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NEATH. At Neath on Friday, Thomas Llewellyn, assistant overseer of the hamlet of Clyne, applied for a warrant to distrain for rates due from the Melmcourt Collieries, Ltd., in respect of amount due cn their collieries and brickworks, amounting to £44 9s. 6d. Mr. Edward Powell supported the application, which was granted. Harry Read Crosby, a local Wesley an minister, residing at- 252, Neath-road, Briton Ferry, applied to the Neath justices on Fri- day, for a certificate of exemption for vac- cination. His child was born in May last, He had conscientious objections against vaccination. The application was granted. At Neath on Friday, Edwin Jeans, gar- dener, Bryncoch, was summoned for driving without lights at the bottom of Heolpenwern- j 19 road. He set up the defence that the offence was not committed in the county but in the borough, and therefore the county bye-iaws could not apply. He succeeded in his con- tention tnd the tcase was dismissed. At Neath, on Friday, Elizabeth Funning, of Johns-street, Resolven, summoned Sarah Tv Ann Williams, for using threats and abusive language. In the first case Sarah was bound i 0 over to keep the peace, and in the second she had to pay 2s. 6a. and costs. Sarah Ann Williams then charged John Funning, father of the complainant, with using threats.- This case was dismissed. On Saturday evening the two-year-old daughter of Mr. Howells, photographer, of Windsor-road, Neath, in her childish ignor- anee swallowed the consents of a bottle con- taining corrosive sublimate. Happily, the! act was observed and a c\ clist messenger was j despatched for Dr. Lewis, who jumped on his own cycle, and within a few minutes was administering an antidote. on The child is likely to recover. The poison is used in photographic work. An objection has been made by the Llanelly and Mynyddmawr Co. to the Forge drainage scheme. They claim certain rights to the river Lliedi and require from the Council a. payment of about £ 2 10s. per annum for the privilege of running the pipes along the river bed, a distance of 25 yards. The Council have been advised that such a payment would be illegal and the work will be continued in spite of the protest made by the company. P.S. Edwards, who for thr;e years 'vjS been chief clerk at the Neath offices of the "D" Division, Glamorgan Cons'^butary, has been promoted to the rank of inspector, and leaves this week to take over the -.harge of the Gowerton district. During his stay at Neath 11e has earned the golden opinions of all those with whom h,' came into contact, and leaves wit i gen- eral good wishes. P.S. Canton, of TaS's Well, succeeds him at Neath. A serious charge was preferred against two Aberdulais youths—Albert Butler, aged 18, and James Griffiths, aged 16—at Neath Police Court on Saturday. Both, it is al- leged, indecently exposed themselves to .Nel- lie and Katie David, two young women, on the Cilfrew-road on Thursday night, while Butler is also charged with indecently as- saulting Nellie David. Prisoners were ar- rested by P.C. David Davies on Saturday morning. next167 W6re remandcd on bail untiI Friday At Neath on Saturday, James Madden, of Brynmelin-street, alid Patrick Carrol, of Graig-street, two Swansea boys, were! charged with stealing two gold rings, one a wedding ring, the property of Henry Ste- phens, Penrhiew, Glvn Neath. Katie Osborne, cousin to Madden, who was living at the same house, said ho told her in the presence of Carroli that he had luclaen tae rings oehind a picture, but ask- ed her to say nothing about it. They were subsequently found there.-P.C. Apsee ar- rested the boys at Rheola on Friday night At Neath, en Friday, William WilliamsJ Cwmgwrach, and William Matthews, t Resolven, were summoned tor taking fish; other than by angling. Mr. David, who represented complainant, Gomer Eveleigh, said that the two men went to the brook behind Lhe Mansion fiovse at Aberpergwm, and caught the fish v.ith their hands. It was a most impudent offence. The fish had been put t-bere by Mr. Morgan Stuart Williams for breeding purposes. Mr. Beer, surveyor, said he saw he men fishing, and to him they admitted the offence and offered to pay £ 2. The Bench fined each defendant £ 2 and costs. Pontardowe Police Court. Before Messrs. Herbert Lloyd, Dr Griffiths, E. Benthali. and J. Griffiths. GO EASY. Trevor Williams, Llansamlet, for riding his bicycle too fast at Glais, was fined 10s ° ORDER, PLEASE. David Price and William Ashton, both of Brynamman, were charged with being dis- orderly in the Brynamman Hotel and refus- ing to quit when requested. 1Jwy were fined JEl and 17s. 6d. inclusive respectively. NO LIGHTS. T. R. Korte, chemist, Clydach, for riding his bicycle without a light at Clydach, was cidered to pay Is. and costs. ADJOURNED. David Owen, collier, Ystalyfera, was summoned for damaging cistern taps be- longing to the Rural District Council. The case was adjourned for a fortnight because the magistrates sitting on the bench were members of the Council, and Mr. Lloyd thought it would not be fair for them to try the case then. MUSTN'T KICK THE BARREL. Evan Hicks, Ystradgynlais, was fined 15s inclusive for being drunk and disorderly. Howell Williams and David Phillips, also of Ystradgynlais, were summoned for throwing stones and kicking a barrel in front of their, on the highway at Ystrad- gynlais. They were in the company of the last defendant.—Fined 3s. each. THIRST. Jchn Constable and Edward Morris, both of Llansamlet, for being drunk and 'disor derly, were fined lCs. each. Samuel Ches- ter, quarryman, Ynismeudw, for bein" drunk in charge of a child under seven, was fined 10s., and for being drunk 8s. John Jones, Ystalyfera, and John Llewelyn, Tre- fcanos, were fined 10s. each. WHISKEY IN THE BEER. Samuel Collimore, bricklayer, Llansam- let, was summoned for being drunk in Swansea-road, Clydach. Defendant said r?c.mebody played a joke on him by putting whiskey in his beer, of which he had three pints. Being defendant's first offence, he was dismissed on payment of costs. MOST GO TO SCHOOL. Three parents from Ystalyfera were fined 10s. each for not sending their children to school. WARNING TO SCHOOLBOYS. JohivBall and John Hopkin, two small schoolboys, both of Pontardawe, were sum- moned by Michael McGrath, Pontardawe. for malicious damage to his shrubs. Mr. H. Lloyd advised the parents to go and talk the matter over, which they did. but came to no terms. The summons was, however, withdrawn against Hopkins. Mr. C. B. Jenkins prosecuted. The case was ad jouTiied till next court.

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