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Llanelly Liberal Association…

Fighting Their Battles O'er…


Fighting Their Battles O'er Again i-- Keen interest was taken in the Aberdar", semi-national eisteddfod on Tuesday owin? to the fact that choirs which competed at Swansea and Carmarthen were to meet again in the male voice contest for a nrize of 100 guineas with a gold medal to the suc- cessful conductor end a sterling silver medal for each of the members of the suc- cessful choir, together with an oil painting to the conductor of the second best choir. Test piece "The Word Went Forth," and "The Hunter's Farewell." The following choirs entered the contest, and sang in the order named:—(1) Southport, conductor Mr J. C. Clarke; (2) Rhymney, Mr. Daniel Owen (3) Cambria, Pentre, Mr Dd. Jones (4) Aberdare, Mr. David Phillips (5) Alan- chester Orpheus, Air. Nesbitt; (6) Cardiff, Mr. Roderick Williams; (7) Resolven, Mr. T. Glvndwr Richards. Some delay was caused by the late ar- rival of the Cardiff Choir, Resolvefi declin- ing to go on the stage before the Cardiff Choir. Cardiff, however, arrived just be- fore matters became serious, and the corn- j petition was proceeded with. Just before I the adjudication was announced the four best choirs, Manchester. Rhymney, South- port, and Resolven, were called to" the plat- foim, and under the ccnductorship of Dr. Coward gave a united rendering of the chorus, "The Word Went Forth." The ef feet was awe-inspiring although the audi- ence was in a very excited state. It was afterward? announced by Dr. Cow. ard that the first prize was awarded by nn- animous decision to the Manchester* Choir, and the second to Rhymney Choir. ir. CARDIFF CHOIR'S MIXED RECEPTION. The reception giv en the Card's Choir by the audience was not unmixed (says another account), and when Madame Clara Novello Davies ascended the platform there was an unmistakable note of disapproval from a considerable section of the audience.

Record Week at Swansea.


Hospital Fete's Future.

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Summertide at Swansea.

Gower Breach of Promise Case.

Swansea Fruiterer Fined.

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Llanelly Sentence Needs RevisionI





Theatrical Artistes' Rough…

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