- gaged looms at the Grosvenor Hotel, Swan- sea, and on Sunday they drove out to the picturcocue bay. Alexander, who was a young collier, could not swim; neither co.uJd his companions. About four o'clock in the afternoon, they engaged a machine and went out to bathe. The tide at the time was on what is known &s a two hours' flood. The more cautious of the party contented themsei, es with sporting about in the water near tl. machine, which was drawn as close to the water as was expedient. The teceased and another bather, more daring than the rest, got out on a jetty of rocks leading into deep water, and a huge wave came along and washed both of them over. One o them managed to struggle out and ttach the shore and communicated his fears t ) his anxious comrades on shore. The peril- ous positions of the two young men could be seen by several people from the shore, a.nd immediately an alarm was raised. A lady with an umbrella was frantic in her efforts to warn the young men's comrade of the danger of one of their mates, Up to this 'ne account to hand is not clear as to what happened Alexander wa.s seen struggling in the water and disappeared. His companion* evidently not realising his position had gone to sho c for assistance, and when it did arrive, half an hour later, a boatman named Janies Webber coming on the scene, there was no sign of ab ody. A search party went out with the ex- pectation of finding the body on the ebb, but thir search was fruitless, and it was aban- doned about 8 o'clock. The young man who was washed off with deceased, it ap- pears, was, with difficulty, kept from re- turning to his companion when he got into the bathing machine, but after donning some clothes ran to the Mumbles and reported fb-=> matter. Sergt. Hopkins was early on the scene, and rendered all assistance possible. The body was net expected to be recovered till Monday's early tide. In the meantime the party with- whom de- ceased left on holiday bent returned much distressel to Swansea and communicated their sal intelligence to the deceased rela- tives' home. RECOVERY OF THE BODY. Later.-—The body of the unfortunate young man was recovered about two o'clock on Monday morning, not far from the spot where he was washed into the sea. MISS GLADYS WTEILL EFFECTS A PLUCKY RESCUE. Langland Bay. on Saturday, was also the scene of an exciting bathing adventure, de- monstrating tho danger of inexperienced natations. Happily in this case the outcome was not a fatality. About 5.o0 a party from Swansea were swim- ming between the big and little bays with the tide coining in, and Herbert Lewis, a young man living in Hanover-street, became by some means or other carried out by the current to a spot well out of his depth, and away from shore. Hearing his cries for help, ^ir- V/ally Jones, son of Mr. R. E. Jones, of the Mackworth Hotel, at once went to his aasist-ance, as did Miss Vera Lewis, th £ dis- tressed bather's cousin. Mr. Jjewis. who ap- peared to loee his head, clutched MT. Jones by the legs. and the latter was forced to free himself Misis Ijewie, staying by her oousin, nianaged t.o keep him up for a while, but could not get him out of danger. Several members of the Swansea, l adies' Polo Team waive present, and Miss Gladys Wyrill, the daughter of the Borough Engineer, and her- self a crack swimmer, most plnckily went to the rescue, and, unaided, succeeded in getting Mr. Lewis out of danger, and actually landed s-a.fe and swimd on the beach, in spite of the strong undercurrent and ground swell. Mr. Lewis, who was not unconscious, was greatly exhausted, but has completely re- covered. A good many people witnessed the affair, which occasioned great excitement, and Miss Wvrill received numerous congratu- lations on her bravery aJid presence Of mind. "Sho deserves the H;rmane Society's medal, said one who saw the occurrence.

Funeral of " Jim ' Valentine.

Manchester Singrers on Mumbles…

Funeral of Mrs. A. E. Fur…




Swansea. Plumber's Queer Accident.

Swansea Working Men's Club.

World's Champion Sculler,

Ex-Morriston Publican's Death.

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__j__— —!- "i Welsh Fusiliers'…

Defending Swansea Harbour.

funeral of P.C. Gammon.

Old Soldiers Movement Spreading

Post-mortem on P.C. Gammon.

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Terrible Affair at Portsmouth.

Dyffryn Strike Finally Settled.