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SWANSEA JOTTINGS. MOREJLSTON MAN~S MISHAP. Thomas Jones (50), Upland House, "Nlor- Mston, was walking along the cliffs from Caswell to the Mumbles on Sunday e.veping and was near Langland, when his foot, got caught in a rut and he fell fracturing his right log. He was brought to the Swansea Hospital and detained. DR. EBENEZER DAVIES' ACCIDENT. Swansea medical officer is recovering from ?n injury sustained a week Aso- Dr. Eben- czcr Davies was going down Wind-street when he fell over a pole that was lying in 1he glJttcr and sustained a nasty bruise to the left side of the lace- He had to lie up for a couple of days. CORPORATION OITINC. Swansea Corporation elect ricat department held their first, annual outing te 1.1 per Jj. and N. W. Railway. After partaking of dinner, Ca-rreg Cennon Castle was explored. After tea songs and instrumental music 'were indulged in until the return journey to Swan- sea after a most enjoyable ua y MR. BINGHAM'S SALARY. Mr. Bingham, Inspector of Weights and Measures, asked the Swansea Watch Com- mittee on Tuesday for an increase of £25 a year for his services under the Highway Act. The matter came up at the 'ast Streets Ccm- mittee, and was referred to the Watch Com- mittce. It was referred back to the Streets Committee. BATH SHOW TIMBER. The last lot of timber from the Bath and W est, of England Show remaining in Victoria I Park was sold on Tuesday by Mr, F. F. Meager. Some very satisfactory pVices wer obtained, "higher than those which would be got in the yard," said an expert, especally in scantlings, of which there were a great CHOIR OUTING. The annual outing of St. Michael .s "Church (Swansea) Choir took place on Thursday at Oiwicb Bay. The day was beautifully fine until 5.50 p.m., when it ecmmenccd to rain on the homeward jour- ney. Permission was sriven by Miss Talbot to go through Pcurico Castle grounds. The following ladies and gentlemen were present:—Revs. C. C. Lindsey and Hugh Rees, Mcsdames Gregory, Thomas, Davies, Williams, .Tones, Misses P. Howells, Greg- cry, Howclls, and Lewis, Messrs. Wilham Thomas, T. Thomas, W. Dight, and Jones. The party returned at 9.50 p.m. TRUCKS IN THE CHINA SHOP. Some trucks were being shunted un lues- day afternoon on the Harbour Trust line through Harbour-road, Swansea, and when crossing near Quay-parade, one ox Alte fiap- doors opened and jammed against the side of a tobacconist's shop in the occupation of a Mr. Barrett, and owned by Mr. Nott, iron- monger. A portion of the wall was shifted from its foundations, anil. •'■early all the win- dows of the shop were smashed. A young iadv was in the shop at the time, and all the articles on the shelves of the shop—fancy crockery and tobaccos—fell upon her. She was not injured, but much frightened. STRAW ABLAZE. A Large quantity of straw stored on the ffuay at the East Dock, Swansea, owned by MeeG??. Underwood and Sons, Brentford, and at which there was a conflagration last week, again burst mto flames at 5.0 on Friday morning and necessitated,the attention of the police. P.S. Evans, in charge of the St. Thomas district, together with P.C.'s 54 end 85. and Dock-jonstable. Taylor, proceeded tn the scene with a handreel. A standp'pe was fixed and two lengths of hose run out. An hour and a i alt's work on the smouldering straw removed all signs of burning, but. the- police advise the removal of the strjw, of which there 's still a considerable quantity. aa they fear there is tiro still smouldering underneath. "THE OCTOROON" AT THE STAn THEATRE. The plays at. the Star Theatre, Swansea, arc evidently to the last* of..¡ \-¡c patrons. A large house on Monday night welcomed a clever rrpresenjAtips oi Dion iioueicault's, .—6c&9&_play> "The Uetoroon," by Mr. Ed ward Neville's Company. Miss Annie Ern nette, in the title role, made the most of "difficult part. and Mr. Whitmore Ledger real is4, icaliv depicted the rascally slave-driver "Jacob McClosky." Mr. Edward Nevilb brought his ripe-experience to bear (;11 the pan, "of "Satem Scudder." Perhaps the suc- cess of the evening was the "Pete" of Mr. Will White, with bis clever impersonation of the old nigger "too ole to wo;-k." Others wh., do wet! are Messrs.. R. Gilbert, J. Nel- son Turner, Hettie Jeffcries, Gus Bowerroan, and Miss Loie Esmond. KARNO'S FINE COMBINATION AND CINQUEVALLI AT THE EMPIRE. Two of the largest "houses'' of the year greeted the eyes of the Swansea Empire man- agement, on Monday night—and the pro- gramme was worthy of tho t ttcndancc. The Karno Company have excelled themselves, and brokeu all records for music-hall sketches. When one mentions that the caste alone of "Saturday to Monday"-a rol- licking skit on the adventures of a fortui- tously married man, in three scenes—num- bers thirty-three, it barely indicates the ela- borate nature of the production. The band of the "1st Regiment of Caucasian Guards" should be seen and heard in this sketch. It is a capable band of 14 instrumentalists. As to the artistes, Fred Kitchen is, of course, the planet par excellence. This Arthur Robert-s of the music-hall sketch was in great form, and fairly convulsed the' audience. The other prominent principals are Miss Cossie Noel. Miss Ada Maskell, and Messrs. Chas. Baldwin and Henry Kilts. The elec- trical effects are "great." Cincpievalli, with his almost uncanny deftness, is as clever as cyer, and his assistant as agile and amusing. One of his tricks, thai- of the revolving tri- angle and I be glass of water, should be seen to be appreciated. The "world's greatest juggler" he is, and will remain. Earle and -Ear)c roanipulaio the banjo to marvellous effect. Banjoists we have heard in Swan- sea in profusion, but this duo's rendition of the overture to Rossini s florid "Semiramide." is an expert we. Arthur Reece, one, of the coming men of the nmsie hail stag". has a son" against "Conscription," which just hits the^ponular taste. Charles Prel'e, with Lis ventriloquial dogs, provided an amusing and novel show, without any suggestion of cruelty. Other appreciated turns arc the Sisters O'Meers, clever and graceful wire artistes: Allis and Cassatti, comedy duo, and Chas. Lilburn, comedian.

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