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« *#* J DISTRICT I NEWS: >& SWANSEA DISTRICT. At Gorseinon Trades Council meeting on Saturday a resolution from Gorseinon mill- men was submitted urging Mr. David Han dell to contest the Gower Division m op- position to Air. John Williams, ana, failing that, to support either Mr. T. J. Williams, Morrvston, or Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas, Swan- is^ Private J. Robson, 2nd V.B. Welsh, son of Mr. John Robson, Port Talbot, who has recently taken up a position in engineering works at Kumarnock, N.B., competed in tie Royal Scottish silver cup shooting competi- tion, and in registering 48 points out of 50 won a prize, presented by the colonel, for the highest individual score. A meeting of the subscribers Jf the Fallen Heroes' Fund, collected by the Journal" (Carmarthen) for the erection of a memorial to the Carmarthenshire men who feil in the South African war, was held on Friday, the Mayor (Mr. E. A. Rogers) in the cnair. It was decided to erect a suitable monument, and to obtain designs and tenders, after which the corporation will be approached as tosite. Late on Saturday evening P.S. Morgan was informed that an Industrial School boy lamed George Jones (18) had stolen B26 from I his employer's hous2 at Cwmcarnhowell, Llanarthney. The sergeant immediately went elf on his bicycle and traced Jones to Pontardulais, coming up to him within 20 Canutes after receiving the information and covering over seven miles. Ten minutes later P.C. P.C. Beynon, Llanarthney, who had also received infor- mation, turned up, he also having cycled. The Directors of The London City and Midland Bank Limited announce an Interim Dividend at the rate of 18 per cent. per annum free of Income Tax transferring £ 20,000 to Bank Premises Redemption Frad, J35,000 to Officers' Pension Fund, and carry- ing forward £107,821. The Dividend for the corresponding period last year was at file same rate with .025,000 :.0 Bank Premises Redemption Fund, £5.0CO to Officers' Pen- sion Fund, and £268,i26 carried forward, out of which amount .SloO.OOO was taken in December last to write Jown Investments. The Finance and General Purposes Com- mittee of the Llaneily Harbour Commissioners on Friday drew a cheque of JB100 in favour I of Mr. Randell, solicitor, making £200 alto- gether, in respect of out-of-pocket expenses in connection with the recent Harbour Bill. The chairman (Mr. D. J. Davies) reported that the clerk was in London in connection I with an action now pending, in which the Commissioners were joined as co-defendants with the Mynydd Mawr Co.—a claim being made for alleged damages by the owners of the Surrey. The deputy clerk said he had been in- structed by Mr. Spowart to apply for J6150 on account of counsel fees and cost of witnesses. Mr. W. David objected, and said they should have fuller information. A cheque was drawn for the amount. PRESENTATION TO SERGEANT LLEW- ELLYN, YSTALYFERA. In the Poniardawe charge-room on Friday morning, Sergeant Lewis Llewellyn, of Ys tatyfera, who, after 26 years of faithful ser- vice, is retiring, was presented with a mar- He clock. He clock. Superintendent Menhennick handed the I dock to P.C. Jones for conveyance to Sergt. Llewellyn, who was unable to attend. The lorce, he said, was wishful that the sergeant shootd bear away something substantial in memory of his services, and of the good feei- I, ing that everyone in the police sub-division bad towards him. There was not one who j' was not wishful to contribute towards the cost of the clock. (Applause.) Sergeant Jarrett- (Ystradgynlais) wrote to the superintendent, speaking very highly I oi Sergeant Llewellyn. 1STAlrYFEBA MAN'S CHEERFUL PROSPECT. At Pontardawe on Friday, Henry Smith, labourer, Ystalyfera, was summoned tor i:7 19s. 6d., arrears due for wife maintenance. Defendant absolutely refused to pay, and was sentenced to two months' imprisonment. He told the magistrates he would go down. Mr. Miers reminded him that the present, imprisonment only cleared his debt up till May, and he would on being released from prison be liable to a further sentence. Defendant: Then I'll go down again, and stop there rather than I'll pay. STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE OF A I CLERK. Henry Roberts (19), Hengoeafach, Felin- ioel, Llaneily, has been missing from his borne 3ince Monday morning i aat, and all efforts to trace his whereabout? have com- pletely failed. Roberts lived with his parents at ths farm, and was employed as an articled pupil at the office of Mr. William v.iriffiths, sur- veyor, Falcon Chambers, Llaneily. He had been engaged at this office for a couple of years, and was very regular at his work. Last Monday morning he left home ap- parently with the intention of going to work, and was last seen making his vay to Lla«n- tlly alone; the railway line. MANAGERS MEET: STATE OF THE BUILDINGS. Pontardawe School Grout) Managers met, Rev. T. V. Evans (Clydach) presiding. Improvements near and in Pontardawe In-1 fants' School were recommended. Mr. Evan Lewis thought the Education Committee should provide proper tables andi ihairs for the managers' meetings. It was explained that the new school at Ailtwen had a room specially adapted for such meetings. Aid Thos. Jones complained of the lack! of water at Trebanos Schools and some ne- cessary rer airs, I Other complained of the Clydach,Cwmllyn- lell, Panteg, and Rhvdfro. Mr. Nash, the newly-appointed architect for the district promised attention to the I c i mplaints. The Clerk reported receiving numerous re- plies irora teachers to the County Council suggestion of a course o Welsh at Bangor. It was decided to advertise for a certifi- cated assistant for Clydach Boys' School. The summer holidays commence on July 29th for a month. 29th for a month. SUCCESSFUL TRIALS AT GELLYONEN. The second annual sheep dog trials v- ere held on Gellyonen Mountain, Clydach on Thursday in fine weather. Tne^iollo^ring were the awards: Open champion class: 1, vV. Ambrose I Cwmtwr' h '2 and 6, divided D. Jeffreys. Velindre, and T. Davies, Pontardulais. Trials for dogs that have never won a first prize • 1 Arthur Thomas, Llachart Fach 2, William Rees, Velindre; 3, W. Bevan Bwlla, Velindre.. Local class: 1, D- ^hndre: .f, W. Rees, Velindre; 3, W. Bevan, Bwlla; 4, I A. Thomas, Clydach. Class 4 (agricultural) 1. H. Studt, ly- gwyn; 2, Morgan Bros., Cwmgorse, J, D. Joseph, Velindre. Class b (colliery horses) 1, y- J°s-ph> Veliiyire 2, Williams, Pies Newyon 6, D Williams, Glais.. I Victoria Cross race, in two heats Final 1, David. "Angel," Neath, and Jones. P'ny- bank. Clydach. The event was highly successful. INQUEST AT PONTARDAWE DOCTOR AND DECEASED'S RELATIVES. An inquest was held at Pontardawe on Friday touching the death of Mary James, wife of David James, haulier, High-street, who died suddenly on Thursday evening. David Jaires said his wife had always been in good tv^lth. He had had no doctor to her for several years. She was in good health on Thursday. About a quarter-past ten on that night she sat down to sapper, and had only eaten two mouthfnls of food when her head fell forward en a cup she held in her hand. VV hen he luted her up she seemed quite dead. He and his daughter laid her on the ground, opened her clothing, awl tried to give her some water. Mary James, daughter, had been with de- feased all the evening. She bad been qa«te ?«& and cheerful. Ac. Qrjffitfcw .«■» cMmt tit eleven. When he reached the house de- J -ceased was quite dead. She bad been dead about a quarter of an hour. Death was due to syncope. He was particularly pleased with the way deceased had been treated prior to his arrival. He could not have done better had he been there himself. Coroner It is very nice to hear that. Dr. Griffiths said the practice of placing people in fainting fits in chairs was most ob- jectionable and dangerous. Verdict according to medical evidence. The earlier closing of the Llaneily marlret was again discussed by Llaneily Council on Monday Mr. Edmunds said a few, irresponsible scribblers had been writing to the papers and making many incorrect statements. These people were beneath notice nd could be treated with contempt. Some members, including Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Hughes advocated a compromise and suggested that instead of altering the hour on Saturdav from 11 to 10 they should close at 10.30. The recommendation to close at 9 on Thurs- days and 10 p.m. on Saturdays was con firmed. Llaneily Urban Council met on Monday, j Mr. R. Guest presiding. Mr. Tregoning congratulated the surveyor i upon his estimate of the cost of repairing the roads for which the counts make a con-! tribution, the estimate of £ 755 being £2 within the actual cost. Mr. Edmunds said the Tunnel-road work had also been well done at half the estimated cost An application of the Council employes I tion for the use ox a portion of the- Market Hall was granted at a charge of £ 3 a day, and the cost of gas, etc.—-Exception was taken to the minutes of the Council relating to the Gns Company and several alterat;oris were ordered tc be made. The Rural Council wrote inquiring if the Council woul i enter into an agreement to supply the rural area with water for 30 years instead of 15 years as proposed.—Referred j to #eommittee. An application of the Council employees: for a day's holiday was acceded to. Recently the clerk wrote to the National Telephone Co. claiming further reductions in the t-iiarges on account of the special facilities the company received from the' Council. The Chairman reported that the company j had offered concessions.






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