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Llanelly Sentence Needs RevisionI





SWANSEA RSHERMAWS OUT- BURST. Drunken Assault on his Wife. Before the Swansea magistrates on Tues.- day, Francis Davies. fisherman, 6, Paxton- terrace, was charged with cutting and wounding his wife, Florence, on Monday night. Complainant, who had her head band- aged, and looked very pale, was allowed to sit down in court. She$aid she had been on the sands with the children, and went home about half-past eight. Her husband was in the house, very Irunk. Her two little boys, in the house with him, were crying. Asked what was the matter, her eldest little son said that ftther had throwi him down in the passage. She and ner hus- band had a few words abrat it. Shortly after she went upstairs to pit the children to bed. Her husband folhwed her up. She had a lighted lamp in her hand. At the top of the stairs, she arced him what he was following her for. He told her to gc, into the room. She asked sionld she not go down and fetch the little grl. Then he knocked the globe off the lanp and brokt it. He took hold of her ronrd the neck, and she felt something sticking '.n her neck. She caught hold of one of his ams, he then rose the other arm, and cut heron the side of the head. She screamed, a young man and several others came in, aid got her husband away from her. Asked if he had any ouesticis to ask, defendant replied: "N 0, sir, I don't re- member nothing about it." Chas. Haynes, 5, Paxton-terrace said at about a quarter-past eight, he head child- ren screaming at No. 6, and went in. Prisoner was sitting on the sofa -nd had one of the children in his arms. Tie little boy said his father had been heathy him. Prisoner was drunk. Other people came in just then, and he left. Shortly affer, he hoard Mrs. Davies shout "murder,' and ran in. Defendant was on the stair hiding on his back, his wife on top of him. He e had one arm round her neck, and a ;{f,ife in the other hand. It was close to her- throat. He took the knife from prisoier. Complainant's neck and forehead was Hed- ing. The blade of the knife was broken P.C. Francis received the broken krife from the last witness. There were b!c.d- stains on it. Complainant had been taken to the Hospital. On returning to defem- ant's house, the officer was unable to l td the knife. When informed by P.C. Moore, that le would have to come to tho Police Station on a charge of wounding his wife, defendart said: "If you want's me, I'll come like om — man." When charged, lie replied: "I'n not guilty of that charge." Dr. Hodge, Swansea Hospital, found incised wound ever the temple, and a scratci on the throat. Both had been done with a knife. There was nothing serious about the wounds. Mr. J. W. Jones said that after the doc- tor's evidence, they would reduce the c' anre to one of assault. Defendant said he didn't understand it, they were quite happy together an bout before. Mr. J. W. Jones I think we can explain it for you. Inspector Gill said defendant had been ;even times previously convicted, but never tor assault. Defendant was found guilty of an aggra- vated assault; fined 20s. or 14 days. i-


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