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SWANSEA'S SILENT TRAGEDIES. Pathetic Tales to the Guardians Several applications for relief were dealt with by Swansea. Guardians on Thursday morning. An aged shoemaker told a pitiful story at want and destitution..He was entitled to a pension or permanent sick payment from one of the friendly societies, hut for some reason unexplained the money was stopped. It was explained that the club stopped permanent payments to aged members and applicant was one. of tne victims. His wife supported her- self, and he had out of the five shillings the Board allowed him, to pay 4s. 9d. rent. Mr. Harvey said there was not a blemish on the old man's character. He had known him since he was a boy.—The usual relief was continued.. A female applicant, who was a sufferer from heart disease and consumption, was al- lowed 3s a week relief. She had been at one time in a good position in one of the local business houses, but her health had broken down. A sister of hers who took her place was now at the hospital suffering from an internal complaint. Four shilling;, and sixpence for two weeks was allowed a woman with four children whose husband was doing imprisonment and therefore cou'd not provide for her. A very old lady tottered into the room and told the Guardians a tale of-ungrateful children. She was receiving 4s. a week re- lief and lived with her daughter, who, she said, made her pay for her keep and even for the washing of her clothes. She wanted an increase as it was getting too hard upon her.—The increase was not granted. Another aged woman who gave her age as 80 years, and her husband as about 79 years old, unfolded a tale of woe. She wa; getting 6s. a week and out of that she had to pay 4s. r^nt and provide food. They had a son in receipt of good money and he would not assist them a.nd "we are really in want." tearfully said the applicant. She was al- lowed 6s. 6d. a week till the winter, when shb was told she could make a further ap- plication. A peculiar case puzzled the committee con- siderably. A woman applicant had a child, which she called a. love-child, left, on her hands, and she wanted the board to take it from her and provide for it. The child was an adopted one by a lodger at her house who received payments from a woman who lived away from Swansea. The adopted father had now left her and she did not and could not look after the little one, who was really left to run about the streets. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children had on one occasion interfered in the case. The adopted father could not now keep himself and had gone away and left the child without any means of sustenance. The Guardians were unable to deal with it. There were three cases of persons in re- ceipt of rel ief having been seen by the Board's officer either in liquor or fetching liquor, and the Relief Committee thought they would be doing no injury if they stopped their relief, and this was done. Re an application at a previous meeting bv a respectable old man, a former employe of the Swansea Tramways Company, for further relief, and in connection with which it was stated the applicant had several sons doing well, including a minister. The Guardians had gone. into the case fully, and wrote to the children, and the result is that an ami- cable settlement has been arrived' at. and all monies are to be refunded to the Boa>d and relief discontinued.





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