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| LLANDOVERY. LLANDOVERY V. LLANDILO. The return fixture between these elevens was played at, IJandilo on ednesday after- noon, and an interesting game terminated in a defeat for the Llandoverians hy 21 runs, the respective scores being—Llandilo, 124; Llandovery, 103. For Llandovery, C. P. Lewis batted brilliantly, and registered a not out innings of 50. He received very little support from the other batsmen, two of whom were dismissed for a "blob." Banks, the Llandilo pro., scored 64 in splen- did style. He was, in fact. the hero of the match: as besides his batting performance, he captured nine wickets at a low average. Truly 'ill-luck" sticks to the Llandoverians this season. LLANDOVERIAN'S PLUCKY RESCUE. The following paragraph appears in a con- temporary, the "Atherstone News" "We are informed that a young man named Gardner had a narrow escape from drowning while bathing in the river Anker near the spot known as King Dick's Hole, on Mon- day evening It appears that a number of youths were in the water, when Gardner got beyond his depth, and would undoub- tedly have been drowned had it not been for the bravery and presence of mind dis- played by Mr. Trevor Rees, who is an adept swimmer. Seeing Gardner struggling in the | water, and hearing cries for help, Mr. Rees, who was on the bank partly dressed, im- mediately divested himself of his clothing and dived into the water. He came within reach of the youth, who was in imminent danger of drowning and succeeded in bring- ing him to land in an exhausted state. It is thought in many quarters that Mr. Rees' plucky conduct in averting a calamity should not be allowed to pass without suitable re- cognition, and that the matter is one which should be taken up by the Bathing Com- jriittee, 'in order that the facts may be brought to tthe notice of the Royal Hu- mane Society." Mr. Trevor Rees, the hero in question, who is a clerk under the L. and N.W. Rail- way at Atherstone, is the fourth son of Mrs. Rees, Alltygog, near this town," and a bro- ther to Mr. J Conway Rees. the old Oxon- ian and international footballer. MR. EDGAR EV \NÈ;, XI. V. SHOP J' ASSISTANTS. These elevens played their return game on Thursday evening. The tussle of the pre-, vious week terminated in a win for the assis-1 tants bv 21 runs, the scores on that occasion being 58 for the winners against 37 totalled by their opponents. Again the assistants proved successful; after a very interesting an exciting game by four runs. Both sides played two innings aniece, the assistants aggregating 84, and the serach XI. 80. For their respective teams, D. Jones, Aneurin Davies, Edgar Evans, Dan Davies, Dan Jones, and W. N. Thomas proved of great assistance both with bat and ball. We congratulate Skipper D. Jones upon his dual victory. PETTY SESSIONS: "WHITE GLOVES.' No cases were presentable at these fort- nichtly sessions fixed for Friday last. The oolice have as much as they can do at present to attend to "sheep" let alone "human beinss." Nevertheless the conduct of the, residents is really exemplary. SHEEP REGULATIONS A CORRECTION: In our last week's issue we stated that unde a recent order, no sheep could be brought into the county of Carmarthen from cither of the Counties of Cardigan or Brecon without a license. Th;s is incorrect. We shordd have stated that any sheep hailing j from either of the Counties of Cardigan or Pembroke can be brought into this county without requiring a license, but any sheep from Breconshire • cannot be re- moved without the necessary authority. Ag- moved without the necessary authority. Ag- riculturists please note. CARMARTHEN SANATORIUM FUND. The following is a list of subscriptions col- leciedyifjj Councillor J. Rees, of Gloucester leciedyifjj Councillor J. Rees, of Gloucester Hempe, the Mayor of this borough ,towards iItymyriydd Sanatorium for West Wales for the rjpen air treatment of consumption [ Mr. J. Rees (Mayor), £ 1; amount collected at the carnival oil Whit-Mondav, £ 1 13s 2^d amount collected at the military sports on June 9th, 9s. 2^d. Mr. B. Evans, Llanfair Grange, £ 20; the Warden, Llandovery Col- lege, P,2 2s. Mrs. Poole-Hughes, The Col- lege Miss Evans and Miss Tones, Llanfair Cottage; Mrs. F. W. Lewis, Mile End Air. and Mrs. C. P. Lewis, Llandingat, and Mr. T. Watkins, Tycerrig, 1 guinea each Mr. D. T. M. Jones, Nantyrhogfan; Mr. R. Peel Price, Llandovery Mr. E. Long Price, Llan- dovery Mr. T. Phillips, Picton Villa, and Mr. J. R. James, Albert House, 10s. 6d. each Mr. S. H. Price, Trafalgar House, and Mr. T. Roberts, Jubilee Crown Stores, 5s. pach Mr. H. Havard, Northampton House; Mr. Geo. Morton, Erskine Epuse; Mr. Dan Davies, Abergwenlais Mills: Mr. D. Jones, iviiosybedw; Mr. Richard Thomas. Mafeking Villa Mr. Frederick Wall, Pcncerrig House, and Mr. T. G. Davies, Greyhound Hotel, 2s. 6d. each; total amount collected by his 0 Worship, £ 55 10s. lid. GIRLS MISTRESS HONOURED. On Thursday evening, at the County' Girls' School in this town, Miss Hepple, one of the mistresses at the institution, and who is 1, C, -ia leaving this town, was made the recipient of a handsome silver-mounted inkstand with silver penholder, the formr bearng the follow- ing inscr,ptien -To Miss Hepple, v/ith best wishes from the g:rls of the County School. The gifts were supplied by Mr. S. H. Price, jeweller, Trafalgar House. DEATH OF MR. ISAAC PETERS. The death of Mr. Isaa-c Peters, of Aber- gwenias Farm, Cilycwm, occurred on Sun- da v last, afie.r a somewhat brief but painful iiinoss. The deceased, who was 77 years of age, was a native of Cilycwm Parish, hav- ing been bora at Clynrnawr Farm. He was well-known figure throughout the whole )f Llandovery Union. His capacity as a "vet" was a household word. He leaves a widow, one son (Mr. James Peters), and one daughter (Miss Annie Peters), for whom the greatest sympathy i3 felt. "CAPTAIN" H. V. WATKINS. At the annual meeting of the Llanelly Football Club held last week, the members unanimously elected Mr. Harry v\ atkins, ihe popular international, captain of the First Fifteen. This is an honour of which the genial "Scarlet" is thoroughly deserv- ing, if only for the consistent play he has exhibited during the past three seasons in which he has aissisted the Tinopolists. We feel sure that the choieo has -net with the entire approbation of all football enthusi- asts in South Wales in general, and Llan- dovery in particular. Hearty congratula- tions SHEEP DOG TRIALS. I We beg to draw the attention of our read ers to the trials of sheep dogs which takes place on Friday next, the 12th inst., on the Old Castle Grounds. Several well-known dogs have already entered. The energetic trio of secretaries are busily employed m the arrangements, and favourable weather is alone the essential necessary to make this year's event as successful as the preceding ones. Visitors can confidently look forward to an enjoyable day's outing. SANATORIUM MOVEMENT: MAYOR CONGRATULATED. The following is a copy of a letter roceiv- i by the Mayor (Councillor J. Rees) from adv Drummond, of Edwinsford, Llandilo, connection with his energetic exertions m support of the Sanatorium movement: — ''Lady Drummond presents her compli oents to the Mayor of Llandovery, and wishes to thank him for the cheque for £ 35 10s. Hd. he has kindly collected ip Llan- dovery, and begs him to thank all the kind contributors, though she feels sure all are glad to help m so good a wjrk." LLANDOVERY V. SWANSEA UNITED UKITE T', BANKS. "Scribbler" wiiL.s This Bank Holiday fixture attracted a good' tendance of spec- tators at Llandovery on Monday. The visi- tors brought up a good team, strengthened with the inclusion cf Pritchard the pro., whilst Llandovery were minus several of the usual players. Winning the toss, the home- sters opened brilliantly with C Michael and E. Milner-Jones. Both punished the bowling severely and despite several changes, the pair remained associated until the score had reached 79 runs, Michael being then dis- missed by G. Davier, after contributing an invaluable 27, which included two 4's, seven 2 s. MiJner-.Jones continued to bat well, and C. P. Lewis' advent to the wickets created a good deal of leather hunting. Ultimately, with the total just over the century, Jones was cleaned bowled by Davies. His excellent innings cf 53 included four 4's, four 3's, and eight 2'. The skipper batted vigorously and faultlessly for his 34, and James and Davies were the only remaining batsmen to get into double figures The venture closed for the respectable total cf 163 runs. W. D. Davies was the most successful bowler, capturing six wickets for 40 runs, whilst Pritchard took 3 for 48. The Banks opened moderately, and all the batsmen seemed ill at ea-se with the "lobs" sent down by E. Milner-Jones S. E. Owen, Pritchard, T. C. Woodliffe, and Mr. ''Extras" scored double figures and th0 innings terminated for 96, Llandovery thus gaining a victory by 67 runs. E. Milner- Jones bowled splendidly, capturing five wic- kets at a small cost. Scores:- LLANDOVERY. E. Milner-Jones, b W. D. Davies 53 C. Michael, b W. D. Dnvic:; 27 W D P Jones, c and b W. D. Davies 4 N. L. James, b Pritchard 10 J. Morgan, run out 0 C. P. Lewis, c West, b W D Davies 34 L. Richards, b Pritchard 4 A. Davies, b W. D. Davies 10 W. Price, c Bishop, b Pritchard 1 V. Milner-Jones, b W. D. Davies 7 L. Rees, not out 0 Extras 13 Tota.1 163 SWANSEA UNITED BANKS. E. H bishop, run out 5 S. E. Owen, c and b Mi !ner-Jones' 21 T. C. Woodliffe, b N. L. James 10 W. D. Davies, b N. L. James 7 R Boswell, b N. L. James, 2 R. S. Woodliffe, low, b Milner-Jones1 9 S. West, b E. Milner-Jones 1 Pritchard. not out 14 C. E. Rodhouse, b W. D. Davies. 3 W. R. Davies, b E. Milner-Jones. 1 M C Morgan, st W Price, b M.-Jones 1 Extras 22 Total 96

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