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Government as Shareholder,

Milford's Rivalry with Swansea

Swansea Five-Year-Old Child…

Mr. Alfred David's Rejoinder.

Craig-y-Nos Cook's Action.



Mr. Brynmor Jones* Chawffeur…

Beauties of Swansea China.

IBoy Cadets off to Camp.

Bridgend Sensation: Foul Play…


Bridgend Sensation: Foul Play Aiieg-ed. A mysterious affair was discovered on Sunday at Bridgend. Early in the morn- ing a labourer named David Jones saw a man lying in the field adjoining the Coach and Horses, and heard him snoring. Later he went with William Davies, the landlord of the Coach and Horses, to where the man I was lying, and noticing tha.t something seemed amiss with him as he was frothing at the mouth, they decided to send for the police. P.C.'s Snow and Phillips arriving on the spot, shortly afterwards, found the! man in an unconscious condition, and soon after their arrival be died without uttering a 'word. It was discovered that there were a few scratches on the forehead, while on! the left side of the head was a nasty wound, as if deceased had fallen with considerable ¡ force against some such hard substance as a stone. The body was later on identified as that of a labourer named George Kitchener, aged between 35 and 40, employed at Pan- t-ruthin Farm, Pencoed. It was at first thought that he must have had a fit and injured himself by falling against a stone. But later on in the day j some startling statements were made to the police by Mr. John Roberts, draper, Cow- bridge-road, and Mr. Howel Baker, artist, I both of whom live near the spot where the body was discovered. In consequence of these statements, Inspector Ben Evans and P.C. PhiHips on Sunday arrested two bro- thers, Jeremiah and William Donovan, la- | bourers, Treos, near Bridgend, on suspicion of having caused Kitchener's death. I An inquest will be held. It is understood I that statements of a sensational character have been made to the police, who are, how- i owk, ycgy wfriwjHt a> 4fa»«an«btaaft


Funeral of " Jim ' Valentine.

Manchester Singrers on Mumbles…

Funeral of Mrs. A. E. Fur…




Swansea. Plumber's Queer Accident.

Swansea Working Men's Club.

World's Champion Sculler,

Ex-Morriston Publican's Death.

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__j__— —!- "i Welsh Fusiliers'…

Defending Swansea Harbour.

funeral of P.C. Gammon.

Old Soldiers Movement Spreading

Post-mortem on P.C. Gammon.

Swansea Architect's Strange…

" Milking" the Meter.

- ■■9 Swansea Artillery Volunteers…

Terrible Affair at Portsmouth.

Dyffryn Strike Finally Settled.