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MERTHYR MURDER CHARGE, Haulier Indicted with Killing- his Father. —— lf 'the second of the murder Vrges before the present Glamorgan Assist Swansea was tried by Mr. Justicc Kennedy and a jury on Wadnesday. The prisoner, Thony's Ed- wards (36), liaulier, was indicted idr the wilful murder of his father, James Edwards, on March 16th, at Merthyr. Mr. Lloyd Morgan, M.P., and Mr. Vaughan Williams were for the prosecution, and Mr. B. Francis Williams, K.C., Mr. St.. John Francis Wil- liams, and Mr. J. C. Gaskeli for the defence. "This case is not only one of a very grave character, but also a very painful one, be- cause the. prisoner is charged with the mur- der of his father," opened Mr. Lloyd Mor- gan, who went on to detail the story of the tragedy. The deceased was a. man about 65 years of age a.nd lived with his wife and the prisoner at 5. Mount-street,, Merthyr. His orot-her, up to a few days prior to the al- leged murder. also lived m the house, but he had died and the dead body was there at the tune. A labourer at the Cyf-rthfa Works, the deceased man from the New Year till this time, had been a teetotaler, but on the day in question had been drinking at the (yfarthfa Arms. He left there just after nine o clock, and returned home to his wife. Prisoner that evening had been to the Joiners Arms and at stop-tap was seen by a Mrs. Lee. of 18, Morgan-street, which is nearly onosite Mount-street, to return home. As soon as he had got inside, the door was closed, but a moment or two later re-opened. j r's- Lee, from her bedroom window, was able to see into the kitchen of 5, Mount- street, and she would say ihe saw the pris- oner either striking the kitchen table with his band or the fist of one hand into the palm of the other. The door was again closed, bnt a-lmos!; immediately afterwards the de- ceased man rushed out of the house with his arms folded across his chest. When lie got into the street, he fell down. He was shout- ing wildly for his wife, who was seen at this time to leave the house and take no notice of her husband. "Mary, Mary, he's killed me come'" the deceased called out several times, and neighbours were attrfjtced to the scene. ^man was raised from the ground, still shouting for his wife, and saying "They've finished me nosw," but he fell down again. During the whole of this time i h-e prisoner was in the house, aod on one occasion came from the kitchen to the door step, looked on to what was taking place, and then went back into the house without helping his lather. A policeman was fetched and de- ceased, m an unconscious state, was taken into his hotMe, where he died shortly a-fter- wards. Pnsoner was there at the time and the conni-able searched him, finding upon him a pocket-knife. A farther search was made and m the pantry a blood-stained table knife was Mund. A doctor was called in and an examination showed that deceased had a stab wound in the '"best, the weapon having pene- trated b^w-een the ribs without touching the 1wne; Perhaps you think I've done, it, but T u, l,1" "Jms-filf," prisoner stated, and a ed thtu 1 v, father fell on a pocket-knife. Against thrs » little girl said, "he (prisoner) st'f 7^ ^Im- Various contradictory ements were afterwards made bv the prisoner I wa-s not m the house at the rirY'' j d<o- Sf-'f' an<1, when charged, he rl'(l n«< do if. and I've Vot wit- nesses to prove it." Later on he told the police "I was in the Joiners' Arms till sfcop- tap. I went, to the house. I seen mv father outerde in a sitting position. I seen a couple of fellows round him. I thought they were carrying him and that he was drunk." Coun- r]ci11;lled the suggestion of .snicide, and asked the jury to say, on the circumstantial evidence he would produce, that the prisoner was guilty. r During the very of the opening state- ment, the aroused, a. sturdily-built man in working clothes, and blind in one eye, as though he had met with an accident, listened attentively, but displayed no unusual con- cern. Plans of the locality in question were put m and evidence called as to the visits of the deceased and tho prisoner to the Cvfarthfa Arms and Joiners' Arms respectively. De- ofTtlT3,8 be 1,n;ler iho 'influence of drink, vhiio the prisoner was sober. Margaret Evans (married), daughter of Mia deceased, told the court, that her daughter 18 years of age, bved with her grandfather' and passed as Mary Ann Edwards She witness) visited her father and mother on the night of the tragedy and left shortly be fore it occurred. On her way home her daughter told something was the matter ancI witness returned to 5, Mount-street. Shp found her father sitting in the street and 'gomg into the house she found nobody there Seeing a table-knife (produced) lying on the floor, she picked it up and threw it in the pant TV. asted witness what made her do this. "I was so excited," she replied, "because my mother had said my father done it, end I did not know what to do, and 1 pushed it Cross-exainined by Mr. B. F. Williams, witness said that during the evenhig her 1 mother and lather had had a slight dispute" Her father said that her mother had had bb insurance money, and that she gave her busmess away to everybody but to him Had your father ever threatened to cell- mit suicide?—Yes, but we never took much notice of him, because he used to say it so much. When did he used to say it,?—When be was drunk he would say he would drown himself, and would go out of the house at mid-night, and we would not know where he Wa-s. Had your father told a Mrs. Jones that day that there "will be another corpse in the house before, the night is' over"? I heard him teil Mrs. Jones that on the rcsd- way. Witness said that directly her uncle died deceased took to drink. Did your mother tell you that your fatber had killed himself?—Yes, sir. What did she say?-—She said that n.y father had stabbed himself with a knife. Answering the judge, witness said that, from the time she left 5. Mount-street to when shp was told something was the matter only a few minutes elapsed. Sarah Lee. detailed what she saw from 18. Morgan-street on the night in question' Shortly after eleven o'clock she was going to bed when she heard a, man's angry voice in the street. She hastened upstairs and threw open the bedroom window, and then saw prisoner cross Mount-street and enter his house. She then saw the incidents re- lated in the opening statement, but added that she was able to hear angry words coming from the house, and rceognised the voice of the deceased, who was a loud-talking old man. William H-owells, stoker, gave evidence of being attracted to the spot by the cries of the deceased, who,^ in Welsh, Said, "They have finished me." Prisoner at the time came, to his door and then went inside again. By Mr. Francis Williams: He would not be sure that prisoner did not say in Welsh 'T have finished it, now." Wm. ?>1. Jenkins, who heard deceased say in Welsh, "Mary, Mary, I'm bleeding to death," and John Martin, insurance agent, gave evidence, the latter stating that, in English deceased also said, "They have finished me now." In cross-examination, the latter witness uas sure deceased did not say "I have fin- isheditnow." JURY TO BE LOCKED UP FOR THE NIGHT. Further corroborative evidence was given, and at 3.45 th} Judge intimated that the ca-se could not conclude that even- ing, and rec; ties tod the Undcr-Sheriif to make arrangements for accommodating the jury for the- night. This neoess'tated a re-arrangement of the two murder trials, one of which will be taken on Friday and the. other on Monday. All the witnesses agreed that prisoner came and stood for a moment on his door- step, but there was a little discrepancy as to the words he was using. According to Ephrain. Jones, a collier, deceased said, "Mary, Mary, 1 a-m finished now." Gwen Thomas, the wife of Edwin Thomas, said that the blood was rushing from the deceased, and that prisoner, as he stood by the door and looked on, said, "Per- haps you think it's me who done it; but he dono it himself." About the same time deceased's granddaughter ran up and said, Oh, dad, dad, what's the m?,fter; he has finished my dad to-night." The girl had been in the habit of calling deceased her father, and witness was sure prisoner heard the remark. The bearing, hod flat- -concluded when tha court adjourned and the jury were locked up for the night at the Mackworth Hotel.


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