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EDUCATION AT SWANSEA. By the provisions of the Edncatkra Act the control of ab public education at Swansea. passes to a committee of the Council. This will manage all the Elementary Schools, Board and Voluntary, the Intermed:atc Schools, the Technical School, and the Tech- nical College that is to be. All the exist- ing authorities are to he displaced on the 50th September next. Amongst the mem- bers of the School Board, and especially of the Intermediate and Technical Schools Com- mittee there are gentlemen of culture and education, with a knowledge of and intense interest in edncation. Their successors will he subject to close scrutiny and comparisons are bound to be instituted. With what re- sult? The Council, yielding to political pres- mIre; have selected the members with an eye solely to political pliability. Absolute illit- eracy is not unrepresented on the committee. For members meant to be experienced in education," we have members who possess no experience whatever, and who would be puzzled to give any intelligent idea of what they understand by education. This is the result of intorducing politics into the Coun- cil Chamber. It is au object lesson of the extravagancies of politicians which thought- ful ratepayers will ponder over and deplore. Education which should be tho first thought of a community, is being played with as a pawn in the game of politics. The most pro- nounced quality of the Education Committee is its subservience to a party politician. The Liberal who tried to put the interests of education before those of party has been delegated, notwithstanding the greater experience and knowledge, to a se- condary place. When popular passions have been given to narrow prejudices it is the opportunist and extremist who gets to the front. For the ratepayers and the parents with children to be educated the situ- ation is sombre in the extreme. The Educa- tion Committee has been selected, not to se- cure the most efficient system of education compatable with economy, but for the harry- ing of the Voluntary Shools. Thousands of pounds have already been wantonly sacrificed for the sake of a little personal eclat, and the even more valuable consideration of the children's future is to go the same way. Henceforward the quality and character of the education of all grades offered at Swan- sea, including the appointment of inspectors and teachers is to be determined at the Liberal Club. Educationists, pure and simple, are to be excluded as factors. The education rates are fiteadily and rapidly rising and they will continue to do so, and mean- while the standard of efficiency is certain to descend lower and lower as the real source of authority is ascertained and the qualifica- tions which command success. The better class of Americans obtain consolation for the debased standard of public work in the States in the conviction that sooner or later the American people will arise in their ma- jesty and sweep away the politicians who exploit the prejudices of the electors. Swan- sea ratepayers will be in like case presently when they realise the price paid by'them for tolerating an arrangement whereby the political virus enters into a branch of public work vitiating and impairing its efficiency.

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