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—HUM—M wiiii fiwf7TifTr man i i nr [rnrT*—* irrriU S SWANSEA JOTTINGS, I DR. FABRY'S WIDOW. Mrs. Parry, the widow of Dr. Joseph Parry, is paying a visit this month to ths United States. SIR GED. NTCWNES. Sir George Newnes paired with Sir S. Hoare in the division in the fourth fiscal debate in the Commons on Monday. HOTEL METROPOLE'S DIVIDEND. The Hotel Metfopole, Swansea, continues to be a paying concern. The directors have declared an interim dividend at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum for the six months ended June 30. FAST DOCK ACCIDENT. Jno. Jarvis, married. 111, Port 'ienmnt- road,VSt. Thomas, Swansea, was engaged in stacking some pitwood from *he s-s. Hedgington. at the East Dock, this alter- novn ato' 4 o'clock, when some stancnions parted, and ,Jarvis was precipitated on to the rails, with the pitwopd on top of him, sustaining internal injuries. He was taken to the Hospital by Docs- constable Tasker. WALTER-ROAD CHURCH WEDDING. The wedding was solemnised at Walter- road Congregational Church, Swansea, on Tuesday, of Mr R. H. Moore (Messrs Moore Bros., grocer?), and Miss A. M. Pickard, daughter ot Mr. George Pickard, baker. The bride was attended hv fonr brides maids—Misses B. and fx Moore, and Misses H. and A. Fickrml. Mr. George Picka.rd gave the brid-i away, and Mr. W. Moore, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. CASTLE LINE OF TRAWLERS. The Castle line of trawjers, which has been transferred bodily to Swansea, from MIlford, is in great evidence at the new fish wharf at the South DOCK. The following boats have called since Monday and landed catdtes: Hafat Castle, Narbeth Castle, Picton Castle, and Pembroke Castle, Walwyn- Castle, Roche Castle, Lp- ton Castle, Manorbier Castle, Tenby Castle, and Lawrenny Castle. MESSRS. PARRY AND HOCKE'S ARCH. Messrs. Parry and Rode, limited, Swan- sea, having invited local photographers to try their skill on their handsome arch on '^nay-parade, the adjudicator in the compe- tition arranged (Mr. J. P. Robertson) has plalle the following awards:—Class I., r.o first awarded: 2nd, F. Perkins, 4, Mel- bourne-place. Class II., 1st, (4. M. Gwynn, 24, Dilhw n-sirrv-t. Cbss 111., 1st prizj, R. S. Jenkin, 14, Castfe-strect. CHANGE RINGERS AT SWANSEA. On Bank Holiday team selected from members of the Swansea section of the West Wales Association of Change Ringers suc- oessfuUy scored a peal of 5,040 changes. Granasire Triples, on the bcUs of St. Mary's Parish Church. The time taken was three hours. The b».nd were composed of C. Hoa-re (11, C. Morse (2), P. Kneath (3), E. Serle (4), W. Waland (5), J. Hoare, conduc- tor (6), W. Grftll (7), and E. Davies (3). The conductor i; to be congratulated on the progress the association ? making. ALLEGED CCTRAGE AT SWANSEA. A destitute vendor of oranges and ban anas, who ca.) be seen of late selling fruit near the "Sb" entrance to Victoria Park, and on Swansea sands, was the victim of cruel treatment at a Swansea lodging-house the other night. He is being treated at the Swansea U non Workhouse for scalds about the nether limbs. He states he was set upon by a gang of men, and apot of boiling water thrown C f'r him. He iiffered agony till he was taken by a policman to the Union. He will be detained Iff a week at this institution, and in the meantime the identity of his assail- a.nts will be sought. SWANSEA DRIVERS STRANGE ACCIDENT. A Swansea. Corporation driver named James lennet-t (43), Sidney-street, Brynhy- fryd, Swansea, was sitting on a waggon that \s proceeding along Mount-street, on Tuesday evening, when he had his leg frac- tured in rather a singular way. He was siHin: at the edge of the waggon with his less Jangling over the side of the shaft, whpj the horse shied and kicked oat, in- juriTg the driver. A compound fracture of the right limb was sustained, and Bennett wa; conveyed to the Swansea Hospital and defined.

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