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Llanelly Liberal Association…

Fighting Their Battles O'er…

Record Week at Swansea.


Record Week at Swansea. Swansea, Monday.—The trade returns for the past week were highly satisfactory, a.nd tho total operations may be classed as amongst the best experienced. Tonnage, held over to some extent during the Royal visit, added to by more recent ar- rivals, gave shippers a good supply, which was fully utilised, the result being an in- crease in imports aa-d exports of 33,000 tons over the previous week, whilst the figures for the corresponding period of last year, al- though very high. were improved upon. The striking feature of the week's work was the extraordinary shipment of tinplate, which were many thousands of boxes greater than the record shipments in the week prior to the imposition of the "Dingley" tariff in the United States. The imports include :Franc.e. 1,580 tons pit. wood. 1.762 tons iron ore, 360 tons potatoes and onions. and 126 tons general. Spain, 1,074 ttms iron ore; Portugal, 860 tons sulphur ore; Germany, 470 tons general; Belgium, 350 tons general; Holland. 155 tons general; Tunis, 1,000 tons calamine; Sutina, 1,100 tons maize; and 1.650 tons barley, -t±ai!fax, 2.277 loa-ds deals; and Calcutta, 2,500 tons wheat. jCoal shipments: France, 20,965 tons; Sweden, 5.540 tons; Germany, 4,890 tons: Sol- land, 1,957 tons; Italy, 3,590 tons; Greece, 743 tons; Algeria. 2.445 tons; Biver Plate (hunkers), 1,500 tons; and home ports 8,241 tons. Patent fueil:—'Franca, 2,855 tons; Spain, 1,100 tons; St. Petersburg, 1,900 tons; Italy, 6,250 tons; and Greece, 3.700 toms. Imports, 18,454 tons; exports. 85,874 tons; and total trade 104.328 tons; compared with 71,613 tons last week, and 98,917 tons 'ast y^ear. Shipments of coal. 57,396 tons; patent fuel, 15.800 tons; and tinplates and general goods, 12,678 tons. Shipments of the latter were for France 813 tons, Portugal 100 tons, Batoum and Odessa 6,000 tons. Germany 300 tone, Hol- land 905 tons. Italy 1.000 tons, Alexandria 200 tons, Roumania 1,000 tons. New York 700 tons, and home ports 1,660 tons. Shipments of tinpla-tea 176,457 boxes, and receipts from works 72.794 boxes. Stocks in the dock warehouses and vans 75,671 boxes. compared with 179,334 boxes last week, and 142,2M boxes at this date last year. To load in the current week: -IMa,ckinaw 'Philadelphia), Chicago City (New York), Teviot (Rio Janeiro and Santos), Falneminn, (Italy), Pluto (Antwerp), Hero and Echo (Kotterdam and Amsterdam), Y€ghts'.r<x>m (Rotterdam and Antwerp), A poll) (,Sf. Petersburg), Vadso (Copenhagen and Stet- tin). Vessels in dock, Saturday: Steam, 29; sail, 37; total, 66.


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Summertide at Swansea.

Gower Breach of Promise Case.

Swansea Fruiterer Fined.

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Llanelly Sentence Needs RevisionI





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